How My Wife Ended Up In Bed With A 19 Year Old

A 19 year old ends up fucking my 48 year old wife good and hard
This all happened by accident one day as my wife and I had visited the home

improvement store. We had been checking on prices as we wanted to change out

our carpet in our home.

We were in their flooring department when a young gentlemen walked over to

help us. He introduced himself as Matt and began to show us all the different

styles of carpeting they had. He said he had been working in this department for

the last two months.

He laid out several choices of carpeting down on the floor so we could feel and

see how durable they all were. My wife was very particular on wanting a certain

style of carpeting so she checked out each remnant very carefully.

At one point my wife bent over as she felt each individual piece for its texture. I

noticed that Matt our salesman had his eyes glued in on my wife’s ass as she

bent over in front of him. He stood only a few feet behind her as she felt each

individual piece of carpeting.

My wife then got down on her knees as she wanted to know how thick the

carpeting was. Matt also crawled down onto his knees so he could show her what

the differences were between all of the samples. Matt’s face was only about a foot

away from my wife’s breasts as they stood out right in front of him. He couldn’t

help but notice how beautiful her breasts really were.

We worked with Matt for about a hour as we decided to go home to think about

the different choices of carpeting. My cock was hard all the way home as I asked

my wife, “I noticed that Matt had been checking you out intensely as you bent over.

He also looked down inside your shirt when you knelt down.“

“What! I don’t believe you! Why would a young man like that want me.” my wife

shot back.

That night in the bedroom my wife and I had the most intense love making session

in a very long time. I had my wife role play the thought that Matt was fucking her.

She had one of the most intense orgasms of her life.

The next day my wife was still very horny and wanted more sex. The thought of this

young guy fucking her hard had her wanting it even more. I then came up with a

solution.. I asked her, “Why don’t we make it a reality. I can go talked to Matt at the

store and see if he would be interested.”

“Come on! He is only a teenager! He probably wouldn‘t want a 48 year old

woman like me.” she quipped out loud.

“The thought of you fucking him really turns me on! Why don’t we see what

happens. It certainly can't hurt to ask.” I said.

Later that afternoon I went back to the store to see if Matt was working. I was in

luck as he stood stocking merchandise down one of the isles. I quickly pulled him

aside and asked him, “Matt, I seen you checking out my wife yesterday as she

bent over looking at the carpet samples.“

Matt was sacred at that point as he said, “I am sorry! I didn’t really mean anything

by it. Your wife is very sexy and a young guy like me would love to be with a

woman like her..”

“Its alright! I wanted to know if you would be interested in fucking my wife?” I said

to him.

“Sure I would be!” a relieved Matt shot back.

I then gave him our address and told him to come over as soon as he got off

work. I went home and told my wife how excited Matt was about the chance to

fuck her and that he would be coming over in a few hours.

My wife couldn’t believe that he was that interested in her. Her desires for him

grew as we waited for Matt to arrive.

The time went by very quickly as Matt arrived at the house. We chatted for a few

minutes and I told him about our hot tub in the backyard. My wife went into the

bedroom to change as Matt and I headed out to the tub. I already had my suit on

as I told Matt that he could change down to his underwear and get in.

We both sat in the tub as we waited for my wife. I was very surprised by the size of

Matt’s cock as his wet underwear clung around his manhood. A few minutes later

my wife walked out in her swimsuit. Matt’s eyes lit up as my wife got into the hot

tub. We all sat and chatted for several minutes as Matt tried to hide his hard on

from my wife.

I asked Matt, “Would you like to see my wife without her swimsuit on?”

“Sure!” he shot back.

My wife stood up in the tub and pulled her swim suit top down over her gorgeous

tits. Matt could no longer hide his huge hard on and at that point. My wife then

grabbed her swim suit bottoms and pulled them down. She then pulled them out

of the water and tossed them off to the side of the tub.

Matt squirmed back and forth as his big cock strained against his underwear. My

wife walked over to him and reached down and began to rub his cock with his

underwear still on. She said, “Wow! Your cock is really big!”

My wife then stood Matt up as she reached down with both hands and removed

his underwear. Matt’s throbbing cock appeared and it was bigger than I had

originally had thought. My wife looked him in the eye as she gently rubbed his

massive hard on with her hand. Matt’s body tremble as my wife teased his big

cock with her hand.

She moved Matt onto the side of the hot tub as his throbbing cock stood straight

up in the air. My wife then slithered her mouth down to his big cock. She gently

began to lick the head of his beautiful cock. She then ran her tongue up and down

over his big shaft. Matt was going crazy now as his cock was throbbing back and

forth as my wife teased it with her tongue.

My wife then grabbed his big cock with her hand and slowly sucked on each of his

big balls as she massaged it. Matt was enjoying every minute of it as my wife took

her time with him. She then gently took Matt’s big throbbing cock and placed it

into her warm mouth. Matt’s face had nothing but excitement on it as her mouth

swallowed down his manhood.

My wife told him not to cum as she worked his cock over. She loved sucking on

his big cock as she sucked on it for several minutes. Matt now was on the

breaking edge. He couldn’t hold on any longer as my wife slipped her mouth off

cock and began to stroke on it. Matt moaned out as his cock erupted right in front

of my wife‘s face. His cum shot a good foot in the air as my wife stroke it hard until

every last drop of cum had emerge from it.

My wife said to Matt, “Lets go inside. I need to be fucked!”

We all quickly went into the bedroom. Matt’s cock was already hard again and

ready for action. My wife laid down on the bed and pulled Matt down on top of her.

“Come on Matt fuck me with that big hard cock! my wife demanded.

Matt quickly pushed his big manhood into my wife as my wife cried out, “OMG!

Your cock is so damn big!”

Matt began to fuck my wife as she pulled his body as tightly against hers as she

possibly could. It only took Matt a few minutes and he had my wife screaming out

as she came all over his big cock.

A few minutes later my wife rolled over on top of Matt. She slid herself back down

onto Matt’s hard cock as she fucked Matt feverishly. She then cried out again

loudly as she came very hard again on his cock.

She then spun herself around on Matt’s cock. She rode on top of his cock very

hard as Matt grabbed both of her tits with his hands. She fucked him hard for

several minutes as Matt’s orgasm began to build. A few minutes later she quickly

slid off Matt's cock. She grabbed his cock with her hand and began to stroke on it

as she moved her mouth down over the top of it.

A minute or so later Matt moaned out as he began to cum. His cock was still in my

wife’s mouth as I watched his cum slide down out of my wife’s mouth and down

the shaft of Matt’s cock.

After a small break Matt’s cock came back to life. That is the great thing about

being 19. My wife wanted him to take her from behind as she crawled up on the

bed on all fours. Matt quickly plunged his cock back into my wife from behind as

she moaned out loudly. He fucked her good and hard as my wife’s body jerked

with every thrust of Matt’s cock inside her. Later she screamed out, “Fuck me

hard Matt! Fuck me!”

Matt pounded his big cock into my wife from behind. My wife’s cries echo all

across the bedroom. “Harder! Harder! You are going to make me cum again!”

she screamed out. My wife screamed out a few seconds later into a powerful

orgasm just like the one she had the night before. Her body shook and trembled

for several minutes.

My wife beged Matt to cum inside her as Matt gave it all he had. My wife moaned

out, “Oh’ God! Oh’ God! Man, your cock is so good!” My wife started to cum

extremely hard again as Matt began to fill her pussy up with his cum.

My wife at this point was totally exhausted as she crash down face first onto the

sheets. Matt stood over the top of her as he squeezed several last drops of cum

down onto her ass.

What a night it was. I am sure Matt will never experience another night like this for

the rest of his life. I know my wife won’t either.
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3 months ago
great story
5 months ago
Great story my wife luvs young cock she's 49 and never goes short
6 months ago
I loved your story and envision my wife doing the same
10 months ago
Awsome story, like to read more off you're hot wife
1 year ago
excellent story
2 years ago
Awesome story
2 years ago
I wish I was Matt
2 years ago
wow amazing wish that was me
2 years ago
oh to be young again :) nice experience for lad!!!
3 years ago
as a young guy, I prefer fucking with mature ladies- tell this to your sexy wife;)
3 years ago
very good