Megan and Her Mom.part 2

Introduction: A Mother and her daughter are stalked and really bad stuff happens

to them


Sandra McFarland’s SUV rolled into the garage at 6:15 pm. She strode from the

garage into the kitchen in a workout outfit: white cross training shoes, black, tight

leotards and a bulky grey sweatshirt two sizes too big for her. She called out for

her daughter: “Megan? Are you home, hon?” From my hiding spot I watched her

as she checked the microwave. She pressed some buttons and the microwave

hummed into action. “Megan?”

I watched as Sandra thumbed through the day’s mail, throwing all but a single

envelop into the trash. “Megan? Where are you, babe?”

She put her purse and gym bag on the dinning room table and walked to the foot

of the stairs leading up. She saw that the light was on in the upstairs hall. I quickly

went to her purse and removed her cell phone, and hid it in my bag of tricks.

Earlier in the day I had removed all the internal house phone cords.

“Megan!” she yelled, looking up the stairs.

“Hello, Sandra,” I said. The woman whirled around. At first she might have thought

I was a friend of her daughter’s, but she quickly saw I was too old for that. “Who

are YOU!?” When I didn’t answer, she said “Where’s my daughter!?”

I shrugged. “The answer to your first question is not important right now. The

answer to your second question is: your daughter’s upstairs. She’s waiting for


The woman looked at me dumbly. Slowly, something dawned on her. “Megan?”

she cried out, but her voice cracked. Stumbling on weak knees, the woman ran up

the stairs two at a time. I quickly followed her, and watched as she ran into

Megan’s room. Finding it empty, she ran down the hallway to the master

bedroom. As I came after her, the woman had stopped in the doorway of the

master bedroom, frozen at the sight she saw.

Her precious teenage daughter’s totally nude body lay on the far side of the large,

king size bed. The girl’s arms were above her head, her wrists handcuffed to the

horizontal bed head rail. Her ankles were cuffed together, and a round ball gag

was stuffed in her mouth, the kind that was used on Bruce Wilson and Ving

Rhames in Pulp Fiction.

After a speechless moment, the mother cried out “Megan!” her voice cracking.

“Oh, baby! My baby!” She ran to the far side of the bed. Megan looked up at her

mother with wide, scared eyes. She mumbled something through the ball gag.

Once she got to the bedside, it was suddenly as if Sandra didn’t know what to do.

She clasped her hands together close to her chest, her body shaking

uncontrollably. She looked up to see me in the doorway. “You bastard!” she cried.

“Have you hurt my baby?!” She lay down beside the girl, as if covering her naked

body from my view. She reached for the girl’s wrists that lay stretched above her

head, but saw that she was powerless to do anything about the handcuffs that

held those wrists firmly to the bed rail.

Sandra pulled the gag from her daughter’s mouth. “Baby, oh my baby, are you

okay?” she managed to ask between sobs. The girl did not reply, she only cried

softly as her mother hugged her.

The mother then sat up on the bed and again looked at me. An expression of

rage and pure, unadulterated hatred rolled across her face like a dark cloud.

“What have you done to my daughter?” she demanded.

“She’s still technically a virgin, if that’s what you mean. She does a pretty good

blow job, though.” The woman starred at me, speechless. “You’ve done a great

job of parenting, Sandra,” I continued. “I mean, let’s face it, there aren’t too many

sixteen-year-old virgins out there these days. At least, she says she’s a virgin. I

did a gyno exam on her and couldn’t really tell, but then I’m no doctor.”

“Get out of here!” the woman finally commanded, her voice firm.

“Sandra. Come on, we’ve been waiting for you to join the party.”

The woman quickly reached for the bedside telephone. I watched her, a smile on

my lips, as she discovered the phone line was dead. She slowly put the phone

down and stood. She looked at me like a cornered cat would look at the thing that

had cornered it, and I could see the realization dawning on her that she had make

a tactical blunder by running into a dead end alley. Instead of hurrying up the stairs

and into her bedroom at the first sense of concern for her daughter, she should

have attempted an escape from the house while still downstairs. Her instinctive

concern for her little girl had simply been too strong, and she hadn’t thought the

situation through. And now, Sandra McFarland knew that she was suddenly in a

world of trouble.

“Look,” she said calmly, “I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but you can’t

get away with this. So why don’t you just go on and get out of her right now? Just

go. I won’t even call the police, just get out of here and we’ll pretend this never


As she was saying this, I walked over to a heavy easy chair that was near the

door and moved it over to the door, effectively barricading it. This way I could

leave the woman loose in the room, and if she made a run to get out, whatever I

was doing I could easily catch her before she managed to move the heavy

barricade sufficiently to get through the door.

“I would hate to leave now,” I said as I finished my task. “Before our little party has

even started?”

The woman glared at me. If looks could kill, my bl**d would already have been

soaking the bedroom carpet. “A party!” she spat. “Over my dead body!” She then

reached for a sheet and pulled it over her daughter, covering the girl’s nakedness.

“Mommy?!” the girl cried.

“That’s okay, baby. Everything’s going to be okay,” Sandra said calmly, but her

voice was shaky now. I watched her as her eyes searched the room for a weapon

but, unfortunately for her, the interior decorator had apparently not allowed for a

hidden gun cache.

I walked toward where the mother stood beside the bed and her prone daughter. I

as moved close, the woman attacked me, swinging and kicking violently. This

was where I was going to find out if this bitch was a black belt or something. I

blocked her blows with little effort and landed a solid punch in her stomach. She

went down like a ton of bricks, writhing on the floor at my feet, the wind gone from

her lungs. So much for my concern regarding her martial arts training. From the

bed, young Megan screamed. This was the first loud utterance she had been able

to make since I had stuck the ball gag in her beautiful mouth maybe a half hour


Sandra lay on the carpeted floor gasping for air. I lay down on top of her. My

hands raced under her oversized sweatshirt and groped her breasts through her

snug sports bra. I remembered how beautiful she had looked that first moment I

had seen her in the mall. How classy and elegant she had been. Here she was

now, on the floor of her bedroom, with my eager hands feeling that beauty, that

classiness, that elegance.

As Sandra struggled to regain her breathing, I nuzzled her neck, drinking in her

scent, her essence. From the bed I could hear Megan sobbing.

The woman squirmed desperately beneath my weight. She got an arm free from

my grasp and swung at my face, but it was a weak attempt that did not land. I

allowed her to struggle, wanting her to wear herself out. Finally I put my entire

weight upon her, effectively pinning her to the carpeted floor; however, the bitch

sank her teeth into my forearm. I cursed in pain, and then slapped her solidly in

the face with the hand of my other arm, causing her jaws to go limp and allowing

me to yank my forearm away from her fucking teeth.

I then elbowed her hard in her stomach, knocking newly regained air out of her

lungs and leaving her a helpless mass of flesh beneath my weight.

“You fucking bitch!” I hissed at her, my mouth close to her ear. “Listen up,

sweetheart. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you and your little girl do you

understand me?” She grimaced in pain beneath me as my hands ravaged her

body beneath her clothes. I fisted her hair and pulled the back of her head toward

her shoulders. This pushed her chin up and left her bare neck exposed to my

other hand. The fingers of my other hand encircled her neck. “Do you hear me,

honey? I would have fucked little Megan already, but I wanted you to have the

honor of watching me do it! Anyway, if you two behave real well, I promise I won’t

hurt either of you too badly. Do you understand?”

From the bed I could her Megan’s sobs. Still gasping and cringing in pain, Sandra

was slowly regaining the ability to speak. As my weight lay upon her, pinning her

to the floor, she gasped, “Okay, okay, look” she gasped. “Do what you want to do

with me, but please, don’t touch my daughter. I beg you.” She said this almost

whispering in my ear, quietly, so her daughter would not hear.

“Yeah?” I said, kissing her eyes, tasting the saltiness of the tears that had formed


“Yes,” she whispered, still gasping for air. “I’ll do whatever you want, just leave my

little girl alone. She’s only sixteen for god’s sake!”

“Will you suck my cock?” I whispered back to her.

There was a pause. Breathing deeply, her pulse rushing, her face flushed red, the

woman winced visibly. “Yes! Anything. Just leave her alone. Please. Oh, for the

love of god, please!!”

“Will you spread your legs for me like a whore?”

Sandra’s face contorted in a tight grimace. My hand squeezed her breast hard

through the sports bra. “Yes.” Her voice was a whimper.

“Yes what? Say it,” I whispered to her as my tongue licked her ear, penetrating her

ear as far as it could. “Say ‘I’ll be your whore’”. My hand squeezed her tit hard

through the sports bra.

Her face still in its tight grimace, she repeated after me in a hoarse whisper, “I’ll

be your whore”.

As I continued to pin her to the floor with my body and my left arm, my right hand

f***ed its way underneath the sports bra and took possession of the soft flesh of

her breast. Totally, one hundred percent natural tit. No silicone here. What one

saw—and felt—was what one got.

“But not in front of her,” the woman gasped as my hand roughly massaged her tit

and pinched her nipple. “Take me to another room. Please. I’m begging you for

the love of god. I’ll give you anything you want, but not in front of my little girl!” With

that she began to cry, tears streaming down her cheeks.

My hand left her tit and roamed down her flat stomach, and then worked its way

under the waist band of the lycra leotards. As she squirmed beneath me, my

fingers quickly found her womanhood. I kissed her neck as my index finger deftly

entered her pussy. My knee was planted firmly between her legs, preventing her

from closing them and denying this assault upon her sex.

“Okay,” I whispered, my face pressed against hers. “We’ve got a deal. You be a

good girl and fuck me real good, I don’t touch your daughter. I mean, you fuck me

back like I’m your goddamned boyfriend or something, and your little girl gets to

keep her virginity. Okay?”

Sandra nodded her head in agreement, her body shuddering beneath me. I sent a

second finger into her cunt, and pressed inward with f***e. She cried out in

shock. “Is that a ‘yes’”? I demanded.

“Yes!” Her voice was so weak I could hardly hear her, though her lips were only

inches from my ears.

“I can’t hear you”, I said.

“Yes!” she hissed.

With that, I shoved a third finger into her as far as it and the other two would go.

Sandra’s body jerked, and she yelped in shock.

“Mom!” Megan cried from the bed. “What’s he doing to you!?”

“Nothing, baby!” her mother cried back. Her eyes were wide open in fear as she

stared up toward the ceiling, feeling my fingers exploring the depths of her


“You’re going to be a great piece of ass, baby, do you know that?” Our eyes

locked as my fingers probed her depths. Her wild breathing had calmed

somewhat, but the look of fear and hatred in her eyes were there to stay.

Slowly I removed my fingers from her cunt, then withdrew my hand from beneath

her leotards. She watched me as I licked my fingers. I then stood. My penis was

huge inside my pants. I stepped back, not wanting her to try to land a kick

anywhere close to the jewels.

I looked over to where Megan lay on the bed, her naked body now covered with

the sheet. Her sobbing had subsided. She stared back at me with wide,

frightened eyes. I smiled and winked at her.

I looked back at her mother on the floor, disheveled with her sweatshirt hiked up,

slowing her flat tummy, and her leotards pushed down on her hips. “Get up!” I

commanded. Slowly, Sandra obeyed me. She now stood six feet from me. “Take

off your clothes!”

The woman stared at me in an uncomprehending way. “But…but…” she stuttered.

“Not here,” she said weakly. “Not in front of….” Her voice trailed off.

“Take off your fucking clothes!” I yelled.

“Nooo!” she cried. “Not here!”

I walked over to the foot of the bed and yanked the sheet off Megan’s naked body.

Both the girl and her mother gasped. “Take your clothes off, bitch, or little Megan

here pays the price!”

Sandra’s jaw dropped as she stared at me in disbelief. She acted as if she were

frozen. I took another step until I was standing beside her daughter’s head. I

grabbed a handful of the girl’s long, blonde hair and lifted her head off the


“No!” her mother screamed. I stared at her, still holding her daughter’s head by the

hair. The girl’s body writhed on the bed, her knees tightly together, her ankles

bound with handcuffs. With eyes tightly shut, the girl seemed to be testing the

shackles that were binding her wrists to the horizontal bar at the head of the bed,

only to confirm that she was, indeed, being firmly held in place.

Then, more softly, the girl’s mother again said “No. Leave her alone”, and with that

her hands went to her sweatshirt. I continued to hold the girl’s head by her hair as

her mother slowly pulled the sweatshirt up and over her head. Holding the

sweatshirt in her hand, her sports bra slightly askew but still containing her

breasts, Sandra stared defiant daggers at me. I saw for the first time that a trickle

of bl**d ran from the corner of her mouth where I had slapped her. She let the

sweatshirt drop to the floor at her feet. “Get away from her!” she hissed.

I let the girl’s head drop to the mattress and stepped away. I then nodded to the

woman to continue. Slowly, Sandra leaned down and took her cross training

shoes off, together with the ankle height white socks on her feet. Standing straight

again, her face was flushed from having bent over. I was fascinated by her beauty.

“You’re gorgeous when you’re mad,” I said, but Sandra only stared at me as if I

were some sort of despicable scum. Imagine that!

I looked to see if Megan was watching, but her head was turned away and her

eyes had shut. Looking back at her mother, I didn’t have to tell her to continue this

time. Slowly, with telltale tears now trickling down her cheeks, she pushed her

leotard downward over her hips and let it drop to the floor, and then stepped out of


Sandra now stood before me clad only in her sports bra and panties. They were

black and contrasted nicely with her smooth skin. She stood defiantly before me.

Her shoulders were squared back like an army officer’s, but were caressed by the

type of dark blonde hair that few army officers possess. The same hair cascaded

around her tear and bl**d stained face, framing it beautifully. Her erect bearing

was the very essence of dignity amid what was for her an unspeakable crisis. She

looked spectacular.

“Turn around,” I told her. Slowly, knowing she had no choice, she did as I

commanded. From the rear she looked equally stunning. My eyes travelled from

her feet up the back of her legs, pausing where her panties hugged the buns of

her well toned ass. I could tell this woman worked out a lot. My eyes continued up

her back. Her hair looked very sexy from the rear.

“Lose the bra!” I told her. The woman hesitated only a moment. Tentatively, as she

stood with her back to me, she reached behind her back and my eyes watched in

fascination as her fingers undid the clasp that held her bra straps together. Slowly

she let the black undergarment fall to the floor, leaving her long, graceful back

naked before my eyes.

Then it seemed that she was waiting for further instructions. “Go on! What the fuck

are you waiting for!” With no hesitation now, she quickly pushed her panties off

her hips and slid them down her lovely legs.

Sandra now stood naked before me, her back to me. I turned my head to see if

her daughter was watching. She was not. Her head lay facing away from us. “Hey,

Megan,” I said, “You should hope you look this good when you’re your mom’s


“Don’t you even talk to her you fucking pervert!” the mother hissed vehemently as

she faced away from me. Chuckling, I turned my attention back to her.

“Put your hands behind you head!” My voice was firm, menacing. She obeyed me.

“Now… keep your hands where there are…and turn around…slowly.”

A long hesitation followed. “I said ‘slowly’, I didn’t mean like a fucking snail!” I


With great reluctance showing in her body language—her naked body language--

the woman did as I commanded, turning on her heels, steadily keeping her

balance with her hands behind her head, until she faced me. She glanced quickly

in her daughter’s direction—undoubtedly to see if the girl was seeing her mother

in this moment of total humiliation and indignity. I followed her glance and saw that

Megan’s head was still turned away from us. She was sobbing softly.

“You should look at your mother, Megan,” I said. “You should hope you’re this hot

and beautiful in twenty years.” I turned back to Sandra, who stood naked before

me with her hands behind her head. “Put your feet wide apart!” My voice was

shaking with lust.

Sandra glared daggers of hatred at me. “You…fucking…bastard!” Her words

came in staccato bites through clenched teeth. “You fucking miserable piece of

shit!” She spit the words so hard that spittle now trickled down her chin, joining

tears that were now rolling down her cheeks freely.

“Some of what you say is true,” I replied. “I might be a piece of shit, and I definitely

will be fucking very soon. But I’m not a bastard. My father actually married my

mother. And I’m definitely not miserable. I’m enjoying myself immensely”.

The woman did not seem to find my wit amusing. “Spread your feet apart like I

said, or Megan here is going to get my fist up her vagina.”

With no other choice, the woman slowly obeyed my command, moving her left foot

well away from her right one. Her eyes went off into space over my shoulder.

Tears streaming down her face gave lie to a certain defiant bearing that she was

trying desperately to maintain as she stood helpless in the presence of an

attacker who held all the cards.

My eyes devoured her as she stood there before me in full frontal nudity, hands

behind her head, legs spread. This woman was definitely still in her prime. Her

breasts, nicely lifted by the way her arms were positioned, were exquisite. I knew

from groping them earlier that they were real. Her tummy had the firmness and

flatness of an athlete. A small tuft of blonde pubic hair was like a halo at the

juncture between her spread legs. My mind raced back to that afternoon four days

prior when I first spotted her and her daughter in the shopping mall where they

both stood out from the throng of other shoppers with their beauty and grace. And

now I had both of these exquisite females naked and under my control! The bl**d

rushing to my penis left me somewhat weak in the knees as I began to unbutton

my shirt.

The woman watched me like a caged a****l as I began to take off my own

clothes. With her hands still behind her head and her feet still spread wide apart

as she stood maybe eight feet in front of me, I saw her glance desperately around

the bedroom, searching for something. Anything. But there was nothing that could

save her. After removing my shirt I lowered my pants and underwear together,

allowing my massive penis to gain its freedom and stand erect in all its unfurled

glory. The woman took a furtive glance at my manhood, but then her eyes shot

back up quickly to meet mine. There was an intoxicating look of fear and hatred in

those eyes.

It was when I was stepping out of my pants that she sprang. With three quick

steps she was at the bedside table from which she grabbed a tall, sturdy reading

lamp. Half out of my pants, I stumbled before I could get to her. Yanking the lamp

from the table, pulling its cord from the wall socket as she did so, she stepped

toward me, swinging the lamp at my head violently. I ducked and the vicious blow

missed my head by inches. The bitch would have killed me had that blow landed.

At the very least I would have been knocked senseless and wouldn’t have

awakened until a SWAT team was dragging my ass off to fifty years in the state

pen and the receiving end of butt ****.

The momentum of her forehand miss left Sandra off balance a split second, just

enough time for me to tackle the bitch as she was getting ready to let me have it

with a backhand swing. She and I and the lamp went crashing into the wall, over

tuning the small bedside table. We rolled to the floor. She scratched the shit out of

my shoulder before I was able to subdue her with my strength, and for the second

time pin her to the floor, my naked body pressing against her now naked body.

From the bed, Megan cried.

I slapped Sandra’s face viciously and her body went limp under mine. “Okay,

sweetheart,” I panted as I held her wrists to the floor. “Just for that, I’m going to

fuck the living shit out of your little girl. She’s going to be a quivering, crying mass

of shit when I’m done with her!”

“No!” she cried beneath my crushing weight. “No, no, please, I´m sorry!” She was

sobbing uncontrollably, gasping for breath. “I’m so sorry!”

“We had a deal, bitch. It was either going to be you or the girl, and now it’s going

to be the girl!”

“NO!” she shrieked. Slowly she regained some composure but was still unable to

mouth more than monosyllables. “Please…take me…I’ll do…I’ll do whatever….I’m

so sorry.”

My hands ravished her naked body as she now lay docilely beneath me. “You’re

‘sorry’, huh?” I sneered. “Show me, bitch! Show me how sorry you are.”

Her crying subsided as I guess a wave of acceptance flowed over her. With a

numb expression on her face, she began to rub her thigh against my swollen

penis. She looked me squarely in the eyes as she did this, her own eyes swollen

from crying, her cheek glowing red from my hard slaps. I lowered my mouth to

hers. She did not avoid my kiss. She didn’t exactly kiss me back, but she didn’t

press her lips totally together, either. My lips caressed hers as she continued to

rub my penis with her thigh.

“If you bite my tongue,” I whispered into her ear, “I will perform a double

mastectomy on your daughter, do you fucking understand me? I have the knife in

my bag.”

The woman nodded quickly in agreement as she continued to rub my throbbing

cock with her thighs, and press it between her knees. Our eyes again locked for a

moment, and then I lowered my mouth to hers. Her lips were parted for breathing

purposes, and my tongue shot easily into her mouth and went exploring as I held

her two wrists with one hand and used my other hand to massage her tits.

As I French kissed her, Sandra wiggled her wrists as an indication for me to

release my grip there, and when I did, her hand trailed down my body until her

fingers found my penis and encircled it.

I drew my face back and looked at her. The expression on my face informed her

in no uncertain terms not to try any funny stuff with the f****y jewels. She merely

stared back up at me as I hovered over her prone body, a blank, non-committable

look on her face. The tears from her red, swollen eyes had diminished to a trickle.

She began to masturbate me. Our eyes remained locked. “Just leave my

daughter alone,” she said softly, her voice cracking. “Please. I’m begging you.”

The room became so quiet that the girl on the bed called out in a frightened voice:

“Mother? W-w-what’s happening?! Are you okay?”

“Everything’s okay, baby,” Sandra said, not taking her eyes off mine as she slowly

masturbated me. “Everything’s going to be okay.” With one of her hands

continuing to stoke my cock, her other hand cupped my balls. As she did this, my

own hands went around her neck and my eyes riveted on hers. She did not

misinterpret the meaning of the fingers around her neck. One false move with the

valuable cargo that she now held in her hands and she would be one very sorry

woman indeed. She understood the situation quite well. With one hand she

squeezed my balls only ever so slightly, while her other hand continued to

masturbate my pulsating penis. “Everything is going to be okay,” she whispered

to me as she worked. “Isn’t it.” This was not a question.

“That’s up to you, sweetheart” I said softly. “So far you’re doing a vey good job.

You want to keep me happy. A blow job right now would keep me happy.”

Sandra looked at me devoid of any expression. Our eyes remained locked until

she began to scoot her body downward. I took my weight off her to allow her to

slide her naked body downward beneath mine. Her tongue licked a trail down my

chest as I rolled onto my back on the carpet and spread my legs for her. She was

holding my balls in one hand and my swollen cock in the other as her mouth

neared my manhood. Her lips parted and she took my penis into her soft, warm,

moist mouth.

“Remember the knife in my bag, Sandra. You want your daughter to keep her tits,

don’t do anything foolish.”

My hands fisted her hair as she proceeded to suck my cock in what actually

became a very fine blow job. She was a woman on a mission—the mission of

saving her teenage daughter from being ****d. I did not, however, allow myself

the luxury of getting totally lost in the pleasure of what she was doing to me,

because I obviously did not fully trust her. My forearm still smarted from her

ferocious bite, and my shoulders bore ugly scratch marks from her nails. She

might have tried ripping my cock off with her teeth at any moment, and I was

prepared to smash her in the head if I felt the slightest aggressiveness with those


Instead, she was really being a good girl, taking my swollen dick in and out of her

mouth in rhythmic motions that were stunningly erotic. I ran my fingers through her

hair as her head bobbed up and down. These motions, combined with the

knowledge that my cock was in the mouth of a woman believing that what she was

doing was saving her daughter from ****, was a turn-on beyond all proportions.

The daughter, meanwhile, tied to the bed and not able to see us but obviously

hearing some slurping sounds coming from the floor beside the bed, would from

time to time cry out to her mother, “Mom, are you okay? What’s he doing!?” To

which each time her mother would reply, taking my cock out of her mouth just long

enough to talk soothingly to her daughter. “Everything’s okay, baby. Don’t worry.

I’m fine.” After each reassurance, the mother would open her warm, wet mouth

and once again envelop the penis of her daughter’s would-be r****t, trying

desperately to distract him from any notions he might entertain regarding her

precious little girl.

After enjoying her blow job for awhile longer, I at last rolled Sandra onto her back

and began fucking her mouth in downward motions. “Keep your teeth out of the

way!” I hissed as my cock rammed the roof of her mouth and on several inward

strokes reached half way down her throat. The girl on the bed now heard her

mother gurgling and gagging loudly. “Mommy?” she cried. But now her mommy

couldn’t respond because mommy was no longer in control of her mouth and that

which invaded it. “Mommmmy!” The combination of hearing the teenager’s cries

and feeling the warmth and wetness of her mother’s mouth surrounding my cock

was bringing me to the point of orgasm. I thought briefly about ramming my cock

deep down Sandra’s throat and exploding my cum halfway down her esophagus,

but instead I suddenly withdrew completely. This woman’s body had other orifices

that deserved my attention.

Gagging and gasping, Sandra took huge gulps of air once I pulled my penis from

her mouth. Her breasts rose and fell, flattening against my chest on each

inhalation. Her nose was running from so much crying that she really needed to

have her mouth open to breath, and she definitely was concentrating more on

getting air into her lungs than she was on the fact that I was now spreading her

thighs apart and positioning the head of my swollen cock at the gate of her

womanhood. When she felt the tip of my penis nose its way into the folds of her

vagina, Sandra came back to life. “Please,” she cried weakly as she looked down

her body to her widely spread legs and to my engorged penis. “Can you at least

use a condom?”

I laughed out loud at that. “Sorry, Sandra. Damn if I didn’t remember to pack


A look of abject hatred flashed from Sandra’s eyes as she realized I was ready to

slide my manhood into the folds of her fear-shrunken vagina and there was

nothing she could do about it. Thankfully for her there was the abundant lubricant

of her saliva on the thing. Her eyes shut tightly as she felt the tip of my cock push

aside the outer lips of her femaleness. I paused for a couple seconds to relish the

moment—that I was about to fuck that hot woman I spotted in the shopping mall

just a few days ago—and then plunged fully into her. She gasped as I did so, and

then, when I paused again, now with my cock buried deep within her, she began

to weep.

¨What’s the matter, bitch?” I spoke into her ear, my voice cracking with lust as I felt

the walls of her vagina clinging to my manhood. “Aren’t you on birth control?”

She did not respond. She merely wept softly. I took her chin between my fingers

and pointed her face toward mine that hovered over her. “Answer me, bitch. Are

you on birth control?”

“No!” she cried.

“Haven’t been getting laid much lately, huh,” I said, and with that began to fuck her

hard. My cock pumped her, possessing every inch of her womanhood. She was

mine! The elegant, sophisticated Sandra McFarland was being my bitch!

Her pussy was tight, contracted as it was with the fear that any woman feels when

she is being ****d. I felt this tightness gripping my cock. It made for a fantastic

sensation that validated my suspicion that **** would be a lot more fun than sex

with a willing partner!

I proceeded to fuck her slowly for I don’t know how long, pressing her body

against the firm carpeted floor, riding that delicate balance between the edge of

coming and holding back. Gradually, the f***e with which I fucked her increased.

Before long I was giving her solid thrusts that rocked her body, causing her to emit

soft grunts, similar to those noises that female tennis players make when hitting

the ball. Occasionally her daughter would call out for her, but the woman could

barely breathe beneath my onslaught, let alone continue to offer the reassuring

words to the girl that she had been voicing since I had first dragged her to the


I put my face close to hers as my cock went in and out of her. “Come on, Sandra,”

I said softly into her ear. “Fuck me back, honey. Let me feel you fucking me back.”

Her eyes remained tightly shut. “Stop calling me by my name,” she protested


“OK, you fucking slut whore. Fuck me!”

Slowly, with palpable reluctance, she did begin to grind her body against mine, to

meet my thrusts with upward parries of her own, increasing the depth of

penetration of each inward plunge into her vagina. “Good girl,” I whispered into

her ear. “That’s a good girl, sweetheart. Yeah….fuck me back…just like this.”

I became gradually aware of something. I could feel that, against her mental will,

physically her body—precisely, that particular part of her body that lay between

her legs and was being pounded by a male’s penis—was, in fact, responding to

the sexual stimulation. I could feel—and could hear from the suction sounds that

now emanated from our mutual genitals, that her pussy was self-lubricating.

Certainly her saliva that had initially lubricated my cock had dissipated. This new

wetness that I felt had to be pussy juice! The bitch was hating this but was

stimulated by it at the same time. Fabulous!

Her eyes remained shut as we fucked. My hands were pinning her wrists to the

floor on either side of her neck. “Tell me, sweetheart,” I said as I nibbled at her

neck, smelling her essence. “You must be a horny little bitch, aren’t you? Divorced

and all. When was the last time you got laid?” I waited for an answer as our

bodies moved together in a horizontal love dance, but Sandra remained silent

beneath me as she moved her hips in rhythm against mine. “I mean it, baby. Tell

me when the last time was you had a fucking cock!?”.

“Fuck you,” she murmured. Her voice reeked of weary defeat.

I lifted my torso off hers. “I mean it, bitch. Tell me when the last time was that you

got laid!” My cock went in and out of her as I said this. More tellingly, my hands

encircled her neck once again.

Without opening her eyes, she said, “I haven’t….not since…I kicked my husband

out…out of the house….” She said this while continuing to meet my thrusts with

slow, twisting movements of her own pelvis.

”How long ago was that?”

Eyes closed, she responded: “Six months ago.”

“Why did you kick him out?”

“None of your fucking business!”

“Megan’s none of my business, either, right?”

She shuddered beneath me. “He was cheating on me, okay?”

“Cheating on you with who?”

“What does it fucking matter?!” The flow of her tears began anew as she sobbed

beneath me.

Screw it. I began pumping her harder, turned on by this classy woman who,

outmatched as she was physically, was therefore, as a protective mother,

sacrificing her own body, using the only weapon at her disposal, her own sexual

favors, in a desperate bid to sexually satiate a r****t and thereby keep him, she

probably thought, from having the stamina to later assault her virgin teenage

daughter. The thought of this was a huge turn on for me, and I felt my penis strong

and large inside this heroic woman’s body.

I f***ed my arms between her spread thighs and, with my shoulders, pushed them

upward until her legs were raised high into the air. If Megan was looking in our

direction, her mother’s calves and wide spread feet, now dangling in the air,

would have undoubtedly been visible to her.

Visions of Sandra flooded my memory as I fucked her: the vision of her waiting

patiently for her daughter at the shopping mall. Of her high fiving other mothers at

the volleyball match. Of her sashaying past me on her way to work in her office

building. Of her sucking my cock only minutes before. Beneath me now on the

floor, she shed the tears of a ravished, taken woman. I knew that had it not been

for my ability to blackmail this woman with the threat of r****g her daughter, she

would have fought me to the very end, and our encounter could have turned into a

much uglier one for her.

After awhile I put my weight on my elbows and knees, taking my weight off her.

Her legs fell, and her heels planted on the small of my back. I stopped moving,

letting her now do the work. Beneath me, my victim continued to slowly bump and

grind. I stared down at her in fascination, feeling my cock go in and out of her

pussy as she moved beneath me. What she lacked in true passion she made up

for with the fierce determination of protecting her little girl. It was a heart rendering

performance—for anyone who had a heart. For me, it was a cock hardening


It was also a testicle draining performance. I could feel that I was on the verge of

orgasm. It seemed that Sandra could sense it. She increased the vigor of the

bumps and grinds of her pubic region against mine, wanting to make me come,

wanting me to finish—finish so that I would achieve what I came for and get the

hell out of her house!

For that reason, at that moment I abruptly pulled out of her. I got up, kneeling

between her spread legs that had now fallen limply to the floor. The woman’s eyes

flickered open questioningly. She saw as I reached for my bag of tricks, from

which I pulled another set of handcuffs, and before she could react, I slapped the

cuffs on her wrists in front of her body. “What are you doing?” she shrieked.

I stood, and then fell back in a sitting position on the bed, my knees too weak to

stand. On the bed, Megan was starring at me in horror. Her eyes took in my

shinny, rock-hard cock that swung in the air. She gasped, speechless.

“Get the fuck out of here now!” It was Sandra crying from the floor. I reached down

and grabbed her by the handcuffs that held her wrists together in front of her

naked body. I used these to yank her off of the floor. She protested as I flung her

roughly onto the bed, where she landed next to the prone and outstretched body

of her naked daughter.

“You fucking bastard!” Sandra screamed as I pulled her arms upward and

refastened the handcuffs so that her wrists were now bound to the horizontal bed

head rail in the exact manner of her daughter. She kicked violently with her free

legs. I had to watch out for them. “You miserable fucking bastard!” she screamed.

I ignored her. I was taking in a marvelous sight. Mother and daughter, both

gorgeous, naked and terrified, both lying on their backs side by side, their arms

outstretched over their heads, their wrists shackled to the horizontal bar of the bed

head. They were monumentally beautiful.

“I want Megan to witness the rest of this,” I said, my voice husky with lust. “I want

her to watch her mommy getting fucked!”

I was ready to mount the mother again, but now, obviously, our deal was off. She

was a smart woman and I think that she at that moment realized in despair that

there never really was a deal, that I had just been stringing her along. Imagine that!

If you can’t trust your r****t, whom can you trust?

In any event, this meant that she was no longer going to willingly allow me to

mount her. She kicked out at me with her legs in a fashion that would put a mule to

shame. She was trying desperately to land a kicking blow to my testicles. I had no

choice but to bring a solid punch downward into her belly, followed by a stunning

slap to the face. Beside us, daughter Megan screamed in terror.

The girl’s mother was no longer in a condition to offer resistance. She was too

concerned with efforts to draw breath back into her lungs. It was easy for me to

crawl in between her now limp legs. I even took the time to shove a pillow under

her ass, lifting the angle of her pussy upward to better receive me.

I was through with all the preliminaries. They had been a load of fun, but my lust

level now required sating. I hovered over the still stricken woman—she was still

gasping for breath—and ran my arms underneath her thighs, forcing them wide

apart. I looked down and, without using my hands, visually guided the tip of my

engorged penis to the lips of her pussy. She was unable to deny me. Slowly, my

cock slid into her still wet canal. I went all the way into her in one motion. When I

felt I was to the hilt, I pushed inward even harder. I was so deep that I was

surprised the tip of it didn’t come out her wide open mouth—wide open in its

frantic bid for oxygen.

I looked over and was pleased to see that Megan was watching. She appeared to

be in shock, a condition that may have made it impossible for her to look away,

despite how badly she may have wanted to.

I turned my attention back to her mother, whom I began to fuck very hard. The bed

springs resounded. Very quickly I felt my ejaculation coming, and when it did, I

buried my cock as deeply into my victim as anatomically possible. I ceased my

movements and so that I could better feel the full effect of the spasms that sent my

hot sperm squirting into the depths of her womanhood. She had mostly recovered

from the effects of my blows by now, and her head swung violently back and forth

on the mattress in futile defiance, her face a tight grimace of frustration and

humiliation at the fact that her **** had been fully consummated.

I kept myself inside her for the longest while, basking in the glow of my conquest,

feeling the sweat of both our bodies, feeling the rage that—despite her present

state of tired surrender—coursed palpably through her veins. At last I rolled off

her, my now semi-flaccid penis sliding form her wet cunt. My body came to rest,

facing upward, lying between the two beautiful, naked women.


I lay for a long while simply savoring the situation. The room was quiet. My two

companions lay beside me, all three of us on our backs, all of us motionless.

Sandra and I were both physically spent, while Megan undoubtedly was

emotionally exhausted. Neither of the women was straining anymore against the

shackles that bound their wrists to the cross bar of the bed head. They obviously

realized the futility of it, and it certainly caused them pain if they persisted. The

only noises the two made were sniffles, as both their noses were clogged with

snot from so much crying. It seemed that both were too tired, too scared, too

defeated, too humiliated to voice anything at this point.

My penis was now a shriveled relic of its former self, having been thoroughly

satiated and satisfied with its masterful performance on Sandra McFarland. I

stared at the ceiling, a big, fat grin of contentment on my face. I still had business

with Megan which would require a once again fully operational cock, but there

was no rush. I had plenty of time for the big guy to rest and restore himself.

After awhile I idly let an arm fall on each of the women who lay on either side of

me. Both their bodies tensed when I did so. I chuckled. Lazily, my hands began

playing over their respective naked bodies.

“Please leave us alone now.” Sandra’s voice was weak, almost inaudible.

“Please,” she continued. “You’ve gotten what you wanted. For the love of god, I’m

begging you. Please. Please go away…”

My response to her entreaty was to run my right hand gently down her trim belly,

beneath her navel, my fingers playing softly against her smooth skin. When I

reached her recently fucked pussy, my fingers caressed her clitoris. She offered

no resistance in the way of closing her thighs, undoubtedly thinking what the hell

did it matter by now!

Meanwhile, my left hand traveled down the lovely body of daughter Megan. The

teen tensed up, but just like her mother, made no attempt to roll away or otherwise

avoid my touch. What would have been the use of that? While the fingers of my

right hand played with the pussy of her mother, the fingers of my left hand now

found Megan’s genitals and began to gently rub her in this most intimate region.

I lazily finger fucked mother and daughter for several minutes. Megan remained

fairly docile by my left side as I did this, but Sandra, on my right, began squirming

and kicking in frustrated anger. She began cursing me. She was finding renewed

strength, apparently. After several minutes of listening to her bitching, I had had

enough. I got up and searched for the ball gag that had been in Megan’s mouth

when her mom first came into the room. I found it discarded on the floor by

Megan’s side of the bed. I retrieved it, and then walked around the bed to

Sandra’s side, once again in awe at the sight of the two beautiful, naked females

shackled there side by side.

Sandra eyed me with a hate filled look as I approached her with the ball gag.

Mindful of her unbound feet, I cautiously came around close to the head of the bed

where the angle was such that she could not kick at me. I grabbed her head to

apply the gag. She attempted to resist, but unfortunately for her was powerless to

do so. All I had to do was pinch her nostrils shut and then shove the thing into her

open mouth, which was her only means of breathing.

I wasn’t through with her. I had had enough of her kicking legs. Taking a four foot

length of rope from my bag, I grabbed one of the woman’s knees and tied an end

of the rope around it, then tied the other end of the rope to the other knee.

Struggling against her resistance, I then hooked the rope over the woman’s head.

This caused her legs to bend at the knees, leaving her knees close to her tits and

her feet dangling in the air. She looked like a turkey trussed and ready for the


I then assumed a sitting position on the bed between the two naked females, both

with their arms outstretched above their heads, wrists bound to the head board,

the older one with her legs trussed upward, immobile, her knees resting beside

her tits, the ball gag firmly in her mouth; the younger one with her legs straight, her

ankles bound by cuffs.

I felt like a c***d who had broken into a candy store and sat proudly among pounds

of chocolate that he had s**ttered on the floor, and spent the next half hour

playing with their bodies. My hands roamed simultaneously over their respective

bodies, from their foreheads to their feet as they squirmed uncomfortably at my

touch. I spent a lot of time with their tits, fondling and massaging them and

marveling at how similar they felt. Megan’s, certainly, were younger and slightly

firmer, but if I had been conducting a blind test, it would have really been difficult to

tell which pair of breasts were who’s.

It is amazing how a woman has no control over the way her nipples react when her

breasts are properly massaged. While she is being ****d, a woman’s cunt may

contract in fear, but the nipples have a mind of their own. Megan and her mom

were proving to be no exception. As I massaged and pinched their respective

nipples, both grew in size and hardness. At one point I laid between them and my

hungry mouth went back and forth, sucking hard on their tits likes a starving baby,

only pulling on their taunt nipples much more than a toothless baby would have. I

did not stop until I heard sharp cries of pain from both of them. My mouth then left

their nipples and took a circular trip, sucking deeply on the soft flesh of their

respective breasts, leaving a circle of bright red hickies around both women’s


As I sucked their tits, the fingers of one hand went into Sandra’s cunt, entering her

from below her raised thighs and feeling the wetness there from her having been

recently fucked, while the fingers of my other hand went into Megan’s still-virgin

teenage cunt. I proceeded to finger fuck both mother and daughter

simultaneously. Good old fingers! My cock was temporarily out of commission,

but one could count on fingers to never get soft.

I talked to them as I finger fucked them and sucked their tits, but they ignored me.

They both lay there, quiet and docile now, as my hands, fingers and mouth

ravished them both. They had apparently both reached a stage of utter fatigue.

Even Sandra had become quiet and subdued behind the ball gag in her mouth.

She had obviously been destroyed by the realization that her strategy had

backfired, that, in my treachery, I was indeed going to **** her daughter. This

amused me greatly.

Not too much further time passed before I felt life once again stirring in my

manhood. bl**d was returning to the flaccid phallus. The time had come. I was

almost ready for Megan.


I had gotten off the bed and stood by the young girl’s side, looking down at where

she lay. With frightened eyes she looked back up at me. I ran my finders through

her long blonde hair, while beside her on the bed her mother went berserk,

fighting against her bonds, mouthing inaudible protests behind the ball gag.

Ignoring the mother, I watched the teen carefully as she squirmed at the touch of

my fingers in her hair. I liked the way she did that. My penis was still not quite hard

enough to fuck her, but it was getting there. The site of her naked body squirming

under the touch of my hands and the stare of my lustful eyes would make certain

of that.

I took two keys from my bag of tricks and unlocked both sets of the girl’s

handcuffs, those that held her wrists to the bed board and the others that bound

her ankles. Though she was freed from the shackles, the girl found that her arms

and legs were so numb that she could barely move them. I knew that I no longer

needed to have her bound, which was a good thing because I wanted to be able

to move her limbs around freely into any positions that pleased me. The girl was

broken, completely demoralized, and would offer no further resistance. She was

now was putty in my hands.

I pulled her away from the position that she had been occupying for the past

couple of hours and rolled her over onto her stomach like a rag doll. My hands

enjoyed the feel of her bare skin once again as I now manhandled her body into a

position between her mother’s raised and spread legs. Sandra glared wide eyed

at me as I did this, her two eyes and the ball gag in her mouth making a

symmetrical triangle of round shapes staring at me. I threw the girl down so that

her face fell upon her mother’s bare tummy. The woman gave a sound that one

makes when punched in the stomach, but the sound was muffled by her gag. I

then pulled he girl downward so that her face slid directly onto mommy’s wet

pussy. I pressed the girl’s face into the place from which she was born: her own

mother’s vagina. I could see a trickle of my semen oozing out of it. “Come on,

baby!” I hissed. “Suck my cum from your mommy! You don’t want a baby b*****r,

do you? Come on, suck your b*****r out of your mommy’s pussy while there’s


“No!” the girl gasped.

I squeezed her neck. “Let me see your tongue, sweetie!” She was grimacing and

sobbing at the same time, but would not obey me. The mother, meanwhile, was

jerking her arms against her bindings as she now felt her daughter’s face in her

pussy. She stared at me in shock with eyes that could not have been wider if she

were looking at the devil himself.

I was patient with the girl. “Lick her cunt, honey, or I will hurt you!” My voice was

calm but the tightening of my grip around her neck left no doubt about my

determination. Slowly, while her lithe body shook from sobbing, the teenager’s

pink little tongue made tentative darts out between her lips. “Not good enough!” I

shook her. Crying loudly now, her tongue again protruded from between her

lips…and stayed. Holding the girl by her head I rubbed her face up and down her

mother’s recently fucked cunt, watching carefully to see that her tongue was

thoroughly tasting it.

I pulled Megan’s head back by the hair to look at her face, and was pleased to

see fresh cum on it, adding to the remnants of the dried cum from our earlier

activity when we were home alone, before mother arrived. I then pushed the girl’s

face back against her mother’s cunt. “Stick your tongue IN!” I hissed. “As far as

you can, you little bitch!” Reluctantly, with no other options, the girl obeyed my

command, and I was rewarded with the sight of her tongue disappearing inside

her mother’s wet vagina. “Good girl,” I said soothingly. “Very good girl. I’m going

to turn the two of you into i****t lesbians!”

Watching this scene brought my cock back up to a fully erect state in a very short

while. And I now became somewhat impatient. It had now been over four hours

that I had control of this naked, sixteen year old hottie---and she was still a virgin!

Time to make a woman out of this girl!

I reached beneath the teen and lifted her firm, curvaceous ass into the air. Her

weight was now on her knees, which were planted on the mattress, and on her

face, which remained buried in her mother’s cunt. Her arms lay by her side, still

mostly numb. The girl’s mother, horrified now beyond belief, starred wildly at me

over her daughter’s head and between her own raised, spread legs. She shook

her head madly from side to side as she helplessly watched me position myself

behind her daughter’s bare, raised ass. She saw me kick the girl’s thighs apart.

She yelled unintelligibly into the ball gag.

I stared into Sandra’s eyes as I leaned in and began to lick her daughter’s ass.

“You know, mom,” I said as I licked ass, “your daughter’s been a very bad girl. I

caught her masturbating this afternoon.” Megan continued to sob into her

mother’s vagina. “I also overheard her tell her friend that she wanted to fuck

Coach Brady. I’m serious. And she doesn’t care that Coach Brady is a married

man, or that he could get fired and arrested if anyone found out. I think Megan

deserves to be punished for being such a bad girl! Don’t you agree, mom?”

With that I raised my face away from the lovely girl’s beautiful, bare ass, soaking

wet from my saliva, and hauled back and delivered a bruising spank to where my

mouth and tongue had just been. She jumped and squealed in pain. Her mother’s

arms yanked ineffectively against their bonds. In quick succession I gave the girl

three more vicious spanks that added to the muffled wails that she emitted into

mommy’s cunt. Her firm, young ass was already a bright crimson in color as it

shook in harmony with the rest of her trembling body. I then leaned into her once

again and began to again lick the asshole that lay between her nicely rounded

and now nicely red butt. I didn’t have to look at my cock. I could tell. I could feel it. It

was once again at 100%, stud category hard.

The girl’s resistance to me was non-existent as I lifted one of her knees and

f***ed it further apart from the other knee, spreading her to-die-for thighs to the

distance I wanted.

For good measure, I spanked the girl’s ass again viciously. Her body jerked and

she cried in pain.

Her bound and gagged mother shook her head in despair as she watched me

apply K-Y jelly, which I had taken from my bag, to my stiff cock, a cock that was

visible to the mother as it rose above and behind the raised and naked ass of her

beautiful teenage daughter. The woman screamed against her gag as she

watched me position the rock hard member against that upturned ass. She

thrashed against her handcuffs, her eyes those of a wild b**st, but she was

helpless to do anything other than watch in horror as the first inch of my penis

penetrated her daughter’s tight, virgin pussy.

I watched in fascination the way the lips of Megan’s sixteen year old pussy parted

as my penis entered her. Slowly, another inch of my manhood slid into her tight

hole. The girl groaned and cried into her mother’s vagina. At that point, however, I

felt my progress blocked. I paused, realizing that I must have reached an intact

hymen after all! “Relax, sweetie,” I said softly. I ran my hands back and forth over

the swell of her curvaceous hips and ass. “Relax, honey, okay? This isn’t going to

hurt. You’re a big girl, you can take it, okay?”

The girl raised her face from between her mother’s legs and sobbed quietly as I

held her fine ass in the air, my cock two inches into her. The trembling of her body

provided a sensational, massaging feeling for those lucky two inches. In fact, it

made me so dizzy with lust that I felt light headed. I remembered seeing this lovely

young thing as she pranced on the volleyball court—a most unattainable of

hotties—and now her she was, in my clutches, her naked ass raised in the air and

poised for me to possess her. Life was never so good!

Shaking my head to clear it, I perceived that the girl might, in fact, have relaxed

slightly, possibly because a minute or so had passed since I had gained those

two inches. I grasped the young thing firmly by the widest part of her curvaceous

hips, took a deep breath, and gave her a murderous thrust forward. The virgin

girl’s hymen split, and she screamed in pain as my penis plunged into her to the


With the pain and surprise of her penetration, the girl had raised her body half way

up. I pushed her forward so that she fell face first fully onto her mother’s body,

embracing her, daughter’s tits flattening against mother’s tits. I followed her, laying

myself onto her back, my cock buried into her from the rear, sandwiching her

between her mother and myself.

Sandra groaned into her gag as she felt the combined weight of both the girl’s

body and my own suddenly pressing upon her abdomen. I began fucking her

daughter as she lay face-to-face on top of her mother, using deliberate, firm in-

and-out strokes. The sixteen-year-old’s arms flayed outward sideways on the

mattress as I did this. I took her arms, which were like those of a rag doll, and

positioned them along the arms of her mother that were extended over the

woman’s head to where her wrists where fastened to the bed’s head board. After

several deep strokes, in which I enjoyed the tightness of the young girl’s cunt as it

clung to my manhood, I pulled nearly all the way out. I paused and looked down at

my cock, with only the head still stuck within the girl’s vagina. There was a distinct

amount of dull red bl**d coating it. I looked up quickly at Sandra. Through her

spread knees, and above her daughter’s bare ass, the woman could easily see

her daughter’s virgin bl**d stuck to her r****t’s rock-hard penis. A lot of women

throughout history have had the severe misfortune of being made to watch

helplessly as their sweet, young daughters were ****d before their eyes.

Certainly, though, very few were made to do so while the daughter’s naked body

was being pressed down upon her own.

As I was concentrating on having rear entry sex with the girl, I couldn’t help but

notice that her mother, beneath us, was having difficulty breathing. In her hysteria,

the woman required all the air that she could get, and the combination of snot in

her nose, gag in her mouth, and weight upon her torso was making this nearly

impossible. I therefore took most of my weight off them, supporting myself with my

elbows and knees beside their bodies while continuing to fuck the girl. I didn’t

need the bitch dying on me.

Having seen her daughter’s bl**d on my cock, however, seemed to put the

mother over the top. She began to vomit. Luckily, the gag held most of her vomit

inside, but it was quickly apparent, as the woman choked, that this was

complicating the situation. Roughly, I pulled the girl’s body off the woman and held

her up vertically, both of us on our knees, careful that my cock remained planted

within her. Holding the girl tightly, as a convict would hold a hostage, I watched the

mother carefully until her choking subsided and I could see she wasn’t going to

buy the farm. Breathing remained difficult for her, what with her nostrils filled with

snot and vomit, and with the ball gag in her mouth; however, with a chest that

heaved mightily, and with our combined weights now off her, it appeared she was

getting enough breath to live.

I was therefore able to return my focus to the teenage volleyball player, who I

began to gently fuck from the rear as we remained kneeled between her mother’s

raised legs. With our weight on our knees, I firmly held the girl upright with my

arms reaching around her lithe body, my hands grasping her and controlling her

by her breasts. Her body, facing away from me, was positioned such that her

genitals were directly above mine, allowing for easy, continued penetration. I

bounced the girl up and down so that my rigid dick pistoned in and out of her

internal cylinder. Her head drooped, and she offered me no resistance as I did

this. A soft groan emanated from within her with each deep, upward thrust that I

gave her. I was going so far into her that on some of the deeper jabs I could feel

her firm, round ass pounding down, contacting my lower belly.

After awhile, I wanted a change of venue, so I withdrew my cock and threw the girl

to the bed beside her mother, where she fell like a sack of potatoes. I hesitated

for a moment to watch the mother, but it seemed she had slipped into some form

of merciful (for her) u*********sness.

Turning my attention back to the daughter, I moved to again take possession of

her. I saw that she had curled up into a fetal position, and paused to drink in her

beauty. I loved the way her long, shapely legs looked as she lay with her knees

brought up and tucked under her chin. Her long, golden locks lay disheveled and

strewn around her head. I shook my head in disbelief at my good fortune,

marveling at what a remarkable sex toy this little sixteen-year-old really was. Men

the world over would give top dollar—or their infamous left nut—to have what I

now had laying beneath me at my disposal.

And to think that my cock had already been inside her! I looked down at my tool

and stroked it, feeling the moistness of the girl’s pussy juices and hymen bl**d

that were coating it. Megan stirred. I looked past my peni,s which I still held in my

hand, and saw that she was looking up at me out of the corner of one very fearful

eye. Her body trembled. She knew I was no where near finished with her.

When I reached and took hold of the girl by her ankle, she uttered a weak, “no,

please”, but I chose to ignore her and roughly pulled her heavenly legs down and

rolled her onto her back. I then spread those fine legs. The teen no longer had the

strength to resist me as I did this. She was like putty in my hands.

I mounted her in the missionary position, sunk my penis into her no longer virgin

pussy, and began fucking the living shit out of her. This position gave me a

satisfying view of her frontal nudity and pretty face as I boned her. I liked the way

those twin teen tits of hers, one with a ring of bright red hickies around the nipple,

wiggled like firm jell-o each time I gave her an inward thrust. I remembered once

again how those tits had looked beneath her tight volleyball jersey as she rushed

the net for a spike, as I gave her a spike of my own at that moment. I thought of

her volleyball shorts, if you could even call them shorts, the way they covered the

crotch and virtually nothing else, leaving those long beautiful thighs to be eye

candy for all to see. My cock was now buried in that same crotch that had

mesmerized me so at the volleyball match, and which undoubtedly mesmerized

every other red bl**ded male who had been in attendance, but none of whom had

the balls to carry out the mission that I had so carefully planned and embarked

upon. Eye candy? This little hottie was now cock candy!

“Just pretend you’re fucking Coach Brady, honey,” I whispered hoarsely into the

girl’s ear as I ****d her.

From time to time I would change her position. Probably my favorite was when I

pushed her right knee upward and turned her sideways. The manner in which her

limbs were so malleable was a definite turn-on.

After riding the beautiful little bitch for the longest while, it was time for the grand

finale. I was tempted to finish her off in the missionary position, but had a more

devious plan. I reluctantly withdrew my cock from her and sat up between spread

legs that she made no attempt to close. Her head remained sideways on the

mattress as I stared down at her glistening, sweat soaked nakedness.

Again manhandling her malleable body, I lifted the teen up and replaced her face

down between her mother’s legs that remained raised, the rope around the back

of her neck secured to her knees and keeping them dangling in the air. Doing this

seemed to bring the mother out what had been a state of defeated stupor.

Daughter’s naked breasts again flattened against mother’s. Both their bodies

gleaned with a fine coating of perspiration. The mother watched me with listless

eyes as I once again mounted her daughter from the rear, between the mother’s

own feet that dangled helplessly in the air. My penis re-entered the girl. Again our

combined weight was crushing mom, and again she gasped for air. This time I

alleviated the situation by reaching and tearing the ball gag from the woman’s

mouth. She began to breathe in air through her open mouth as best she could

against the weight crushing down upon her.

As I fucked the girl, I made sure that her face was pressed against her mother’s.

“Kiss each other!” I hissed. Fisting their hair, I f***ed their mouths together.

“Kiss!” Since they both had to have their mouths wide open in order to breathe—

their noses were full of snot from crying—what I was seeing was the same as it

they were French kissing. “I want to see tongues together” I demanded. Not

seeing what I wanted, I put a hand around both their necks and squeezed. Having

no choice but to obey me, I was rewarded when their tongues did indeed come

out of their mouths and met. I watched carefully as their tongues did a weird

dance, as their drooling saliva mixed together and ran down both their chins. The

mother must have tasted her own pussy juices on her daughter’s face. There must

have also still been some of my dried cum on the girl’s face from our afternoon

session—I know I sure as hell hadn’t washed her. The dried cum was now being

rehydrated by their collective saliva, and this, along with pussy juice, was mixing

with bl**d, sweat and tears—literally—along with an ample amount of runny nose

snot, in a bizarre blend that smeared across their beautiful faces.

Sandra got her mouth free long enough to curse me, something about me being a

devil that would rot in hell. But then I f***ed her daughter’s gaping mouth back

over hers, effectively muffling her.

Each pump I gave the sandwiched girl from the rear rocked both their bodies.

“Your little girl’s got a great pussy, Sandra,” I hissed lustily. “And she’s ready to

take her first load of cum!” I increased the intensity of my thrusts into the girl.

When I felt orgasm at hand, I pulled their faces apart. I wanted Sandra to be

looking into the eyes of her daughter’s r****t as he ejaculated into the young girl’s

cunt. And she was! Her eyes were listless and vacant, but they were staring at me

as I shouted “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as multiple squirts of semen were pumped from my

hard testicles and sent deep into the sexual organs of the sixteen-year-old female.

“Yes!” I cried one final time as I rocked the girl, her mother, the bed, the entire

room with the f***e of my orgasm

I collapsed in exhaustion on top of both of them. The bed sheets were soaked

with perspiration from all three of us.


The three of us lay motionless for the longest time. My penis remained inside the

girl’s wet cunt, but I could feel it slowly becoming more and more flaccid. At long

last, knowing that all good things must come to an end, I pulled myself out of the

girl and crawled off her and her mother. Despite weak knees, I got off the bed and


I looked back at the two naked women as they remained there on the bed,

motionless, locked in their intimate embrace, cheek to cheek, the girl face down

on top of her face up mother, her legs between her mother’s raised and spread

thighs that were still pulled upward by the rope that wrapped around from both

knees to the back of her neck. The two women looked like lesbian lovers in a

state of frozen animation, except that lesbians usually don’t have their cunts filled

with sperm like these two ladies had at the moment. I never had felt so satisfied in

my life.

I pulled a camera out of my bag and took several photos of the two females in this

bizarre embrace. I then pulled the girl’s limp, sweaty body off her mother and flung

her onto her back beside her mom, watching in approval the way her legs splayed

and then seeing that in her exhausted, defeated state she made no attempt to

close them. I then lifted the rope from behind the mother’s head and allowed her

legs to fall with a thud to the bed. Mother and daughter now lay in similar

positions, side by side on their backs, their fucked pussies visible between

spread legs. The only difference between them was their arms: while Sandra’s

still stretched back over her head to where her wrists remained cuffed to the head

board, Megan’s lay limply at her sides. I immediately took additional photos,

careful that those playgrounds between both sets of parted thighs clearly showed

in the frames. As I did this, both women stirred, but only slightly. Both regarded

me with defeated, tired gazes through half closed eyes.

It was time for me to get the hell out of there. Slowly, I put my clothes back on, still

savoring the view before me of the two ****d beauties, their naked and sweaty

bodies laying spent where I had left them. When I was dressed, I removed the

handcuffs that held Sandra’s wrists to the head board. The woman did not resist

as I did this. Her arms, surely in a state of total numbness, basically remained in

the position they had been for the past half hour. Megan, meanwhile, curled up

once again into that fetal position that she seemed to prefer.

With the handcuffs safely packed in my bag of tricks, I took the woman’s jaw

roughly in my hand and bent down until my face was only inches from hers. “Okay,

Sandra, here’s the situation,” I said, my voice firm. “I’m leaving enough DNA

behind here to float a fucking battle ship. If you go to the police on this, you won’t

have to save for Megan’s college education because she won’t live that long. Do

you hear me?”

The woman nodded her head to the extent that my hand on her jaw permitted

movement. “I’ll be checking the police blotter, do you understand?” When she

didn’t respond, I shook her jaw violently. “Do you fucking HEAR me?”

“Yes!” she cried.

“And if I do get busted for this and sent to the big house, sweetie, I’ve got friends

who owe me favors. They would love to get their hands on your little girl. And

believe me, Sandra, they won’t be as gentle with her as I was! You hear what I’m


The woman’s face grimaced as she began sobbing for the umpteenth time. I flung

her face to one side, released my grip on her jaw, and stood.

“And don’t be going to the hospital, sweetie,” I added. “They tend to ask

questions. You hear me? There’s nothing wrong with either of you that won’t heal

on its own.”

A grin broke out on my face. “I would, though, get to your local pharmacist as soon

as I could, if I were you. Ask him about a couple of morning after pills.”

Sandra was finally able to bring her arms down from above her head, and used

them to cover her naked breasts. Her legs stirred slowly on the mattress. Beside

her on the bed, Megan seemed to curl up into an even tighter pre-natal position.

“I’m afraid if you don’t do that,” I continued, “then in about nine months they might

be wheeling both your asses into the maternity ward together!” I chuckled. “Just

think. You’d be having a son and a grandson at the same time! Your son would be

getting a b*****r and a nephew all in one!” I was the only one in the room that

laughed out loud at that.

Seeing my audience did not appreciate my sense of humor, I turned, removed the

barricade from the door leading from the bedroom, and exited. I was down the

stairs and out the front door in just a few seconds.


Thirty minutes later I was having a cold beer in my favorite bar. Sex always made

me thirsty.

As I sat at the bar, I enjoyed looking at the photos I had taken of my prey after I

had ****d them. As I waited for the second cold one to come, I reached into my

bag of tricks and fingered the two souvenirs from the evening. One was the pair of

the panties that Megan had been wearing when she returned from school. The

other was Sandra’s workout sports bra.

As she served me the second beer, the really cute female bartender asked me

what pictures I was looking at. “Just some hunting pictures,” I said. She asked if I

could show them to her. “I could,” I said, “but then I’d have to kill you.”

We both had a good chuckle at that.


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This is another great story.
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