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I slept like a baby that night after fucking my mom. But the next morning I was worried. Would she feel guilty? Would she let me make out with her again? Will it be awkward between us, now that we had sex? Would my father find out? I laid in bed, frozen in my thoughts.

"Come on, get up, get ready for school," I heard my mothers voice call.

I got up and went to the bathroom, Mom was in the kitchen making breakfast.

"How did your weekend go," asked my father. I had not seen him sitting there.

Should I talk? If I open my mouth will I make him suspicious? I did not know what to do or say.

"Well," Mom spoke up, "your father asked you a question, how was your weekend?" She said it in a matter of fact way. Not divulging anything that sounded suspicious or teasing me.

"Oh," like I hadn't heard him, "ok, it was good." My father and I never talked much, so I felt no need to continue the conversation.

I ate breakfast and headed out the door for school. It was my senior year. My last year in high school, I would be home for the summer, then I was headed to the Great Lakes for Navy boot camp.

The day was long, nothing anyone said or did seemed interesting to me. I had sex with my mother the day before, and although it left me with many questions, I was consumed by it.

When I felt my cock starting to rise I would think of something else. Not even my girlfriend interested me today. My mother was all I thought about. I wanted to be alone so I could masturbate. I wanted to be near my mother so I could watch her and hopefully have sex with her again.

I made it through the school day and headed home.

I walked into the house. There was a note on the kitchen table, it was from my mother. Gone to your Aunt Alices' house, be back in an hour, watch your b*****rs, signed, Mom.

My b*****rs would be home within a 1/2 hour so that left me time to lay on my bed, think about my mom and jerk off.
I went to my room, dropped my pants to below my knees, laid on the bed, and grabbed my cock in my hand. I pictured every detail of the night before. My moms' body, my first look at a real pussy, the glimmering wetness, her pink and inviting clit, and the sweet taste of her nectar.

My cock was rock hard, I stared at it's head, wanting to see it erupt, spew out its white hot fluid. I was stroking it with my whole hand, sliding it lightly from head to base and back again.

"Anyone home." I lay frozen, startled out of my moment of ecstasy. I had not heard anyone enter the house. I recognized the voice, it was one my moms' friends (Barbara) I heard her footsteps coming closer to my room. "Any one home" she said again."

I quickly pulled up my pants, zipped up and said "be right there!" I came out of my bedroom.

"Oh she said, what were you doing?"

"Nothing," I replied, "I was tired so I laid down a minute."

She said "your door was unlocked, I guess your mom isn't home."

"No she should be home soon," I replied as calmly as I could so as not to expose what I had been doing.

I should describe Barbara for you. She is worth describing. She was about 5"6", light brown hair to just below her neck, light shiny,large brown eyes. She did not have a petite waist but she did have curves. She had to have 38DD breast. Not like my mom's, they were big and round. She had a tight stomach for having 4 k**s. A nice round ass, that I couldn't help but stare at. She was a year younger than my mother.

I heard she liked young guys, and had over heard my father telling my mom that her husband won a bet at work as to who had the biggest cock. I guess he had to show it, and he won the bet.

I would babysit for her about twice a month, while her and her husband went out. One night a few months later they would come home, I would be sl**ping on the couch, he would go upstairs and I would awake to see her standing over me, her robe open..., but I digress, back to the present story.

"Tell your mom I was here," she said, as she walked out the door.

A few moments later my b*****rs got home. There were 4 of us, each two years younger than the next. I told them to change and go outside, Mom would be home soon.

My mother came home. "How was your day," she asked. "Did you tell anyone about our secret."

I paused and replied "No, but I sure thought about it a lot and..."

She cut me off, "I have to make dinner, your father will be home soon."

I felt a little relieved, having some of my questions and fears answered by her words and tone. But boy was I horny for her. I knew I would have to stop thinking about everything if I was going to make it thru the rest of the day.

The week went by with no talk of our sexual encounter. It was just like normal. My father worked, came home, then went to the club for a few beers each night. My b*****rs and I would spend time with our friends.

Friday evening came, maybe tonight I could be alone with her, I thought.

"Your father and I are going out tonight so I need you to watch your b*****rs." Mom said. "Maybe we can talk tomorrow night."

That really got my attention. Maybe; that would not be the only time making love and fucking my mother. Maybe; tomorrow night. Maybe. I wanted to be with her tonight, but at least I had hope.

My folks got home about 11pm. My b*****rs were asl**p and I was in bed. I was hoping the night would go by quickly. I heard the door to their bedroom close. I fell asl**p.

All was well the next morning. My father was not working, and my mom gave no indication of any change, so I went over to my friends house and we hung around at our favorite spots.

I was suppose to go over my girl friends house that night, but canceled. I did not want to miss a much more important opportunity; should it present itself.

It was about 6pm that Saturday. My father announced he was going to the club to meet some friends. He told my mother not to wait up. That meant he would probably be home around 1pm when the bars closed. At 8 0'clock my mother put my b*****rs to bed.

My mother went to the kitchen, I followed. She opened the cupboard to reach up for a glass. I watched as she stood on her tiptoes, the calves of her legs stretched, I could tell they were freshly shaven. Her ass tightened as she reached. My cock began to rise in my pants.

"Can you help me," she asked, "I can't reach."

I walked over to her, pants bulging. She stared down at me.

"Oh!" she said, "what are you thinking about, is that erection from me?"

"I'm sorry Mom, but you turn me on so much." "You look so awesome,"I said.

I did not hesitate, I put my arms around her waist and pulled her into me so she could feel how hard I was.

"I am glad you are thinking about me," she said softly, "I have been thinking about you too, But we should talk about all that has happened."

Shit! Did I come on to strong? Should I have waited to grab her? I was so hot and horny I did not know what to do, just go for it. Is it over? I hoped not. My desire for her was strong. It was new. It can't be over so quickly. All these thoughts ran through my head in an instant.

"Come here, sit with me a minute." speaking to me with concern in her voice.

I sat, hoping all this was not over. Really, not knowing what to think.

"One thing we have to remind ourselves; I am your mother, you are my son. What we did is called i****t. Everyone would frown on that. It is not an accepted practice, mothers don't fuck their sons. I am not blaming you. I got caught up in the heat of the moment, so it was just as much my fault, do you understand?"

I understood, but still did not want it to stop. "I understand Mom, I am sorry."

"Please do not be sorry," she said. "I am not sorry, you made me feel young again and knowing you wanted me, well; turned me on. Thinking that my own son saw me desirable.
I just want you to know it is not normal for a mother to have sex and make love to her son.

"Why did you want me so much? There are girls your age that you could have sex with," she said.

"Mom, I don't know. I never really thought about you that way until a few weeks ago when you bent over and I saw your breast. Then I began to notice how pretty you are, the way you walk, the perfume you wear, the way you dress, it doesn't show a lot, but you make your clothes look nice."

I was getting hard. Here I was having a serious conversation with my mother about our relationship and my cock is swelling in my pants.

I wanted to lean over and kiss her, but did not.

"Oh my," she said, "you are going to make me blush."

She placed a hand on my leg, close to my inner thigh.

"You also know that if your father were to find out or your b*****rs walked in on us, it would be a real mess." she said.

Here I was 17, horny, a hard on for my mother, never considering any negative consequences to making love with her.

"I know you are right Mom. But the way I feel about you, and the desire that I have to make love to you is really strong. I will be leaving for the Navy in September, that's only 4 months away, and we will not be able to do this anymore." I sounded a little depressed. "I mean, even know with you sitting next to me and smelling your warm skin, is turning me on. Should I move over more?"

She squeezed my leg a little bit tighter. "No, it's ok. I have been thinking a lot about how you make me feel, and knowing you are my son has made my desire to make love to you stronger. Like you said, you will be leaving for the Navy. If we continue this, it must be in secret. I cannot stress that enough, we must be very careful."

If I went a little limp before, my hard on was back. She must have felt my erection because she placed her hand on it and squeezed.

"Oh son, I don't want to stop. I want to show you more, I want to make love to you. Not like the first time, but hold each other and take our time."

She pulled away. "Give me a minute," she said.

I watched her walk away, even then staring at how nice her ass looked, how her hips moved, how the dress rolled over her backside to show off its curvature. I heard the door to her bedroom close.

What was she doing? Is she in bed for the night? This is all so new to me, I want her so bad. I want her to teach me more.

After what seemed like an hour, but actually was only a few minutes, I heard her bedroom door open.

"Come here son, I want to show you something."

The only light in the room was from two large candles on her bureau. I walked in.

"What do you want to show......" I stopped, not being able to speak. I must have stood there like a k** in a candy store. Mouth open, eyes popping out of my head. The bulge in my pants getting harder.

There she was, my mom, laying on the bed in a very sheer night gown, not like the one from last week. This one revealed everything. Every curve of her body, every detail. The small black patch between her legs with, not droplets of water like I thought last time, but droplets of her juices. I could see the sharpness of her nipples against the material of the nightie. I could smell her desire. Her needing to feel her son next to her. How freshly shaven her legs looked, so smooth, so inviting. My mind was filled with every lustful thought I ever had about her. The nightie, showing me everything, yet leaving me wanting to see more. I was stuck in place, stuck in time; taking it all in. I was trying to concentrate on one thing, but viewing everything. I think my palms were even beginning to sweat. She looked amazing. Arousing every part of me.

"What do you think son?" she said.

"WOW!" was all I could utter.

"Take your shirt off and come here to the bed, and lock the door in case one of your b*****rs get out of bed."

I did as asked.

I walked over to the edge of the bed. She reached over, unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled them down. She stared at my rock hard cock.

"Is that for your mother," she whispered. She pulled down my underpants, letting her hand touch its' head . She leaned over and kissed it, more like caressing it. She was studying it. She licked along the vein that ran from my balls to the head. She ran her tongue along the base of the head. She kissed it again, led it to her parted lips. She nibbled it, ever so gently.

I was in heaven, I let out a deep breath.

She kissed my stomach, my inner thighs. My mom placed my cock against her lips, grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me into her mouth. Slowly, deeply. I was burning with desire, and she knew it. She enjoyed it. I could sense her lust, the lust she had for her oldest son. She knew both the lust and the love I had for her.

"That feels so good Mom," my mouth was dry as I uttered those words.

"Knowing that your cock is hard for me, makes me very wet and excited. My vagina is throbbing knowing you will enter me, son. But for now just lay down here with me."

I laid there beside her, taking her in with my eyes. Her breast , her nipples hard and inviting. I touched her skin, it was soft and desiring.

"I like it when you touch me," she said. "Do you like me touching you?"

"I do Mom, I do" was all I could say. "I get even more excited when you touch me, you touch me so lovingly, I want you so much."

"Last time you fucked me it was fast, probably from being our first time and the excitement was to high. Tonight I want us to take more time and make love first. Is that all right, son?"

I wanted to dive right in and fuck her, feel my cock inside her, I wanted to cum in her, fill my mom's pussy with my cum. But also I did not want this moment to end.

"I want it to last longer Mom, I want to experience everything you want to share with me." I panted.

She pressed her lips to mine. They were moist and tender. I put my tongue against her lips. She opened hers and allowed me in. Her wet tongue meeting mine. Probing, searching, building up the passion that neither one of us could deny. The kisses were wet, her breath was hot, her passion strong.

She took my left hand and placed it on her breast. "Feel me son, feel me all over."

I felt the softness of her breast. Running my hand from her chest to her nipples.

"Suck on them, put them in your mouth, I want to feel you sucking them, like when you were a baby, " she sounded nearly out of breath.

"Let me take the nightie off, so you can feel better,"

She stood up, slid the straps down her arms and let the nightie slide down her body to the floor.

"Did you really mean all of those things you said about me," she whispered.

"Yes Mom, every word," as my eyes were glued to her wonderful body. It looked more amazing with her standing at the edge of the bed. She was facing me, her breast hung ever slightly on her chest, they came to a point with perfectly shaped pink nipples. How long could I last? My heart was pounding out of my chest.

"Could you turn around for me Mom? I asked.

She did. The skin on her back looked smooth and white. I gazed at her ass. I was hungering to be inside her. I reached over and touched her ass, it felt good in my hands. I went to the edge of the bed and kissed it.

"Bite it! gently," she requested.

I did. I took little bites, and then kissed the spot I just held in my mouth. She was letting out little moans with each nibble. The passion was almost unbearable. I was so hot, so turned on. Knowing I was exciting her kept me burning with lust.

" Do you like that son, do you like my ass? Is it saggy?" she asked like an innocent school c***d.

"I do like your ass, It is beautiful," I replied.

She got back into bed. "I'm glad, I am happy that you want me, that you want to make love to me."

I wanted to take my time. To feel every inch of her. To feel the hotness of her breath on my face. To hear her moan with passion and excitement.

We began to kiss again. I was making out with my mother, it was better and greater than any girl I had made out with.

I kissed her neck, her ears, she told me how good it all felt. She let me know how much she wanted me, that she did not care if it was wrong, I was making her feel young and desirable. She was my mother but her body longed for everything I could and would do to her.

I could feel her breast against me. She moved my hand between her legs as she moved hers to my hard cock.

"You are so hard son!" she said, stroking my cock and then feeling my balls. They felt good in her hand, she cradled them so gently. She squeezed my balls a little harder and I moaned with pleasure.

I separated her vaginal lips with my hand feeling for that pink clit I had seen last week.

"Put a few of your fingers inside me."

I could tell she was very excited. She was so wet, my hand was now wet. I ran my fingers along her pussy, flicking the clit. She moaned. I put one finger inside of her, then another. I held her pussy in my hand and made a movement like I was trying to lift her by her pussy.

"That feels so good. You are making me feel wanted and sexy." she whispered in my ear.

"Are you sure you have not had sex with anyone else?" she said. "You are doing so good."

"No, Mom," I answered, "you were my first." The passion I felt for her overcame my inexperience.

"Lay on your back," she said. I did so.

My mother got one leg and one arm over me, her head over my cock.

"I am going to make love to your cock, I want to feel it all the way in my mouth. Can you see my clit?"

I could not miss it, it stuck out from in between those now red lips like a head peaking out of a shell. It had a tiny droplet of nectar hanging off it, enticing me to taste.

"Suck on it, suck on my clit."

I felt her lips on the head of my cock. They parted and gripped my cock in between them. She let her mouth slide down my shaft all the way to my balls, she gagged a little but did not stop. She raised and lowered her mouth on the shaft. She held my balls in her hand. Kissed them and put them in her mouth. The sensation was amazing.

She held my cock tight as she took her mouth off. I felt a little pre-cum on the head of my cock. She licked it off.

I could see her ass and pussy in my face. She was so wet, she was dripping. I grabbed her ass and pulled her down to me. I sucked on her clit and let my tongue move along her vagina. I licked up the juices that were flowing from her.

"Suck my clit, suck it hard, nibble on it." I could tell by her voice there was no turning back for either of us. And we did not want to.

She arched her back, she was spasmodic. Even I knew she was having an orgasm, and cumming hard.

After a few seconds the spasms' stopped.

She sat up saying, "I want you to fuck me, I want my sons' cock inside me again."

She turned to me. Her breast were dangling in from of my face, they were wonderful to look at, soft to hold, I put a nipple in my mouth, "Just like you were nursing on me." she said. I grabbed both nipples and put them in my mouth.

She leaned back for a moment, reached underneath her, grabbed my cock and put her pussy over it. I felt the head enter her. She was so wet. She let her pussy slide down my shaft. I could feel her ass against my balls.

She lifted her self up and down on my cock, her breathing was very heavy, her thrusting faster and harder. I could not take it any longer. Seeing her breast moving back and forth in front of my eyes, feeling her pussy around my cock, holding on tight. It felt like she was grabbing it with her pussy tighter and tighter.

"I am going to cum again son, I want you to cum with me, I want to feel you shoot your white cream into me".

"Yes, Mom, Oh MY GOD! YES! I am cumming inside you."

She stopped and shuddered, I was sending my cum inside of my mother and she was cumming with me.

There was silence. I had fucked; NO! I had made love to my mother, she made love to me. It was heaven. It was a memory I would hold close for the rest of my life. My mother would be the best lover I ever had.

"That was wonderful, you made me so happy." she said, as she laid on top of me. She put her arms around my neck and we began to kiss again.

After a few more deep kisses she fell down on the side of me. We lay there panting, sweating, resting just totally spent from sharing our bodies. Mother and Son.

"I love you son."

"I love you too Mom."

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3 years ago
Very Very Sensual and sexy would love to read some more
3 years ago
As usual Adel a well written and sensual story! Thanks for sharing!
3 years ago
3 years ago
mmm Came nicely with that one, always wanted to fuck my mum
3 years ago
mmmm so sexy, nice story loved it