Sweetest Taboo

husband wouldn't even discuss fucking her in the ass in their 10 years of marriage

Ambers heart pounded, the anticipation was driving every synapse in her
body firing up an electrical storm, her every erogenous zone tingling.
She felt his body heat as he grabbed her firm and juicy 36Cs from
behind. He caressed them and tweaked her rock hard nipples for a while,
and then she felt his fingers clutch the hem of her short and sexy

He licked her ear and she gasped from the unexpected rush of pleasure,
and then snaked lower towards her clean shaven pussy. His subtle touch
was unnecessary though; as she was wet from the moment she felt his
approaching body heat. Pressing his athletic frame against her, his
granite erection kneaded her voluptuous ass, and he began to rock his
hips, his naked throbbing cock massaging her ass even more.

She reveled in the pleasure of finger strokes in her wet cunt. "Ohhhh
yessssssss...." Catching her mid moan, he turned her around sealing his
lips over her mouth. ‘Mmmmm! His tongue is so smooth' she thought as it
swirled in her mouth caressing her.

Her tortured body craved his manhood. She yearned for him to take her
hard right there in the way that she had begged him to over the past
month, "Oh Steve...Please do it to me.... Take it.... Take me now....
Fuck me hard!" He obviously had other plans. His mouth slowly explored
the contours of her back, blazing a trail of hot kisses on his way down
to the bottom of her spine. Getting on his knees, he pulled her down by
the waist, and then reached around to her aching tits. He kneaded them
firmly, taking each stiff nipple between his fingers, deftly rolling
and pinching it. Raking his finger tips along her flanks, he grasped
her butt, spreading her cheeks, darting his tongue into her crack.

"Oh God!" Amber moaned as she shivered, her exhilaration mixed with last
minute apprehension. This was a whole new territory, albeit one she had
been craving for years. ‘What if it's not for me... what if it hurts
too much?' she wonders.

He felt her puckered rosebud tighten up as the tip of his tongue stabbed
at it. To ease her apprehensions he licked her all the way down to her
erect clit and back. Her pussy twitched and her clit tingled as she
moaned with increasing abandon. Her juices ran free bathing his face
and lubrication her crack. He continued licking her in one long stroke
after another from clit to pucker. He fluidly repaired to the rosebud
at the centre of her ass. His tongue fluttered and danced over her
puckered portal sending her into a spiral of wild love cries and
shivers which got even more intense as he fingered her tight asshole,
in preparation for his engorged cock. Her tight muscles closed around
his finger as it sank into her ass to the first knuckle.

She was so lost in the moment she was unaware of him lubricating his
rock hard cock, until he pulled his finger out of her ass replacing it
with his cocks against her anal opening. Suddenly she felt a sweet
stinging sensation and almost panicked as she realized his cock had
slipped into her asshole. Her sphincter tightened about him,
practically choking the neck of his throbbing cock but he waited
patiently for her to adjust to his girth, all the while whispering
reassurances to help her relax. The pain steadily dissipated, giving
way to pure pleasure. She soon grew accustomed to the strange bulky
stinging sensation in her ass, and as the line between pleasure and
pain faded away he began to fuck her ass deeper until his bullocks
began to slap against her pussy sending ripples after ripples of
pleasure through her.

He pounded into her previously untrodden path with such passion,
grasping her and plunging so deep his balls squashed against her cunt
and drove her crazy. Instinctively her hand sailed to her clit and she
flicked away in a desperate search for release. Her body shuddered and
her ass kneaded his shaft throwing them both into a whirlwind of
sensations he had long forgotten and she never knew was possible. Their
almost musical a****l cries reached a crescendo and she blacked out as
her orgasm hit. It was so intense her anal muscles squeezed his cock so
hard he groaned out loud as he succumbed to his own climax, and pumped
her ass full of his hot seed.

As she regained her senses, Amber snuggled closer to Steve and whispered
her thanks. She told him how much she felt loved being with him. She
also thanked him for helping to overcome her fears and for fulfilling
her sexual fantasy of anal sex. She felt finally free of the guilt
imposed on her by her conservative husband who has refused to even
discuss fucking her in the ass in their 10 years of marriage saying it
is a taboo.
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