Willing My Wife Into Fucking Other Men

Finally my wife lives my fanatasy, having sex with other men while I watch on.
I had long fantasized about my wife fucking other men. My wife is very sexual and

there is nothing she would not consider in bed (or other places). This was just with

the two of us and a matter of trust.

Sometimes (more often as time went on), I would think about mfm or my wife

screwing someone else while I watched. It really turned me on. More so me then

my wife. While out to dinner after a few drinks I might mention her fucking the

waiter as his tip, or even taking on the i*****l alien kitchen crew. In an upscale

hotel one night I called room service and waited in the darkened bedroom as she

let the man in to deliver our order while wearing a sexy outfit. I had told her if he

tried something, go for it. The poor guy was just shaking he was so nervous. The

potential lucky guy received cash instead of my wife (which I wanted) as his tip.

Eventually, she tired of hearing my fantasy ideas every time we made love. She

really did not want anyone else, what we did was special between the two of us. I

was disappointed but tried to keep my mouth shut which was not easy. As time

went on, do to pressures of raising a f****y, business, etc. we made love much

less frequently (my fault), and no fantasy talk by me was allowed. As I said my wife

would do anything and is very sexual. She expresses herself through her sexuality.

She gradually became very frustrated at our lack of lovemaking, needing it much

more often. We have neighbors that we have known for many years. Not great

friends, getting together once in a great while. Our son and their sons were good

friends and that is what we had most in common. Anyway, the wife had been ill for

quite some time. Debilitating illness. We had even rushed her to a doctor once

when she was unable to drive herself. She was and is in constant pain and her

illness is in the Arthritis f****y, though much more severe. Sex with her husband

was out of the question apparently, because it was far too painful we later found


One after noon we had a number of friends over for swimming & bbq. This couple

was there. After a number of drinks and a thinning crowd, the husband and I were

talking. He told me about his wife's illness and commented on how he had not

been laid in almost two years. He refused to cheat because he loved his wife, but

still the same he was going crazy for female attention.

Finally everyone left except for this couple. My wife and I as well as the husband

were feeling no pain. His wife could not drink because of all the medication she

was taking. I somehow slipped and mentioned something of a sexual nature. The

husband said he had forgotten what that was and my wife commented that made

"two of us". The neighbor wife, who I'll call Karen, with a straight face said "maybe

the two of you should get together".

I was shocked because I knew her to be very conservative. She went on to say

that she loved her husband very much, did not want to lose him to some stranger,

and understood that he had needs she was not meeting. Being practical, she

knew that both couples had a strong marriage, were safe to be with, and

everyone could be trusted. I quickly agreed. My wife looked over at the husband

who I will call Dan and then at me saying "Are you sure, this sounds crazy?" I knew

he was all for it by the large bulge in his swim trunks. We talked about it for awhile

and decided to move it into the house where I put a porno flick on the TV. With the

lights turned low, the sexual tension became so thick you could cut it with a knife. I

stepped out of the room where I could still watch and Karen joined me as Dan sat

by my wife. Intently watching the TV, gradually touching each other, holding hands

and light kissing, they became more passionate and active. Deeply kissing, he

removing her bathing suit top, fondling and kissing her tits, she rubbing then

removing his nice size (not giant, just right she says) cock which she played with

and then kissed and sucked, it got hotter then I ever could have thought. She said

out loud for me to hear that she wanted to take Dan and go up to our bedroom

where they could be more comfortable. I was all for it. I even pulled back the

covers on the bed and brought their drinks upstairs. I had hoped to watch him fuck

her, but that was not to be that night. My wife and Dan as well as Karen thought

they should have some privacy in order to get to know one another in a totally new

way. I reluctantly agreed, but enjoyed hearing her screams and his moans from

the bottom of the staircase over the next few hours. When they finally came

downstairs, they both had very contented looks on their faces. My wife went up to

Karen, kissed her on the cheek and told her that her husband loved her very

much. Dan patted me on the back and commented about what w wonderful

woman my wife was and that I was a very lucky man. I agreed wholeheartedly. I

was happy to see that all four of us were not weirded out by the situation. We sat

down and talked about where we would go from there. My wife and Dan were

interested in more of the same and it was soon decided that the two of them

could get together as time permitted. There was to be no secrets from Karen and

me, and I would be able to watch every once in awhile. With our k**s and their

k**s older and on their own, the time to get together has not been a problem. The

four of us even vacation together, with my wife and Dan in their own room (king

size bed), Karen and I sharing a room (two double beds), for up to a week at a

time. This has worked out to everyone's advantage. My wife and Dan are getting

plenty of sex, Karen doesn't worry about losing her husband to another woman,

and I get my kicks knowing my wife if fucking another man. As an additional

bonus, this made her much less resistive to swinging and she also fucks other

men (one or more) when the fancy strikes her. Life is good!
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3 years ago
i agree with doc
3 years ago
I gotta go with Doc on this Details ? but is was a nice story
3 years ago
hot :) Everybodys happy
3 years ago
Good. How about some details of her with others? Thanks
3 years ago
Hot story, I've got a big hard-on just reading it!