week that changed my life

A Week With My s****r
It was the summer after I graduated high school and was preparing to go to college in the fall. In the middle of July, my parents decided to go to Las Vegas for a week as a sort of second honeymoon. I thought I would have the house completely to myself for a week until they told me I would be staying with my s****r Kate. Kate is 24, six years older than me and lives alone in an apartment in the city. I knew Kate's apartment had a pool, and she worked during the day, so that sounded like more fun than being bored at home.

The day Mom and Dad left for Vegas, they left me at the house for Kate to come and pick up. It was starting to get late, well after 10 when I finally heard a car pull up and the doorbell ring. I went to answer the door and was blown away when I saw Kate. She was wearing a very short pair of Daisy Dukes that left little to the imagination, showing off her tanned legs and a low cut white blouse that showed off almost all of her plump, round breasts. Her long brown hair was no longer drawn up in a ponytail like it used to be, but hung freely past her shoulders, ending in short curls.

"Hey Mikey, long time no see."

"Hey s*s, what took so long? I thought you were never gonna show up."

"Yea, I got held up late at work. It's too hot to wear my suit, so I had to go home and change. Come on, we've got a long drive back and I'm exhausted."

I loaded my duffel with with my clothes for the week in the trunk of Kate's old Corvette and hopped in the front seat. It was an hour and a half drive into the city, and in the dim light of the car I found I kept sneaking glances at Kate's nice tanned, smooth thighs. I thought she even caught me once, but she didn't say anything. After what seemed like forever, we finally arrived at Kate's apartment building. By now it was well past midnight.

"All this is is a one bedroom Mikey, so you'll have to sl**p on the couch," she said in a tired voice.

"Fine with me, means I get the TV."

"I don't care how late you stay up, but remember, some of us have to work tomorrow, so keep it quiet."

"No problem, night Kate," I said back to her.

As she walked behind the couch toward her room, I got a nice view of her tight round ass, barely covered up by her shorts. I got instantly hard when I saw, but in the back of my mind I was hearing 'She's your s****r, what are you thinking?' I figured I would watch some TV before going to sl**p to take my mind off of it. I was still horny though, and once I was sure Kate had fallen asl**p, found a nice porno movie on the late night channel.

I had been watching and jerking off for about 20 minutes when I heard a voice behind me "Well what do we have here." I bumbled around, trying to turn the TV off and stammer out an explanation. Kate turned the lights on and said "Well?"

"Umm, I was just surfing channels and uhh, this just popped up as you walked in."

"Save it little b*****r, I've been watching you for 10 minutes." When she said this, I finally looked up and made eye contact with her, and was once again blown away. All she was wearing was a little pajama top and a pair of white silk panties that showed off all of her legs. My hard on had gone away at the shock at being discovered, but seeing Kate dressed like that made my dick grow hard once again. She then walked over and sat next to me on the couch.

"Michael, you're a teenager, there's nothing to be ashamed of for jacking off, its natural." I didn't reply to this, just stared at the floor.

"However, I am curious about something?" she continued. "You're a pretty good looking guy, have you ever actually had sex?"

"No, all I've ever done is French kissing," I replied, a bit embarrassed to be talking about this with my s****r.

"Uh huh," Kate went on. "Well, would you if you got the chance?"

"Well, yeah, but none of the girlfriends I've had would ever go that far."

Kate leaned in closer to me and almost whispered "You know, I noticed you checking me out in the car."

I blushed and mumbled stupidly, "You did?"

"Yeah, and I even saw you get hard when you looked at me just now." Her hands were resting on my upper thighs now, I couldnt help it, but I got more aroused, and had a very obvious boner underneath my shorts.

"So, you've never even gotten head before?" she asked.

The expression on my face must have been the answer she was looking for, because next she said "Well how would you like to get your first one?" Without waiting for a reply, she pulled my shorts down to around my ankle and my seven inch dick popped out. Kate got off the couch and knelt on the floor and wrapped her velvet soft hand around it, stroking me up and down. She then leaned in close and flicked her tongue over the tip of it, repeatedly, before taking the whole thing in her mouth. I was so excited, both by the action and the taboo nature of it, I couldn't control myself and cummed right there in her mouth. I thought she would be pissed at me, but instead looked up at me, smiled, and swallowed.

"Don't be embarrassed, its like that for every guy his first time, you just need more practice."

She got up on the couch and kissed me on the lips, letting me taste my own cum. We continued kissing for a few minutes before she said "I guess its time you see a real girl's body now."

I watched mesmerized, as she stood up and pulled off the pajama top, fully showing off her perfect breasts, with her nipples perky and standing at attention. She then turned around and pulled the panties down, showing off her ass before turning around and letting me see her pussy. She was shaved except for a narrow strip just above the clit. I couldn't believe it, my own s****r was standing here in front of me completely naked. Again, my dick got hard at the sight. She sat back down and leaned back on the couch.

"Well what are you waiting for? don't you want to taste them?" pointing at her tits. Clumsily, I obliged, trying to imitate the guys in the movies, sucking and licking both nipples. After a few minutes of this, Kate pushed me back on my back.

"Its time we both pleased each other." She crawled over me and squatted just above my face, giving me the view from below of her pussy and asshole. She lowered herself to my face at the same time as she took my dick back in her mouth. I again tried to imitate what I'd seen in movies, licking and kissing around her clit before plunging my tongue as deep inside as I could, tasting her sweet pussy juice.

I must have been doing something right, because I heard a muffled moan from Kate's throat as she continued sucking me. The combination of the taste of her pussy and her mouth around my dick had me just about to go over the edge again. I held off as long as I possibly could before cumming in her mouth again. I continued licking Kate's clit, and her moans got louder and more frequent. Her whole body shook when the orgasm hit, and I kept my tongue in her the whole time until it had completely subsided. We then both sat up and started making out again.

"That was great Mikey," she said. "I love you so much."

"I love you too Kate, more than I ever realized."

She smiled and said "I'm totally worn out now, but why don't I take tomorrow off and we can spend the day together?"

"Sounds great to me." I said. "Well, you don't need to sl**p on this couch anymore, you're sl**ping with me," Kate said. She took me by the hand and I followed my beautiful s****r into the bedroom

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3 years ago
more plese
3 years ago
Great story... where's the sequel?
3 years ago
Another incredibly sexy story! Sure hope there will be more about them.
3 years ago
great story.