It Happened One Morning

This is true story and it was unplanned. I’ve been through some drama

recently that was a total surprise and pretty hurtful. I’m sharing this for my lush friends

who have been so encouraging and sweet to me. Four guys in particular - you know

you who are (Mr. J for inspiring this - Mr. N for the daily shoulder - Mr. GW for being

pissed off in my honor and Mr. A for letting me get him in trouble and for being too

sweet to admit it!). But so many of you make me smile and keep the dirty thoughts

going. (haha). BIG hugs and Kisses (w/tongue)!

I hit the snooze button on the alarm, go back to sl**p, and then wake up five minutes

later. I look at the time again and weigh my options. I could sl**p another hour or I

could get up and do all the shit I have to get done today.

Or I could just lay here and enjoy something that’s very rare in my house: SILENCE!

That beautiful “sound” of complete quiet...

I’m in bed alone. For once. Mr. Espresso let me sl**p in a bit and took the little one

outside. The temptation to go back to sl**p grows. I’m free for a bit. But I’m not

enjoying it just yet. I suddenly feel guilty and stressed, and just - overwhelmed with this

thing we called life.

Okay, I need a pick-me-up. I need to wake up, clear my head, get the juices

flowing...Yeah….I smile to myself. I know exactly what I’m going to do.

My right hand snakes it’s way down my body, to my panties. The white, soft fabric is

already burning hot from my internal furnace. My clit is a needy little bitch, begging to

be touched. But I won’t just yet - I make her wait.

Hmmm…What fantasy is going to mentally accompany me, send me over the edge,

keep me pumping and then make me cum hard? The more fantastical, dirty, absurd

and even forbidden, the better. But sometimes even the most ordinary images can do

the trick…

I think of the wonderful lush guys I have flirted with, chatted with, lusted over, and yes,

stroked myself thinking about.

I think of them individually and imagine it’s them touching me. I imagine it’s YOU

touching me. You know who you are from our conversations, private messages, erotic

little profile comments and pictures. A couple of you know my first name, what I look

like, and support me when I’m having a bad day.

You have given me shoulder to cry on when I’m having a bad day. YOU know who you


So I’m thinking of YOU.

I fly out to see you in your country, state or city. We are in an elevator (or lift for my

British folks!) going up to your apartment (or flat!) or an hotel room. You try to be a

gentlemen, at first. But the excitement of having me in your reach, and the urge to be

on top of me, or in me, is too damn strong.

I glide along my slit and lightly pat, tap, and caress the triangle mound, still over my

underwear, still teasing myself.

You pin me against the wall and you bend your knees a bit because I’m so fucking

short. You take my hand in yours and lay the biggest, deepest most amazing kiss on

me. It’s a battle of tongue supremacy as we go at each other with relish and sheer


I just love how my skin feels under my fingertips, under both sets of fingers. I love the

unbelievable feel and raw beauty of my naked skin. I love the wakening of nerves and

the discovery of a new area on my body that actively responds to my touch

I dip my hand (your hand dips) under the waistband and part the skin of my luscious

slit, feeling along my fat pussy lips. I (you) stroke my labia and inner folds, which are

already super wet and slick. I’m (you are) ready to feel the sensitive feeling of my clit

and eagerly hook my (your) middle finger onto it.

Your hands wander along my body, wanting to feel every part of me. The skin to skin

contact is thrilling. My heartbeats deepen and I’m breathless, speechless.

That first touch is electric. My chest tightens a bit and my breathing speeds up. My

heart rate increases, beating so hard and fast. I can actually feel the thump, thump,

thumping underneath my fingers, at the base my clit.

I seduce my body with my other hand. I lightly sweep my fingertips ever so lightly over

the skin of my right shoulder, down my arm. There are sensitive, yet neglected nerves

in the crook of my elbow, and the veins of my wrist. My fingers come back up my arm

and shoulder, to my neck, then down chest and over my cleavage. I bend my left arm

so that I can touch my left side, starting under my ribcage I rake my fingers down my

side to the curve of my hip, feeling the contours and muscles of my curves, my hills and


I cross my belly, not caring that it’s rounder and fleshier than I want or not as flat as a

thin girl’s stomach. Right now, relying only on my sense of touch, I love this imperfect

tummy. I love how soft it feels, how the skin is cool on the surface and hot underneath.

My hand finds the intersection where my hip, pelvis and thighs meet, a secret little

area that I love to be caressed, licked, and bitten. I traced the edge of my pussy,

teasing myself, while my other hand is still locked onto my sensitive love button.

You feel the warm my pussy wanting to bury your fingers deep. We could get caught by

someone at any moment, on any floor.

I freeze, thinking I hear a noise. Was that the front door opening, which means my

f****y will soon be bounding up the stairs and I will have to stop or seriously rub myself

out at warp speed!??

No. All is quiet. I’m relieved and hoping I won’t have to hurry and can really enjoy this

quality time with myself.

It’s time to bring my tits into play. One is already hard and I began to rub the other one

over my top. The friction of the fabric against that already sensitive area is incredibly

fulfilling. I bite and lick my lips, enjoying this thing that I’m doing to myself. I wait still to

rub my clit, not wanting to cum just yet.

You open the buttons of my top and admire the my chocolate skin that‘s now exposed.

“Ms. clit” just won’t shut-up and aches for me to slide my fingers along her. My pussy is

flooded with my juices. My whole body is at the ready for that one goal of an incredible

climax and release.

I open the front closure of my bra. You scoop my breasts in your hands.

I pull my tits out over the edge of my top. I feel surge of lust looking at my own breasts.

So creamy, round, and brown, with the dark tips like plump currants. I began to circle

one hard nipple with a finger, just one.

Your tongue licks and teases my nipples, bringing me greater heights of ecstasy. I call

your name, encouraging you.

Now I finally began to stroke my clit while I squeeze, palm, and play with my bullet hard

nipples. It’s intense from the start, so acute that I can barely stand the strength of it. My

hips can’t stay still, rising off of the bed and circling, riding my hand.

Your hand is between my thighs, driving me insane. I’m cumming quicker than I

imagined I would. All systems on alert with that one goal of bringing me to orgasm.

The elevator stops, the doors open, someone is standing there.

Dammit! I think I hear the front door open again…But I defiantly keep going. The bit of

tension actually intensifies the sensation. Thank God no one comes up the stairs and

I’m home free.

I’m so fucking wet that now my fingers are sliding off my happy button. I can’t get the

friction I need to cum soon. So I began to rub it from the top of my panties. It soaks up

the river of my juices and gives me the good friction I need. I stay like this for a bit.

Then I dive back under my panties. Yeah, enough of my cum has been soaked up and

now I can fuck the hell out of my clit.

I’m in a room masturbating for you. There’s a whole group of you and you’re stroking

your rock hard dicks and wanting to fuck me badly, wanting to be inside this hot

cauldron of love. My ripe, sweet smell feels the room.

Okay, that’s good...So dirty...But I want to go back to the elevator.

The man is surprised to see a man sucking a ladies tits, and stroking her pussy. But

he enters anyway and we don’t stop. He’s the classic tall, dark and handsome guy in a

dark coat. I pull down the zipper of your pants, pull out your hard dick. It feels so good

in my hand. It’s what I’ve been craving. I’m stroking you with a firm grip, you moan into

my neck.

I’m moaning, so soft and light you have to be near me, on me, or in me to hear it.

I rub harder, furiously faster, and OMG the feeling is so vivid. My legs shake, and my

arm is cramping and my fucking fingers are going numb. I continue to polish my

exquisite, pleasure switch…….

The stranger is boldly watching us and completely turned on. He releases his now hard

dick from his pants and begins to stroke it. I look over at him. Our eyes meet

….The longing for the release...The build-up of this beautiful tension...the climb to the

peak of the mountain...It’s the only thing I want at this moment. Then I dive down into

the abyss. The goal to reach the orgasm finish line is replaced with a sudden but

familiar feeling that I’m THERE. It’s the giving and contracting of my clit muscles that

sends out signals of satisfied bliss through my puss, and even my ass, as the orgasm

erupts. The ripples of this sensation flow within my riverbanks.

I squeeze my legs together and turn over as the effects flow through me, until the river

is satisfied and goes quiet. My breathing is still a bit heavy, my heart is still thumping

hard, my whole body feels like it had a good workout. I lay still knowing the real world

is going to creep in soon.

I open my eyes and check the clock again. It’s been about 15 minutes. I have to get out

of this bed and start the rest of my day.

I stop at the dresser mirror on the way to the bathroom and begin to strip off my

clothes. I look at myself from different angles. My pussy is still pulsating and soaked

from my personal playtime. I look sexier, I feel sexier, more confident and more

capable. I hope it will last.

My succulent cum juice is still on my tired fingers, sticky and invisible. I can smell my

distinctive randy feminine scent. In the bathroom I wash my hands with kiwi-lime soap,

and jump into the warm shower.

It’s a shame we never got to finish that elevator ride. I wonder what happens next? Did

the stranger join us? Did building security see us on the monitors? Next time, I’ll find


I feel, bouyant, like I’m floating.
And I’m craving a big cup of coffee so I can continue this buzz.


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very hot & good