Watching my wife...

A threesome with a Greek guy
I love watching my wife fuck other men. It turns me on to no end. The more she

cums on his cock, the hornier and harder I get. And when he squirts his hot load

deep inside of her, I am crazy with desire.

One of my ex wives, Janie — I have had a few — loved to indulge me in my

fantasies, and she got to have other cock which was her turn on to no end. She

loved watching me watch her get fucked in all of her holes by different cocks. Here

is one of our experiences…

Salvo was a Greek guy we met through a swingers’ magazine. He sent me a mail

with pictures of his cock, I showed it to Janie, and she liked his thickness and the

fact that he was dripping pre-cum in the picture. We set it up that he would come

over one night to have some fun with us.

Janie and I, in the days preceding his visit, fucked like rabbits; we always did —

she loved to cum, and I loved to be buried in her hot, wet, tight pussy. She loved

my cock, she would suck it like there were no tomorrows, lick my balls, and many

a time would make me put my legs back so she could stick her tongue in my hole.

It drove me crazy, and her too. She loved to make me cum, which she swallowed,

and also often kept the cum in her mouth to swap and kiss me with. I loved her

horniness. She loved my cock deep inside her. She liked it gentle and she loved it

hard. The times when she was fucked hard, she would cum to the point of almost

losing her breath for a moment or two. You should have been there to experience

her orgasms, so intense it was.

Before Salvo arrived, we had been playing around. We showered together, she

had shaved her pussy clean, and made me lick her till she grabbed my hair and

pulled me into her wetness. I licked her ass too, in anticipation of her feeling

Salvo’s thick cock entering her ass. No other man beside me had fucked her

horny ass. She loved the hot, cold feeling of my cock in her ass, and had amazing

orgasms without her pussy even being touched.

We agreed, while I was licking her, that she wanted to try a double penetration.

She had seen it in porno movies, but wanted to feel how it would be like to be

filled to the brim. This was before the days that AIDS was prevalent, so condoms

were not always used, and we agreed that she wanted cum in both her holes that


We offered Salvo a drink, as we could see he was nervous, and we wanted him to

relax some. Janie wore a short silk kimono with nothing on underneath, and I wore

shorts and a T shirt. We sat on a 3 seater sofa, and Salvo sat opposite us. He

was nervous, and we felt it a bit too. Salvo and I had a whiskey, Janie a glass of

white wine. Every now and again, while we were making small talk, Janie would

shift her legs, so that Salvo could see she was naked underneath. His eyes

widened at times, because Janie made it obvious.

Salvo was a typical good looking Greek, a little overweight, quite tall, with a mop

of black hair. I watched Janie’s eyes, and she was watching to see if he was

getting hard looking up her kimono.

I reached over and started rubbing her leg, and moved my hand to the inside of

her thigh which I rubbed gently and sensuously. I was almost sure I could feel the

heat from her pussy emanating from under her kimono, as my hands crept closer

to her love box. Salvo’s nervousness had eased a bit, and he was watching my

hand. I was hard. I wanted this to happen, so I moved my hand between her legs

and started to rub her clit. Salvo could see a bit of what was happening, and his

cock started to make a little tent in his groin area.

Janie was flushed and wet. The wet was dripping onto my fingers and her pussy

was on fire. I opened her kimono more to expose her breasts and enormous

nipples, while I pushed her legs open so that Salvo could see what I was doing.

He was horny, and so was Janie.

Janie started to rub my already rampant cock. She pulled it out of the top of my

shorts and started to lick the head feverishly. I could not reach her pussy, but she

opened her legs. I pulled off my shorts and she started to make a meal of sucking

and licking my hard cock.

I looked at Salvo; he was hard. His thickness bulged in his groin. I told him to

come lick Janie. He almost dived into her pussy and started to lick her

magnificent clean shaven cunt. His mouth and tongue delved into her, sucking,

licking, and every now and again she would pull her head off my cock and watch

his head between her legs. She wrapped her legs around his back and started to

push herself into his mouth. I could she was starting to cum, because she sucked

harder on my cock while watching him bring her to orgasm. I saw that he had a

finger inside of her as he was mouthing her clit.

She was in rapturous pleasure. I asked her how nice it was to have another man

lick her cunt. Her reply was to go red in the face, meaning it turned her on so

much, and she came on his face. His mouth was saturated with her pussy juices.

I was breathing deeply, because Janie was gobbling my cock, licking my balls,

and trying to get to lick my ass – which showed how horny she was. I obliged her; I

loved having her tongue licking my ass. I opened my legs and pulled them back

so that she could tongue me.

She turned around so that she was in a doggie position. Salvo looked at me with

big eyes; I knew he wanted that too. I let her lick me for a bit and then told Salvo to

get her ass wet and stretched for our cocks. Janie came again, just hearing that.

Salvo buried his face in her pert cheeks and started licking her sweet asshole.

She was again just in ecstasy when I told him to finger her ass and stretch it for


I watched him lick his index finger and a bit too roughly push into her ass. She

flinched and stopped licking me for a bit. I told him to be gentle, and I could see

that he was upset that he had hurt her. I told him to take some lube from the jar on

the table and rub it on his finger and gently finger fuck her ass. He did so, running

his finger around her ass and then inserting his finger inside. The lube helped and

she did not feel any pain.

He was naked by now and his cock head glistened with pre-cum. It was thick, his

foreskin almost covering his cock head. He had a thick bush of hair, but his balls

were clean shaven.

Janie was cumming on his finger while she played with my cock. She had tired of

licking my ass, and was enjoying Salvo’s ass fingering too much. Every now and

again her fingers dug into the sofa as she came on his finger. It always amazed

me that a woman can cum during anal sex.

I could see how horny Salvo was and told Janie to go suck him. As I am

circumcised I love watching the foreskin slide over an uncut cock. She moved

around to his groin and started to take his cock head into her mouth. He really

was thick as I watched his cock stretch her mouth open. He grabbed her head

and pushed deep into her mouth. How she did not gag, I don’t know. He was

thrusting in and out of her mouth and she was enjoying it. I put my fingers into her

wet succulent pussy and thrusted them in and out while she gobbled Salvo’s cock.

His head was arched; he was in the throes of absolute bliss. So was she, from the

sounds she was making while I plunged my fingers in and out of her.

I stopped them and suggested we go upstairs to the bed. She led the way. We

tumbled onto the bed and the two of them fell into an embrace. I watched him

kissing her — fuck that made me horny! His fingers were in her pussy, his mouth

on hers and she was rubbing his shaft. I stood watching them kiss deeply, my

cock now also oozing pre-cum. I jerked my shaft, as they kissed deeper. I

positioned myself between her legs, moved them apart, lifted them up and slid

slowly into her. I watched their tongues roll a round each other’s mouths. I buried

myself deep inside her and slowly started to stroke in and out of her. She came

immediately, thrusting her tongue deeper into his mouth, kissing him even more


He was playing with her nipples, and her tits, his cock pressed against her thigh.

He reached down and started rubbing her clit, while I was fucking her. I pulled my

cock out, lifted her legs higher, wet my head with her juices and placed it at the

entrance to her ass. She gasped, because she knew that her DP was coming

soon. I pushed gently and slowly into her ass. She had allowed me to fuck her ass

many times before, so my cock was no stranger to her dark hole. Salvo put 2

fingers inside of her, and continued kissing her while I fucked her ass, and he

fingered her pussy.

She was ready. I gently pulled out of her ass, got off the bed and went to wash my

cock. I could hear her moaning in delight as Salvo must have started fucking her. I

came out of the bathroom to see him buried deep in her cunt, her thick juices on

her thighs, on his shaft and balls. His hairy ass bobbed up and down as he

thrusted deep inside her. He was fucking her hard and she was loving it. She was

semi screaming, shouting, cumming in a frenzy of passion. I lay down on the bed

next to her, looked her deep in the eyes, and asked her if she was ready. She

said ‘fuck yes!’

Salvo stopped and stood up. Janie climbed on top of me and positioned herself

on my cock. She sat there for a minutes. She was so hot inside from all the

fucking she had endured from Salvo’s thick cock. I asked her to sit on my face for

a minute as I wanted to taste her well fucked cunt. She obliged. Janie obliged with

everything. Her pussy tasted raw and I am sure I could taste a bit of cum there too,

but it was awesome to think some other dude had fucked her and now I was

eating her ‘well fuckedness’. Salvo stood on the bed next to her feeding her his

cock. From what I could see, she was licking him clean. My cock hardened even

more at the thought.

After her cumming again a few times, she moved back down and pushed my

cock inside of her. She kissed me deeply; I could taste sex on her mouth. I

hardened even more. Salvo had positioned himself behind her, and I could feel he

had put a finger into her ass, I could almost feel it rubbing against my cock

through her thin walls. I could see that he was trying to get his thickness into her,

because she dug her finger nails into my arms. After a bit, she was thrusting her

ass against him, getting his cock inside of her.

I asked her if she was ok, and she said, 'I feel full!' I asked him to be gentle, and to

tell me when he was ready to cum, because Janie was cumming hard again. Over

and over again. I asked her how it felt to be double fucked; she just looked at me,

smiled and just came again. I k** you not, that this awesome woman could cum

continuously. At times she begged for me to give her a break.

It is a wonderful feeling to feel another man’s shaft rubbing against mine through

the walls of a pussy. Especially Salvo, who had this cool thick cock. He looked

me, the sweat pouring off him, and nodded. I could see he could not talk. I started

to thrust in Janie as well. She was screaming in pleasure, I am sure the

neighbours in the area could hear. As I saw his eyes roll back I knew he was

shooting his load into her. I told her to cum on his cock, and I thrusted harder and

shot my load deep into her pussy. I could feel deep throbs from all of us as we

slowed down. All I could feel was this hot wetness dripping onto my balls.

Salvo climbed off her and collapsed on the bed next to us. Janie pulled of me and

equally collapsed, almost on top of me. We lay there for a while not talking, spent

from our session. I was stroking Janie’s hair and her face, asking her how it was.

She just smiled, kissed me and drew me closer to her. I was till so horny, my cock

had not even started to go down, and so I moved to the side and got up. I turned

her over so that she was face down, and pulled her ass cheeks apart. She was

still gaping and cum was everywhere. I rubbed the cum over her ass and into her

hole. I pulled her into the doggy position and thrust my cock into her ass again. Oh

fuck what a feeling, just the thought that I was fucking my babe in another man’s

cum was driving me crazy horny. It did not take long and I was shooting another

load into her ass. It was almost like claiming her ass as my territory.

Salvo was still lying on the bed, his arm over his face. He was fucked! I went to

clean my cock again, and when I returned from the bathroom Janie was kissing

him very sensually. I watched them for a while then went downstairs and outside

for some fresh air.

I heard her moans from outside, but left them to their fun. Eventually I went back

upstairs with a water jug and some glasses. They were fucking on the bed, she

was riding his cock. As I walked in he shot his load into her again. She sat there

for a while their bodies drenched in sweat. She climbed off him and cam over to

hug and kiss me. ‘Thank you for letting me fuck other men baby’, she said and

almost with bandy legs walked to the bathroom. I watched her tight pert ass as

she moved. I felt the stirrings in my groin again.

Salvo was up and dressing, telling us he had to go. I asked him to see himself out,

which he did. I followed Janie into the bathroom and before she sat down, I asked

her to stand over my face. Jeez, but this boy had buckets of cum inside of him,

there was so much cum on her legs. I licked it all up and started to lick her fucked

pussy again. She pushed my head away saying she was bruised and needed to


I stood up and positioned my groin at her face. Janie pulled my cock into her

mouth and as she was weeing, sucked on my cock, holding my balls. I could not

cum again, so she did that for a bit and then asked me to kiss her. I knelt down

and kissed her mouth. I had cum on my face which she proceeded to lick up.

Janie loved that session; we talked and fucked over it many times. I am not sure

why we never got to fuck Salvo again, but the memory is intact in my mind like it

was yesterday.

We had many other lovers, and all was amazing.

I just loved watching my wife with other men!

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i to enjoy watching my wife have sex with other men. old men was her prefered menu and what a turn on!
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