Daughter and Dad - Part 2

Introduction: The continuing adventures of Jim and Anita

Anita woke the next morning in her Dad‘s bed and searched for his body heat. It

wasn’t there, and she struggled to wake up. They had slept in a spoon position

through the night. On more than one occasion she had been woken by the

sensation of his hard cock easing itself between her ass cheeks as he relived

their lovemaking in his dreams. By wiggling her ass just the right way, she could

move it into her crotch so that his cockhead rested at her entrance. As much as

she wanted to take him inside her, she was still exhausted, and felt him soften as

she drifted off again. Now he wasn’t even there, and her body insisted she search

the house for him.

Throwing her robe over her, she stumbled downstairs. The aroma of fresh coffee

led her into the kitchen where her Dad was sitting at the kitchen table, lost in

thought. She wrapped an arm across his chest and squeezed him with a “Good

morning” hug, but he never moved, never even acknowledged her! Scared at the

apparent rejection, she whispered I his ear.

“Morning, Dad. What’re you thinking about? You’re about a million miles away”.

“Hmm? Oh. Morning, Sweetheart. I guess I was kind of lost in my thoughts there,

wasn’t I? Just thinking about last night. The confusion is driving me up a wall”.

“Dad, I didn’t mean to confuse you last night. You know that I love you, even more

this morning than I did yesterday. So do us both a favour. Talk to me”, Anita

begged as she filled her coffee cup, then warmed her Dad‘s coffee.

For the rest of the day, the two of them were a little distant. Jim spent a lot of time

just sitting with his head in his hands, while Anita was torn between giving her

father time to think and the desire to hold him. The strain played havoc with her

mind and her heart. Had she overstepped a boundary, and possibly sabotaged

their relationship? Would her father ultimately reject her growing love for him? To

say that she was scared would be an understatement.

By late afternoon, the tension in the house was thick enough to cut with a knife.

Anita’s fears grew by the minute. She had to do something — anything — to

break her Dad‘s silence before she went crazy! She found no inner peace in her

deliberations. All she could do was wait. Her immediate solution was to find

something to do that would take her mind off the strain.

“Dad, how about I make dinner tonight?”, she volunteered. “If you can stand

leftovers, I’ll reheat some of that chowder, and do the garlic bread. Your Seashore

Surprise always seems to taste better after it’s reheated anyway”.

“Umm? Oh . . . yeah . . . okay, Sweetheart, whatever you say. I’m kinda lost in

thought tonight anyway. Probably better that you cook than me. I’m liable to lose

track and burn the place down if I get into the kitchen”.

Jim’s lack of focus was the last straw for his daughter. Either they got this out in

the open and resolved, or her poor heart felt like it would shatter.

“Dammit, Dad! You’ve been moping around in a fog all goddamned day, and it’s

tearing me apart! So, I don’t give a fuck if you’ve got it all sorted out or not! We’re

gonna talk, and we’re gonna talk now! Not only that, but we’re gonna keep talking

until my father, my Dad, and my best friend all come back to me! Got it?”, Anita

almost yelled at him at the top of her lungs. She crouched down beside him,

looking up at his face, and saw the worry and fear in his eyes. The helpless

feelings inside her made her want to wrap her arms around him in comfort, and

maybe reassurance.

Jim looked down at his daughter and her concerned look slashed through his

heart like a razor. He had been selfish in his solitude all day, and now the resultant

guilt drew him out of himself. His daughter needed him, and he couldn’t deny her

any more. She’d hung in there for four years while he wallowed in self-pity.

Enough was enough!
Reaching down to her, he extended his hands, palms up. She responded by

placing hers in his, but remained in her crouched position.

“Honey, I’m not exactly sure what happened between us last night, but I’m scared”,

Jim started off. “I’m getting used to being a Dad, and I’ve never been happier in

my life because of it. What we shared when we made love is more amazing and

beautiful than anything I’ve ever experienced in my whole life. I’ve been tossed

aside once in my life, and I’ve promised myself that it’ll never happen again. So

yeah, I’m scared. To have your mother walk away was devastating. To go through

it again with you would kill me — literally, with any luck. I’m not sure if I can risk that

much any more”.

Anita took a few moments to digest what her Dad had just said. She could

understand his fears. Hell, she’d gone through similar inner conflicts herself.

Maybe she had the same concerns about being deserted as her Dad. But he held

out a promise of happiness for her, whether he knew it or not. Now she had to

convince him that he would always be her Dad — and more.

“James Ryan, I’m going to say this once, and once only!”. Like her Dad, Anita

rarely used second names, with this being the first time in her life that she had

addressed him that way. But desperate times required desperate measures.

Right now, she felt desperate. “My name’s Anita Lorraine, not Megan Dianne!

She might have left you . . . us . . . but I’m not going anywhere! I’ve had all fucking

day with that realization pounding in my head! Maybe where we’re going is a little

unorthodox . . . okay, a lot unorthodox . . . but I’m quite prepared to stand beside

you! Meet someone, and fall in love? Already have! Got a mirror? You’ll see him

staring back at you! Get married? Shit, my experiences with marriage are no hell!

My mother married my Dad, and where the fuck is she now? Goddamned if I can

tell you! My point is, I need you to always be my Dad. But after last night, I need

you as a lover, as well! If you think I’m gonna give that up without a fight, your

shorts are too tight!”, she answered in her most authoritative voice.

It took Jim a couple of minutes to absorb what his daughter had said, and a few

more for it to sink in. Finally, after over five minutes of concentrated thinking, Jim

broke his silence.

“Anita, we’re taking a huge step - make that a leap - here. After having made love

together, you’re a hard habit to break.

Anita raised herself up and kissed her Dad’s neck just below his ear. She’d

desperately searched her mind for over two years, trying to define the perfect

man. One that she could love and be loved by, that she could open up to and

share her innermost secrets with, and share the same things about him.. For

years, she’d been looking for someone just like her Dad, and every one of them

had come up short! So why would she settle for second-best when the man she

really wanted was right here in front of her?

“Dad, I’ve had almost three years to decide”, she softly whispered in his ear. “It’s

taken me this long to discover that the man I need is my own father. I might not be

the longest straw in the bale, but I’m not stupid, either. I need you, want you, love

you, so very much. If I had last night to do all over again, I’d do it twice, and never

regret a single second. My only regret is that it didn’t happen before now”.

Jim stared into his daughter’s eyes, seeing a look of hope. His heart went out to

her. He suddenly realized that her hope was contagious. She had been loyal to

him, even after he had almost deserted her as he wallowed in his grief and

misery. Her love for him had reignited a small flame, and its warmth slowly spread

through his very existence. Damn it! He was in love with her!

“Sweetheart, my daughter has a bit of a gutter-mouth sometimes. When we made

love last night, it turned me on. Just not sure how to handle it when we’re not

making love”.

“Gutter-mouth, huh? If you like it when we’re making love, I can talk as dirty as any

woman on the planet, and if it turns the man I love on, I’ll turn the air blue! But as

for the other times, if it bothers you, just don’t get me pissed off. That’s when it

really comes out. Maybe I can curb it a bit, but that’ll take two of us. Me to work on

it, and you to remind me”, she responded.

“Nah, I think I’d rather keep you just the way you are. Besides, when you call me

every name in the book, I’ll know that I fucked up . . . and I do fuck up! Guess it

must be a guy thing, huh?”, Jim quipped. “Seriously though, Honey, can we take

this slow? I’m still feeling a little panicky about us burning out in the heat of

passion. But dammit, you have a body that a man like me would kill for, and a

heart big enough to lose myself in!”, he added.

“Yeah, I can handle going slow, if that’s what you want. But I’ll tell you something

right now. Tonight, we’re sl**ping in the same bed, and you’d better be there

when I wake up in the morning! I was scared shitless this morning when you

weren’t. I thought you’d taken off on me! Dad, we’ve lost touch with a lot of people

over the years, but losing you would kill me. And, I promise that I’ll be right there

whenever you call me, or need me. This isn’t just about sex any more. It goes

beyond that. I need you almost as much as I need to be needed by you”.

Jim hugged his daughter. Anita grunted as his embrace pushed the wind out of

her, but returned it with all the strength she had. To be held this tightly told her that

everything would be alright.

“Umm, Dad? I love you dearly, but if you break my back now, I’m gonna have a

helluva time riding that gorgeous cock of yours!”. Shit, if Jim wanted a gutter-

mouth, she’d give him one, in spades! By the slowness of his release on her, she

knew how much it turned him on. But his warmth felt so good! She never wanted

him to let her go!

Eventually, he released his grip sufficiently so that she could turn her head and

tease his ear with her tongue, sending shivers through his entire body. She could

feel her nipples beginning to harden in reaction. As much as their talk had been

designed to clear the air, she was starting to feel the warm glow of desire that he

invoked in her. She acknowledged her growing horniness, welcoming it to sweep

through every part of her, spurring them both to make love again with an urgency

that began as a small flickering flame but quickly built up to a raging fire.

“Keep that up, Sweetheart, and you’re gonna have a raging hard-on to deal with!”,

he whispered to her.

“Yeah? Well, I’d threaten you with wet panties, but I haven’t got any on!”, she softly

replied. As if to challenge her claim, Jim ran his hands over her ass. No panty leg

seams! The little vixen’s firm round cheeks were so delicious in his hands. He

could feel the swelling in his cock, and he welcomed it’s emergence with the

promise of things to cum! His moan of approval at her revelation escaped him, as

he slid his hands up and down her ass.

“If you want more of that, you’ll have to get these jeans off me before my juices rot

the seams out!”, Anita proclaimed. “Your hands feel so good on me! Bet they’d

feel even better on bare skin!”, she teasingly added.

Jim reached down to unfasten the button of her jeans, tugging the zipper its full

length in the process. She pulled back just far enough to grant him access to the

waist, and he slipped them down her legs until they were wrapped around her

ankles. As she stepped out of them, he ran his hands up and down her ass,

marvelling at its soft firmness, languishing in the sensations of her skin’s texture.

With her mound only inches way from his face, he pulled her back to his hungry

mouth and planted his lips firmly over her pussy, running his tongue down her slit

until he found her clit, then hooked her hood, exposing her nub. Anita moaned in

response to his search, the heat of her sex radiating through her crotch and belly.

“God, yes! Lick me, Dad! You’re making me so fucking horny! Eat me! Make me

cum!”, she growled lustfully. As he pulled her even closer with his growing need to

taste her, she almost fell on top of him. The more Jim explored her gash, the

further apart she spread her legs making her pussy available to him. She

recognized that her need was as great as his.

“Dad, let’s go upstairs. What you’re doing to my pussy is incredible! But I want

your cock! I’ve got to have you, deep in my throat, spurting your cum into my belly!

God, I’ve never wanted to suck someone off this bad!”, Anita purred. Without

another word, Jim acknowledged her want. By the time they reached the

bedroom, both were completely naked. Once in the bedroom, Anita fell onto the

bed, landing on her back with her legs wide open as an invitation to her Dad to

take her sex any way he wanted. Not one to pass up such an offer, Jim fell

between her thighs, landing on his stomach with his mouth once again clamped

over her sweet-smelling pussy. His tongue searched for that hard love button

again. He licked and sucked it until it stood proud and firm like a small cock.

Taking it into his mouth, he clamped his lips around her bud while reaching up

with his left hand to squeeze and tease her right breast and nipple, reserving his

other hand to begin fingering her cunt. Was she wet! His finger slid inside her

vagina with virtually no resistance, to be joined by another finger. Anita responded

by lifting her legs up and over his shoulders, effectively pinning him to her hungry

crotch. As the horniness increased, she raised her hips in an effort to pull his

tongue deeper into her love tunnel. The second he licked her entrance, she

convulsed upwards until their only contact with the mattress was her shoulder

blades and his knees. The pressure of her thighs on his neck was painful, but the

desire to lick and suck her juices made the pain inconsequential. Soon her

breathing became faster and shallower, and Jim could sense her cunt grasping at

his fingers as her first orgasm began to radiate all through her body. He curled his

fingers to tickle the ridges of her vagina, searching for that miraculous G-spot that

would send her to Paradise. Seconds later, Anita tensed her whole body and

began to tremble as the crescendo of her rapture washed stronger and stronger

over her. She heard a loud scream from somewhere as she went over the top,

only vaguely aware that it was coming from her. Her Dad felt the warm gush of her

juices flowing into his upturned palm, and immediately lapped them up with his

tongue, while resting his nose on her clit. God, but she tasted so sweet and good!

Her cum was like nectar, and he devoured every drop! Twisting her captured

nipple, he felt her quiver again as a second orgasm raced through her, not as

intensely as the first, but just as welcome.

As her climax eased, Anita regained some control of her spasming muscles, the

delirium of it spreading through every fibre of her being.

“Damn Dad! You sure know how to eat my pussy! I came so much that I was

beginning to fear you’d drown between my legs! Shit, I never knew I could squirt

before, let alone that much!”, she moaned wantonly.

“Hmm, I’ll have to suck your pussy more often!”, he mumbled from his prison

between her thighs. “Besides, your girl-cum has this interesting flavour to it . . . it

tastes like more!”.

“Really?”, intoned Anita. “I’ve had a lick or two of my juices after fingering myself,

but never thought about it before. I wonder how it compares to the taste of your

jism? Hmm, guess there’s only one way to find out, huh?”, and she released him

from the stockade of her thighs. “Dad, I want to suck you off, right now!”.

Jim vaguely remembered the sensations on his cock the previous night, and the

memory made it impossible to refuse her. Pulling himself up the bed, he kissed

her passionately as she moved down to his groin in anticipation of swallowing his

engorged cock whole. She had captured his cock in her hands, and as they broke

that kiss, she tugged it hard enough to induce her Dad to slide up and over on his

back so she could pleasure him. God, his cock felt good in her hands! It was hard

as steel, but still with a soft and compelling texture to its skin. With his cockhead

too close to her face to focus on, she lightly licked the tip, savouring the flavour of

his pre-cum as it oozed from his jizz hole. Sliding her lips so that they covered and

possessed his cockhead, she swirled her tongue around the ridge, lightly teasing

that most sensitive spot on the underside of his helmet. Jim instinctively pushed

his hips up, trying desperately to drive his cock further into the warm wetness of

her mouth. She slid her tongue down the underside of his shaft from the rim of his

cockhead to the base, then slowly pulled it back up and swirled around his

cockhead again. Her hand wrapped around him at the base and began to pull

and stroke his engorged member, slowly coaxing his balls to prepare a load of

hot gooey spunk for her hungry belly. When her hand reached the top of his shaft,

she followed it back down to the base again with her lips, opening her mouth to

admit his cock into her throat. Her muscles twitched on his sensitive cockhead,

sending shivers of delight down its entire length. Letting him escape her hungry

throat’s grip, she pulled him back out until only the tip of his cock was still

wrapped in her warm wetness, then slid back down his length until his cock was

back in her throat. She held him there for as long as she could, then released him,

only to recapture him again and again in similar fashion.

Both of them could feel Jim’s balls lift and tighten as his load pushed into his

cock-shaft on its way to the tip as it readied itself to spurt from his jizz hole. His

muscles tensed and locked in preparation for the overwhelming impact, while

Anita slid up to the top of his shaft and clamped his cockhead tightly with her lips

as she pumped and stroked him in an effort to milk that hot white cream from his

straining cock and into her hungry belly.

“God, Girl! I’m gonna cum! Suck me!”, and as he felt the imminence of his

explosion almost at his jizz hole, he lost the ability to form words. All he could do

was scream at the ecstatic joy of his release and her ministrations on his organ.

“A-a-a-w-w-w-w-w-h-h-h-h!”. Lifting his head with ponderous effort, Jim watched

his daughter’s head as she gobbled his manhood. God, but that sight turned him

on! His own daughter, sucking the spunk out of him! That was all it took for his

cock to launch the first massive rope of his goo into her mouth, and he could see

her throat gulping and swallowing in its attempt to consume every drop. Before

the second spurt came, she slid down his cock about an inch, then waited until he

filled her empty mouth again. As each successive wad delivered itself to her

waiting belly, she moved down another inch, until her nose was buried against his

groin as the last dribbles oozed out of him and down her throat. Shit, she’d

drained his nuts dry, and was still thirsting for more!

When the last few globs were in her belly, she let her Dad‘s slowly relaxing cock

slip out, and began to lick its entire length clean, making sure she didn’t miss

anything. Then she scooted back up to kiss his lips, letting him taste his own cum.

A few globs still remained at the corner of her mouth. It was a little salty for his

liking, and nowhere near as wonderful as her girl-cum. He licked the edge of his

own mouth in an attempt to retrieve another taste of her, hoping to find enough to

satiate his thirst.

“Mmm, you taste good, Dad”, she cooed just before their lips met again. “I could

get used to a steady diet of hot spunk. Wonder if cum is one of the four food

groups? Sure hope so!”, she cooed in his ear.

“Mmm! Not sure, but if I could bottle your pussy juices, I could make a fortune!

Damn, but you taste good! Tell ya what, though. I prefer your cunt juice to my cum,

ten to one!”, he mumbled back.

“Funny, I prefer your taste to my own! God, I could suck you off like that three or

four times a day, every day, and still not get enough. The only problem is that once

you shoot your wad, my cunt gets itchy! Your poor cock might fall off if you fuck me

as much as I want! Guess we’ll have to schedule a fuck at every meal, and a

blowjob for coffee breaks! Think you can cum five or six times a day, every day?”,

she teased with a twinkle in her eye.

“Hmm. Make you a deal. You can suck me off, but only if I can have your pussy for

a snack whenever I get hungry, which shouldn’t be more than, oh say, eight, ten,

thirty-five times a day! We got a deal?”, he lightly growled at her with growing lust

at the memory of her sex pressed against his mouth.

“Fuck off! If you think I’m capable of squirting that much, I’ve got some bad news

for you! Christ, if you eat me like that every time, I’ll be Jell-O before lunch! I love

cumming for you, but your loving is intense enough to suck the energy right out of

me! Besides, if you wear me out, neither one of us is gonna get laid anywhere

near enough! I thought I might be able to out-fuck you, but after that orgasm, I’m

not so sure any more! God, what a cum!”, she squeaked in reply.

Jim pulled his daughter against his chest. Her breast was exposed just enough for

him to lightly circle her areola with one finger. With the completion of each orbit,

he would flick his finger over her nipple, resulting in a reactive jerk. God, he loved

pleasuring her body! Just the thought of her sensual reaction was beginning to

breathe new life into his flaccid cock as he felt another erection growing. But she

had drained his balls already, and if he even attempted to fill her cunt with his

baby batter, there was a good chance that his nuts might implode! He shared that

revelation with Anita, who snuggled even closer to him, if such a thing was


“Dad, as much as I’d love to fuck you senseless right now, I don’t think my poor

body could take it! Shit, my pussy is so sensitive that just thinking about being

fingered is more than I can stand! But you sure do know how to love a girl, that’s

for sure!”.

“Hmm, here’s an idea. I’ll share a shower with you, then let’s go clean that kitchen

up. Might be an idea to actually eat something too, so that we have some energy.

When my nuts have had a chance to get over being sucked out the end of my

cock, I’m gonna drag you back here and drain ‘em in your cunt again! Maybe you

can out-fuck an old man, and maybe you can’t, but it sure will be fun finding out!”.

Anita purred at the idea of her Dad filling her up with his cock, and shooting a full

load of his hot white cum deep in her pussy. Food sounded like an idea, but

stroking his cock in the shower had more appeal to her. If her overstimulated clit

settled down, she could quite happily contemplate his fingers sliding deep in her

love tunnel as he rubbed her G-spot! Shit, just the thought of cumming all over her

Dad‘s hand was beginning to make her cunt drip again!

“That shower sounds good, but I get first dibs on the soap! You’ve got a special

part that I want to make sure gets all the attention it deserves! So, wanna race for

it?”, she growled at him in her sexiest tone.

“A race, huh? Your on, but do I get a head start? About three weeks should almost

do it! Shit, you sucked the life outta me! Even the hairs on my sac are exhausted!

So what’s the big idea of ravishing an old man until he can’t even stand up, huh?”,

and he gave Anita a light but loving smack on her ass.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, Dad, but that smack is gonna excite

me!”, she chanted in his ear.

They spent the time in the shower paying special attention to certain parts, until

the hot water ran out. Drying each other afterwards, Jim took advantage of being

by Anita’s pussy to kiss and lick it when she least expected. Even though she

pushed him away from her oversensitive crotch, he noted that her moisture was

returning as her horniness began to build again. She retaliated by kneeling down

to run the towel between his butt crack and his sac, then quickly slurped his cock

into her mouth, enough to get his attention but not enough to give him an erection.

When she stood back up, he spun her around and slipped his arms under hers as

he cupped and gently massaged her tits. She pressed her ass tightly against his

groin, feeling the heat of his semi-hard cock trying unsuccessfully to harden

between her ass cheeks. As his cockhead touched her between her cunt and her

pucker, she realized that she’d never considered being fucked up the ass before,

but if her Dad ever had an inkling to take her that way, she’d happily give him her

rectal virginity.

They made their way to the kitchen, where Anita warmed up the shellfish chowder

that was left from the previous day and made garlic bread while Jim set the table,

then poured two glasses of the rosé wine they had opened the day before. Both

seemed to enjoy the meal, but neither vividly remembered exactly what it tasted

like. The atmosphere was a sharp contrast to the beginning of the day, with hope

and love replacing the earlier doubts that had gone through their heads. Anita felt

her Dad‘s warmth flowing through her soul again, and Jim could see that magical

twinkle in his daughter’s eye that had been missing for a good part of the day. If

he had questioned the viability of this new phase of their lives before, his answers

were staring him in the face as he lost himself in her eyes.

“Feel better about all this Dad?”, his daughter asked, but knew the answer

already. More than anything else, she knew in her heart that Jim needed to admit

it to himself a few more times before he’d be able to live with the power of his own

convictions. Hearing it herself, though, wouldn’t break her heart either.

“Hmm, let’s see. I’ve been doused in girl-cum until I almost drowned, sucked off

until my balls almost got sucked out of my cock, and flooded with the most intense

orgasms I can remember. I’ve been treated to the softest and most adorable

female on the planet, who, incidentally, fucked my brains out, then just when I

didn’t think I could take any more happiness, she declares that she loves me.

Umm, what was the question again?”, he teased her.

Quoting the punch line of an old joke they both knew, she muttered to him, “Ya

know, Superman, sometimes you can be a real prick!”. Jim began to giggle, and

Anita joined him moments later, not so much because the joke was funny, but

more because it was good to see the happiness slowly returning to her Dad‘s

face. She vaguely remembered that look from when she was a little girl. The

discovery that it was still there gave her a warm feeling.
Jim pondered the original question Anita had asked as to how he felt as he

replied to it.

“Yeah. Yeah, I do, Honey. I guess I needed a kick in the ass to get me out of my

slump. I’m just glad you had the courage and tenacity to hang in there long enough

to figure out where to kick me. Shit, I owe you for looking out for my little girl back

when she was starting to grow up. Now I owe you for dragging me out of a pit of

despair, too. Would you settle for a lifetime of love as part payment?”.

“Hmm, gonna have to think about that first”, she replied in a soft and sensual voice

that only a woman can find. “Does that include as much of that body of yours as I

can handle? Or, how about all the service maintenance my system requires to

keep the current warranty in good standing? Hmm?”.

“Damned teenagers! Is that all you k**s ever think about? Sex, sex, and more

sex?”, Jim snorted in mock disgust.

“Well, duh, Dude! I mean, like, what else is there, huh?”.

“Listen young lady! You may be 19, but I can still turn you over my knee and spank

that cute little ass of yours! Might break every bone in my body doing it, but it

would be worth it! So don’t push your luck!”, he snickered sarcastically as he

winkled at his daughter.

“Promises, promises, promises!”, she sniped right back at him, then got up,

walked to his side of the table and kissed him as hard and urgently as she could.

Breaking that kiss, she whispered, “While I’m up, you want dessert?”.

Jim reached behind her and ran his hands up and down her butt, then answered,

“No thanks. I’ll just have a piece of this!”.
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6 months ago
"Daughter and Dad - Part 2" - Anita Lorraine and James 'Jim' Ryan - (Nineteen Year Old Daughter and Thirty-nine Year Old Father).

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The writer/author has hit a grand-slam homerun AND pitched the perfect no-hitter and no one on base, baseball game EVER! It has been three (3) years since this story posted, but it would be an absolute honor to read a follow-up Part 3 (of father Jim and daughter Anita) by this writer; no outside influences nor sexual partners to be insituated into this marvelous romantic love story!!
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