Steps****r's Conundrum

Introduction: Heidi has a probelm and it takes her step dad and step b*****rs to help her find a solution

Heidi moaned lightly as her eye lids fluttered and she climbed slowly up out of the soft blanket of
sl**p. She lay still, her eyes closed thinking about her problem.

Now you would think that a gorgeous redheaded, green eyed, 16 year old beauty with 36 "B" cup
breasts and a shapely tanned body, who was a member of the cheer squad and who's boyfriend
was the captain of the football team wouldn't have many problems. But Heidi had one and to her
it was a very large unsolvable one.

The only way she had been able to get Greg Flare, the football team captain to be her boyfriend
was to have sex with him. Having sex with him wasn't the problem. Heidi had been masturbating
two or three times a day since she hit puberty and she loved it. She loved to cum so she assumed
having sex with a guy would be as much fun.

That was the problem. When Greg had fucked her the first time and popped her cherry, he had
lasted no more then a minute and a half before he came. He had then pulled out, zipped up his
pants and ask if she wanted to go home.

That had been 6 months ago. Heidi had gone to the f****y planning clinic for a birth control
shot, so she wouldn't get pregnant. And since the first time, she had fucked the boy at least three
times a week. Each time he had busted his nuts in less then 2 minutes. Afterward his cock would
wilt so they would clean up and go find something else to do.

This left Heidi very frustrated. She would go home after each date and masturbate two or three
times to relieve the sexual pressure. But she knew there had to be more, knew that she should
demand a proper fucking from Greg. But she was positive if she did, that he would move on to
one of the other cheer leaders, one who would willingly let him have his two minute fuck. Heidi
was sure that Laura Stevens, the cheer squad captain, would jump at the chance to take Heidi's

So there was her problem. She wanted better sex, wanted to have an orgasm from sex with a guy,
but knew she'd have to give up her boyfriend to get that. She didn't want to give him up and the
status that went with dating him. It was a conundrum she had been pondering for months and still
didn't have an answer for.

She had talked with her best friend and co-cheerleader Clare Thomas about it several times. She
trusted Clare and knew the short dark haired girl wouldn't tell anyone. In fact Clare had stayed
the night several times over the last few months and the two girls had spent an hour or so each
time trying to figure out a solution. But neither one of them could come up with anything that
was acceptable to Heidi.

Heidi slid her hand down between her legs, closed her eyes and began to slowly rub her pussy,
allowing her finger to slid over her clit with each stroke along her fast moistening slit.. She loved
Saturday mornings. She would wake, masturbate, snuggle down and go back to sl**p, awaken an
hour or so later to again finger herself to another climax.

Usually she would repeat this process at least two and often up to four times. Almost every
Saturday her step father would yell at her several times trying to get her out of bed. Once he even
came up to physically pull her out of bed. But when he pulled the blankets off her, he had stood
staring at her for a few moments, before turning and quickly leaving the room.

Heidi had noticed just as he turned to go, the large lump in his jeans, then looked down at herself.
She had on a thin lace nighty that had pulled up, revealing her neatly trimmed, red curly bush.
She also noticed that the lace over her breasts was pulled tight, showing a perfect outline of her
nipples standing up on her firm, perky tits .

It pleased her to know he had gotten an erection from looking at her. In fact, after that incident,
she had fantasied about her stepfather pulling the covers off her, holding her down on the bed
and fucking her. Every time she fantasied about it, she had cum very hard and almost wished he
would. But she knew her stepfather would never do it, even though she knew he was very
sexually frustrated because he had been without a wife and sex, for 2 years.

Her step father, Lance, had married Heidi's mom when Heidi was 10. At first Heidi had a
difficult time sharing her mom with Lance and his two 8 year old fraternal twin son's, Francis
and Isaac. Gradually she had accepted Lance and his sons. So by the time Heidi's mom left to
"find herself", Heidi was comfortable with the three males.

In fact Heidi and the two boys had formed a tight sibling relationship. She liked both the boys
and they would even wrestle. That lasted until just before Heidi's 16th birthday. The only reason
she had stopped was that both boys started to grope her while they were wrestling. She really
didn't mind that at all, but when she started to think about letting them go farther, she figured
they had better stop before she did something she shouldn't.

Heidi's fingers danced up and down her slippery pussy lips, with thoughts of Lance holding her
down while he rammed his hard rod into her pussy danced through her head. When she came she
moaned, bitting her lip to keep from screaming. When she was done she closed her eyes and
drifted off to sl**p.

Heidi woke a short time later with a 14 year old boy laying on each side of her.

"What the hell do you two think you're doing?" She said, anger edging her voice.

"Dad went fishing." Francis said,"He told us to get you out of bed and he didn't care how we did

"So here we are."Isaac added,"You can get up or we will torture you till you do."

"Go away!" Heidi growled, pulling the blankets up to her chin and squeezing her eyes shut.

"Nope, you have to get up."Francis said,"Or else."

"Go away!" Heidi yelled.

A second later she felt Francis's hand slide under the sheet and cup her right breast.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" She yelled as she swung a slap at his head.

Francis caught her wrist and pinned it to the mattress above his head. Heidi tried to hit him with
the other hand, but a second later found it pinned by Isaac. Then she gasp as Isaac's hand cupped
her left breast.

"You two better stop or I'll tell Dad!" Heidi yelped as she felt Francis pinch her nipple.

"Are you going to get up?" Isaac ask, squeezing her breast as he did.

"Hell no!" Heidi grated,"But you two better stop, right now or I tell dad. Stop it!"

"I don't think you will." Isaac replied as he slid his hand up under her nighty top and cupped her
bare breast,"And I don't think we will."

"And why the hell wouldn't I tell him?" Heidi said struggling to get her hands loose.

"Well,"Francis said with a grin as he too slipped his hand under her nighty and cupped her
breast,"because we have pictures of you and that football player on the couch downstairs last

"You little assholes took pictures of us?"Heidi sputtered, then she added as she renewed her
struggle to get free," How did you take pictures of us? You bastards!!!"

The two boys were stronger then she was and held her as her struggles grew weaker, then
stopped. She lay still her chest heaving.

"So you going to get up?" Isaac ask.

"Fuck no!" She spat at him.

Francis said,"Well, we'll have to go to stage two..."

Heidi felt his leg hook over hers and a moment later she felt Isaac hook his leg over her other
one. Before she was aware of what they were doing, they had her legs spread wide and pinned so
she couldn't close them again.

"Wha...." She started to say, then her eyes widened as she felt two hands, one from each side,
slowly slide down over her tight flat stomach.

As the hand slid over her mound she stammered,"You can't do tha....ugh." Her protest was cut
off as two sets of fingers slipped into her wet pussy.

"Oh fuck she feels good!" Isaac grunted as he burrowed his fingers into her wet slit.

In a whisper Francis said,"You know, we've gone this far, maybe we should...."

"Fuck her?" Isaac finished.

" can't!" Heidi yelped in protest,"I'm your s****r!"

But her body was telling the two boys different. Her pussy was so wet it was leaking down the
crack of her ass and her hips were thrusting toward their probing fingers.

"Step s****r actually,"Isaac replied as he pushed two fingers deeper into her wet hole,"Which
means it's not i****t."

Francis pulled his hand from between her legs and tentatively sniffed at the fluid coating his
fingers. He stuck out his tongue and took one small taste, then grinned.

"Well?" Isaac ask.

"That's awesome! Before we fuck her," Francis said,"I want to try putting my tongue in her
pussy, like we saw in the pornos on the computer."

"Ok," Isaac said,"But I get to fuck her first after you're done."

By now Heidi knew they weren't going to stop. In fact she didn't want them to. She was so
turned on, she wanted a hard cock inside her. But she wasn't sure about someone licking her
pussy and she had to put up a show of resistance, so continued to protest.

"Please, don't do this! You have to stop!"

"Don't worry s*s," Francis replied as he threw back the blankets, transferred his grip on her wrist
to Isaac, then pulled her nighty up until her firm round tits were exposed,"We aren't going to
leave you frustrated like your boyfriend does."

Some where in Heidi's sex racked brain that statement stuck. She wondered how he knew her
boyfriend always left her that way, but that thought was cut short as the feel of Francis's
tongue sliding into her wet slit filled her with a wave of pleasure. She groaned and thought it
couldn't get any better, until a second later when Isaac placed his mouth over one of her nipples.

"Isaac, you have to try this!" Francis said,"She tasted so good, I'm almost ready to cum on the

Isaac pulled his mouth off her nipple and said to her,"If I let go of your wrists, will you not fight
us any more?"

Heidi didn't want to fight, all she wanted was for the boys to keep doing what they were doing.

"No, no...I won't fight...I promise."She gasp.

Isaac let go of her wrists and returned to sucking on her nipple as he used his now free hand to
fondle her other breast.

She couldn't believe how good it felt to have the boys licking her pussy and sucking her nipples.
The pleasure was so intense she didn't think it could get any more so, until her climax hit her. As
the bolts of pure pleasure shot through her she screamed, grabbed the back of Francis's head,
pulled his face tight to her cunt as her hips quivered in the grip of a monstrous orgasm.

It took Francis half a minute to pry her fingers away from his head. He came up gasping for air to
find Isaac naked from the waist down, his hard cock waving in the air. Isaac pushed his b*****r
aside and scrambled between Heidi's legs.

He grabbed his hard cock, put the tip against her wet hole and with one shove, pushed the entire
6 " length of his cock into his step s****r's pulsing pussy.

The feeling as he entered was a new one for Heidi. Her boyfriends cock was only 4" long and
slightly over 3/4" in diameter. Isaac and Francis's cock's were larger, and almost identical. They
were 6 " long and 1 3/4" in diameter.

So as Isaac pushed into Heidi, she felt his girth spread her tight, slippery, swollen tunnel as it
entered. As his balls smacked her ass, she gasp and arched her back. Isaac grabbed both ass
cheeks and began to fuck her with long hard strokes. He knew it was going to be a while
before he came. Both he and Francis had jacked off twice that morning thinking about
what they had planned to do to their step s****r.

Heidi couldn't believe how good it felt to have her step b*****r fucking her. She put her feet on
the mattress and pushed her hips up to give him better access to her pussy. Isaac fucked her hard
for ten minutes, until he groaned as his cock throbbed, blasting cum deep into her pussy.

As he pulled out the thought that filled Heidi's sex saturated mind was,"So close....I haven't cum
yet. I'm so close."

She felt Francis slide between her legs, felt him put his cock head against her dripping cum
filled pussy, and a moment later she groaned as she was again filled with hard cock.

As Francis fucked her she heard Isaac say,"Damn, isn't she good? s*s is such a great fuck, I don't
know why we didn't do this before."

Heidi lost herself in the feel of Francis's cock sliding in and out of her slippery wet hole, his
young, muscular body against hers, the smell of sex and the sound of him grunting as he fucked
her. She didn't even realize her climax was so close until it hit her.

Her orgasm broke over her, filling her senses. She screamed as wave after wave of pleasure
blasted through her. Just as it was starting to diminish, she felt Francis's cock throbbing inside
her pussy, filling her with his cum, which set off another massive orgasm. When that one faded,
she lay still, groaning.

"You ok s*s?" Isaac ask, concern in his voice,"We didn't want to hurt you. We just wanted to
fuck you."

"You did." She murmured,"You most certainly did."

A second later Francis said, nervousness filling his voice," really aren't going to tell dad
are you?"

Heidi lay there, cocooned in the warm after glow of an intense orgasm, Francis's question
echoing through her head. Then like a bolt of lighting, his earlier comment about her boyfriend
leaving her frustrated came back to her.

"Before I answer that," She said sitting up,"How did you two know Greg left me sexually

"" Isaac stammered.

"Spill it!" Heidi said.

The boys sat still staring at the floor for a short time then Francis said,"Promise you won't get

After what had just happened Heidi couldn't think of anything that would get her angry. After all
her two step b*****rs had just both fucked her.

So she said,"Yea, I promise not to get mad."

" heard you and Clare talking." Francis said evasively.

Heidi knew that the conversations with Clare had all been in her room with the door closed, so
she couldn't understand how the two boys had overheard them.

"How did you hear us in my room with the door closed?" Heidi ask.

"We didn't hear it here." Francis said,"You two were in the rec room down stairs when we
heard you."

Heidi thought about it and still couldn't see how the boys had heard her and Clare. The rec room
was big, taking up most of the basement. The one conversation she and Clare had about Greg,
had been on the couch watching tv with the door closed. The couch sat at one end of the
room, opposite the door, so there was no way anyone could over hear some one talking unless
they were in the room.

"So how did you hear us? And come to think of it, how did you get pictures of me and Greg?"

" you won't get mad?"Isaac asked.

Heidi thought about it for a moment, sighed and said,"No I won't get mad."

"We...we...put a camera and microphone in the smoke alarm above the couch."

"You what?" Heidi yelped.

"You said you wouldn't get mad!" Francis said quickly.

"How long have you had it there?" Heidi ask.

"A couple of months." came Isaac's mumbled reply.

"So you two have been watching everything that happens on that couch?" Heidi ask,"Every time
Greg and I fucked you were watching?"

Both boys nodded.

Heidi was trying to hold on to her anger. She was really pissed that her step b*****rs had been
watching her and her boyfriend.

"So I suppose you two would jack off while you watched Greg and I fuck?" She ask, her voice
tight as she tried not to sound angry.

Both boys nodded, but then Francis said,"But we had to record it and watch it three or four times.
Your boyfriend cummed to fast."

All of a sudden an epiphany blossomed in Heidi's brain. She sat still, letting the answer to her
conundrum echo through her head. After a time she became aware of Isaac calling her name.

"Heidi? Are you ok? You've been sitting there staring off into space for a long time. Are you
angry? You promised you wouldn't be."

"I'm fine." She replied,"I was just thinking about something. So where were we?"

"We wanted to know if you were going to tell dad about what we did to you." Francis ask,"Are

"That depends.""She replied, trying to sound serious.

"On what?" Isaac ask,"We'll do anything you want if you don't tell him."

"So...." She paused, drawing out her reply,"If I demand you both fuck me at least once a day from
now on, you will so I don't tell him?"

It took the boys a second to absorb what she had said, then they both grinned, nodded their heads
and replied in unison,"Absolutely!"

Heidi smiled and said,"So are you two ready for round two?"

Isaac and Francis looked at each other, grinned and nodded their heads.

Heidi patted the bed on each side of her. The boys scrambled up next to her. Heidi reached out
and wrapped her hands around both their hard cock's and started to slowly jack them off.

The boys groaned as she pumped her hand up and down their shafts.

"You know, I've never sucked one of these. Greg has never lasted long enough to want me to. I
think I'll try it. Who want's to be first?"

"You fucked her first!" Francis said to Isaac,"I get first dibbs on the blow job!"

"I tell you what,"Heidi said with a grin,"Isaac why don't you lay down on your back?"

Isaac stretched out on his back wondering what Heidi had in mind. He didn't have to wait long to
find out. As soon as he was settled, she straddled his lap, grabbed his cock, put the head against
her slippy cunt and with a long sigh slid down onto his hard pole.

As soon as she was settled she motioned Francis to her. He got to his knees and Heidi leaned
over and took the engorged purple head of his cock into her mouth.

For the next ten minutes the only sounds in the room were the creak of the bed, the grunts, moans
and sighs of the boys and Heidi as they fucked.

Finally Francis groaned,"Oh fuck! I'm gunna cu,......cum!"

A second later his cock exploded, filling Heidi's mouth with squirt after squirt of warm cum. As
the first long spurt hit the back of her throat, Heidi gagged, then reflexively began to swallow.
After the first mouth full slid down her throat, Heidi grabbed Francis's ass, pulled his throbbing
rod deeper into her mouth and continued to swallow as he came.

As the last squirt form his cock filled her mouth Heidi felt her climax crest. Like an explosion the
blast of pleasure radiated out from her pussy to envelop her entire body.

Her pussy spasmed and pulsed, repeatedly squeezing Isaac's cock in it's velvet vise grip. Isaac
was close to cumming and when he felt her pussy milking his cock, he groaned as his cock too
exploded, blasting warm cum deep into Heidi's quivering cunt.

As his cock throbbed, it caused a second orgasm to grip Heidi, she tried to scream, but because
she still had her lips wrapped around Francis's hard rod, all that came out was a muffled, gargling

Francis pulled his cock out of his step s****r's mouth. As he did Heidi slumped onto Isaac's
chest, spent. The three of them lay in a pile. After a short time Francis stirred, then stood.

Heidi slowly climbed off Isaac's cock, groaning as she did,"If you two fuck me like that every
time, I'm going to be one sore, satisfied girl!"

"I think we had better get cleaned up incase dad comes home." She said.

The boys agreed. Heidi showered first, then the two boys. By the time they were done Heidi was
some what recuperated.

They all three went down stairs to have breakfast.

As they ate Heidi said,"So do you still have the camera in the smoke detector?"

"Yea. It's still there." Francis said,"But we promise not to use it again. We really don't need to!"
He added with a grin.

"It's connected to your computer isn't it?" Heidi ask.

"Yea." The boys responded.

"I want it connected to mine instead."She said,"I want to keep an eye on you two for a change."

The boys agreed and right after breakfast made the switch.

Their dad arrived home mid-afternoon and when he ask if the boys had been able to get their
s****r out of bed, the two young males grinned and told him they had tortured her until she got
up. Their dad had chuckled and responded that he was going to have to give them that job more
often. Both boys had a difficult time not grinning like idiots at that comment.

For the next three weeks Heidi got fucked more then she ever thought possible. Heidi went to
cheer practice after school, so didn't get home until 5:00. Her two b*****rs, who arrived home at
4:00, were waiting impatiently for her. Their dad worked until 6:30, which gave the three of them
an hour and a half to have fun.

The first day after school set the routine. Heidi arrived at 5:00 and as soon as she was in the
door, both boys were pulling her toward her bedroom. Heidi made them wait as she slowly
stripped in front of them. Both boys sat staring at her as she slowly revealed her tanned, teen
body to them. By the time she pulled her bra off and they laid eyes on her firm teen tits, both
boys cock's were tenting their jeans and hard as rocks.

When she was naked she ordered both of them to strip, which they did in less then 15 seconds.
Then she told Francis to get on the bed and lay on his back. She climbed up over him and
lowered her pussy onto his mouth. He began to eat her, sliding his tongue up into her pussy as
she leaned over and began to suck his cock.

It didn't take long, a few minutes, before both Heidi and Francis were both cumming. When they
were done Isaac demanded she suck his cock, because she had sucked Francis twice already and
hadn't done him. Francis climbed off the bed as Isaac climbed on. A few moments later he was
groaning in ecstacy as Heidi swallowed his cock.

Over the next hour Heidi sucked Isaac to a climax, sat on Francis's cock and fucked him until he
exploded filling her with cum, then did the same for Isaac. The three of them lost track of time
and didn't realize what time it was until Heidi looked at the clock and discovered it was 20 after

All three scrambled to clean up and were in their respective rooms doing home work ( or trying
to look like they were) when their dad got home at 6:30.

That set the routine for the next three weeks. Every week day the three of them would go to
Heidi's room and fuck until 6:15, then shower and be looking innocent when their dad got home.
Heidi still fucked her boy friend, but it was getting to be a drag and she found herself wondering
if it was worth it.

On the weekends, if their dad left, to go fishing or anything else, the boys would run up to her
room and pile on their s****r. Heidi was more then willing to spread her legs. She was enjoying
the situation to the maximum.

Three weeks after it all started, Heidi woke one night and needed a drink of water. She made her
way down stairs to the kitchen got a drink and was on her way back to her room when she
noticed the door to the rec room was closed. She pulled on the knob, but it was locked.

She was puzzled. It was very late, 1:00 AM on a weekday, so the boys wouldn't be in the room.
And she didn't think her dad would be up. But the door was locked so one of the three males
in her f****y were in the rec room. After a moment a thought hit her sl**p fogged mind, she still
had the camera in the smoke detector hooked up to her computer. She could bring it up and see
who was in there.

Se hurried back to her room and quickly pulled up the interface program. As it snapped on to her
screen she gasp. Her dad was sitting on the couch with his hard cock in his hand. And what a
cock it was! It had to be 8" long and the girth was large enough that the tips of his fingers didn't
meet where they were wrapped around it.

She could see part of the TV screen and realized he was watching a porn movie. She watched it
just long enough to see it was a young muscular stud fucking a young, slim red haired girl.
Heidi turned her attention back to her step father and watched mesmerized as he stroked that long
hard pole.

She couldn't take her eyes away from it. She licked her lips and subconsciously squeezed her
legs together as her pussy tingled from the image of that long, hard rod, the large purple head and
the sight of her step dad's hand moving up and down it's length..

A half formed thought fluttered through her mind,'How would that feel sliding into my pussy?'

With her eyes glued to the screen watching her dad stroke his massive rod, she slowly moved her
hand down between her legs, groaning at the feel of it as her fingers slipped between the wet lips
of her pussy and her imagination pictured it as the large purple knob of her dads cock prying
her pussy open. She fingered herself as she watched him jack off, stroking his long, cock
faster and faster.

She gasp as she saw his cum shoot into the air, then she gasp again as she heard him groan,"Oh
fuck Heidi! I'm cumming! Take it all baby! Take it all my sweet little red haired teen slut! Oh
fuck baby! Take all of daddy's cum!"

As she watched his cum squirt out of his massive cock, as she heard him groaning her name, her
pussy clamped down on her fingers. She moaned as the most intense orgasm of her life slammed
through her. When it passed, she sat at her computer, limp and panting.

Her dad, wiped up his mess with a towel and left the room a few minutes later. Heidi climbed
into bed, but couldn't go back to sl**p for a long time because of the visions of her dads cock and
the echo of his voice saying,"Oh fuck baby....take all of daddy's cum!"

The next day as the boys were fucking her, Heidi was fantasizing about her dad's cock.
When she came, because of the fantasy images in her head it was so hard she almost passed out.

That evening in bed she decided she wanted that huge pole inside her. She wanted to fuck her
step dad. After fucking her step b*****rs for almost a month, she didn't see anything wrong with
wanting to do the same with her step dad. She began to form a plan. She fell asl**p an hour and a
half later with a plan she hoped would work.

The next day Heidi called her favorite aunt. Aunt Stella was her step dad's younger s****r. She
and her husband lived on a farm an hour away. Stella and Heidi were close and many times Heidi
confided in Stella things she couldn't, or wouldn't tell her friends.

When she answered the phone Stella said happily,"Hey Heidi! What's up with my favorite

Heidi launched int a long involved story about how her two 14 year old b*****rs were being a
pain and how she would like to have a slumber party this coming weekend and not worry about
her b*****rs intruding.

"I see,"Said Stella," So would you like me to invite them out here for the weekend so you can do
your slumber party?"

"Would you?" Heidi ask,"That would be wonderful!"

"So tell me," Stella ask, a sly note to her voice,"Will there be a boy or two there?"

"" Heidi stammered, not having a ready answer because she was taken by
surprise by the question.

Stella laughed, misinterpreting Heidi's stammer and inability to answer as a yes,"So there will
be! Have you had sex with your boyfriend yet?"

This time Heidi could answer truthfully,"Yes. We have been doing it for six months."

"So you're protected I take it? You aren't going to go get yourself pregnant if I do this for you?"

"No, I won't." Heidi replied,"I've been on birth control for months. But could you do me a favor
and not mention this to Dad?"

"He doesn't know?" Stella chuckled,"Ok, I won't, but you owe me!"

Stella called that evening and talked to the boys, telling them she would like to have them out
for the weekend to the farm. The two boys were ecstatic. They loved going out to the farm
because they got to ride the horses, the quads and swim in the lake sized pond .

When they ask their dad, he readily agreed. He had visions of spending a weekend lounging
around the house watching football games. When the boys told Heidi she smiled and looked
pleased for them. But inwardly she was both nervous and anxious about the coming weekend.

For the next few day Heidi went over and over her plan. She ask her dad what he was going to do
with the boys gone and he told her he would spend the time vegetating in front of the TV. Heidi
figured that would be perfect. She told him she didn't have a date or plans for Friday night and
ask if she could order pizza and watch the game with him. He smiled and agreed.

The boys left Friday right after school. Their dad took them out to the farm, so Heidi knew he
would be gone at least two hours, if not three. As soon as they were gone Heidi ran to her dad's
bedroom and pulled open the closet. She knew he had boxed all her mom's leftover clothes and
put them in the back of the closet. She rummaged through box after box until she found the one
she was looking for. The box was full of negligees and other skimpy revealing clothes.

Heidi pulled out sheer see through lace nighties, both short and long, soft satin ones and plain
flannel ones. Down in the bottom of the box, Heidi found one she was taken with. It was a light
blue baby doll outfit.

Heidi took it to her room and tried it on. The panties were made of soft see through lace and
barely covered her red bush. In fact she could see the red curls of her pubic hair through the lace.
She pulled on the top and looked at herself in the mirror. It hit her at mid thigh, but if she bent
over it pulled up enough to expose the firm cheeks of her ass. When she sat, if she let her legs
spread just slightly, she could see the red color of her neatly trimmed bush through the lace. She
grinned. This was the one she wanted.

Heidi returned to her dads room and put away the clothes she had pulled from the boxes. She
spent the rest of the evening building up her courage. She wanted to do this, but she didn't know
how her dad was going to respond. He could get angry. He could be offended. She pushed those
thoughts out of her mind and tried to convince herself it would work out like she envisioned it.

When her dad got home he yelled he was back. She called out that she was in her room and ask
when the game started. He said it was on in 15 minutes. Heidi told him she would order the pizza
and bring it in when it arrived. When the doorbell rang, Heidi answered it dressed in a long robe.
Underneath she had on the baby doll outfit. She paid the pizza delivery boy, then took it to the
Rec room.

Before she entered, she dropped her robe and put it in the closet.

She took a deep breath to quell her nervousness, opened the door and called out,"Hey dad. The
pizza is here."

His eyes were glued to the screen as he answered,"Great! Come on over and sit. Let's eat."

Heidi walked over, slid the pizza onto the coffee table in front of the couch, sat down next to her
dad and curled one leg under herself.

"Who's winning?" She ask as she pulled a slice of pizza from the box.

"Denver at the moment," her dad responded as he turned to look at her,"but I expect......"

As his eyes locked on her his words came to an abrupt halt.

"You expect, what?" Heidi ask, taking a bite of pizza.

"I expect Washington to make a better showing in the second half." He finished,
never taking his eyes off her.

" you think that's an appropriate way to dress with your father?"He ask his eyes
traveling down to her bare smooth thighs and barely covered crotch, then back up to the outline
of her firm breasts under the lace fabric.

"Don't you like it?" Heidi ask, trying to put hurt into her voice.

"Yes....I mean no....I mean it looks very good on you, but I'm not sure you should be wearing it
here, now."

"I'm sorry if I offended you daddy." She said, "I'll go to my room."

As she began to rise he placed his hand on her arm and said,"No, that's ok. I was just a little
shocked at brevity of that outfit is all. If you feel comfortable wearing it around me,

Heidi sat back down and continued to eat her pizza, staring at the TV screen. But she wasn't
thinking about the game, she was wondering if her dad was getting hard looking at her. Through
the game she made several excuses to get up and leave the room. She could almost feel his eyes
glued to her ass as she left.

The first couple of times he tried to avoid staring at her as she returned. But the last time his eyes
followed her from the door all the way to the couch. As she sat down Heidi could see the large
lump in his pajamas.

After the game her dad said,"Well, I guess it's bed time. You going to bed now?"

"I think I'll watch a movie. Would you like to stay and watch with me?" Heidi ask.

"Sure. What's on?"Her dad replied.

They looked through the titles and picked one out. After it started Heidi said,"Daddy? Can
I...would you let me sit on your lap? I feel a little cold."

"I'm not sure that's the most appropriate thing..." He began to protest.

"Please?" Heidi begged.

"Ok," He sighed,"Come on."

Heidi climbed onto his lap and settled down. She smiled as she felt the large hard lump of his
cock under her ass. Heidi snuggled against his chest, grabbed his arm and hugged it. She made
sure to maneuver his hand until it was right over her breast.
She heard him groan as the palm on his hand settled against the firm round globe of her breast.
Heidi wiggled her ass, grinding his cock against her ass cheeks.

"Heidi,"Her dad said in a soft tension filed voice,"You have to sit still, you just have to."

Heidi figured it was time to make her move.

"Can I ask you something daddy?" She whispered.

"Sure," He responded,"What?"

She turned, threw her leg over him and sat down astride of his lap facing him. Her warm
pussy was now pressed against the lump of his large hard cock.

"Heidi...what are you doing?" He ask, almost in a groan.

"Will you fuck me daddy?" she ask, staring into his eyes, her arms around his neck.

"Heidi!" He yelped, then said in a stress filled voice,"We can't....I can't....I'm your father for
Christ sake! That's i****t!"

"I'm your step daughter." Heidi clarified,"It's not the same as if we were bl**d relatives. Please
daddy. I've done it with my boyfriend so I'm not a virgin. Please? I know you want to."

He was in such a state he didn't think to ask how she knew, he just said,"I've fantasied about it,
but I was never going to do anything to you!"

"I know." Heidi whispered, grinding her pelvis down onto the lump of his cock,"But I want you
too. Please, just fuck me."

"Oh fuck! I'm going to hell for this!" He groaned as he pulled her too him and crushed his mouth
to hers.

Heidi moaned as she felt his hand slid down between them, then felt his fingers slip into her
leaking pussy.

"Oh god baby," He gasp,"you're so wet! You really must want it!"

"Do you....oh you want me to suck it for you?" Heidi ask as she pushed her hips back
and forth fucking his fingers.

"You want to do that?" He ask, shock edging his voice.

For an answer, Heidi slid off his lap and ended on her knees in front of him. She reached up and
pulled his pajamas down, releasing his hard shaft.

Her eyes were wide as she wrapped both hands around it. It was bigger then she thought. Her
finger tips missed circling it by half an inch.

"My god it's big!" She gasp.

"You don't have to....oh fuck!" Her dad grunted as she leaned forward and took the engorged,
plum sized head into her mouth.

She licked it, sucked it, savoring the size and flavor of his rod. She pushed her mouth down over
it, trying to get as much as she could into her mouth. She got less then a quarter of it in her
mouth before it hit the back of her throat and she gagged.

"Easy baby." Her dad coaxed,"Don't try to take to much. You have to practice before you can do

Heidi contented herself with sucking the head as she jacked his shaft. It wasn't long and her dad
groaned,"I'm really close. I'm gunna cum....OH FUCK!"

A long sticky rope of cum hit the back of her throat. Heidi began to swallow, drinking each
squirt of her dad's spunk as it entered her mouth. As the throbbing of his cock slowed, then
stopped, Heidi gently sucked the head like she did for her b*****rs.

Her dad pulled her to her feet and said," Where the hell did you learn to suck cock like that?"

"My boyfriend and I have been doing it for months." She replied.

"Lucky bastard!" Her dad replied, then added, "your turn."

He slowly pulled up her nighty until it came off over her head. He tossed it aside, then hooked
his thumbs into the band of her panties. He slowly pulled them down, savoring the revelation of
the sweet little red hair covered box he had fantasied about for so long.

When her panties were at her ankles, he took hold of her hips, picked her up and laid her on the
couch. He leaned forward and slowly took one nipple into her mouth. He sucked it, nibbled it,
enjoying the firmness of it. He switched to the other one and sucked it for a time before he began
to kiss down over her firm, flat stomach.

By the time he got to her pussy, his cock was again leaking pre-cum from the smell of her turned
on cunt. He slipped his tongue between the slippery lips of her pussy and slowly began to lick
her. Heidi groaned as his tongue found her clit, then let out a gasp as he sucked it. He ate her wet,
leaking pussy, savoring his fantasy come true.

He could hear Heidi's breathing grow more and more rapid, until she let out a long moan as she
came. He sucked hard at her clit and rammed three fingers into her pulsing hole as she climaxed.

When she was done, he sat back, watching his fingers as he slid them slowly in and out of her
tight, wet hole. Even after such an intense climax, Heidi pushed her hips up, wanting more.

"Will you fuck me daddy? I want you to fuck me, please...."She begged as she shoved her pussy
onto his fingers.

"I think you better be on top." He said,"That way you can control how much of my cock you take
and you can stop if it hurts."

Heidi loved being on top. She got quickly to her knees, straddled his lap, took hold of his cock
and rubbed the head against her warm, slippery, cunt. When she had the plumb sized head
positioned where she wanted it, she gently pushed downward with her hips, forcing the bulbous
crown up inside her.

She groaned as it filled her pussy, stretching her labia tight around it.

Her dad misinterpreted her groan as pain and said,"Take it easy. We have all night. Don't hurt

"Oh no daddy," she panted," doesn't hurt. I've....never had something so big inside me. It

Heidi wiggled her hips and pushed down again, forcing another couple of inches of his hard cock
up into her tight pussy. She stopped for a few second to let her tight tunnel adjust to his girth,
then again wiggled and pushed, shoving another two inches into her teenage cunt.

She felt full, felt like she couldn't get any more inside her. She looked down and saw that she
only had 2/3rds of his cock inside her.

A fever kindled in her brain. She wanted it all inside her pussy, every last inch. And she knew
she'd do anything to make it fit. She pulled her hips up until just the head was left inside her then
she jerked her knees sideways, allowing her entire weight to drop, driving it up inside her pussy.

As she dropped down, it drove his massive cock all the way up into her pussy. Heidi sat panting,
moaning and trembling. She had never felt anything like it. His cock head was lodged tight
against her cervix, and her pussy walls were stretched tight around the girth of his shaft.

"Are you ok baby?" Her dad ask, concerned she might have hurt herself.

"I'm....I'm fine." She groaned,"It good!"

"That's for sure." Her dad replied,"I've never fucked anyone so tight!"

He began to stroke her nipples, then pulled her to him and kissed her, gently at first then more
and more demanding, until he was mauling her tits and ramming his tongue into her mouth.

Heidi sat impaled on his cock loving every minute of it. Before long she felt him grab her thighs
and lift her, sliding her up off his cock. Then just as she knew the head would pop out, he pulled
her back down, sliding back into her. Both of them got lost in the feel of each other. They fucked
for what seemed like hours.

Heidi felt her dads rhythm increase, then a few seconds later increase again, and again until she
was bouncing as he rammed into her. She heard him groan, then felt his cock swell, then throb as
he filled her pussy.

Heidi's eyes grew round as she felt her climax begin to crest, then a scream broke from her lips
as she was engulfed in wave after wave of pleasure. A few short moments later they both sat still,
spent and sated, for the moment.

"Heidi?" Her dad whispered,"You know we can't ever tell anyone about this. You know that,

"I know daddy." She replied snuggling against this chest.

"And I'm not sure we should do this again." He said, indecision and
disappointment plain in his voice.

"Wasn't it good for you daddy?" Heidi ask.

"Oh god baby, it was fantastic! Better then any fantasy I've ever had. But it's not right. We
shouldn't be doing this." He said.

"Please daddy. I'll never ever tell anyone. Only the two of us will know. I want to do it again and
again and again."

She began to move her hips, sliding his half hard cock in and out of her stretched, cum filled

"Please? Now that I have you inside me, I don't want to ever stop!" She pleaded.

"Ok, baby, we won't stop. But we have to be very careful when we do it. We can't let your
b*****rs know what we are doing."

‘And I can't let you know I'm fucking both of them!' Heidi thought.

Then out loud Heidi said, "Oh thank you daddy!", pulling his face to her bust and hugging it

Her dad snaked out his tongue and began to lick, then suck on one of her nipples.

"Daddy?" Heidi moaned.

"Yes Heidi?" He said around her nipple.

"Now that I've got all your cock inside me, would you lay me down and fuck me hard? My
boyfriend has never done that."

Her dad chuckled, grabbed both her ass cheeks and stood. He turned and laid her on her back on
the couch, with out ever pulling his cock out of her pussy.

He pushed her legs up until they touched her shoulders, looked down at his red haired step
daughter and said,"Ready."

"Yes...Oh yes...fuck me...fuck me hard!"

Her dad pushed forward until his balls touched her ass, then slowly pulled out until just the head
was lodged inside her cunt. He fucked her slowly at first, gradually speeding up until he was
pistoning into her young cunt.

At the end of each hard inward stroke his balls would slam against ass and his cock head would
ram her cervix.

"Oh....fuck me daddy! Fuck me hard! Fuck your little red haired slut! Tell me you like it daddy.
Tell me you like to fuck me!"Heidi gasp.

"I love the feel of your tight cunt around my cock!" Her dad gasp,"I'm going to fuck you until
neither of us can walk! I'm going to use your tight little pussy, I'm going to fill you with cum!
You're my sweet little slut daughter!"

He fucked her like a madman, slamming into her tight cunt over and over. He could feel his balls
tighten, feel his spunk move up his cock.

"Oh fuck! I'm CUMMING!"He groaned.

Heidi was very close to another climax as she felt his cock swell, then heard him yell. A moment
later his hard rod throbbed, again and again, blasting a second load of sperm deep into her young

As his sperm blasted against her cervix, Heidi screamed as a monster orgasm gripped her. Her
young pussy clamped down on his thick rod, rhythmically squeezing it. A few moments later
both Heidi and her dad lay still, spent.

After a few minutes Heidi whispered,"Oh god daddy, that was....wonderful!"

Slowly Heidi's dad pulled his cock out of his step daughters pussy. As the large purple crown
plopped out it was followed by a stream of his cum running down her ass cheeks.

"I'm done for." He said,"I think we need a shower."

"You want me to take one first?" Heidi ask.

"Why not save water and do it together?" He ask with a grin.

The thought had never entered Heidi's mind but when he suggested it, she loved the idea

It took them a half hour to shower. Her dad insisted on scrubbing every part of her, even inside.
By the time they were finished Heidi was starting to get horny again, but was also very tired. The
sexual work out coupled with the warm water had taken it's toll.

When they came out of the bathroom Heidi kissed her dad and said,"Good night daddy. I'll see
you in the morning."

"Whoa!" He said,"Where do you think you're going?"

"To bed." She said, a puzzled look on her face,"Why?"

"Because you will see me right up to the time you fall asl**p. You are going to sl**p with me

Heidi looked surprised for a moment, then a huge smile crossed her face as she said,"Really?"

"Really." Her dad answered,"We are going to have to be careful when your b*****rs get back, but
until then we can do what we want. And I want you to sl**p with me."

He took her hand and lead her to his bed. They climbed in and he turned out the light.

"Good night daddy." Heidi said in the darkness.

A moment later she felt him move, then felt his lips on hers as he kissed her.

When he pulled back he said,"Good night my sweet step daughter."

Just before she fell asl**p she felt his hand slide up her arm. Heidi fell asl**p with a smile on her
lips and her dads hand cupping her breast.

Heidi woke slowly the next morning to the sensation of a warm mouth clamped over her nipple.
She slipped her hand onto the back of her dad's head, pulled it tighter to her breast as she

A few moments later he pulled his mouth from her hard nipple and said,"Good morning
daughter. I need breakfast and I think you'll fill that bill admirable!"

As he began to kiss his way down over her firm, flat stomach Heidi could feel her pussy grow
wetter at the thought of his tongue touching her there. Her step b*****rs had both eaten her at
least once a day for the last month, so she was familiar with and hooked on the sensation of a
tongue sliding into her slit.

What she wasn't ready for was the expertise with which her dad assailed her young cunt. He slid
two fingers into her tight hole and began to rub her G-spot as he sucked hard at her clit. Heidi
was carried away on a wave of pleasure as her dad ate her pussy.

She could feel her orgasm growing, until she was afraid it would consume her, then it grew even
more. When it finally crested Heidi tensed, her body began to vibrate and she screamed as a
monstrous wave of pleasure filled her senses.

The white hot waves of her orgasm were still coursing through her young body as she felt her dad
pull his fingers from inside her. She moaned in protest, then gasp as his fingers were replaced by
the head of his cock as the engorged purple crown stretched her hole open. Her dad grunted as
he rammed forward and with one hard shove, pushed most of his thick pole into his step
daughters tight, young pussy.

Heidi's orgasm, which had begun to recede, flamed hot a second time. She arched her back,
hooked her heels around his ass, using the leverage to pull her hips upward seeking and finding
the last inch of his huge shaft.

Her pussy pulsed around and massaged his cock as she moaned,"Oh fuck me dad...fuck me

Her dad said nothing. He grabbed both cheeks of her ass and began to fuck her with long hard

For many minutes the only sounds in the room were the slap of his flesh on hers, his grunts as he
slammed into her and her repeated,"Oh...Oh....Oh..." as each stroke of his large cock rammed
into her young cunt.

Finally her Dad groaned,"Oh fuck baby...I'm gunna cum!!"

He pushed as deep into her as he could, until his cock head was pressed to her cervix, and his
balls were pressed to her ass. His cock throbbed again and again, blasting rope after rope of
spunk directly into her womb.

When he was done he began to slowly pull out.

Heidi moaned in protest, hooked her heels around his ass and whispered,"Leave it in for a little
while daddy. I like the feel of you inside me."

He stopped, then pushed back into her until his cock was again sheathed by her tight pussy.

He lay between her smooth soft thighs, stroking her hair as he said,"Baby, you are special. I love
being between your legs, love being buried deep inside you. But I don't know what we're going
to do. We really shouldn't be doing this. This isn't right."

Heidi snuggled her firm tits tighter against his chest, and said,"All we have to do is keep it quiet.
You like it, I like it. Noone else needs to know about it!"

Her dad chuckled and said,"That's my baby, practical to the end. Ok, that's what we'll do. But
we have to be carful around your b*****rs. We can't let them know what we're doing."

Heidi smiled and realized she was going to have to be extra specially carful when she fuc ked her
b*****rs so her dad never found out.

They lay talking, giggling snuggled together for a long time.

Her dad finally said,"I really need to go pee!"

His cock was soft as he pulled it out of Heidi. He jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.
When he was done Heidi did the same. They took a shower together, then as they were toweling
each other dry, agreed not to get dressed for the entire day.

They fucked three times that day and her dad ate her pussy twice. By the time they went to bed
that night they both had barely enough energy to fuck once more before they fell asl**p.

Sunday morning was a repeat of Saturday morning. Heidi woke with her dad eating her pussy. He
fucked her again filling her pussy with cum.

As he lay between her thighs, his cock still filling her, he said,"While we have to be careful when
the boys are home, I'll be damned if I'll stop doing this, it's way to good!"

They talked about how to do it with the boys home and by the time he pulled his limp cock out of
her they had it planned.

The boys arrived home at noon. Both of them ask Heidi when they could fuck. She smiled and
told them she was ready as soon as they were alone.

That evening their dad had to go help a friend. As soon as he was out the door both boys were
pulling their step s****r toward the bedroom. It wasn't 10 minutes after he left and Heidi was
naked, getting ready to straddle Francis. She grabbed his cock, placed it against her wet opening
then slowly stated to sink down onto it.

As she sat down, she wiggled her hips to help his hard rod slide up into her waiting pussy. As she
settled onto Francis's cock she sighed. She couldn't help compare the feel of her step b*****rs
cock to her dad's huge pole.

Heidi realized that as much as she liked her dad's cock in her pussy, she liked her step b*****r's
too. They seemed to hit totally different spots inside her.

She began to slide back and forth.

Isaac said,"Hey, don't forget me!" As he held his hard cock out in front of her face.

Heidi smiled, cupped his balls and swallowed his cock to the root. Isaac groaned as she began to
gently massage his balls and suck his rod.

Heidi's conundrum was solved. With her dad and b*****rs to fuck her, she had everything she wanted.

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