Hot night with my mom

Seeing my swedish mom playing with herself, I couldn't resist.
To me, my mom is the most beautiful woman on this planet. She has straight

golden blond hair, hazel brown eyes, beautiful full lips, perfect straight teeth and

the prettiest smile I have ever seen. She still keeps her perfect body in shape by

going to the gym 5 times a week and works as a catalogue model for clothing

companies. She grew up in Sweden during the sixties and seventies and

because of her nudist parents she is extremely open-minded and a bit wild. She

had me when she was only sixteen and my parents split up when I was only four.

As far as I can remember I have felt extremely close to her. Her sight, her nice

smell and the feeling of her perfect big breasts pressing against my body when

she hugged me or kissed me excited me ever since I was a little boy. The story

that I am about to tell happened when I was only 16 and a teenager in heat.

It was an unusually hot summer night and I couldn't fall asl**p. It was 2 am and I

started playing with myself, the best thing I could do on a sl**pless night. My

bedroom door was ajar and my mom's room was next to mine. As I was stroking

my cock, I heard strange sounds coming from my mom's room. It sounded as if

she was talking and moaning. I wondered if she was having a bad dream or was

in some sort of pain. I finally decided to go check on her and wake her if she was

having a nightmare. Her bedroom door was half open and a reading lamp lit her

bed. I opened the door carefully without making a sound. My mom was completely

naked, a magazine lay open beside her, her eyes were closed and she was

pumping her pussy with a vibrator.

I froze. I couldn't look away. I did not want to look away. She was moaning and

saying words that I couldn't understand as she pumped her pussy with one hand

and pinching one stiff nipple with another. 'Mmm fuck me...fuck my pussy

baby...mmm.', she was mumbling. My cock was really hard now and I started

fondling it through my underwear. My mouth became dry and my heart was

pounding fast. Then my mom slowly opened her eyes. First she was squinting, but

then she looked at me with an expression of horror and almost screamed, 'OH

SHIT!' I froze. I had no idea what to say or do, then almost ran to my room and got

into my bed.
A few minutes passed with my heart and mind racing. My hardon was still there

and I couldn't get the image of her out of my head. Then I saw my bedroom door

open and my mom walked in and stopped next to my bed. She was wearing her

bra but no panties! Her golden blond bush looked amazing. 'Mom I'm sorry...I

didn't mean to....', I said as she leaned over me. Her hair smelled of her Lavender

shampoo and was intoxicating. She lifted my ass and took off my underwear,

exposing my hard cock. Then she took my hand and said, ' It's ok honey. I'm glad

you saw me doing that. Get up now. We're going to my room!'

We were laying on her bed right next to each other. She reached behind her back,

unsnapped her bra and took it off. Then she put one arm under my head and with

her hand reached my right nipple and started pinching it with two fingers. Her own

stiff nipple was pressing on my left cheek. With her left hand she started

caressing up and down my chest and abs. 'Start playing with that hard cock baby

and let Mommy watch.', and she smiled. I grabbed my cock and started stroking

it. I knew that I would cum soon. She started kissing my forehead, cheek and nose

as I worked harder on my cock. Then she reached for my swollen balls and

cupped them with her warm and tender hand.
'Mom...I'm going to cum soon', her face was right above mine and her warm

breath was making me go crazy with lust. 'Cum baby...cum for Mommy!', and I

shot my cum in the air. It landed on my chest and her arm and breast. She kissed

me gently on my mouth and said, ' Now it's my turn baby. You have to help me.

Take this vibrator and fuck my pussy with it.' I put one hand on her sexy flat

stomach and pushed it down gently as I put the vibrator in her pussy. My face was

right above her pussy and I could smell her sex juices. She put her fingers on her

clit and started rubbing as I pumped the vibrator in and out of her pussy. 'That's

it....faster honey....fuck it harder....cumming!', she said as her body went tense for

a minute. She then relaxed, grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face onto

hers. She kissed me hard on my lips with her tongue licking mine passionately.

'This was so fucking nice. From now on we are going to have so much fun

together. I will teach you everything and you can fuck my girlfriends. You're a

fucking lucky boy.', she said and kissed me again. My cock was hard again and I

was ready for one more round.

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2 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
very hot & good! a part 2, 3....
3 years ago
This looks like the beginning of a long loving and learning relationship. Indeed, more please.
3 years ago
More please...