The Seduction of Dad

She plotted to get her father's cock.

I was sixteen the day I saw Dad taking a shower. The bathroom door was ajar,

probably to let the steam out, and the shower had a clear, glass door. I’d only ever

seen Dad with pants on or the baggy swim trunks he wears, and so it came as a

shock to see him not only naked, but jerking off. I was instantly aroused.

He hadn’t seen me come in and his head was thrown back with his eyes closed. I

knew I should get the hell out of there, but my pussy was urging me to stay. I

invariably listen to my pussy.

Before that, I’d never even thought of Dad’s cock. Now that I saw how absolutely

gorgeous it was, though, the idea of it invaded my mind and took hold. It was

being sprayed by the shower so that it seemed to glisten and sparkle, and like a

very good ad for a soft drink, it made me thirsty to look at. It was longer and

thicker than my boyfriend’s cock and I loved the thick, golden hairs at the base. I

knew that image would stay with me for a very long time. I also took time to

admire his tight ass. Like me, he had blond curly hair and long legs; he was a

damn good-looking man for any age.

When he started to come, I got the hell out of the bathroom and went to my room,

closing the door so that no one would walk in. We have a knocking rule in our

house and we all adhere to it.

I threw myself on the bed, yanked off my shorts, and started furiously abusing my

clit. I have a great clit. It’s extra large and the tip of it hangs out of my pussy lips.

This means I get an orgasm whenever I ride my bike or sit on the washer and

dryer and even just rubbing up against furniture. My clit makes it so easy to have

orgasms without even undressing or touching myself.

I came over and over again, all the time picturing my dad in the shower, stroking

his glorious cock. I wanted his cock, but he’d be appalled at the idea. I tried to

think of some way, any way, that I could get him to let me suck it, but I couldn’t

come up with a thing.

An idea finally came to me that what I had to do was get him interested in my

pussy. I wanted him to start fantasizing about my pussy the way I was starting to

fantasize about him. I wanted him so filled with lust that nothing would matter to

him but having me.

And then I had it!

After dinner—a dinner in which I was so aware of my dad’s cock under the table

that I could barely eat—I borrowed his car to drive over to my boyfriend’s house.
Mat was in the driveway shooting hoops and I asked if we could go up to his room

for a minute.

When we got there, I took out my digital camera and asked him if he’d take some

shots of my pussy. Naturally, he was agreeable to that. I removed my shorts and

thong and spread myself out on his bed with a couple of pillows under my ass. I

spread my knees and pulled open my pussy so that he’d have an excellent view of

my clit and anything else in there. Well, Mat got off a few good shots and then

used his cell to take a few more for himself. He’d wanted to before but I’d never let

him, thinking they’d be all over school the next day. At the moment I didn’t care if

he shared them. As it turned out, he did, and you wouldn’t believe all the boys who

started texting me. And let’s be honest—what girl doesn’t like having boys see

her pussy?

I thought of another picture I wanted and had him take a close-up of my mouth,

wide open, just the way it looks when I’m about to take a cock inside of it.

That turned out well so I next had him take some shots of me bending way over so

that both my pussy and asshole were in the picture. And after that, he took some

close-ups of just one breast, my large nipple hard and glistening from some baby

oil I put on it. As the final shot, he took a full body shot of me nude with what I

hoped was a naughty smile on my face. I was good to go.

Dad has a ritual getting dressed for work. The night before he hangs his clothes

on a wooden thing called a valet that mom bought him and sits in their bedroom.

That night I went into his room when it was empty and slid one of the pictures of

my pussy into his suit jacket pocket. I was pretty sure he’d never even notice it

until long after he got to work. Maybe he’d think his secretary slipped it in there.

It took me ages to get to sl**p that night. I kept thinking of Dad’s cock and

masturbating, and then masturbating again. I finally fell asl**p sucking on my

thumb and pretending it was his cock.

I was coming down the stairs the next morning when I heard my mom cry out. It

turned out she had been helping my dad on with his jacket and patting the

pockets and she was the one who discovered the picture. I stayed where I was on

the stairs where they couldn’t see me and listened.

“Who is this slut, Eddie?” she wanted to know.

Dad was silent for a moment. “I have no idea. I never saw that picture before in my


“Liar! You just happen to be walking around with a photo of cunt and you never

saw it before? What, it just magically appeared in your pocket?

“Jesus, Susan, keep your voice down.”

“Why should I? You’re fucking some slut and I’m supposed to stay quiet about it?”

“I’m not cheating on you, Suze; I swear it.”

“Look at you. You’re getting an erection from just looking at that picture.”

Oh, I really loved that part. My dad getting an erection over my pussy. Wow, that

made me ecstatic.

“Go on, get out of this house,” Mom was saying. “And don’t expect me to be here

when you get home tonight.”

I heard the door close a few seconds later and I padded silently back up the stairs

to my room.

I had an idea and got online. I opened a new email account using the name

PinkPussy and emailed another copy of my pussy picture to my dad at work.

Where it said subject, I wrote THIS IS WHERE YOUR COCK BELONGS. I sent a

second email with a picture of my ass and said AND HERE, and another one of

my mouth wide open saying—well anyway, you get the idea.

After a while I heard Mom in her room banging drawers open and shut. I walked

down the hall to see what was up.

She had a suitcase open on her bed and was packing it with clothes. “Where are

you going, Mom?” I asked her.

“I’m going to stay with my s****r for a few days.”

“You don’t even like your s****r.”

“Well, I don’t like your father much at the moment, either. You can call me at

Jenny’s if you need me.”

“Is Scab going with you?

“No, he is not.”

“But you know he’ll get in trouble.”

“That’s your father’s problem now, Essie; he can handle it.”

As soon as Mom left, I got back online. Sure enough, PinkPussy had gotten an

email from my dad. It said WHO ARE YOU?

I answered it, writing, YOUR WET DREAM.

He made the mistake in his next email of asking me what I wanted. I replied in

detail, starting with sucking his cock and ending with a detailed description of us

fucking. I thought it was pretty good as it sure turned me on writing it. After that, I

decided to let him worry about it the rest of the day.

I waited until I knew Dad would be home before I went home that evening. When I

walked in, he was in the kitchen, glass in hand and a bottle of Jim Beam on the


“What’s for dinner, Dad?” I asked.

“Where’s your mother?”

“At Aunt Jenny’s.”

“Get Scab and we’ll go for pizza.”

“Scab’s sl**ping over at Bobby’s house.”

“Then the two of us will go.”

“Okay, be with you in a minute, Dad.”

I ran upstairs and took off the T-shirt I was wearing, exchanging it for a see-

through top that mom hated. And without her there to forbid me out of the house, I

went naked beneath it. I wondered if Dad would mention it. If he did, maybe we

could get into a discussion of nipples. I’d love to talk about stuff like that with him.

Maybe, while we discussed it, I could take his hand and slip it up under my top

and let him feel the nipples we were discussing. And maybe when we got back to

the car he could taste them, and then I could taste him, and then…I was getting

way too carried away.

He was waiting in the car when I went back down. I got into the front seat and put

on my seatbelt, liking the way the seatbelt made my tits jut out. Dad looked over to

see that I was buckled up and his eyes went straight to my nipples, which were

hard and clearly visible.

Once at the restaurant Dad was quiet, which was unusual for him. “What’s the

matter, Dad,” I asked him. “You and Mom have a fight?”

“I guess you’re old enough to hear about it. She’s got this idea I cheated on her,

but it isn’t true. I’d never cheat on her.”

“Why would she think that? You’re practically always at home.”

“Someone put a picture in my pocket and she found it.”

“What kind of a picture?”

“I guess I’d describe it as a scantily clad woman.”

That sure wouldn’t be the way I’d describe it.

“Do you know the woman in the picture?”

He looked uncomfortable. “Well, it didn’t show her face. Actually it just showed

one part of her.”

“I bet it was her pussy.”

“You shouldn’t use words like that, Essie.”

“What do you call it?”

“Well, maybe vagina would be a better word.”

“Sure, Dad, except the vagina is inside.”

He smiled at that. “Okay, I guess I’ve been known to call it a pussy, but not around

your mother. She doesn’t like words like that.”

“I love the word pussy.”

He gave me a serious look. “Do you now.”

“Ummhmm. Did it have a big bush?”

“No, it was clean shaven. Very smooth. It even showed the pink insides.”

“Good enough to eat?” I asked.

“Watch your mouth, Essie.”

“Don’t you eat pussy, Dad?”

“That’s really none of your business, Essie, and I’m surprised you’d ask.”


We ate in silence for a while, and then I said, “Maybe your secretary put the

picture in there.”

He shook his head. “No, it wasn’t Angela.”

“How do you know?”

“Angela’s small on top, almost flat-chested.”

“Yeah, but all you saw was her pussy.”

“Well, no…but don’t tell your mother this.”

“I promise.”

Whoever did it sent me some emails today, calls herself PinkPussy. One was of

her breasts, and believe me, they weren’t small. And then one of her open mouth.”


“Yeah, I know. It made for an uncomfortable day at work.”

“Did you have a hard-on all day?

“That’s not what I meant, Essie. Although I guess I did.”

“What did her tits look like?”

He sighed. “I have to admit they were beautiful.” His eyes dropped down as he

looked at mine. “She’s about your size, same large nipples. And I apologize, I

certainly shouldn’t be noticing my daughter’s nipples, even though you clearly

have them on display.”

“I’m glad you think they’re beautiful.”

“You’re a beautiful girl; I’m proud of you. And I think we better go home, this

conversation is getting far too personal.”

I was wanting him so badly by then my bikini was soaked. I wasn’t alone, though,

as he had a distinct erection as we left the restaurant.

Once we got home, he went to his room and closed the door. I figured he was

getting on his computer.

I went to my room and got naked and also went online. PinkPussy sent her last

email to Dad, this one with one of the pictures of me naked that showed my face. I

hit send, closed the email account, and then waited to see what would happen.

After about ten minutes I started to get worried, but then I heard his footsteps in

the hall. He paused at my door for a few moments and then softly knocked.

“Come in, Dad,” I called out.

I swiveled around in my chair so that he got the full-frontal view when he opened

the door. He was naked, too, and his beautiful cock was fully erect. He just stood

there, so I went over to him and got on my knees. He didn’t stop me when I closed

my mouth over his cock and began to suck. My hands went up and down his

strong thighs and over his rounded butt and down to caress his balls before

moving to his asshole. I wanted to touch every part of him; I wanted him to touch

every part of me.

At one point he groaned and said, “Your mother never wanted to do this.”

I took my mouth off his cock and looked up at him. “I will never not want to, Dad.

And I want to drink all the cum you can give me.”

When he was about to come and started to pump my mouth, I swallowed and

managed to get him in even farther. Cum started shooting into my throat and I

took it in big gulps, thinking I’d never tasted anything so delicious. The fact that it

came from my dad made it so special.

When he had recovered, I took his hand to lead him to my bed, but he suggested

we go to his room. “Your bed’s too small for everything I want to do to you, Essie.”

“Can I ask you something, Dad?”

“Of course.”

“Did you masturbate to my pictures?”

He looked like he wasn’t going to answer, but then he laughed. “Oh, hell yes.

Those pictures had me so hot I couldn’t see straight.”

“I wish you’d known it was me.”

“I did know they were of you. Not for sure until the third one, although I’d suspected

it before then, but the one of your mouth open—I recognized the chip on your tooth

from jumping off the roof that time.”

“You suspected? I don’t believe you.”

First off, that’s the first time I’ve worn that suit since it came back from the

cleaners. It had only been in the closet, so it had to be you or your mother, and I

knew it couldn’t be your mother.” He gave me a wicked grin. “And I saw you

watching me jack off in the shower. My eyes weren’t all the way closed.”

“And it wasn’t your eyes I was looking at. I would have sucked you off right then,

you know.”

“I thought you needed a little time to think about it.”

“Yeah, to start obsessing about your cock.”

“So what’s next on the sexual menu?” he asked.

“I want you to fuck me senseless.”

“Music to my ears.”

He loved the way my pussy was such a tight fit, and I loved the way his cock filled

me completely. Afterwards, he sucked on my nipples until he got hard again, and

then I pulled my tits around his cock and he fucked me there, ending it by coming

all over my face.

We took a break then, more for his sake than mine, and when we resumed, I knelt

on the bed with my ass in the air and my face on the mattress, and begged him to

fuck me in the ass. He was hesitant as he was afraid he’d hurt me, but when I told

him I’d done it lots of times, he gave in. He coated my asshole as well as his cock

with some petroleum jelly to make it slide in easily, and then he worked it inside,

inch by inch. I was moaning in pleasure and when I looked around, he had a big

smile on his face. He began to pump his cock and I was hoping he’d be able to

keep it up a long time as I never wanted the feeling to end. By then he had told me

it was the best sex he’d ever had, and the same was true for me. It seems I

inherited his insatiable sexual appetite, one he had suppressed for too long. We

were made for each other.

I was facing the door and he was still pumping away when Mom suddenly

appeared in the doorway. She looked at me, then did a double-take, and I saw

she still wasn’t certain, so I smiled at her. “Hi, Mom,” I said, my voice breathless.

“No,” she said, and it came out a long moan.

Dad looked around then, but his cock didn’t stop pumping in and out of me.

“No,” she said again, and I saw tears streaming down her face. That made me

feel bad as Mom wasn’t a crier.

She left then, just like that, and I felt the relief wash over me. I had been afraid her

appearance would effectively end our session and there was so much more I

wanted to do with Dad. I didn’t think I’d ever get enough of him.

94% (37/2)
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"The Seduction of Dad" - Eddie and Essie - (Father and Daughter).

Whow! WHOW!! From zero to sixty in one night, Eddie's sixteen year old daughter Essie, sucks, fucks and completes her almost whorely duties in a one-night tryst with her father. Further, they are caught by his wife Suze, Essie's mother--and she walks out, for who knows how long. It's almost Wham, Bam, Thani You Ma'am, as the daughter gets right into her total seduction of her father--without any delay!
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exclnt story,.....see my pics and videos
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