Pizza Wives

A cock hungry wife gets a hot tip and a King sized Pizza delivery.....
Pizza Wives

Although she was warmly received into her new upscale neighborhood that she

and her husband Rowland had worked so hard for, it soon became clear to her

neighbors and new found friends that Leticia Griffith was no ordinary housewife.

Her sex drive was way above average; she was a very hot freaky woman with an

increasingly insatiable appetite for raw hard sex. Husband, Rowland was

constantly on the road working damn hard to pay for their expensive home. Leticia

who was a work-from-home wife was pretty much left to her own devices; the

problem was one of what to fill her days and her hot horny pussy with.

One hot summer afternoon, as Leticia chatted with her neighbor Louisa, their

discussion veered to busy husbands and horny wives, and as their discussion got

deeper and more open, Leticia learned there were behind the scene secrets to

the great dream of a successful marriage than met the eyes.

She confided in Louisa that she had been having problems about her high sex

drive with Rowland and that she thought it was the best to seek satisfaction from

an alternative source rather than put any more pressure on him.

She even opened up her laptop and showed Louisa the profile she had created

on Adult Friend Finder website.

Name: Leticia
AGE: 35
MARITAL STATUS: Married (but need some outside help ;)
SPEAKS: English
EDUCATION: College Graduate
WHAT I LIKE: I'm a very hot and wild woman in bed and I'm looking for

someone that can keep up with my lust. My husband and I are having problems

about it and I think this is the best time to seek satisfaction from other

hot guys out there. Are you interested?
I WANT: Someone that is hot in bed and loves to try new and exciting

things. I also like guys that are very caring, thoughtful and romantic. If you can

keep up with my wild side, we'll surely have a blast in bed.

As Louisa quietly read the profile, her face initially betrayed no emotions making

Leticia feel a little embarrassed. As Louisa got to the end of the profile, a smile lit

up her face and she patted her friends lap reassuringly.
“Wow! Way to go girlfriend. By the way, there’s no need to feel embarrassed

about any of this. Actually we all do have our ways of handling this sort of things

darling. Why do you think most of the housewives around this neighborhood love

Pizza so damned much uh?” Louisa asked with a mischievous wink.

“Pizza uh? What’s the connection then?” She asked; her face wrinkled with a

confused frown. Louisa laughed out loud obviously enjoying her friend’s confusion

as she reached for her handbag, and retrieved a plain white card with a phone

number written on it. She leaned close to her friend’s ear and whispered into it

whilst pressing the card into her hand.


It took her a couple of days, but after a lot of false starts and aborted connections,

she finally summoned enough courage to make the call.
“D’Angello Pizza; Hello how may I help you?” A rather beautiful masculine voice

greeted her at the other end.
“Hi, I got your number from the friend of a friend. She said you do special home

delivery of extra large Sausage Pizza”.

“Ok ma’am what flavor might you be interested in then?”
“I dunno, my friend said to ask for the day’s special”.
“One special home delivery in one hour” he said after taking down her address.
She felt giddy with excitement, and her nipples hardened. She had the whole

house to herself. Rowland was off to close some deal in Nigeria, and wouldn’t be

back for another week. Leticia took a long luxuriant bath after which she had a

bottle of wine as she awaited her Pizza delivery.

Ding! Dong!! The chime of the doorbell jolted her out of her horny day dream. As

she opened the front door, she was greeted by a painfully handsome, hard

bodied Italian man. His jet black curly hair and dark brooding eyes sparked a

magic in combination with his olive skin.

“One special delivery for Mrs. Leticia Duvall” the Pizza man said as he smiled at

her reaction to his dark sexy looks.
“Um… uh... yes! Come right through...” she said barely making enough room for

him to pass. Their bodies brushed as he entered the living room, and as she felt

his hard muscles ripple she moaned softly in anticipation of what laid ahead.

Inside he told her his name was Luigi, she paid cash for the delivery and the

offered him a glass of wine. After a bottle of vintage between them, the

atmosphere became much more relaxed. Leticia asked if he’d care to dance with

her and Luigi accepted; she closed the d****s, turned down the lights and put on

some music. Then she proceeded to sit on the couch and watch Luigi dance. She

gestured for him to strip tease.

Being the consummate performer, Luigi put on an impressive strip tease that

ended with his hard 8” by 3” curved cock springing free and pointing menacingly

at Leticia.

She promptly arose from her seat and knelt before him. Taking his cock, she

licked its head and then swallowed it whole. “Mmmmm!” she moaned as she

enjoyed his throbbing giant sausage in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down

as she sucked his cock with such passion. Luigi began to groan with pleasure as

she took his cock further into her throat. She was having so much fun sucking him

that a part of her mind cursed the fact that her husband Rowland didn’t much care

for foreplay. Everything with him was precisely timed as if he was always on the


Leticia f***ed a couple of her fingers into her cock cramped mouth and kneaded

his shaft even as she sucked him. He moaned louder as her fingers plucked the

strings of his lust. Taking out her fingers she slipped them past her soaked thong

and slowly slid them along her crack, inserting the tip of her middle finger into her

juicy hole. She wiggled it around and then moved it up to her tingling clit, circling it

until her body was overtaken by intense shivers of early release.

Luigi, who was humping her mouth with so much gusto, felt the vibrations of her

orgasmic love cries from deep within her throat. He tensed as his hips locked

embedding his cock deep in her throat causing her to gag as he shot his load in

her mouth. She hungrily ate his cum as her tremors subsided.
Her licking every drop of his cum and then tongue bathing his balls helped him

recover his erection again within minutes. He quickly undressed her and then

kissed her so tenderly, as he fondled her gorgeous breasts. She moaned as he

licked his way down the side of her neck to her rock hard nipples. Circling each in

turn with his fiery wet tongue, he pleasured her tits almost to distraction. He

suckled on her teat and nibbled on each before moving south in search of her

swollen river of lust.

Urging her to lie on her back, he parted her thighs, and licked her swollen labia

right up to her engorged clitoris. He deftly circled her clit with his tongue sending

electric shudders through her with each swirl. “Oh Lawd!” she moaned out loud as

she grabbed his head and shoved his face deeper into her sopping wet cunt,

screaming even louder when he dipped his tongue into her pussy. Her hips

jerked desperately as she humped his face, begging him to tongue fuck her cunt

faster and deeper.

“Oh fuck yes!!!” Do me now…. Gimme that huge sausage right now … Please!”

she begged.
Ever ready to please the client, Luigi sucked on her clit briefly before moving up

and aligning himself for a smooth entry. Grasping his tree trunk of a cock he

rubbed the head along her lust swollen juice drenched slit, and then spread her

pussy lips open with it. She moaned deeply as he plunged his cock right into her

depth and then held it there for a moment before almost pulling completely out of

her. He fucked her hard and deep until they both established a common rhythm.
Leticia completely surrendered to the mind blowing pleasure of having her pussy

stretched and pounded and her lust fuelled by his long hard strokes as she drifted

away towards her impending orgasm, until the greedy part of her subconscious

rebelled in its desire for so much more of the pleasure to be had from this cunt

pounding roman god. She wasn’t quite ready to let it end yet.

“Oh Luigi… take me from behind, fuck me doggy style…” she pleaded.
Luigi pulled out his cock with a plop! And she quickly got on all fours, shoving her

ass in the air, her wet pink cunt a gaping hole begging to be filled. Grasping the

base of his thick veined cock, Luigi plunged it into her forcing the air out of her

lungs. He fucked her from a gentle rocking of his hips back and forth to a hard

thrusting assault on her pussy from every conceivable angle. Within minutes of his

deep hard penetration, she tensed and let out an other-worldly sound as her

orgasm hit hard. Her ass shook as her body shuddered, and her pussy walls

gripped his shaft kneading every fiber of his erection. His thick veined shaft was

slick and glistened with the syrup of her release.

Holding her up by her ass, he pulled out of her dripping cunt and then scooped her

pussy cream and rubbed it into her ass, fingering it deep inside her puckered

anus. He held the head of his steely cock to her ass and pushed hard until her

sphincter succumbed to his penile invasion. Spreading her ass cheeks wider he

inspected the beauty of his cock embedded in her tight asshole. He could tell that

she wasn’t an anal virgin though. He fed her his cock inch by precious inch until he

was half way buried in her ass.

Leticia moaned and cooed sweet little nothings as he fucked her ass, throwing

her voluptuous booty back harder against his thrusts. “Oh yes! Fuck me harder….

Oh spank my ass”.
He gave her a light open handed spank on the ass, but that only made her

demand for more.
“Oh yes! Harder, spank it harder!” she had hardly spoken when the loud cracking

sound of his open hand smacking of her ass rent the ear half a second before she

felt the delicious sting of his blow.
“Mmmmm! Yessssssss!” she moaned as raw a****l pleasure coursed through


Helping things along, she reached for her tingling clit and rubbed it furiously

sending shivers through her body.

“Oh Shit!” Luigi cursed as his hips locked into a deep thrust. His back arched

and he grabbed her ass for support and pumped her asshole full of his cum.
Her flicking fingers pinched her clit sending a shockwave through her. Her ass

wiggled and clenched on his cock milking him of every last drop of cum as she

herself was swept into a whirlwind of a bottomless orgasm.
As their primal cries quieted down, they both collapsed into a heap as they caught

their breath.

As he was leaving, Leticia offered him a little personal extra as a way of thanking

him for the anal experience, but he declined, saying it was his pleasure to be of

service. She knew from that moment that she would be ordering D’Angello Pizza

again very soon.

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you'd like to read in the next part. And if not, post a comment anyway! LOL

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Great. Maybe an oldie, collecting for seniors? and invite him in for a bonus
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