My Fit Mum (Part 2)

Mum and Son go all the way.
Ok, it has been over a month now since the incident with my mum. Incident! What

the fuck am I talking about, It was the best fucking sexual experience of my life so


Things had returned to pretty much normal at home. The sexual encounter

between me and my mum was never brought up, I assumed that It was a “one off”

owing to a combination of mum having a little too much to drink after a night out

with her girlfriends, her being a little sexually frustrated and then finding me

starkers on the top of the bed, and me being more than happy to participate in the

act of i****tuous sex with my fucking gorgeous mum.

I was dating again on and off which was ok but I found myself comparing the girls I

went out with to my mum. Most of which never came close to having a body as fit

as her. I had to bite my tongue when I was fucking one of my girlfriends. I was

coming up to the “Money Shot” and had my eyes closed imagining that my cock

was about to explode up my mum’s cunt, when I nearly blurted out the words,

“Fuck, mum, I’m gonna come!”

Now that would have been embarrassing.

The only thing that kept the dream of fucking my mum alive; was the fact that

although everything appeared to be as normal as it could have been under the

circumstances, there were subtle changes in our day to day existence, such as.

In the privacy of the house, we were more comfortable about seeing each other

nude, in fact, if I ever caught mum naked between the bathroom and her bedroom

she would make no attempt to cover any of her modesty, almost inviting me to

stare. And stare I would.

One evening, I was enjoying a long hot soak in the tub following a heavy weights

workout when mum came in the bathroom and asked if I would leave the hot water

in for her to use. While she was talking to me I noticed her eyes wander down to

my crotch area. I imagined her ripping off her clothes and sliding into the bath

with me. Instead she turned, took her bathrobe from the door hook and left.

What happened next left me with no doubt that she was teasing me and that it

would be just a matter of time before we had full sexual intercourse.

I dried off and left the bathroom with just a small towel wrapped around my waist.

As I walked across the landing towards my bedroom mum came out of her room.

Walking towards me I could see that although she had her bathrobe on; it was

open! The robe covered her nipples but her beautiful camel toe pussy was clear

to see. This teasing glimpse of her naked body caused a bit of stirring in my


Her small soft hand stretched out and pressed against my chest stopping me in

my tracks. As my back pressed against the wall I looked down at her hand

resting between my perfectly sculpted pecs. Her fingers were spread; I noticed

that two of them were wet. Mum came a little closer and said,

“Honey, mummy’s going out tonight.”

“On a date?” I said, realising that I’d started to get an erection.

“Steve from the health spa,” She said.

“It’s been a while mum, it’ll do you good to get out,” I replied.

The unmistakable scent of pussy juice wafted up from her hand on my chest.

Instinctively my penis stood proud. Looking for a cunt to fuck it pushed it’s way

through the opening of my towel. I discreetly tried to push it back.

“He’s been asking me out for a while now,” She continued.

I struggled for something intelligent to say; something she wanted to hear.

“Well, I hope he’s man enough for a stunning woman like you,” Was all I could

come up with.

A sexy little grin appeared on my mums face as she ran her hand from my chest

down to my abs leaving a trail of wet pussy juice glistening on my skin. She

hooked her hand under my towel and very gently scratched her nails over my skin

from my balls, along the length of my hard shaft and over my exposed helmet

making me twitch. She placed her other hand into her bathrobe and circled her

fingers around one of her breasts offering me a glimpse of her rock solid nipple

as she said,

“Well, If he’s not,” She whispered,

“I know where there is a man who’s got what it takes.”

As my mum said those words, she looked me square in the eyes, gripped the

head of my rampant cock; pulled it down; and let it go. As my hard-on sprang

back up into the air my towel gave way and fell to the floor. Bending over to pick

up the towel I felt a playful spank on my arse, I turned to see my mum

disappearing into the bathroom giggling like a teenager. It bought a smile to my


In my bedroom I stood naked in front of the mirror.

“Fucking right I’ve got what it takes,” I said to myself.

As I prepared my dinner in the kitchen I could hear mum upstairs getting ready for

her date. I’d planned a night in to watch a film on TV. I was tucking into a healthy

hot chicken salad when mum came into the kitchen.

“How do I look?” She said.

Mum stood in the kitchen doorway looking drop dead gorgeous. Her pale yellow

summer dress looked great on her petite frame, the thin shoulder straps allowed

her to show off her upper body, mum had great arms and real sexy shoulders, not

ripped but toned. The thin dress material revealed that she was bra-less; mum

didn’t really need to wear a bra as her tits were small and firm. The dress flared

out down her legs to just above her knees, and the four-inch yellow stiletto shoes

beautifully shaped her calves.

“Ok gorgeous, give us a twirl,” I said.

Mum moved away from the doorway and into the middle of the kitchen and spun

around. The thin material of her flared dress rose up with ease and revealed her

lemon yellow lace thong underwear. Mum didn’t wear tights or stockings, her

tanned shapely legs looked great with just a sexy oily sheen from the lotion she


“You look absolutely stunning mum,”

I thought she looked totally fuckable.

“Cab’s here,” she said kissing me on the cheek.

“Don’t wait up,”

I watched her walk down the path and get into the cab.

“Steve’s a lucky bastard,” I said out loud.

About two hours later during the middle of the movie I was watching I heard

someone coming in through the front door. It was mum she was alone.

“What’s up mum, I didn’t expect you back for hours,” I said concerned.

“Stood up,” mum replied.

“Apparently Steve’s old girlfriend phoned him and begged him to go back to her,”

she continued.

“And he did?” I blurted out.

“Without hesitation,” mum explained.

“He left a message for me at the restaurant,”

“What a prick!” I said,

“Well at least It happened before we got too involved,” mum said always finding a

positive out of a bad situation.

Mum headed upstairs.

“You ok mum?” I said after her.

“Sure, I’ll be fine, I can always rely on you can’t I sweetie,” she responded back.

Now, part of me felt really sorry for my mum, part of me felt anger towards Steve

for fucking her around this way, but a big part of me, the bit between my legs

thought that this might be my golden opportunity. I poured a large measure of

Malibu over ice in a tall glass; mums favourite drink and took it upstairs.

Mum was in the bathroom removing her earrings.

“I bought you up a drink mum,” I said gently tapping the door.

Mum opened the bathroom door and took the glass from me.

“Thanks son, could you please unzip me?” she said turning her back to me.

I slowly unclasped the hook at the back of her dress and began to pull down on

the zip. Her dress opened up and revealed the silky smooth skin on her back;

the warm scent of her perfume teased my senses. I stood back and looked at

mum in the mirror.

Without turning around mum slipped the straps off her shoulders one by one.

Looking back at me in the mirror she let the dress fall to the floor.

My cock was stiffening by the second as I gazed upon the vision of beauty that

was my mum; standing in front of me in nothing but her high heels and a thong.

“Do you think I look old?” mum asked as she sipped on her drink.

I placed my hands on my mum’s shoulders and gently turned her around to face

me. Looking her in the eye I said,

“You’re the most gorgeous woman I know,” I replied.

With that mum moved forward and gave me a motherly kiss on the lips. As she

did so, I felt my erection poke her in the belly. Stepping back, mum looked down

at the bulge in my training shorts. I saw my mum think for a moment, and then it


Mum looked into my eyes, reached up and placed both of her hands around the

back of my head; she pulled our faces together kissing me hard on the lips. I

opened my lips and welcomed mums tongue into my mouth. I tasted the coconut

liqueur on her lips and tongue as they probed my mouth. Kissing her hard back, I

placed my hands around her slim waist and pulled her close. Her firm torso

pushed against my hard cock until it was pinned upright between us both; through

her French kiss I felt her mouth vibrate as she throat moaned with pleasure. After

a while mum broke off the kiss and stepped back, my hard-on fell forward.

Without a word mum held out her hand and took mine, turning towards the door

she led me out of the bathroom and headed for her bedroom.

My heart was pounding; my erection was painfully hard as mum stood me against

the wall in her room.

I felt her locate the bottom of my tee shirt and begin to lift it up towards my head. I

raised my arms up and mum pulled the shirt over my head and tossed it to the

floor. Mums fingers then began stroking around the waist of my shorts.

“I want you so bad,” mum whispered into my ear as she began to pull down my


“God, I want you too,” I replied.

My cock sprung free as my shorts fell to the floor. I was now completely naked in

front of my mum, my head was awash with all sorts of emotions, and my hard-on

was throbbing and visibly twitching. I knew that this time things were going to go

a lot further if we let it happen.

I looked at my mum’s fit, tanned body as she picked up her drink from the

bedside table, she looked incredibly sexy in her heels and thong. Taking a big

sip of her iced Malibu she replaced the glass on the table and turned towards me.

I stood motionless as mum ran her fingers across my chest and down to my abs;

tracing the outline of each well formed muscle with the most delicate touch of her

fingertips. Mums warm flesh came into contact with my naked erection as she

moved in close to me, my cock twitched against her taut belly, I felt the first drop of

pre-cum ooze from the end, I let out a small moan of pure pleasure. Mum looked

up into my eyes and opened her lips, I moved my face to hers and we french

kissed. As I explored her mouth with my tongue, I felt her hand move down from

my abs to my throbbing erection. Her fingers barely encircled the girth of my

cock as she began to slide the foreskin back and forth over my naturally

lubricated helmet.

Our French kiss ended with some smaller delicate kisses on the lips. Mum

continued to gently wank me off as she kissed her way down my neck and across

my chest. Bending at her knees she kissed and licked her way down to my abs.

I looked down and saw my mum kneeling in front of me staring straight at the thick

cock she was wanking. I closed my eyes and gently placed my hands on the

back of her head. She pulled my foreskin back and exposed my helmet; I felt her

breath on the end of my cock as she moved in.

I let out a loud throaty moan as mums lips wrapped around the end of my penis

and gradually worked their way down my shaft. I gently held the back of her head

stroking her hair as she sucked up and down on a good two thirds of my man

meat. I was in heaven.

I opened my eyes and looked down to see my mum with a mouthful of my cock

looking back up at me.

“Oh god mum, that feels so good,” I whispered.

Mum slipped her lips off my shaft making a slurping, smacking sound and stood

up. She continued to tug on my cock as she kicked off her shoes one by one.

“On the bed,” she said.

I heard her say those three simple words and knew for sure that this was definitely

about to get dead serious.

Mum held on to my cock as she backed up towards the bed, I followed letting her

take full control of the situation. She turned me around when we reached the bed

and removing her hand from my shaft gently pushed on my chest. I fell back onto

the bed and quickly made myself comfortable with my head resting in the plump

pillows. My balls hung between my parted legs and my cock stood rigid as mum

climbed onto the bed with me.

Mum kneeled either side of my legs and lowered her body down until her breasts

made contact with my erect penis. She continued to press down with her body

until my cock was flat against my stomach. I felt my shaft slide between her tits

as she slowly moved her body up and over mine, her erect nipples making

contact with each of my abs muscles as my cock slid across her belly. As mums

tits rested against my chest and we were face to face I could feel the lace of her

thong against my throbbing hard-on, her legs were either side of mine. Mum slid

forward until my cock sprang up between her legs, I could feel the heat from her

pussy against the length of my shaft. It was so fucking horny to know that a

micrometer of lacy fabric was all that stood between my mums cunt and my

throbbing stiffie.

Mum nestled her head into my neck, her arms were by her side and her hands

were resting on my hips. I heard her breathing heavy as she rotated her pelvis

rubbing her crotch against my cock. I reached down and placed my hands on her

arse slipping my fingers under the fabric of her thong, I could feel the strong

muscles in her arse tense as she continued to grind her cunt against me.

The movement of mums pelvic thrusting had gradually peeled my foreskin back

exposing the sensitive glands of my helmet. It felt so fucking good and I felt for

sure I could soon orgasm if this continued. I heard mum whisper something into

my neck; I didn’t hear what she said.

“Are you ok?” I asked,

“I couldn’t hear you,” I said.

Mum lifted her head from the side of my neck and moved her head until her mouth

was next to my ear, her heavy panting sounded sexy but the next words to cross

her lips were the ones I had longed to hear.

“I need you to fuck me now baby,” she said in a husky voice that I’d never heard

her use before.

I turned my head towards hers and we made eye contact. Mum kissed me on the

lips and in the same sexy, husky voice said,

“I want to feel your cock inside me, now.”

I didn’t say a word; I brought my hands up to her shoulders and gently pushed my

mum over on to her back on the bed beside me. I sat up and turned towards her.

Mum’s head was tilted to one side looking at me; I knew that she wanted me to

take control.

I positioned myself between my mums parted legs and gazed down at the

stunning, sexy woman that lay before me. My hard-on twitched in anticipation as I

stared at the wet patch on mums yellow thong, the material had become slightly

transparent and revealed the slit of her cunt. My cock twitched and another drop

of pre-cum oozed out, slowly dripping down onto the bed. I brought my face

down between mum’s legs and breathed in the sweet, musky scent of her hot


Placing my fingers behind the waist elastic, I began to peel the thong down over

mum’s hips. Mum raised her arse off the bed and I pulled the thong down her

thighs, she raised her legs, I slipped the underwear up and over her feet tossing

the garment on the floor next to my shorts. Mum brought her legs back down and

spread them wide for me to see my prize.

My prize was the beautifully shaved pussy, that I had seen my mum fingering with

her own two fingers only a few weeks ago when she came into my room and

wanked me off. I couldn’t have it then, but tonight it was all mine.

I brought my head down between her legs again just inches away from her

glistening pussy lips. Mum saw me lick my lips.

“Oh god, yes.” She sighed.

Closing her eyes with her head back on the pillow mum began to gently fondle her

own breasts.

I ran my hands along the inside of her thighs spreading her legs open, using my

fingers I gently pulled her pussy lips apart. Mum let out a loud moan as I buried

my face into her juicy cunt. I savoured the taste of her juices; her pussy appeared

to flood with her natural lubricant. Mum writhed in ecstasy as my tongue darted in

and out of her wet hole, she shuddered as I sucked on her engorged clit. Mum

was pulling and pinching her nipples, her head rolled from side to side and she

thrust her hips into my face pushing her cunt hard against my probing tongue. I

moved my hands around to cup both cheeks of mum’s perfectly formed bum

pulling her groin into my face as I tongue fucked her slit.

Mums breathing got heavier, she started moaning with each breath and frantically

tugged on her nipples, I knew she was close to coming on my tongue.

Breathlessly she began to cry out.

“Oh god, don’t stop, Oh god yes!”

Mum clamped my head between her thighs as she convulsed in orgasm, her body

tensed and twitched as I continued to lick her clitoris.

“Oh fuck yes, oh baby that’s so good.” She screamed through gritted teeth.

Eventually she calmed and relaxed her body, opening her thighs to release my

head. My face was wet with her juices, I sat up, licking my lips, she tasted so

good. I wiped the rest off with my hands.

My hard-on was incredible; I’d never felt this hard before. My foreskin had rolled

right back, the head of my cock was bone dry from being pressed down onto the

duvet. I used the pussy juice on my hands to lubricate my thick shaft.

“I want you inside me baby,” mum said watching me prepare my tool.

“Put your thick cock in mummy’s hole,”

I just adored the filth coming from her lips.

I had put aside any reservations of this i****tuous sex between mum and son; I

saw the whole thing as just two very fit, very horny people who needed each other

for sexual release. So I prepared to fuck the shit out of the gorgeous chick lying

naked and ready in front of me.

Nudging my penis against her wet hole mum’s cunt offered little resistance, the

head of my cock slipped inside with ease.

“Oh yes, Mmmmmm,” I heard mum whisper.

Her head was raised off the pillow, she watched as my thick cock began to

penetrate her hole.

The thickness of my cock began to tell as I came up to the narrow part of her cunt

just inside the soft opening. I started to feel resistance as her pussy walls closed

in around my shaft.

Using small gentle thrusts I inched my way into my mum’s cunt, each thrust forcing

a throaty gasp from her lips.

“Oh god baby, that feels so good,” mum cried out.

“Give me every fucking inch,” she said as she watched my thick shaft slowly

disappear into her body.

A few more delicate thrusts and I was in “up to the hilt”. My balls pressed hard

against her arse. I held it there to allow for mums pussy to slowly stretch around

my steel-hard shaft. She was gasping and gyrating her hips slowly as her pussy

adjusted to my girth. I felt certain that she was experiencing the thickest cock

she’d ever had.

Mum started to thrust her hips up off of the bed letting me know that she was


I withdrew my cock slowly, looking down I saw the lubricated shaft extrude from

mums tight little hole. As soon as I saw the end of my cock I pushed it back

inside all the way in one movement. She was still a little tight but mums cunt had

given up a little room to the invading giant.

Mum was grunting with each thrust of my cock as I started to fuck her with a

steady rhythm. She wrapped her powerful legs around my back resting her feet

on my arse.

I varied my rhythm from short quick thrusting to long deep strokes. Mum was

speaking in short gasps as I thrust deep into her body.

“Oh – god – yes – fuck – me – hard!” she gasped.

I relaxed my arms and brought my chest down on to my mums, I felt her hard

nipples dig into my flesh. We French-kissed like hungry young lovers as I

continued to deep fuck her.

With her tongue exploring my mouth mum removed her feet from my bucking arse

replacing them with her hands digging her nails into my buttocks as she pulled me

deeper into her.

I stopped kissing her, bent my head and put one of her nipples in my mouth; I

sucked on one, then the other. Mum had fantastic nipples as thick as my little


I felt the first sensations deep in my groin of my impending orgasm. Mum was

making little whimpering noises; I knew she was close to her second orgasm.

Her hips started to buck up to meet my thrusts; her thighs began to tighten around

my waist.

“Yes, yes.” She whispered.

I felt a tightening in my scrotum as my flood gates prepared to give way.

“Oh god mum, I’m going to come,” I said as my balls began to spasm.

Mum pushed her lips up close to my ear; her sexy, husky voice uttered the words;

“Come inside me baby, I’m gonna come too.”

I thrust my cock into her pussy, my balls slapped against her arse.

“Fuck yes, fuck yes,” mum kept repeating as her second climax ripped through

her body.

I felt her strong body tense; mum gripped my body tight as my orgasm exploded

into being. I felt every gush of sperm run through the length of my shaft and eject

into my mums soaked pussy.

“Oh fucking Jesus, I’m coming,” I gasped.

I thought I’d had some good orgasms in my time but this was without doubt the

most intense. My penis seemed to expand as it pumped inside my mum. I had

always shot huge amounts of semen and sperm when I came but the amount that I

expelled into my mums cunt was more than could be contained, it spilled out past

my shaft running down her arse and over my balls.

We both lay there, trying to catch our breath. Mum squeezed her pussy wall

muscles and milked my shaft dry; the feeling was exquisite. We French-kissed

again as we stroked each other’s body.

I slowly withdrew my cock when it became soft; rolling over to spoon in behind

mum I cuddled in close and toyed with her nipples. Mum was making little

sighing noises; she reached back and stroked my sticky cock. We drifted off to

sl**p. I had the best fuck, followed by the best sl**p ever.

In the morning I woke to the familiar sound of mum’s exercise music, once again I

found myself stuck to the sheets, but I was in mums bed, It wasn’t a dream, I

smiled to myself as I remembered the amazing night before.

“Fucking right you’ve got what it takes,” I said to myself.

Downstairs mum had prepared a great healthy breakfast. I waited for her to

finish her workout and join me at the table. This time we talked about what had

gone on. Mum explained that however great the sex was between us we

shouldn’t make it a regular occurrence, but we agreed that occasionally if we

were both feeling horny and without a partner that we should use each other for

sexual relief again.

I was happy with that and was already thinking about the different ways I’d love to

try fucking my mum.

100% (62/0)
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4 months ago
6 months ago
having re read it I now think hes wasted about 15 years! but still wow a brill story
6 months ago
One word...... Amazing
7 months ago
"My Fit Mom Part 2" - (Thirty-one year old Son and Forty-nine year old Mother).

The mother's limitations and restrictions on her and her son's future sexual sessions has put a damping effect on the story--in my opinion and from my perspective!! Either you do...or, you don't! One cannot be half pregnant, and a mother doling out her pussy, at their mature ages, is a nightmare of fustration. However, for what it's worth, the story is FANTASTIC in content and contest, in characterization of mother and son, and the story is very sensual and romantic!!
1 year ago
wow, lovely
2 years ago
Wonderful! 5*****!
3 years ago
Great story.
3 years ago
3 years ago
very sexy and hot. Great posting
3 years ago
very good & hot
3 years ago
That was a very hot story. Thank you for posting.