The Woman Pleaser

An engineering student helps her professor with a very interesting project.
The Woman Pleaser
Being a woman at an engineering college had its advantages. Not the least of which was that Helena was outnumbered by men everywhere she went on campus and was the only girl in several of her classes.

She liked it that way. Helena liked watching the male students gawk as she sashayed across campus in a tight skirt and bustier, her four-inch heels making her ass sway back and forth as she walked. She liked dropping her pen in class and bending over for it, knowing that a dozen sets of male eyes were looking down her cleavage, or if they were behind her, staring hungrily at that little V of exposed pink underwear that she made sure to flash.

She liked wearing a thin bra and T shirt on a cold day, then bursting into class late, her rock hard nipples jutting through the thin fabric. Twenty instant erections, one for every male in the class, including the professor.

There was one professor she particularly liked. He taught her favorite class, her tiny Mechanics Seminar, where she was the only female out of four students. Professor Brian Jenkins was a young guy, still her side of thirty. Jenkins, she noticed, sported an attractive bulge in his trousers from time to time, particularly when she sat with her legs slightly apart in class.

Today, she was really late. She ran into the Mechanical Engineering building, down the hallway, and to her classroom, where she tore open the door and raced in. Two steps, and she was sliding on something slick and wet on the floor, struggling to keep her balance, then giving it up and falling in a graceless heap in the front of the classroom.

“Excuse me!” she said. She lay on the floor, tangled up with her purse and book bag, feeling a sudden coolness, then hearing the silence of the class as four males stared with rapt attention at her naked twat. Bikini-waxed, Brazilian-style, no less.

I should have done my laundry this weekend, she thought. Then she’d have had a pair of clean underwear to put on, and she’d have worn something other than this short, flippy little skirt that flew up with the slightest puff of wind.

“Ahem.” She cleared her throat and, with as much dignity as possible, pulled her skirt down over her snatch. It gave a throb or two at the thought of the hungry looks the men were sending her way.

“Helena!” Jenkins said. His eyes were twinkling. “This is your fourth tardy this month.”

“I’m sorry, Professor Jenkins.” She picked up her book bag and managed to get over to her desk, throwing a glance at the large, lovely cock that stood at attention, clearly outlined against the thin fabric of her teacher’s pants. “I, uh, didn’t mean to make things hard for you.”

“Oh, I think you did, Helena.” Jenkins walked closer to her desk, until he was just a few inches away. His granite-like, engorged cock, straining against the pants fabric, was at about the level of her eyes and only a few inches from her lips.

“I could you give you detention,” he said, “or perhaps you’d like to help me with a little research project I’ve been working on.”

She wanted to touch his cock, but restrained herself. Jenkins had cornflower blue eyes and a warm smile. He was a big man, with hands like frying pans. She found herself looking at his fingers, each the size of a good kosher sausage, and shivered at the thought of one or two of them slipping into her most secret crevices, exploring and tickling.

If his fingers were that big, what about his organ? Helena’s mouth practically watered at the thought of it.

“What kind of research project?” she asked.

“I’ve invented a machine,” he said. “The prototype is right here in the classroom. It’s functioning, but I need to begin testing it.” He leaned forward, looking deep into her eyes with his own brilliant blues. “It’s called the Woman Pleaser.”

Her pussy throbbed again. “The Woman Pleaser,” she said slowly. “What kind of machine is it?”

“All I will tell you is that, if you are willing to take off your clothes and try it, you won’t be sorry.”

At his words, her cunt opened and moistened. The classroom fell silent. Her three classmates leaned forward, almost not breathing. Drake and Jean-Marc, to her right, were serious engineering types, but had great bedroom potential, Helena thought. Drake had huge, full lips that she had more than once imagined nibbling delicately on her exposed privates. Jean-Marc had long, sensitive fingers that promised hours of slow finger-fucking pleasure.

On her left, Chet had a chiseled set of abs, a rock hard ass, and a perennial hard on, at least, when she was around. Helena thought about having that hard dick inside her.

“Take my clothes off?” she said slowly. “When would we do it?”

“We’re at the start of a two-hour lab session,” Jenkins said. “If you’d like, we could do it right now.”


Helena lay on a table, buck naked, legs in the air, her juicy cunt spread wide open. A cool breeze played across her private parts. Her teacher and classmates were glassy-eyed with lust, staring at her private folds and entrances. Some of them couldn’t help touching and rubbing themselves. This is the ultimate power, she thought. The power to drive men wild.

Jenkins adjusted the stirrups that held her feet up and the straps that kept her from moving. The table she lay on had a frame built around it, similar to that on a canopy bed. Fitted to the frame were a half dozen hinged arms that Professor Jenkins was moving around and adjusting. The arms had attachments on the ends that excited her just to look at them: molded penises or dildo-like objects, vibrators, buttplugs.

“I’ll think we’ll start with a basic vibrator, dildo combination,” the teacher said.

He set a small soft plastic vibrating nub against her clitoris and pressed a button.

“Mmmm,” she couldn’t help but say, as her clit began to buzz along with the nub.

The large dildo dipped easily into her wet folds.

“Mmmm,” she said again.

While the four men watched, the Woman Pleaser began to fuck Helena good and hard. She gasped and bucked on the table as the dildo slid smoothly in and out, in and out, then began to rotate, first to the right, then to the left. Her clit was on fire, vibrating like a hummingbird’s wings.

In mirrors positioned around the room, she could see what the men saw: her red exposed genitals, the bright blue dildo sinking into her gash over and again, juice dripping down toward her asshole, her quivering labia, and then her eyes, dull and glazed with lust, her mouth open.

Jean-Marc and Drake both had their penises out of their pants and into their fists. They pumped their dicks, grunting and watching the dildo slide in and out of her hole. The other guys looked like they were about to do the same – red-faced, breathing heavily.

It didn’t last long. Driven mad by the vibration and the fucking, not to mention by the men looking so hungrily at her most private places, Helena came quickly, grunting and gasping, her twat convulsing around the dildo.

“Stop, please, I’m done!” she said, gasping.

Jenkins turned off the machine, grinning broadly, his notebook in hand. He unstrapped Helena and helped her sit up on the edge of the table. “So,” he said, looking smug. “I see my invention is a raging success!”

“Not so fast, Teacher Man,” she said in a cool voice. She smoothed her long, chestnut hair and crossed her naked legs, her nipples still rock hard and standing at attention. Seeing the men’s eyes returning over and over to her nipples, she straightened her back, pushing them out for easier viewing.

“What do you mean, Helena? We all watched you come!”

“I know,” she said, “but do you want my honest opinion?”

“Yes,” Jenkins said, maybe a little reluctantly. He had worked hard on his Woman Pleaser.

Helena chose her words carefully, knowing the effect they would have on the men. “The Woman Pleaser is great if there’s no man around. But no machine can compete with the sensitivity of a man’s tongue tickling your pussy, or a man’s fingers fucking you slowly and gently. No dildo can replace a real-life, stiff cock sinking deep into your …”

“Stop!” Jenkins gasped out the word, as he unbuckled his belt. The others were pulling off T shirts and unzipping pants in a mad rush to get naked with her.

Drake was first to be ready, standing before her with an imploring look in his eyes. He was slender and dark-haired, quiet and reserved in class. He had large puffy lips just made for nibbling pussy.

“Hold on!” she said. “I’m in charge of this show now.” Helena stopped, taking pleasure in her power, in making the men wait.

“You’ll go one at a time, and you’ll please me the way I tell you to.”

The one standing before her nodded eagerly.

“Drake,” she said. “I’m glad you jacked off a minute ago, because right now, it’s all about me.” She paused for effect then said, “I want you to suck and lick me until I come.”

She lay back, putting her feet in the stirrups again. “Take a chair, Drake. You may be there a while!”

The small young man found a chair and put it between her open legs, sitting down, then carefully spreading her apart with his fingrs.

“Your pussy is beautiful,” he told her. His mouth moved forward to kiss Helena’s labia, and she shivered with pleasure. Drake took her labia and clit in his mouth and sucked gently, his tongue trilling on her pleasure button.

Helena gasped and arched her back, while Drake hung on to her privates with his mouth, never stopping the tickling, tickling, tickling of her sensitive clit.

“Aaahh,” Helena clawed the table, her fingers glancing off the slick surface. She arched her back again, but Drake rode her with his lips, never losing contact with that hungry, pulsating part of her, the part that needed to be licked, licked, licked until the sensations rose higher and higher and higher; licked, licked, licked until she was thrashing on the table, her feet on his shoulders; licked, licked, licked while she moaned and rolled from side to side, the sensations rising higher and higher until she finally exploded into spasms of pleasure, her twat twitching and contracting, juices pouring from her hole, while all the while, Drake licked, licked, licked her clit, until she lay, spent, his lips and tongue gently suckling her. What a strange and beautiful thing to do, she thought, to spread her legs for a man she barely knew, to let him suck and lick the most private and intimate part of her body.

Finally, Drake moved away, giving Helena a sly look of triumph. She sat up slowly. “Excellent work, Drake! You are a superb student. An A plus for that!”

The other men were now hanging back, afraid of following an act like that. Helena looked them over, selecting her next partner in lust. Already, she was feeling tingles of horniness again. This afternoon, here in Mechanic Seminar, was all about her. Her pleasure, her body, her having orgasm after orgasm.

“You.” She pointed to the French Jean-Marc, of the long, pale, delicate fingers. She trembled, thinking what those fingers might do to her.

“Make me come with your hands,” she said, again lying back and spreading her legs wide.

Jean-Marc took his time. He inspected her for a while, spreading her apart with his fingers, finding the tiny clitoris, probing her hole. His fingers were slow and gentle. The slow movement of his hands, not specifically intended to arouse, but more to search and explore, both relaxed and excited Helena. Her vagina started to expand and feel empty, needing to be filled.

“Finger fuck me,” she said, spreading her legs wider.

Jean-Marc slid the tip of his finger in, testing her, and when he found her sopping wet, smiled to himself and slid two long fingers in all the way up to the knuckle.

Helena sighed, letting his hands take her to a place of hot ecstasy. Rather than sliding his fingers in and out, he used them to explore her inner cavity, finding the sensitive G spot and massaging it. Helena moaned with pleasure.

Jean-Marc inserted a third finger, the three fingers wiggling inside her, setting off waves of sensation. With his other hand, he reached out and very gently stroked her clit.

Helena thrashed on the table, groaning, as the sensations began to build. Her classmate began a slow, steady rubbing on her clit. It was coming alive. Her lips parted as she focused on the feelings running through her, the tickling fingers inside her hole, teasing her G spot, the single finger on the outside, touching her clit so gently.

“Don’t stop,” she said.

He didn’t. The hands continued to move in just the way she liked, while the sensations built inside her, Helena moaning just a little at first, then slowly losing control, begging him to continue one time when he stopped, calling out to him things like “Yes!” and “That’s how she like it!” then transitioning to “Fuck me with those fingers!” and “Fuck me good!” When she came, her whole body tensed up as waves of feeling crashed over her and she cried out, then lay there in a contented after glow, Jean-Marc’s fingers still inside her.

“Okay, I’m in charge now!” Jenkins’ voice jerked her out of her dream-state. Lying on the table, she turned her head and saw an erect cock about three inches from her face. It was the size of French baguette, and it belonged to her professor.

Helena sat up in a hurry. This was one large cock to take in. Standing beside Jenkins was the third classmate, Chet, naked with a rock-hard dick – good sized but nothing compared to the salami that Jenkins had between his legs.

She heard Jenkins’ voice. … “two for the price of one…”

“Wait a minute,” she said, looking around in alarm. Jenkins wanted to double fuck her with Chet? Take turns putting it to her?

Jenkins was talking to Drake and Jean-Marc. “You two get her prepped. Then Chet and I will take over.”

“But …. “ Helena panicked a little.

Jenkins turned around. “Okay, missy,” he said. “You’ve had your fun, pretending to be in charge. But I’m taking over now, and you’ll do as I say.”

She sat down weakly.

“Spread your legs,” he commanded.

She did. Jean-Marc again moved between her legs, but now holding a large tube.

“Lubricant,” he said. His fingers entered her again and again, loading up her cunt with the greasy stuff. then, “Turn over onto your stomach,” he said.


“Just do it.” He looked over in Jenkins’ direction. Jenkins held a hard wooden ruler in his hand. She turned over in a hurry.

“Get up on your hands and knees,” Jean-Marc said. “Head down, ass in the air.”

Helena obeyed. She knew her genitals and asshole were spread wide for all the world to see. Jean-Marc whistled. “Hey, you guys, you want to see a beautiful view?”

The four of them crowded around, inspecting her private slit and puckered hole and making comments. Fingers rubbed over the openings. Then she felt a fingertip, greasy with lubricant, slide its way into her ass.

“No! I’ve never done that!”

“Well, you’re doing it now,” Jenkins said. “We’re making a sandwich, and you’re the meat.”

She crouched there on her hands and knees, while Jean-Marc took his time greasing up her back door, entering more and more deeply each time with his finger, filling her with lubricant.

“There,” he said, stepping back.

She had to admit, being greased up by Jean-Marc was a turn on. He touched both holes, testing them. “She’s ready,” he told Jenkins.

Jenkins came to stand beside him, Helena still crouched on all fours like a dog, ass in the air. He too touched her holes, testing her.

“You’ll need to relax,” he told her. “Drake will help you with that.” Still in doggy position, she felt Drake’s big soft lips nibbling her smaller lips. Expertly, he sucked her into a lather of horniness. Her holes lubed up, Helena looked hungrily at the two erect cocks waiting for her.

Jenkins lay back on the table. “Sit on my cock,” he told her. “I want you to put my meat in your slit and ride it.”

She climbed up and straddled him. He had the biggest cock she’d ever seen. She would have to stretch to take it in. He had greased it up, which helped. Inch by inch, the dick slid its way into her cavity, filling her completely. She started moving up and down on it, getting excited.

“No,” he said. “Lean forward onto my chest.”

She did, excited but afraid of what was coming. Chet was behind her, his cock nosing at her anus. She lay very still and tried to relax.

The head of the cock entered her. She gasped. Relax. Surrender to it.

The cock slid into her ass. She was being fucked by two dicks at once!

They began alternating thrusts, one going out, while the other went in. Jean-Marc had slipped in a hand and was diddling her clit. The fingers on her most sensitive place, the two dicks filling her holes, the two ripped abdomens, one at her back the and other touching her breasts – she couldn’t have stopped herself if she’d wanted to. She came again, bucking and jerking as the two men pumped their seed into her, then lying quietly between them, catching her breath.

A bell ran, indicating class was over. Jenkins stood up. “This was a most useful lab today,” he said, smiling, his huge dick now hanging soft and limp.

“We’ll reconvene next week, same time, same place, for an equally educational experience!”


For the next meeting of her Mechanics Seminar, Helena wore a filmy tank top, mini-skirt, and cowboy boots. Literally. The top and skirt were the only items of clothing on her body, the non-essentials like bras and panties having been left at home in the drawer, where they belonged.

As she sauntered into the classroom, she felt a wetness creep between her legs.

Unlike most days, when her other three classmates usually arrived ahead of her, today, Professor Jenkins stood there alone. He held a wooden ruler in one hand, absentmindedly slapping it against the other hand. His erection strained against the fabric of his pants.

“Oh!” Helena stopped short. She felt a prickle of anticipation. Her nipples hardened.

“I left messages for the students cancelling class,” Jenkins said.

Helena was confused. Why was he here then? “I never got a message.”

“I didn’t leave one for you,” Jenkins said. He strolled across the classroom and, very deliberately, locked the door. “For you, I’m planning a little one-on-one instruction.”

Helena moistened her lips with her tongue. Did she want to spend the next two hour lab locked alone in this classroom with Jenkins? She eyed the bulging snake in his pants. The answer was yes.

“I see,” she said coolly. “But any individualized … attention …. will have to be on my terms.” She tossed back her long chestnut colored hair, aware that her nipples stuck out through her shirt like bullets. That’s what the sight of Jenkins’ pants bulge did to her.

Jenkins strolled over to her. “Of course,” he said, his eyes dropping down to her nipples. “But surely you agree that you must be punished for your behavior of last week? You were inexcusably late.” He thwacked his hand with the ruler. His arm muscles bulged through the Tshirt he wore today, and his blue eyes bored into her.

Helena considered his words. “It does seem that some punishment is in order. But the terms of that punishment will have to be negotiated.”

Jenkins nodded his agreement.

“First,” Helena said. “I need to decide if you’re worth my while.”

A smile played across his lips. “I believe I pretty much established that last week, if the spasming of your cunt around my cock was any proof.”

Helena waved a hand, dismissing his comment. She began to walk back and forth in front of him, making sure to push her protruding nipples forward and to swish her hips back and forth. “You had back-up in the form of three very talented assistants. Today, you have to hold my interest on your own.”

Jenkins’ smile faltered just a little, but he responded in a casual voice. “I’m not worried.”

“Let’s have a look at your dick,” Helena said.

“What? You’ve seen it!” Now Jenkins was totally off balance, his cheeks burning a dark red.

“I don’t remember.” Helena tossed her hair again. “It must have not made much of an impression.” She snapped her fingers. “Don’t take all day.”

Slowly, Jenkins unbuckled his belt, his face wearing an I can’t believe I’m doing this expression. But his equipment was harder than ever, proving, Helena thought, that he was enjoying this game.

He unzipped his pants, his engorged cock bursting out the instant it was given room to do so. It stood at attention, proud and tall and thick, the pinky-purple head glistening.

Helena tried not to stare. It was the size of a Genoa salami. A horse would have been proud to sport that dick. It was even better than she remembered, because of course she did remember Jenkins’ rod from last week. Very well, in fact.

She couldn’t help a small moan of anticipation escaping her lips. This was all Jenkins needed to regain his confidence.

“Methinks the lady likes what she sees.” He tucked his cock back into his pants and re-zipped them. “Now, as for that punishment,” he went on. “The lady will remove her clothes and will be spanked with a ruler. She will further submit to activities administered in the Woman Pleaser, the exact nature of which is to be determined by the instructor.”

“The lady does not wish to be spanked with a ruler,” Helena blurted. The ruler looked hard and scary, even to her adventurous soul.

“But she agrees she should be punished?”

“Oh, yes! But the lady would prefer….” Helena stopped, blushing. “She would prefer being spanked by the instructor’s hand.”

Jenkins’ lips twitched. “She prefers the instructor’s hand, does she? Very well. Is she ready to receive her punishment?”

“She is.”

Helena faced her teacher, her heart pounding. His eyes were warm and admiring, exploring each curve of her body as if it were precious and beautiful. That alone turned her on. She wanted to be naked in front of this man. She wanted to display herself to him, to drive him mad with desire.

She began to pull off her top, but he raised a hand to stop her.

“Helena,” he said. The sound of her name on his lips somehow touched her heart. His tone was gentler now. “You will do what I say when I tell you to.”

“Yes.” Her arms dropped back down to her sides. She stood there, waiting, suddenly feeling vulnerable.

“Turn around.”

Surprised, she did. Her back was now toward Jenkins.

“Bend forward over the back of the sofa.”

She did, feeling her short skirt ride up to reveal her naked ass and pussy.

“Mmmm… beautiful.” Jenkins was pushing her skirt up. “Spread your legs, so I can see you.” His hands gently spread her ass apart, exposing her small, pink pucker and her cunt lips, already soaked with her own juices.

Helena was wild with anticipation, remembering her teacher’s large, fleshy fingers. Oh, to be fucked by those fingers!

Jenkins pulled up a chair and sat down close to her snatch. “I’m evaluating you for the Woman Pleaser.” His fingers touched her slit.

She moaned.

“Plenty wet,” he said. One finger slid into her pussy.

She cried out a little in pleasure.

“Plenty tight,” he said. He got up and walked away.

Helena started to push herself up, but he was there suddenly, his hand grabbing her hair into a ponytail, pulling her head back. His hands were rough, yet caressing at the same time. “Did I say you could get up?”

“No.” Surprised again, Helena red****d herself over the back of the sofa. She could hear him arranging things behind her.

She waited. Her exposed privates twitched with impatience, as if they were thinking I’m ready to be fucked! Come and get me!

She waited some more. What was he doing? Grading papers?

She was bored now. And it was uncomfortable leaning over the sofa.

Hang it all. She stood up, and in an instant, he was there.

“I told you to stay still!” In a few swift movements, he pulled her clothes off and picked her up, carrying her around to sit on the sofa and pulling her over his lap.

Helena cried out as his hand struck her ass. The blow stung, but it more the suddenness of it that had caught her off guard. In an instant, her cunt was dripping.

He slapped her ass again, leaving a stinging mark on the skin. “Do you like being spanked?”


“Ask for it. Ask me to spank you.”

“Spank me. Spank me hard.” Her feet were off the ground and her ass stung from the slaps.

“Five more. That’s all you get.”

One, two, three, four, five. Each time, she growled from the pleasure of it. But as soon as he was done, he was standing her up and tying a blindfold around her eyes.

“I didn’t tell you about this part,” he said. “It’s called the B&B treatment.”

“Bed and breakfast?” she said, confused.

“Blindfold and butt plug.”

He picked her up and put her on her hands and knees on a table. It was thickly padded, so her knees wouldn’t hurt. Straps went around her wrists, ankles and waist, immobilizing her.

Helena’s heart pounded. She felt her cunt open in anticipation, waiting to be filled. She could feel him standing behind her, near her exposed ass and twat. She clenched the muscles in her ass and groin a few times.

“I saw that,” he said. “I’ve selected a nice big butt plug for you. It may stretch you a little, that’s part of your punishment.”

Helena shifted nervously on the table. She was still a little sore from taking Chet’s cock up her ass the week before. “Be gentle … please?” she said in a soft voice.

“I’ll do as I wish,” Jenkins snapped, but in a voice that made her think he’d heard her and that she was safe. He came to stand close behind her, cupping his hand around her ass, and pushed the butt plug into her.

It was in fact small – and well lubricated. It was just right. Helena sighed as the plug entered her smallest, tightest hole. She knew it was hanging out of her ass, giving her teacher an exciting view. “Do you like seeing my butt being fucked?” she said, in her sexiest voice.

“I do. And now, I think it’s time for a little tongue fucking.”

Helena gasped as his tongue plunged into her slit. She would have jumped had she not been held down by the straps. She sighed as the tongue moved in and out. “Oh god. Do it to me! Keep going!”

The sensation was incredible. Jenkins’ tongue tickled and stroked and licked her most intimate place, taking liberties. He tongued her clit over and over, making it quiver, while her asshole clenched around the butt plug. He gently worked his way up and down her slit applying pressure with his tongue. It was just a bit rough, which drove her mad with excitement.

It was when he pulled her clit and labia into his mouth and sucked, that she completely lost it, coming hard in wave after wave of contractions. “Oh!” she moaned. “So incredible!”

Helena was sweating and shaking as she knelt there on the Woman Pleaser table, her ass and cunt in the air. What next?

“It’s time for me to take my pleasure,” he said.

She felt something – the tip of his cock nosing her slit. She held her breath. It was the biggest cock she’d ever encountered. She felt her cunt telescope backward, growing even bigger, making room for his meat.

“Oh!” She gasped as the huge head moved in an inch, opening her canal. He had lubed it up, which was hardly needed since the walls of pussy dripped with desire. The cock advanced, filling her, making her moan.

“My clit,” she said. It was aching to be touched. She would have rubbed it, had her hands not been strapped to the table. “Please. My clit.”

Jenkins was leaning over her, his hard abs touching her back, his even harder cock deep between her legs. He chuckled into her hair. “So you want to get off again, do you?”

“Please?” Every part of her body throbbed, her nipples hard and swollen, her pussy twitching and pulsating, her asshole tight around the plug.

“Do I turn you on?” He kissed her ear and cheek as he pulled his cock out a few inches then pushed it slowly back in.


In one movement, he pulled out of her. Helena almost cried out in disappointment. He was unstrapping her hands and waist, picking her up again, and this time carrying her to the sofa. He laid her gently on her back.

“I want to see those tits,” he said. “I want to see your beautiful face when you come.”

And spreading her legs wide, he proceeded to fuck Helena for a long time, keeping a firm finger on her clit, rubbing it while she sighed and moaned, unable to think of anything but the sensations sweeping over her.

“Oh, God! Fuck me,” she begged. “Do it to me! Fuck my pussy!”

He stroked her clit, moving his dick in and out inch by glorious inch. Helena clawed the sofa, arching her back, her mouth open, her knees pushed up next to her ears.

“Oh, God, oh God, I’m gonna come!” Her pussy clamped down on Jenkins’ dick, clenching and unclenching in waves of passion, just as he shot his load, groaning and twining his hands in her hair.

They collapsed together on the sofa, floating dreamlike, arms around each other. Jenkins was so much bigger than Helena. She felt dainty, fragile, protected. He kissed her cheek, then gently turned her face with his hand, so she was looking into his eyes. They looked at each other for a long moment.

“I like you, Helena,” he said. “I want to know you better. I want to talk to you.”
Helena’s heart expanded. “I’d like that, too.”

“Will you come over and have dinner with me? I’ll cook for you,” he said.

“You know how to cook?”

“I’m a great cook. Come over tomorrow night, and I’ll wine you and dine you.”

“It’s a date,” she said, while she thought I can hardly wait.

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