Fucking His Best Friend's Mom

Caught Masturbating While Watching A Porn Movie, Brandon Enjoys Hot Sex

With His Best Friend's Mom
Brandon had finished his finals at the local college and decided to see if his

buddy Randy was home yet. He arrived at his house, and knocked on the back

door hoping he hadn't missed him. The door opened and Randy's Mom Maria

answered inviting him in.

"Hello Mrs. De Carlo....is Randy here?"

"No Brandon, you just missed him. He's gone to take his finals, but he'll be home

at around four. Would you like to wait for him?"

"Sure Mrs. De Carlo, if you don't mind."

"Call me Maria, Brandon, no need to be so formal."

Brandon really liked Maria. She always had a smile, and always treated him nice.

Brandon always checked her our when he thought no one was looking. For a

woman in her late forties, she still had a great body. She suggested Brandon go

down to the basement and watch some TV.

"OK thanks."

Brandon wasted no time finding Randy's private stash of porn videos, and

popped one into the DVD. It was a good one. There were a couple of hot blondes

going down on each other licking and sucking each others pussies. Brandon got

a raging hard on watching the scenario as it unfolded. He wanted to take care of

his hard on, but he wanted to make sure he wouldn't get caught.

He got up, and peeked upstairs where he could hear Maria talking on the phone.

Knowing how long she could talk on the phone he closed the door, and sat back

down taking out his cock, and began stroking himself as he watched the two

blondes. Brandon was so enthralled in the action on the video he didn't even hear

Maria coming down the stairs, nor the door to the basement open.

At first she was taken aback seeing Brandon sitting there jacking off. His cock

was so big and thick; much bigger than her husbands cock. Maria felt a warmth

between her legs as her pussy started to moisten. Maria couldn't take her eyes off

Brandon as he continued stroking his cock still oblivious to her standing there

watching him. Maria's pussy was on fire now as her arousal welled up inside her.

As she stood there watching Brandon she felt her juices beginning to flow down

her inner thighs as she continued watching Brandon stroking his cock. As she

watched Brandon, Maria felt an uncontrollable urge to touch herself. She found

herself lifting her skirt, and sliding her hand down the front of her panties. Her eyes

darted from Brandon to the raunchy sex scene playing on to Brandon again. She

had never seen anything so disgusting before, but at the same time it turned her


As Maria's fingers made their way through her thick bush she couldn't help

noticing how odd it all felt seeing those beautiful young women making love. She

noticed the women and their shaved pussies, and how her bush was so thick. Her

body shuddered as her fingers brushed over her clit. Maria was old school; she

never masturbated in all the years she'd been married, and yet she found

pleasuring herself so exciting. She bit into her lower lip as her middle finger

parted her lips, and slid into her creamy pussy. Maria accidentally made an

audible moaning sound when she eased a second her finger deep into her pussy.

Brandon turned around; his eyes bulging as he looked at Maria with her hand

down the front of her panties.

"Mrs. De Carlo....I'm so sorry....I didn't know you were standing there. I guess I'd

better go."

"No Brandon wait....please don't go. It's my fault. I should have respected your

privacy. I'm so sorry for watching you."

"No, I shouldn't have been jacking off. It's me that should be sorry."

Maria smiled as she looked at Brandon still holding his rigid cock in his hand.

"You know Brandon I have to say your cock is really big and hard. I can't help but

stare. I don't mind you masturbating if you don't mind my watching. Would it be

alright with you I watched you?"

"Are you sure?"

She chuckled saying, "I'm not sure of anything at the moment. All I know is that I've

never felt so alive. So please Brandon don't stop what you're doing. I want to

watch you."

Brandon smiled and continued to stroke his cock. With a sly grin on his face he

said, "OK, but only if you promise to join me. I'd much rather watch you than this

movie anyway."

Brandon continued masturbating as Maria watched, and pleasured herself. After

several minutes Brandon said, "I'm gonna cum."

"Do it Brandon...cum for me."

Brandon grunted as the cum spurted from his cock landing on top of the coffee

table. Maria gasped, and then smiled never having seen anything like it before.

Seeing Brandon cum made her all the more aroused. Now it was as if her lust had

taken over her mind. Maria took off her clothes as Brandon watched. Her tits were

so damn big, and yet so firm. Her aureole's were large like silver dollars, and her

nipples were hard and at least a half an inch long. Maria then removed her

panties tossing them onto the coffee table in front of Brandon. She stepped

forward until she was mere inches away from Brandon's face. Brandon gasped

having never seen such a thick bush on a woman before.

Maria noticed Brandon staring at her pussy asking, "Does all my hair bother you?

I noticed those women were clean shaven. I can cover up if you like."

"Are you k**ding. I love your hairy pussy. It's beautiful. Please don't cover it up."

Before she could respond Brandon reached up, and ran his fingers through

Maria's bush. It felt as soft as velvet. Maria raised her leg resting her foot on the

edge of the sofa so Brandon would have better access. Having this young man

touching her made Maria feel so aroused that she just watched and smiled.

Brandon placed his hands on her hips pulling her closer to him as he leaned

forward and placed his cheeks against her thick bush while taking in the scent of

her arousal.

After a few minutes he turned his head, and began to searched for her clit with his

tongue. Maria gasped when Brandon's tongue found her clit as he began flicking

it with this tongue teasing her. She was so aroused that she started cumming

almost immediately. Brandon was as hard as a rock in seconds as his tongue

parted her folds sending Maria over the edge again and again. Maria had never

felt anything like it. Her husband of some thirty years hardly ever touched her

anymore let alone satisfy her orally. This was all new territory that Maria had never

thought of exploring until now.

Brandon continued to tongue fuck Maria alternating back and forth sucking her

clit, and ramming his tongue deep into her pussy. Weak from cumming Maria

pushed Brandon back onto the sofa. As Brandon sat there with his rock hard cock

protruding proudly into the air Maria lowered her pussy onto his waiting cock.

They both gasped as her tight pussy slowly enveloped Brandon's cock. As Maria

humped Brandon's cock he caressed her breasts, running his tongue over her

nipples, and sucking them as she cooed and moaned. They would have done

more, but Maria heard the kitchen door upstairs open and close, and her son

Randy calling to her saying he was home.

He was early, and it was a scramble for them both to get dressed an not be

discovered. Maria finished quickly, and bolted upstairs telling Randy that Brandon

was down stairs waiting for him. Later in the week Brandon got a call. It was

Maria saying she wanted him to come over. It's seems her husband and Randy

were away for the weekend on a fishing trip. Brandon was worried; he was afraid

Maria was going to say it had all been a big mistake or maybe she'd even be

mad. Brandon's fears disappeared when he knocked on the door, and found

Maria was all smiles. Once he was inside, and the door closed Maria pulled him

to her giving him a deep soulful kiss.

"I know you're a young man, and will soon have girl friends your own age, but for

now I'm hoping we can have fun together. No strings, no commitments, just good


Brandon smiled, "Of course."

Maria asked Brandon if he wanted some coffee.

"Sure if it isn't any trouble."

Maria walked over to where the coffee pot was sitting on the counter with Brandon

close behind. As Maria stood up on her tip toes to retrieve a cup from the

cupboard Brandon moved behind her, and place his body against hers sliding his

hands under her top where he started caressing her tits.

"I thought you wanted coffee?" Maria quipped.

"Later. Right now I want something else."

"Wait. I have something to show you."

"What is it?"

Maria turned around blushing a little. "Well you know that movie you were

watching the other day?"


"Well I couldn't get the image of those girls, and how they were all clean shaven

between their legs, and well let me just show you."

Maria slowly slid her shorts down over her hips letting them fall down around her

feet. She kicked them aside, and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her

panties. She giggled like a teenager as she teased Brandon pulling her panties

down and then back up again.

"Come on Maria...lemme see."

Maria pulled her panties off tossing them at Brandon. Brandon couldn't believe his


"Wow, you shaved your pussy."

"Do you like it?"

"Yes...it...I mean you look beautiful. I had no idea your lips were so full and thick. I

want to kiss them."

Brandon helped Maria set up on the counter top as she spread her legs wide.

Brandon ran his hands over Maria's bare pussy causing her to shudder.

"Mmmmm, it's so smooth."

Brandon watched as Maria's juices started to flow just from his touch. He pulled

Maria to the edge of the counter top and then knelt down. He started kissing her

inner thighs as Maria cupped her breasts in her hands and tugged at her nipples.

"Eat my pussy Brandon...I got it all nice and pretty just for you."

Brandon parted Maria's folds with his tongue, and slowly began running his

tongue up and down the length of Maria's pussy as she moaned.

"Oh yes Brandon.....suck my pussy....Ohhhh it feels so fucking good."

Brandon was a little shocked he'd never heard Maria use that kind of language

before. He took Maria's clit into his mouth while sliding two fingers deep into her

pussy working them around as he licked and sucked her clit. Maria held onto the

cupboards as Brandon continued sucking and fingering her pussy sending her

over the edge again and again as he sucked her clit listening to her moan. The

harder he sucked her clit, and fingered her pussy the more aroused she became

until she finally called out and started covering his face with her juices as she

started cumming over and over.

Brandon helped Maria down taking her place on the counter. With his legs spread

wide Brandon wagged his cock back and forth as Maria lowered her head. She

took his cock, and started swirling her tongue over the head as Brandon closed

his eyes and moaned. She continued by running her tongue up, and down the

length of his shaft and back again. Finally she took his cock down her throat, and

started deep throating him as he moaned, and told her how good it felt. Maria

took Brandon to the edge, but stopped short of letting him cum. She wanted to

save that for later. Maria rose up and took Brandon by the cock, and led him into

the living room pushing him down onto the sofa.

As he looked up at her naked body she smiled and said, "Now I'm going to take

that cock of yours for a ride."

Brandon smiled. He loved listening to someone that was supposed to be such a

conservative woman talk like that. He watched her reach down, and grabbed his

cock while she maneuvered herself around, and lowered her pussy down onto his

cock. As soon as Brandon's cock was in her pussy Maria started humping his

cock, her tits slapping him in the face as he tried to grab them and suck her

nipples. The woman was wild with passion as Brandon finally managed to grab

her breasts, and pull them to his mouth where he began licking and sucking her

nipples as she continued humping his cock. The harder she humped his cock the

more she moaned and squealed. Maria let out a loud moan as an orgasm swept

over her after which Brandon suggested they try something else. This time Maria

leaned over the arm of the sofa, as Brandon stood behind her aiming his cock at

her tight pussy, but not before an idea came to mind.

As he stood there he began running the head of his cock up and down the crack

of her ass wondering what her reaction might be. Brandon was surprised to find

her reaching back, and parting her cheeks as if giving him permission to take her

by the ass. He began running his cock up and down her ass pausing to tease her

ass with the head of his cock.

Hearing her moans of pleasure Brandon decided she was open to the idea of his

cock in her ass. Brandon reached down, and gathered the juices from her well

lubed pussy, and rubbed them over the head of his cock, and then slowly eased

the head of his cock into her ass. Maria moaned asking him to be careful, as he

slowly inched the head all the way in. He paused allowing Maria to get used to his

girth before he pushed the rest of his cock in.

Once she was ready Brandon slowly eased his cock into her ass inch by inch until

he was nearly all the way in. Then she started slowly pumping Maria's ass as she

cooed, and moaned telling him how good it felt. As Brandon slowly increased his

speed Maria reached down, and began rubbing her clit, and fingering her pussy.

As he picked up the pace, Brandon decided to slap her ass just to see her

reaction. To his surprise Maria not only like it she told him to slap her ass harder.

Soon he was pummeling her ass with his cock, and slapping her ass as she

moaned and squealed. Her ass was so tight it felt like his cock was in a vice.

Brandon held onto her hips slamming his cock deep into Maria's ass as he

watched her cheeks turn red from the palm of his hand slapping her.

As Brandon felt his orgasm nearing Maria was already cumming. Brandon felt his

cock spasm as he pulled out of her ass, and spewed his load all over her the

cheeks of her ass. Once they had finished cumming Maria and Brandon

showered. Brandon spent the rest of the weekend fucking Maria in every position

the two could think of. Brandon and Maria fucked every chance they got until he

finally met the girl of his dreams, but he will never forget Maria and the great times

they had together.

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