My fit Mum part 1

How do I get my hot Mum to fuck m

I'm 31 years old and my dad is probably about 50 by now, we haven't been in

contact since he left us for some little Asian slut he met on a job in Singapore

twenty or so years ago.

Mum was clearly devastated but I stood by her and, despite my young age,

provided encouragement for her when she felt low, old and unwanted.

A very attractive woman at 49, mum has always had a petite, tight little figure, no

doubt due to being very active during her younger years. Swimming, running and

cycling to name a few activities which filled a glass cabinet with cups, badges and

shields, testament to her skills and determination. Nowadays she keeps fit by

regular aerobics classes, yoga and some weight training.

Occasionally catching her coming out of the bathroom naked, I can truly say that

she has a better body on her than many of my previous girlfriends half her age!

Her boobs which are not too big but have a great shape are showing no signs at

all of being overcome by gravity or age. Her pussy could be described as “Camel

toe”, probably because I was the only k** she had, and I was small at birth, so her

cute little cunt was never stretched all out of shape and now still looks like that of a

much younger girl.

After my dad left, it took almost 5 years before she started dating again, nothing

too serious, just a few male companions on and off over the next few years.

I'm sure that she would get down to some serious fucking with her partners when I

stayed over at my mates house some weekends. If I returned home a little earlier

than planned there would always be an embarrassing silence as if nobody really

knew what to say. When her partners left she would always ask if I was ok, I would

always reply, “I'm cool with whatever makes you happy” and give her a big hug.

One planned stay over was cancelled because my friend was sick and I ended up

sharing a night in with my mum and one of her partners. Mum cooked a great

meal which I shared with them at the table but I felt a little in the way when I saw

them making eyes at each other so I discreetly feigned tiredness and retired to

my room where I watched DVDs until I fell asl**p.

I was woken at 1 in the morning by my mum, a little tipsy, shooshing and telling her

guy to be quiet so as not to wake me up. The next few hours, as I suspected they

would be, were kind of weird.

Not long after I heard mums bedroom door close came the sounds of stifled

giggling and whispering, more shooshing, then my heart rate shot up as I heard

the familiar sounds of loud kisses followed by deep throaty moaning. Inevitably,

moments later came the rhythmic sounds of the bed creaking and small yelps

from my mum as her partner fucked her pussy. Soon enough came the deep

grunting as he neared his climax and my mums voice whispering loudly,

“Yes, fuck yes!

Embarrassed as I was, I couldn't help realising that not only was I straining to hear

more, but my cock was straining to get out of my pants. I stripped off my

underwear and wanked frantically as I heard my mum and her partner coming

together. I shot, what seemed a gallon of come in my bed and as things became

quiet I drifted off to sl**p.

I swore to myself when I woke up in the morning stuck to my own sheets, my bed

smelt strongly of stale spunk. I cleaned up most of it with my pants and hid them

under my bed, thinking that I would deal with them later when mum wasn't about.

The sheets didn't look too bad apart from a large damp patch which I assumed

would dry invisibly.

I must have slept well, I noticed it was already 10 o'clock, I could hear mum

downstairs working out to one of her fitness DVD's

I came out of my room and made for the bathroom, stopping to peer into my

mums bedroom. I stood in the open doorway and looked at her freshly made bed.

I found it quite erotic thinking about the major fuck session that was performed

right there on that very innocent looking bed.

Nursing a semi hard on I ducked into the bathroom just as mum was coming up

the stairs.

“Morning sl**py head” she called as she banged on the bathroom door.

“Morning mum” I replied through a mouthful of toothpaste.

She was already back downstairs when I came out from the bathroom.

Stepping into my bedroom to get dressed I was horrified to find that my mum had

been in my room and stripped my bed for the Sunday laundry, the weather was

hot and windy, I should have guessed that she would take advantage of that to do

the washing.

“FUCK!” I screamed to myself as I realised that she had discovered, and taken,

my spunk soaked pants.

After a while I decided to just play it cool and to pretend as if everything was

normal, so I got dressed and went downstairs.

As I walked into the kitchen mum was bending over loading my guilty pants and

sheets into the washing machine. Her arse looked fucking fantastic in her workout

lycra shorts, and when she stood up and turned around, her tight sweaty tee shirt

showed off her pert little tits and rock hard erect nipples. I must have seen them

hundreds of times like this, but this morning, she was almost turning me on!

Her fella had obviously gone early, and nothing was said about anything, which I

was happy about.

I was 22 then and apart from the weird feelings I got when I saw my mum either

naked or in her sweaty workout gear I carried on as normal, dating girls and going

out with my friends.

Like I said I'm 31 now and thanks to my mum I have toned my body with weight

training and a good healthy lifestyle. I like to admire my hard work in the mirror,

checking out my ripped muscles and perfectly honed abs. I know a couple of my

friends who happen to be gay would just love to get a hold of my bod. Yet, as I

stand naked in front of the mirror and think of my mums sensational naked body,

my hardening penis stands up and assures me that I'm 100% hetro.

The thing is, that recently, something happened which has got my head spinning.

It's been quite a while since my mum has had any obvious sexual encounters that I

am aware of. She has been concentrating on running her aerobics fitness classes

down at the local health centre for a while now. I know that she is still sexually

active because I often hear her quietly moaning in her bedroom at night and admit

to accidentally, on purpose discovering a dildo in her bedside drawer, I was

happy to easily compare with the 7 inch realistic cock, even happier to discover

that my cock was a lot thicker. A few of my girlfriends said that although they had

fucked a longer cock, all of them said that mine was the thickest cock they had


I was on my own in the house one evening recently as mum had gone to the

movies with a couple of her mates. I had finished a good workout on my multi-

gym, had a healthy snack and was looking forward to a hot shower. After my

shower I enjoyed rubbing my tired muscles with a body-shop cocoa butter cream,

not only does it feel good, but you smell all tropical, and the oily coating shows off

the muscles well. I was still hot from the shower so I layed naked on the top of the

duvet and read a book. Before too long I was asl**p.

I was having a great and sexy dream when I drifted back into conciousness and

slowly became aware that someone was stroking my chest. I turned my head and

slowly opened my eyes and saw my mum sitting on the bed next to me, her hand

wandered down and explored my six-pack. I new I wasn't dreaming, but wasn't

sure what the fuck to do.

My mum was still stroking my abs, but she was clearly staring right at my prick

and didn't seem to notice that I was awake and watching her. Out of the corner of

my eye, I could see her bathrobe lying on the floor in the open doorway, the light

from the landing was the only light coming into the room. I strained my eyes down

to her body trying not to move my head, I could see in the semi darkness that she

was in just her bra and panties, my mouth was rapidly drying, my heart was

pounding in my chest, what the fuck was I supposed to do now. Then she did it,

my mum ran her hand down to my crotch and wrapped her fingers around the girth

of my semi erect cock.

It was all too much, I let out a short groan. Gently mum turned and looked me

straight in the face. I went to say something, what, I'm not sure but she silenced

me with the fingers of her free hand across my lips. I didn't say a word as my mum

turned back and concentrated on my penis. I felt that I'd been given the all clear to

feel aroused and with a few expert strokes of my mums hand I was as hard as


Now using both of her hands on me, one cupping and massaging my balls, the

other expertly wanking my thick shaft. I kept my hands off her body even though I

was bursting to touch her flesh I just wasn't sure that I should, I felt that I needed to

be invited to do so. Neither of us said anything but we were both breathing heavy.

Then slowly, and ever so gently she stopped stroking me and stood up. I closed

my eyes and silently cursed the fact that she may have come to her senses, I

didn't want her to stop now.

I glanced over to her, then my eyes bulged open as I realised that she was

removing her bra. Mum just stared right into my eyes as she slipped out of her

lacy bra releasing her gorgeous tits with those hard nipples. Then my cock

twitched as she ran her thumbs into the top of her knicker elastic and began to

peel her panties down, over her perfect arse, down over her slim thighs to the

floor. I looked her in the eyes and then slowly moved my gaze down over her body

taking in every perfect line, finally resting my eyes on her pretty feet with her

panties still around her ankles, her form was stunning, I thought there and then

“Jesus, I could really fuck the arse off my mum right now!” and it didn't feel weird

thinking that.

Mum sat back on the bed next to me, I moved over to give her more room. She

leant over me and got the tub of body-shop crème. With a small amount of cream

on her hands mum started to once again stroke my shaft, it felt great with the

crème and I started to thrust my hips to match her wanking rhythm, she responded

by tightening her grip on my shaft and pulling harder, my glistening helmet

popping in and out of my foreskin as she tugged on my cock.

I couldn't help myself, I reached over and stroked her breast, pinching her nipple

gently between my fingers, mum gave a little moan of pleasure but then calmly

took my hand away and just whispered,

“No, not this time.”

What she was doing to me was just so fucking sexy I thought I would respect her

wishes not to touch her and just lie back and enjoy the experience.

When mum saw me relax back on to the bed she climbed on to the bed beside

me almost in a sideways 69 so that I could stare down between her open legs.

With one hand she began pumping my cock, her free hand went straight down

between her legs and I watched as she inserted a couple of fingers into her

beautiful little cunt. She didn't exactly give me a full blown blow job but

occasionally I saw and felt her lick my shaft and then teasingly suck the whole

head of my cock. It was fucking incredible, I was close to grabbing her head and

jamming my length down her throat.

I looked back at the hand between her legs, her fingers were sopping wet as she

massaged her clit, her nipples were rock hard and rubbed against my thigh, she

moaned as she wanked, licked, and sucked on my throbbing cock and she

stabbed at her pussy with her fingers. My breathing got louder as I felt my orgasm

start, I couldn't hold on any longer.

“Oh, fucking Jesus!” I gasped, raising my hips off the bed.

Mum knew that I was there and pulled firmly down the whole length of my cock.

“That's it baby, come for mummy” she whispered.

The surge was intense, no girlfriend had ever made me orgasm like this even

during full intercourse. I looked down and saw mum watching intensely as I

gushed come all over my abs, she carried on wanking me until I thought my very

soul had left my body. I'm not sure if she came or not as I was too caught up in the


For a while we just lay there completely spent and silent, I thought she might

snuggle into my bed with me and that we'd end up fucking but soon after mum got

up from the bed, picked up her underwear and put on her bathrobe. Then she

calmly walked over to a chair in my room, picked up a pair of my pants and used

then to wipe up the spunk on my belly, then with a cheeky little grin she said,

“I'll put these in the wash tomorrow”

With that, she left my room and went to her bedroom.

I felt almost paralysed with ecstasy, I could barely believe that what had happened

had actually happened. In no time I drifted off to sl**p.

In the morning, everything was as normal, mum was doing her aerobics, when she

finished we had breakfast, and all day I never brought up what happened and

neither did she.

It's been nearly two weeks now, still no mention, or further sexual encounters with

mum. I don't know whether to bring it up or to just forget about it. The only problem

is that I seriously would love to go the whole way and stick my cock up her little

cunt and fuck her good and proper. I'm sure that she wants it, I'm not sure how

best to approach her with that offer.

Maybe I will one day.

Watch this space.

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5 months ago
I think he`s too keen on fitness and its effected his brain, he should have been in there years ago not waiting for her to make the running, wake up and smell the coffee..
6 months ago
"My Fit Mom Part 1" - (Thirty-one year old Son and Forty-nine year old Mother).

Strange, but somewhat of a wierd start of mother's handjob, faux blowjob, but her son does get a big blow off due to her ministrations. There's suspense in the air as it's been a lull for the past two weeks--and the continuing Part 2 should complete the seduction of her son!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
a good handjob is always nice
3 years ago
good for sure
3 years ago
Good story. Thanks for posting.