A great experience as a crossdresser

I was born and grew up for the first 27 years in England. Ever since I was 16 years

old I have always had an infatuation with sexy ladies lingerie.

I used to dress up in my mothers and older s****rs lingerie and get very turned on

and wank myself off while dressed up. I am now 53 years old and still

tremendously enjoy the thrills of dressing up and wearing sexy lingerie.

One of my early experiences was when I was 18 going on 19. I had been to a thrift

store and purchased several items of ladies lingerie and outer clothing including a

few pairs of high heels.

I was due to travel to a city Peterborough which was about 90 miles from the city

of Norwich where I lived. I knew I would be able to have some fun and decided to

take my collection of ladies lingerie and clothes with me.

My first stop was about 25 miles into the trip at a public picnic area in the forest. It

had both men’s and women’s public bathrooms (rest rooms) and I took my bag of

lingerie and clothes into the rest room with me. As I entered the building I noticed

there were 3 cubicles, so I entered the one on the right end which was larger in

size and would allow me more room to get changed into my sexy attire.

I proceeded to undress my normal clothes and started to put on my lingerie. First I

snapped on a black 6 strap suspender belt (garter belt) and then put on a pair of

black silky smooth sheer seamed nylon stockings. Then a pair of black lace satin

panties, a black lace satin bra and some padding for tits. Then a black satin nylon

slip, a pair of black patent leather stiletto high heels, a skirt, and blouse and a red

head wig.

I put my regular clothes into my bag, checked that no one was in the rest room

and then moved into the center cubicle and locked the door. By this time is was

around 4:30 p.m. and was already getting dusk. In the past I had observed that a

lot of guys frequent this picnic area and the rest rooms around this time of the

day/evening. This is on of the main reasons I decided on this location to stop, get

dressed up and possibly have a bit of fun.

I waited for a few minutes and sure enough I heard a guy enter the rest rooms, he

checked which cubicles were occupied and chose to go into the larger one which

I had used to get changed in. One thing I forgot to mention is that the walls of the

cubicles all have very large holes in them about waist height.

The guy who entered the cubicle next door locked his door and sat down. I had

some paper hanging over the hole in the wall so he could not see into my cubicle

at this time. I saw the paper move a bit to the side and he was peeping through

and very soon saw me and what I was wearing. I heard him unzip his trousers get

his cock out and begin to play with it. He pushed the paper a bit more to the side

so he could see more of me and my black stocking clad legs and continued to

wank himself off. I peeped back though the hole to look at his cock, it was about

8" long and very very thick. It had thick veins protruding up and around the shaft

and an enormous big cockhead which I estimated to be at least 1 1/2' in


He saw me looking and asked me to remove the paper entirely so he could get a

better view. I did as he asked and the hole in the wall was about 12" round. As he

looked through the hole, I stood up and turned around and showed him how sexy I

looked dressed up like this. He put his hand through the hole and stroked up and

down my black stocking clad legs and I started to get really hot and turned on. He

asked me to stand closer to the wall so he could feel me up and wank himself at

the same time. Then he put his cock through the hole and pushed it between my

nylon stockinged legs as if he were fucking my black nylon stockinged legs.

Right at that moment I heard another person enter the rest rooms and go into the

cubicle on m y other side and lock the door. It was getting darker and the lights

were not that bright so I was kind of intriguing and somewhat mysterious. I heard

the newly arrived guy unzip and drop his trousers and sit down. He likewise

pushed the paper covering the hole on his side away from the hole and peeped

through and saw me in my black stocking clad legs and high heels with a cock

sliding back and forth between them. I was facing him and saw him immediately

remove the paper from the hole and put his hand through and began to feel up my

stockinged legs. He also touched the head of the cock which was simulating a

fucking motion between my legs and spread some of the pre-cum from it over my

black stockings.

We were all getting very hot and horny by this time and I was shaking with

excitement at what was maybe yet to come. I moved away from the wall and sat

down on the toilet seat and the 2 guys looked through the holes at me and said I

looked very sexy and they wanted to play with me some more. I agreed to let them

continue. The second guy who came in asked me what I like to do when I am

dressed up so sexy but soooo slutty. I replied that I am relatively new to this and

did not have much experience, but that I liked to play with a nice cock or two and

wank them off etc.

Then he asked me if I had ever sucked a cock before. I said no I have not and he

asked me if I would like to maybe suck his. I was a little afraid but on the other

hand so excited that I wanted to at least try it. So I said yes I would like to try to

suck his cock. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. The first guys cock

was pretty big by my standards, but when I saw the size of the second guys cock I

almost fainted. It was a good 11" to 12" long and more then 2" in diameter. He

was circumcised so it was clean looking and his massive cock head looked all

enraged. He told me to squat down in front of the wall facing the hole as he put it

through. I was scared at first because it was so long and thick. The guy in the

other cubicle saw this and put his hands through the hole and slowly pushed my

head forward towards the massive cock now inches from my face. He said open

your mouth wide and take it slowly. I was trembling and shaking from fear and

excitement as I opened my lips and kissed the cock head, it was oozing some

pre-cum at the hole which the guy made come out by squeezing his cock and

pushing it upward until quite a large amount came out and stuck to my tongue and

lips. The pre-cum was clear and very slippery feeling and tasted nice. His cock

was super clean and smelled very nice. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and

let his cock head slide into my mouth, it was difficult to accommodate the size and

my mouth felt as if it was going to split at the sides. The guy behind me was now

applying more pressure to the back of my head and pushing and pulling it back

and forth going further with each push until I had at least half of this monster cock

in my mouth hitting the back of my mouth and right at the entrance of my throat.

Then the guy behind me asked me if I would also suck his cock for a while. The

guy who I was sucking said OK please go ahead and pulled his cock out of my

mouth. I turned around and took hold of the already waiting rock hard cock and

started to kiss and lick it before taking it deep in my hot wet mouth. It was a little

easier to accommodate than the other monster cock and before I knew it he had

his hands through the hole holding my head firmly and was tilting my head at an

angle at the same time as he was pushing his cock forward. I felt his big fat cock

head at the back of my mouth and lined up with the entrance of my throat, then he

pulled my head forward as he thrust his cock forward and his cock head popped

my throat open and it slid down into my throat.

I gagged at first so he pulled it out and then did the same thing again this time he

kept it there even though I was gagging and gasping for air. I was frightened he

was going to choke me to death or make me vomit, but he said breathe through

your nose and relax which I did and then I overcame the gagging etc. He then

proceeded to face fuck me pulling his gorgeous cock almost all the way out and

then thrusting it all the way back so his cock head was at least 2 inches down my


The guy behind me was feeling me up and I was getting very hot and extremely

turned on with what was taking place. I pulled my mouth off the cock I was getting

face fucked by and said I need to catch my breath. The other guy then told me to

face him and he held a small bottle under my nose and told me to sniff in deeply

on the potion. I did as he said and the next thing I know I was getting very light

headed and buzzed with such strange sexy feelings I felt that I no longer had any

inhibitions or apprehensions and was almost bubbling with desire to pleasure

these two big cocked guys. He held the small bottle once again under my nose

and ordered me to take in a double deep sniff. I had no choice because he held

my mouth shut so I had to breathe and it was straight up my nose good and deep.

He told me to go back to sucking the first guys cock while he would be pushing

my head from behind to make sure the other guys cock went as deep as possible

into my mouth and deep down my throat. Well that is how it continued my mouth

was impaled onto this nice 8" thick hard cock, I was totally buzzed from the potion

and really getting into it. I was stroking and tickling his balls and cock base as he

was sliding in and out of my mouth, the guy behind me suddenly grabbed the back

of my neck, tilted it at a strange angle and thrust it forward so the cock I was

sucking popped right down my throat. I put my other hand up to my neck and felt

that I had at least 3" of this beautiful cock head rammed deep in my throat. He

kept it there as I continued to tickle his balls and around his crotch. They both

repeated this move about 20 or 30 times and then I felt the cock in my mouth

begin to throb and grow even bigger. I knew he was close to cumming but I was

helpless and so buzzed with sexual desires to even want to do anything but let him

unload his thick load of hot creamy sticky spermy cummmm right in my mouth and

down my throat.

He pulled it out and asked if he could cum and shoot his load in my mouth. I was

so hot I shouted yes please I want you to cummmmm right in my throat and make

me swallow it all. He put his cock in again and the other guy proceeded to push

as he thrust back and forth very fast and hard. This continued for about a couple of

minutes and he shouted he was ready to cum, the guy f***ed my head forward at

an angle as he rammed his cock right down my throat and started to spasm and

blast a massive load of hot thick cum straight down my throat. No chance to

consider if I was going to swallow or not, it was already shooting down so hard it

traveled straight into my tummy. He shot so much sperm down my throat, that I

thought he was never going to stop cumming.

When he was done he pulled his cock out of my mouth and thanked me for a

wonderful mouth fuck. He said he had not had sex or cum in about 6 weeks and

had a massive load to get rid of, and hoped I had enjoyed receiving it. I said yes it

was indeed a great experience and it was my first time sucking, never mind also

swallowing such a big load of cum.

The other guy was eager to receive the same treatment and ordered me to squat

him facing the wall. He said the load I just took from the other guy was relatively

small compared to what he was going to shoot. He informed me that he is always

a very big cummer, but due the fact that he had not had sex or jacked off for

approx. 6 months, I should be prepared for a massive huge gushing load from his

cock and heavy cum laden balls. I can believe him as his balls were extremely

large and very heavy.

He once again held the small bottle of potion under my nose and order me to take

several deep sniffs to get me so buzzed that I would be able to take the face and

throat fucking he was about to give me. I did as he said and took about 5 deep

inhalings up my nose and then he stood up and presented his gorgeous monster

cock through the hole ready to **** my my mouth and invade my throat.

The guy behind me was in on this and assisted by holding me so he could push

his ever growing cock into my mouth. Between his pushes and the cock thrusts I

was soon getting a cock head banging at my throat entrance. He did this for a few

minutes to let me get used to his cock size and sufficient saliva for lubrication.

Then they both worked together to get his cock to go inside my throat.

All of a sudden I felt the guy behind me grasp my head and tilt it at an angle and

f***e it forward at the same time. Just then the cock was slammed deep against

the back of my mouth and was rammed right down my throat. I was so buzzed and

hot by now I was delirious with excitement and fear as he held his cock deep in

my mouth and throat. After about 20 seconds they proceeded to do the same as

before and I had this 12" cock sliding in and out of my mouth and the cockhead

almost 5" inside my throat as he lunged forward. I was so hot and horny I was also

stroking my own cock as he brutally ****d my face, mouth and throat. Then I felt

those all to familiar throbs and spasms and twitching of his cock, I knew what was

coming and was so far gone I shot my own load of cumm all over the wall and

floor. He slammed his cock one last time and as his cock head was as far and

deep as it could go inside my throat, he began to shoot and splatter his massive

load of hot spermy cummm right down inside me. He shot at least 6 really big

wads in my throat and then pulled his cock out a bit so he could shoot more in my

mouth, he was shooting so much cum I could not swallow it fast enough and it was

spilling out of the corners of my mouth and dripping down. Then he pulled his cock

out of my mouth and jacked it and shot 3 big wads in my face and hair. At the

same time the guy behind me pulled me so I was leaning back against the wall

and the guy kept shooting at least 4 or 5 more massive shots of cum all over my

black stocking clad legs and my panties and garter belt etc. I was totally covered

as he continue to jack his still rock hard cock and splatter more gobs of cumm all

over my legs.

They both thanked my and asked me to meet them outside when I was done

cleaning up composing myself.

It was now totally dark outside and I decided I would go out still dressed in my

sexy gear. I met the 2 guys and they were very impressed how sexy I looked in my

hot slutty attire. I asked the guy what was in the small bottle he made me inhale up

my nose. He said it is Poppers and it is intended to make you relax, feel buzzed

and sexy and lose any inhibitions.

They asked me if I would be coming back here any time in the near future. I said

yes I would be back the next Sunday evening, with my sexy attire etc. We agreed

to meet at 6:00 p.m. and play in the forest at a place they knew was very secluded

and safe. I said OK and we were about to leave when 2 friends of the first 2 guys

100% (10/0)
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