The Oldman Down the Road

Introduction: Rosa her cousin and a couple of much younger boys but when the oldman down the road fucks her it all changes.

At 14 Rosa was a gorgeous girl. Her hair was raven black, her eyes were dark brown, her skin
was an unblemished light brown and her facial features were those of a china doll. The rest of her
matched. She was 4' 10" tall, with nice B cup b**sts that stood out form her hourglass shape.

Every boy in her school would have loved to be able to touch her, but Rosa would have none of
it. It wasn't because she didn't like boys, or that she wasn't sexually aware. She had learned that
if she did anything with any one of the boys at her school, everyone would know about it before
the end of the day. So she wouldn't even date a boy her age.

But that didn't mean she was starved for sex, or didn't know how good it was.

When she was 11 she and her cousin had been playing in a shed behind her parents house. Her
cousin was 12 and had been sexually exploring with his 12 year old neighbor for over a year, so
he was no stranger to sexual play. He had talked Rosa into letting him tie her up telling her they
were going to play pirates.

He had tied her hands together, leaving a long piece of the rope free. He tossed the rope over a
beam in the shed and pulled her hands up above her head. After he had her tied, he told her that
pirates always undressed their girl captives. Rosa had been a little apprehensive but told him ok.

He pulled off her shorts, then pulled her panties to her ankles. Rosa told him she wasn't sure she
liked the game, but her cousin had talked her into letting him continue. He had pulled her top up,
but since he couldn't get it off her arms he just left it bunched at her neck.

He then told her that pirates always did other thing too. When she had ask what, he had leaned
forward and taken one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked on it. At that time Rosa didn't
even have a bump where her breasts would be, but her nipples were large and sensitive. As her
cousin sucked on them she found she liked him doing it.

After a little while her cousin told her that pirates also touched their captives kitty. Rosa had
liked him sucking her nipples so much that she quickly told him he could. Her cousin had wetted
his finger in his mouth, then slipped it between the naked folds of her pussy. When he touched
her clit, Rosa jumped, then her eyes went wide as he began to rub it.

She immediately loved the feeling she had as he rubbed her little nub. After a little while her
cousin told her that another thing pirates did to their captives was to put their wieners between
the captives legs.

Rosa wasn't sure she wanted him to do that, but when he told her it would feel as good as his
finger did, she agreed. He had quickly undressed. Rosa had seen her little b*****rs wiener a few
times, but had never seen a hard one. She was a little shocked to see her cousins standing
straight out as he pulled off his pants.

She watched him spit on his hand, then rub it on his cock to get his hard little sausage slippery.
When he came over to her he ask her to spread her legs a little. When she did he put his hard
little cock between her legs then instructed her to squeeze her legs together.

He began to pump his cock in and out between her legs. To her surprise it did feel good. The tip
of his hard little cock would rub against her clit with each stroke. After a while he was really
slamming into her and had a look of pain on his face. When Rosa ask him if he was ok, he told
her between gasps of breath that he was fine.

After a few more minutes, he closed his eyes and pushed tight between her legs. She could feel
his cock throbbing as he stood there. Finally he pulled back and told her that had been fun.

After that they met in the shed a couple of times a week. Her cousin would tie her up, strip her
cloths off, then fuck her between the legs. After the second time he brought along some hand
cream to use as a lubricant. It worked a lot better then spit. Although Rosa liked the feeling of
what they did, she never get close to a climax.

One day after he had tied her hands and removed her clothes, her cousin told her he was going to
do it from behind her this time so it would be easier for him to play with her nipples while they
did it.. Rosa didn't mind if it felt as good as from the front. He lubed up his cock and slipped it
between her legs.

As he began to hump her Rosa discovered it did feel as good. She also found that it gave him
better access to her nipples and his fingers pulling and rolling her sensitive little nubs felt a lot
better with him behind her. His little cock head would slide across her clit with each stroke.
They were humping away enjoying it. Rosa was even pushing back toward him with each stroke.

He had been taking short stokes to keep his cock head against her clit, but as he got closer to
cumming he got more excited and took longer and longer strokes. Finally on one long stroke his
cock head tipped up a slight bit, alining with her tight little pussy hole. As he rammed back
between her legs Rosa pushed back to meet him, his hard little cock slide straight into her
tight pussy.

Being an active girl Rosa didn't have a hymen. It had been broken on a bicycle some time before
so his cock sliding into her tight pussy didn't hurt. But she was very tight, so the feeling for both
was wonderful. Her tight little pussy molded around his little wiener holding it in a tight grip.

They both stood still, not saying a word for half a minute, then Rosa ask what he had done. Her
cousin stammered that he thought he had shoved his wiener into her kitty, then ask if it hurt.
Rosa told him no that it felt strange but good.

Her cousin experimentally pulled back sliding his cock part way out, then slowly pushed it back
in. Before long he was humping her tight little pussy like a rabbit. Rosa was surprised to find
that it felt so good to have a cock inside her. She closed her eyes and reveled in the feel of his
little cock slipping in and out of her tight pussy.

Finally she heard him gasp, then felt his cock throbbing inside her. As it twitched and spasmed in
her tight little hole, a tiny orgasm tickled through her body. When he was done her cousin left
his cock inside her and ask if she wanted to do it again. Even though the climax she had was tiny
Rosa wanted another. She told him she did want to do it again.

This time as her cousin fucked her he reached around and used one hand to play with a nipple
and used the other to rub her clit. Rosa was astounded at how good it felt. It wasn't long and her
cousin was humping her as fast as he could. It took only a few minutes and he again groaned as
his cock throbbed. As she felt it twitching and spasming for the second time a larger and more
intense climax rippled through her body.

She and her cousin meet in the shed once or twice a week. Each time they met, each time they
fucked, Rosa climaxed. And each time she did it got more and more intense.

A month or so after they began to fuck, her cousin hit puberty. He proudly showed her the hair
starting to grow around his dick and balls. She also noticed that each time after they were done a
sticky fluid would leak out of her pussy. Not having hit puberty, nor having been through sex-ed
class Rosa didn't worry about it.

They met and fucked for the next year. As her cousin matured, his load of cum got to be more
and more until each time he fucked her he would leave her pussy dripping with cum. The volume
of his cum increased so gradually that Rosa didn't think about it. In fact she grew to like the feel
of her pussy dripping his cum, the sticky feel of it on her inner thighs and the feel of her panties
when they were soaking wet with cum.

Her uncle and aunt decided to move to another city. She and her cousin played the pirate game
for the last time a day or two before they moved. The game had progressed from her being tied
To a rafter standing up, to her being tied to a leg of the work bench laying down.

Her cousin fucked her four times that day, twice face to face and twice from behind.. Each time
he came she did too. By the time they were done a stream of his cum was dribbling out of her
bare lipped little pussy onto the old blanket they used to lay on.

Rosa was very upset to hear her uncle and aunt were moving, taking her cousin away. She liked
playing the game with him and didn't know what she was going to do when he was gone.

After her cousin left she moped about for months, wanting him to come back. During that time
she hit puberty. Her breasts grew, her hips filled out and she began to have her period.

Finally she decided she had to find someone else to play the game with. She was thinking of
trying to find some one her age in her class, until the incident with her older s****r.

Her s****r got pregnant. Then Rosa began to hear the older k**s talking about what a slut her
s****r was for fucking all the boys she did. It dawned on Rosa that the only way everyone would
know what her s****r had done was if the boys she did it with talked about it.

She knew that if she tried to find someone her age to do it with, she too would be branded a slut
and if she wasn't carful she could also get pregnant like her s****r.

When she was 13 she began to babysit to make spending money. That's when she hit on the plan.
She sat for a couple that had a 9 year old son, Kevin. He was very sexually precocious and

She caught him trying to look up her skirt twice that evening. The next week she thought about
it and it hit her, if she let him fuck her, he would probably never tell anyone and he certainly
couldn't get her pregnant.

The next time she sat with him she didn't wear any panties. She sat on the couch as they watched
TV and let her legs spread far enough where he had a good view of her pussy. She had also
shaved her pussy so he wouldn't get freaked out with the hair on it.

It didn't take him long to notice and before long he was staring at her. Rosa could feel her pussy
getting wet as he looked. Finally she ask him what he was looking at. He stammered and turned
red. She smiled and ask if he was looking at her pussy.

When he told her he was, she ask if he wanted to get closer to see it better. When he nodded she
told him she would let him but he had to promise not tell anyone. After he promised she pulled
her skirt up to her waist and spread her legs wide. She then motioned him to come closer.

He came over an stood between her spread knees, his eyes locked on her pussy. After a bit she
ask him if he wanted to touch it. He nodded again, so she took his hand and put it against her
pussy, telling him to push his fingers into her.

She showed him how to rub her clit and how to finger her pussy hole. She was getting very
turned on and ask if his wiener was hard. When he nodded she told him to take it out. He
dropped his pants to his ankles and stood there with his hard little cock jutting straight out in
front of him.

She pulled him toward her, took his hard little cock and put it against her pussy. She used her
heels to pull him forward sliding his hard little cock into her wet pussy. She explained what he
was suppose to do and within a few minutes he was fucking her like a little rabbit.

It lasted all of three of four minutes before he groaned as his little cock twitch with a climax.
Rosa hadn't climaxed so insisted he keep going. When she did cum it felt fantastic. She hadn't
had a climax from a cock since her cousin had moved away. After they were done she told him
he could never tell anyone and if he didn't she would do it with him again.

After that each time she sat with him she would let him put his hard little cock in her pussy. She
also did the same with two other boys she sat for, Frankie and Mikey. Even doing all three boys
she still wasn't satisfied.

She decided she wanted to fuck all three of them one right after the other. And she wanted to be
tied, like her cousin use to do it. After thinking about it she decided to offer to take all three of
the boys to the park one day. But instead of the park she was going to take them to the shed
where she and her cousin use to go.

When she went out to check the shed she found it had been torn down. She was upset when she
found that it was gone. She took a walk, trying to decide what to do. Before long she found
herself in front of a house a few blocks down the road.

She knew it belonged to an old man and also knew he hadn't been seen at the house for months.
She tiptoed up to the window and peeked in. The furniture was covered with sheets and it looked
like noone had been there for months.

She wandered around behind the house and found a shed out back. When she opened the door
she smiled. The place was perfect. It was small, but clean. There was a bench against one wall
with a another door next to it leading out the back. There was plenty of room on the floor for a mat or blanket and the leg of the workbench was perfectly placed to tie to.

Rosa returned home and found a couple of old blankets to use as a mat. She also located some
cord for the boys to tie her with. She took the stuff to the shed and before she left had a nice
soft mat laid out on the floor.

The next weekend she gathered up the three boys and took them to the park. After an hour of
letting them play she called them to her and ask them if they would like to go play a game with
her. They all said yes so she lead them to the shed.

When they arrived she told them the game they were going to play was pirates. They were the
pirates and she was their captive. She had them tie her to the leg of the work bench then told
them that pirates always took the clothes of their female captives.

The three boys looked at each other then back at her with wide eyes. Frankie ask her if she really
wanted them to take her clothes off. She told them she did. It took them five minutes to tie her to
the work bench, then another five to get most of her clothes off. They couldn't get her top all the
way off. Instead they pulled it up to her neck so her tits were exposed.

As she lay there naked she told the boys that pirates always fucked their female captives. The
boys still stood staring at her until she ask who was first. Kevin said he would. He pulled off his
pants climbed between her legs and shoved his hard little cock into her wet pussy.

He fucked her for all of three minutes before he came. He pulled out and climbed off. Frankie
already had his pants off and was ready to go. He took Kevin's place and fucked her for three or
four minutes before he came. As soon as he was done Mikey slid between her legs and fucked

It took him five minutes to finish. As he pulled out Kevin ask if pirates fucked their female
captives more than once. Rosa told him that they fucked them many times. When he heard that
Kevin grinned climbed between her legs and began to fuck her for the second time.

Over the next hour the three boys fucked her four times each. Rosa climaxed twice. When they
were done the boys untied her and Rosa got dressed. When they were ready to go she told the
boys that if they ever told anyone about what they had done she would never do it with them
again. All three swore a pinky swear they wouldn't tell.

Over the next month the four of them made three trips to the shed. Each time the boys would tie
her to the workbench leg, strip off her clothes and fuck her three or four times each. The last time
they were in the shed they didn't notice that the house had been cleaned and the furniture had
been uncovered. Nor did they notice the shadow at the window as they played their game.

The fourth time they came to the shed everything went as usual. The boys got Rosa tied to the
work bench leg, then stripped off her clothes, leaving her top pulled up around her neck. Frankie
was first this time. He had his hard little cock in his hand and was just climbing between her legs
when the shed door opened.

A large figure appeared in the doorway and a deep voice said,"What the hell is going on here?"

The three boys stood stunned for a few moments then made a mad dash for the back door. All
three went through at the same time. Frankie had his pants in his hand and his little wiener was
still hard and flopping from side to side as he ran.

Rosa lay still, stunned by the appearance. All she could see was a large tall figure against the
sunshine coming in behind him.

When her brain finally unfroze she said,"Please, let me go. We were only playing a game."

"Quite the game." The figure said as he closed the door behind him, then pushed the locking bolt

As her eyes adjusted to the light Rosa recognized him as the old man who lived in the house. He
must have come home without them knowing.

"Please let me go!" Rosa whined starting to be afraid.

The old man looked down at her, smiled and walked over to the back door as he said."In due

He closed the back door and locked it , then walked back over to her. He knelt down at her feet.
Rosa could see his eyes, which were a light gray, rove over her body. They stopped at her pussy
and he chuckled, then they moved on up to her breasts.

Rosa's nipples were large by nature, but from the stimulation of the boys and the fear coursing
through her they stood tall and crinkled on her B cup tits.

"I....I....we were playing." was all Rosa could think of to say.

"I see you were." The old man said, then stood and reached for his belt buckle.

"I think I want to play too." He said as he dropped his pants to his ankles.

He kicked off his pants then pulled his underwear down freeing his hard cock. When he stood up
it gave Rosa a great view of his cock and balls. His cock was 8" long and 2 ½" in diameter,
making it almost as much in circumference as it was long. The head was the size of a large plum
and the same purple color. His balls were huge and heavy. They hung down three inches against
his inner thighs. Rosa had never seen anything like it. She stared at his equipment mesmerized by the size and girth of it.

He crouched down between her spread feet, took hold of her legs in his strong hands, which were
large enough to wrap all the way around her leg above the knee, and gently but firmly f***ed
them wide apart.

" can't fuck me!" She gasp "You''re too big! You'll split me open! Please! You

"We'll see." He said with a grin,"but that nice little bare pussy of your's is way to yummy to
stretch just yet."

He picked her ass up a foot off the blanket, leaned down and placed his mouth on her bare pussy.
He began to gently tongue fuck her. Noone had ever touched Rosa's pussy with their mouth. In
fact she hadn't even thought about such things. For the first instant she realized what he was
doing, revulsion filled her. But as his tongue worked over her pussy, as he tongue fucked her
hole, sucked her clit and licked along her bare labia, the wave after wave of pleasure shooting
through her made the revulsion disappear.

He ate her for the better part of half an hour. He coaxed her to cum four times, screaming mind
bending climaxes that left her breathless and panting.

Finally after the fourth time she whimpered,"Stop! Please stop! I can't take any more."

"Well, it's time to fill that tight little cunt of your's anyway." He said as he dropped her legs to
the mat.

He moved up, pushing her legs up against her shoulders as he did. Rosa looked down to see him
position the huge purple knob of his cock against her pussy. To her from her angle his cock
looked like a baseball bat with a purple helmet attached.

"You can't! You can't! You're too big!" She cried out.

"Sure I can." He said with a grin,"And you can take it too!"

He pushed forward an inch, starting the tip of his massive cock into her hole. Rosa watched as he
pushed forward again, shoving another inch into her. By now the entire head was inside the folds
of her pussy.

He leaned forward and with a grunt shoving two more inches into her tight box. Half the length
of his cock was now buried inside her. Rosa could feel her insides stretching to accommodate
him. Although it was on the verge of hurting, to her surprise it didn't quite. It was more like a
feeling of being full, filled to the point that nothing else would fit.

Again he leaned forward and pushed, shoving another two inches into her pussy. Rosa's eyes
were fastened to the sight of him entering her.

She heard him say,"Two more inches and you got it all sugar pussy."

She felt him tense, then felt him push. A second later his cock head hit her cervix and a tingling
blast filled her senses.

She heard him chuckle and say,"Well my little cunt, you took it all."

He held her knees pinned to her shoulders as he began to fuck her with long slow strokes. Rosa
couldn't tear her eyes from the sight of his hard rod sliding out of her pussy, glistening with
juices, her pussy lips clinging to it. Out and out and out for what seemed like forever, then stop,
pause and a slow return to her depths. Dimly she was also aware of his large balls as they
bumped against her ass at the bottom of each stroke.

As he fucked her he used his thumbs to rub her nipples, which sent pleasurable flashes through
het body. She was so mesmerized by the sight that she didn't even realize she was about to cum
until it hit her. She screamed as bolts of sheer pleasure shot through her. It seemed to go on and
on, until it finally started to ebb.

He was still fucking her and just as the last small ripple of her climax was fading, his cock
exploded inside her. She felt each throb of his massive cock, each blast of cum as it was
deposited inside her, splashing against her cervix, being pumped directly into her womb.

On the third or fourth throb of his cock another huge climax ripped through her body. It caused
her pussy to clamp down on his rod, milking the cum from it. When her climax was done she lay
still, panting, unable or unwilling to move.

He slowly pulled back until his cock popped out of her tight hole with an addible slurping sound.
A second later Rosa felt cum dribbling down her ass crack. It felt like a river pouring out of her
stretched pussy.

"You are way too good a piece of ass to let go with just one." He said.

He took hold of her hips picked her up and flipped her over. Rosa found herself on her knees
with her chest against the blanket mat. She felt him put his cock against her pussy, then a
moment later his hands on her hips.

This time he didn't take it slow, he rammed into her as hard as he could. His cock head hit her
cervix at the same time as his balls slapped against her pussy. Rosa groaned at the feel of it. Even
though she was wet and stretched, it still felt like she was being split in two.

He fucked her hard, slamming into her over and over for 15 minutes. The only sound in the shed
was Rosa's groans, the slap of his skin against her's and the wet slurping sound as his cock
sliding in and out of her tight tunnel.

Rosa felt another climax building. She closed her eyes and let it fill her senses. When it hit her
she couldn't scream, couldn't groan, couldn't moan. All she could do was let out a strangled
mewling cry.

While her pussy pulsed and milked his cock, the old man grunted, rammed full length into her as
his cock again exploded. Rosa felt his pole throbbing, felt the gush of fluid as his cum blasted
into her. Her climax intensified and again filled her senses with lighting bolts of pleasure. This
time she did manage to scream, a long guttural cry of a****l passion.

The old man pulled out of her and Rosa collapsed onto her stomach. She could feel his cum
gushing form her pussy, feel the puddle forming under her coating her thighs and belly.

She heard him chuckle and say,"That's a well fucked pussy right there!"

He gently rolled her onto her back and untied her hands.

"Get dressed." He ordered roughly as he handed her skirt and panties to her.

Rosa slowly pulled on her panties. When she got them up to her hips she became aware of the
cum coating she had on her lower body. It covered her from mid stomach to her knees.

While she was staring at herself, at the cum coating her it hit her, he came in me! I'll get
pregnant! Tears began to run down her cheeks, then she began to sob.

"Quit that!" The old man said,"It wasn't that bad. You enjoyed it! You came like a bitch in heat
for christ sake!"

"I...I...I'll get pregnant." Rosa sobbed.

The old man grinned, then began to laugh.

"You can't get pregnant with me girl!"He said,"I had that taken care of years ago!"

It took a moment for Rosa to realize what he had said. When it sunk in, joy filled her. She wasn't
going to get pregnant!

The old man took hold of her panties and finished pulling them up, then helped her get her skirt
on. He took her arm, than lead her out the door and around the house.

As he stood holding her arm he said,"You and your little friends broke into my shed. That's
breaking and entering. You could go to jail for that. But I'll tell you what, you don't tell anyone
what I did to you, I don't tell anyone what you did. Deal?"

At the moment every thing was surreal for Rosa. All she could think of doing was nod yes.

He let her arm go and said,"Good. Go home."

He turned and began to walk off but stopped and said over his shoulder,"But if you want more
you come on back, you here?"

Rosa walked slowly home, everything that had happened over the last hour buzzing through her
head. Her pussy was sore, she was caked with cum, she had been violated and fucked by an old
man. It was a lot to think about.

When she got home her parents were gone. She stripped and climbed into the shower. As the
water cascaded over her body, washing away the cum coating her, she still wasn't sure how she
felt about what had happened.

After she got out of the shower she decided to call the three boys to see if they got home alright.
They had but each wanted to know what had happened after they ran. She told them she had
gotten loose and ran also.

That night as she lay in bed, running the events of the day over and over in her mind, Rosa felt
her pussy began to get wet at the thought of the old mans huge cock filling her. Even as sore as
she was she reached down and began to finger her pussy. To her surprise it took only a very few
minutes before she climaxed.

Over the next week Rosa frequently thought about what had happened. Each time she did she
could feel her pussy get wet. Each time that happened she heard the old man's voice,"if you want
more, come on back you here".

Saturday morning Rosa got up and got dressed. She decided to take a walk. She walked and
thought about what had happened. Before she knew it she looked up to find herself in front of the
old mans house.

She stood on the road for a long time staring at the house. As she stood there, the front door
opened and the old man stepped out on to the porch.

"You come back for more?" He called to her.

She stood there, half of her wanting to scream at him and the other half wanting to nod. A few
minutes pasted as they looked at each other, then the old man stepped down off the porch and
walked out to her. With a grin he took her arm and pulled her toward the house.

Rosa didn't resist. A war was being waged in her head. A part of her wanted to run, part of her
wanted to be tied to a bed and have that old man ram his big hard cock into her pussy.

He pulled her up onto the porch and through the door. As the door closed behind her Rosa felt a
gush of moisture wet her inner thighs at the thought of what was to come.

The old man turned to face her and said,"You want me to tie you up like you were last time, or I
can just hold you down if you like."

Rosa didn't recognize her own voice as she heard herself say,"Tie me please."

"A polite little girl! I like that." The old man said with a grin.

He left the room without a word. Rosa stood staring at the door he had gone through, squeezing
her legs together as her pussy tingled at the thought of what was coming. He came back with a
length of cord in his hand. He sat down on a chair and motioned her to him.

Rosa walked slowly over and stood in front of him. He grinned, took hold of her arm and turned
her so she was facing away from him. Rosa felt him pul her arms behind her, then felt him tie her
wrists together. Rosa's pussy was almost aching with anticipation. She had never been so turned

He turned her around to face him. Staring into her eyes he reached up under her skirt hooked his
thumbs into the band of her panties and with a grin pulled them to her ankles. He reached down
and took hold of one ankle at a time, pulling her panties off each as he did.

He hooked his thumbs into the band of her skirt and said,"I think we should take this off too. No
sense in getting it all cum soaked."

He pulled it down until it lay in a heap around her ankles. He grabbed her waist and lifted her
free of the pile of cloth. He stood, took hold of her arm and lead her to the sofa. Rosa watched in
silence as he unbuckled his pants and let hem fall to the floor. Her pulled his underwear down
and stepped out, leaving him naked from the waist down.

Rosa' eyes fastened to is cock, expecting to see it standing out hard and ready. To her surprise it
hung down his leg, flaccid and soft.

He sat, grabbed both her arms and pulled her close. He pushed her to her knees in front of him,
then grinned down at her.

"You got a few things to learn girly."He said,"One is you are going to learn how to ask for it,
how to beg me to fuck you. We'll work on that later. Right now you're going to learn how to
suck a cock, how to get a man all hard and ready to fuck your tight, sweet little pussy."

As he talked he was unbuttoning her top. He opened it then pulled it back and down on her arms
so it was hanging off her tied wrists. He reached around and unsnapped her bra, pulling it up and
over so it to hung off her tied wrists.

He reached down and cupped both her firm tits, grinning as he squeezed and rolled her nipples
with hi fingers.

"Nice tits." He said,"I'll do some sucking on those later. I might even tit fuck you!"

He let go of her titties, took hold of the back of her head with one hand and held his limp cock
with the other. He pulled her head forward until her lips were close to his cock.

"Open your mouth." He said in a gravely whisper.

Rosa opened her mouth and the old man put the head of his cock between her lips.

"You're to young and too inexperienced to get much of it into your mouth."He said,"Just suck on
the head like you would a tootsie pop."

Rosa didn't think about whether it was nasty, or whether she wanted to or not, for she had
slipped into the pirate game mode. She was his captive, she had to do everything he wanted her

She discovered she liked the salty taste. And the soft rubbery feel of his cock head against her
tongue made her pussy twitch. She began to gently suck at the bulbous object in her mouth. She
closed her eyes and licked it as she sucked on it.

She heard the old man groan, then felt his cock head begin to grow. As his cock hardened the
head grew until it filled her mouth. As it did she kept right on sucking and licking ast it,
imagining it was a toosie pop.

Soon she tasted a salty, musky flavor that made her pussy twitch. She had no idea it was precum,
but she did know she liked the taste. She experimentally pushed more of his cock into her mouth.
She had 4" of it in her mouth when it hit the back of her throat. It caused her to gag, so she pulled
back until it didn't.

As she sucked him she felt the old man reached down and slid his hand between her legs. She
automatically spread her legs to give him access, then gasp as his fingers slipped into her
dripping pussy.

"Damn!" The old man gasp,"You're fucking sopping wet! You ready for a cock in that tight little
pussy? Ready to get fucked like the slut you are?"

Rosa felt her pussy tingle as he talked to her. She had always been afraid of being tagged a slut,
but here now as he called here slut, as he talked about fucking her tight pussy, she found she
loved it. As he talked she doubled her efforts. She began to slide her mouth up and down his
cock, slathering it with her tongue as she did. She had no idea how long she sucked him, ten
minutes or an hour.

She heard him groan, "Oh fuck! I'm gunna cum. Suck it bitch! Suck it!"

She felt him grab her head, then felt him shove his cock into her mouth. She gagged as it again
hit the back of her throat, but as she did she felt his cock swell, then a rope of cum blasted into
her mouth.

She felt her mouth fill as the second blast came from his cock. It was dribbling from the corners
of her mouth as she swallowed, trying to stay ahead of the flood. Five times his cock throbbed,
filling her mouth to over flowing. She swallowed desperately but was unable to keep up. Cum
squirted from the corners of her mouth, dribbling down her chin and dripped onto her bare tits.
Rosa didn't mind the taste of it, in fact she kind of liked it, but the volume had surprised her.

"Oh fuck yes!" The old man grunted,"You're a great little cock sucker! Time for something

He stood pulled her to her feet and lead her over to the dining table. He untied hr hands from
behind her and retied them in the front, taking the opportunity to pull her blouse and bra off her
arms. This left Rosa completely naked except fro the sandals she wore. He grabbed her by the
waist, picked her up and sat her on the table.

He pushed her onto her back, then pulled two silk scarves from his pocket. He pulled each knee up and ties it to her elbow. This left Rosa with her legs spread wide and unable to close them. The old man pulled a chair up and sat down between hr spread legs.

He leaned forward and put his mouth a fraction of an inch from her glistening pussy lips. Rosa closed her eyes in anticipation of his tongue slipping into her, but as the seconds pasted, it didn’t happen. She could feel his breath against her slit. She knew his tongue was poised ready to slip into her.

Then she felt him flick his tongue tip lightly against her pussy lips. Again and again he did it until she was ready to scream in frustration. She whimpered and squirmed, trying each time she felt his tongue tip touch her pussy to push his tongue against her wet slit.

“You want it, you gunna have to ask for it. No actually you’re gunna have to beg for it.” She heard him say.

“Please.” She groaned.

“Please what?” He ask, lightly running a fingertip down her slit, causing her to quiver,”You’ve got to do better then that. If you really want it you’re going to have to ask like you do.”

“Please,” She groaned again slightly louder,” lick me. Please.”

“That’s not convincing enough for me.” He said, trailing his fingertips down her inner thigh across her pussy and up the other thigh,”If you don’t want it I’ll stop right now and send you home. All you have to do is say,”Eat my pussy! Eat me! Make me cum! Please! But you’re going to have to make it convincing. A scream would be nice.”

As he finished his sentence he let his fingertip dip between her pussy lips and graze her clit.

Rosa gasp at the touch. She had never been in such a state. At that moment she really didn’t care what he did as long as he did something, licked her fucked her she didn’t care, she just wanted to feel something in her pussy.

“Please.” She whined,”Eat my....pussy. Make me cum.”

The old man grinned and replied,”Not good enough.”

He grabbed her inner thighs and pushed down, holding her tight to the table top, immobile. He used his thumbs to spread her pussy open. He slid his tongue tip lightly along her slit from top to bottom, ever so lightly flicking her clit as he passed over it.

Rosa trembled as he touched her nub, an a****l moan coming form her lips.

“Ask for it.” He demanded.

Like a damn breaking Rosa screamed,”EAT ME! FUCK ME! MAKE ME CUM! PLEASE I WANT TO CUM!”

The old man chuckled and said,”That’s more like it!”

A moment later he slammed his mouth to her sopping cunt and began to suck hard at her clit..

Rosa screamed as the intenseness of his mouth on her clit filled her. It took all of a half minute and she was cumming, hard. A garbled cry came from her lips, her body twitched, her pussy convulsed, her senses were filled with the almost painful sensation of an intense climax.

As her climax receded she felt him grab her hips and pull her ass to the edge of the table. She felt him place his cock head against her pussy, then she heard him grunt as he shoved it into her. As he began to fuck her, each time he slammed into her a spark of pure pleasure would shoot through her body.

Rosa floated on a sea of rolling pleasure as wave after wave shoot through her at each slamming intrusion of his cock into her pussy.

As the waves of intense pleasure filled her she became aware of the old man talking to her as he fucked her.

“You like that don’t you, you little cunt? You like this old mans big old cock filling your tight little pussy? You are a slut, a nice tight pussied little fuck slut. So you gunna cum for me again slut? Come on give it up. You know you want another one. Cum for me cunt. Cum for me....”

Rosa could feel another climax building inside her. She wanted it, wanted to cum. She knew at that moment hat she would do anything he wanted her too, as long as he made her cum.

Rosa lay there cocooned in the pleasure of the moment: the feel of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, the feel of his hands kneading her tits, his fingers pinching and squeezing her nipples, the sound of his voice as he called her slut.

Al of it combined to form a blanket that wrapped her in a sexual warmth. Soon the feeling transformed from a blanket to a tingle in her arms and legs. The tingle pushed towards her middle, building in intensity as it did. Soon it was a ball in her lower belly, that grew stronger with each stroke of his hard cock.

As if from a distance Rosa could hear herself panting,”Fuck me...fuck me....fuck me....fuck me...”

The ball exploded.

Rosa screamed as her senses were overloaded. Wave after wave of white hot pleasure filled her body. Her scream transformed into a strangled cry, then she felt his cock begin to throb, blasting rope after rope of cum deep into her body.

After an eternity, her climax faded. She lay exhausted, unable to do anything but whimper. She felt the old man slowly pull his cock from inside her, leaving her achingly empty, then felt him untie her.

He let her lay still for a time then took her by the arm and pulled her up. He picked her up and set her on her feet. As she stood there staring at him he picked up her clothes and began to dress her.

When she was dressed he lead her to the door.

“Be back here next Saturday.” He said,”From now on, you’ll come when I tell you and do what I tell you when you’‘re here. Understand?”

Rosa stared at the floor and nodded.

The old man took her chin in his hand and pulled her face up until she was looking at him.

“You’re a slut.” He said,”But that ain’t nothing to be ashamed of. It just means you’re going to have a lot more fun in your life then others. And I’m going to teach you how much fun you can have. Next time I think I’ll fuck you in the ass. And some time soon I might let a couple of friends of mine have a go at your tender little pussy. Now go home and be back next Saturday.”

As Rosa walked away she knew she would be back Saturday, or when ever he wanted her to.

97% (38/1)
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Very hot. Looking forwrd to more adventures with Rosa.
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awesome story, loved reading it, really great!
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I want a girl like her too;P!)) )
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well written