Sharing My Room With s*s: part 2

I woke up in bed next to my s****r Abby. My underwear, which had been left

around my knees last night, had worked themselves off overnight, and my dick sat

loosely under the sheets, just inches away from my still sl**ping s*s. I pulled the

covers back and noticed of few dried spots of my cum on the sheets. I

remembered the whole encounter, from her nervous fingers slipping into my

boxer-briefs to our mutual explosion. There could be no doubt this time of whether

the night before had been a dream.

I got out of bed and pulled on some pants. Abby started to wake up and look at

me. "We'd better get into the kitchen for breakfast. Mom expects us in there in a

minute." She nodded. The thought of Mom coming to get us frightened me, though

there was nothing in our room right now to indicate what we'd done without a real

investigation. I instinctively just wanted to keep everyone as far away from my

room as possible. My room had turned into a magic place, separate from the rest

of the world, a place only for Abby and me, where we went from just being b*****r

and s****r to something more.

We sat and ate breakfast, and I looked across the table at Abby. Even just sitting

there, her soft features were beautiful. Her long red hair was slightly mussed. Her

eyes and mouth made her look kind, her usual look of indifference or sadness

replaced with a slight glow. Her skin was smooth and pale, only broken with a

spattering of freckles on each cheek.

She was still in her pajamas, an old pair blue cotton with purple dogs printed on

them, worn thin and too small for her body. Water damage in her room a few

nights ago had wreaked havoc in her room, forcing her to share my room with me

and leaving only this old pair from going to the laundry service. The top was long-

sleeved with buttons down the middle, the fabric stretching around her causing

gaps to open between the buttons. This morning I noticed her nipples standing out

through the fabric, and I thought about how I slid my hand inside her shirt two

nights before.

On the front of her pajamas was a small line of white spots going down her chest.

Any other day I would have assumed she'd dripped some toothpaste, but this time

I knew it was from when my cum had shot off into the dark last night. Seeing it in

the light of the kitchen both excited me and made me nervous. Up until now our

encounters had been solely confined to my room, but now I was suddenly aware

that it couldn't just stay there. The effects of it would spill out into the rest of the

world, and we'd have to be very careful to not give any clue as to what was


We finished breakfast and got up to head back to my room to get ready for

school. My mom stopped me a moment. "Why don't you stay down here a while

longer and give your s****r some time to get ready in your room. It only takes you

a few minutes to get ready, and Abby would probably appreciate the privacy."

She went off to finish getting ready for work. I had no choice but to sit on the couch

and wait for a bit.

My mom finally left for work, and I headed to my room to get ready with only about

5 minutes until Abby and I usually left. I peeked in and saw Abby was just finishing

getting her things together to leave. "All ready," she said.

"Alright, it should only take me a few minutes." I headed into the closet to get

some clothes, expecting her to head to the living room. When I came back out, I

saw Abby had instead put her stuff down and was sitting on my edge of my

computer chair looking at me with a smile on her face.

"Mom said you should give me privacy, she didn't say anything about me having

to give you privacy."

I paused a second and then smiled back at her. I pulled off my shirt, and then

slowly slid my shorts off. Instead of getting dressed I just stood there a moment,

completely naked in front of her, my dick already fully hard. "I just remembered

that I need to check something for Social Studies class." I walked over to my

computer right next to Abby, and she turned her chair to keep facing me. As I

reached down to the mouse and clicked to some random news website, my erect

dick stuck out just inches from Abby's smiling face. With each heartbeat it pulsed


Abby casually placed her hand on the back of my thigh, and then turned her head

toward the computer screen. With her ear almost brushing against my shaft, she

said, "Find what you were looking for?"

"Uh, yeah," I said, mind not at all on the computer.

"Great. It's time to go, you'd better finish getting ready." And with her biggest

smile, she turned and slid out of the chair without touching me and left the room.

After school was over, I again rushed out to drive home with Abby. It was Friday

night, and I was hot with anticipation for what might happen tonight. Like the day

before I saw her standing near Mady and Cindy, her old friends who had turned on

her this year to join a more popular group of girls. I feared they were taunting her

as they'd done the day before, but as I got closer, I realized that Madison was

talking to her more normally, making plans for something.

"Ready to go?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said. She turned back to Mady with a polite smile. "I'll see you


We walked to the car, and she told me what had happened. "Mady said she

wanted to be my friend again. Apparently, Mady's boyfriend's friend Lance

thought I was cute." I couldn't argue with that. "She agreed to ask get me to go out

with him. If he likes me, I'll get to hang out with Mady and Cindy again."

My heart sank when she said this, not just for the possibility of loosing what we'd

just started, but also for her. Abby was having a hard time adjusting to high school

and making new friends after her problems with Mady and Cindy. This didn't

sound like a good idea to me, but I knew that Abby really wanted to reconcile. I'd

have to go along with it and support her anyway.

"We're going on a double date with Mady and her boyfriend tonight. They're going

to pick me up at 6 for dinner and a movie." I could tell she was nervous telling me

this. I think we both knew this could change how things were going with us, but

weren't really sure how yet. I guess I already knew that we couldn't have this

relationship forever, eventually one of us would move on.

"Well, I'm sure he'll like you. You're a sweet and beautiful woman," I said,

mustering every once of courage that I could.

We stopped by the mall so she could buy a new outfit and went home so she

could get ready. At six Lance picked her up. My highly anticipated evening now

left empty, I decided to go to the movie too. I knew it was silly to follow her, but I

still didn't trust Mady after the last few weeks and felt the need to protect Abby,

even if I embarrassed myself doing it.

I waited a while and headed to the theatre, wearing a hat low so I would be harder

to recognize. As I waited in line for popcorn, I saw Abby and the other three come

in and head in to get a seat. I got my popcorn and followed them in. The particular

theatre wasn't very crowded, but I saw Abby and Lance had sat a few rows from

the top. A row behind and several seats over were Mady and her boyfriend. I

headed all the way to the top without being noticed.

As the movie started, I saw Madison making out with her boyfriend. After a few

minutes, I saw him wiggle around in his seat a minute, and then her head

disappeared into his lap. No wonder she'd gotten popular so quickly.

Feeling more nervous for Abby, I watched Lance put his arm around her and

whisper to her. She seemed to be talking back nicely, but I could tell she was

tense. He kept pulling her closer and she kept trying to move farther away. I

decided to act. I slipped down to the row in front of them, and started walking by

as if I'd just arrived to get a seat. As I passed them, I pretended to trip and dump

my popcorn on them. "Sorry, sticky floors," I said. Lance brushed it off and turned

back toward Abby, not knowing who I was. Abby, of course, recognized me, but

didn't say anything. I walked past and headed back up to my seat to watch,

knowing she needed to resolve this herself.

After a few minutes, Lance got more heated in his talking. Mady, apparently

finished on her side, and moved down closer to them. Their talking was too low

for me to hear, until Mady got louder. "Don't be a bitch, Abby. Lance is my friend.

We're in high school now, for Christ's sake. Don't be such a prude. Why don't you

go home and play with your Barbies? She's still just a little girl too scared to be an

adult, Lance." Abby got up and practically ran out of the theatre. I got up and

followed as the other three kept bitching among themselves.

Outside, I was afraid Abby would be crying, but I found her surprising calm. She

walked with me to my car and headed home.

"He pulled his penis out right there in front of me. Mady had told him I'd give him a

blowjob. I couldn't do it, it was too gross."

"I'm sorry, Abby. Mady just got to high school and turned into a bitch, that's all.

Give it time, you'll make new friends who are much better than her."

It was already late by the time we got home and Mom was already in bed. We

headed to my room for bed. After her experience, I figured she was completely

not in the mood, so I decided again not to push her for anything. We walked into

my room and closed the door. Abby turned me toward her and gave me a tight

hug. I thought she was still bummed about Mady. "It's like I have to try so hard

around everyone to play the parts they want me to play. The only time I feel like I

can just be myself is with you."

"Real friends don't try and make you do things you aren't comfortable with or

ready for," I told her.

Abby pulled her head off my shoulder and looked in my eyes for just a moment.

Then she pulled in and pressed her lips into mine. We held each other and

kissed. Her tongue slowly slid through into my mouth, and I met it with mine. As

our tongues spun around together, she seemed to melt in my arms.

She pulled away after a minute, and then pushed me down onto my bed. She

leaned over and kissed me again, her hands unbuttoning and unzipping my pants.

She grabbed my waist on either side, and I lifted up enough for her to pull it over

my butt. Then she pulled the front of my pants and underwear out and down,

releasing my dick. She pulled back from the kiss and slid off my pants. She

yanked her top off, then reached behind her and quickly unsnapped her bra,

casting aside, before helping me pull off my shirt.

She leaned over and started kissing me again. Her finger, starting at my knee,

ran all the way up along the inside of my thigh, stopping just briefly at the base of

my dick before tracing it to the tip. I raised my hands up and held the back of her

head. My fingers slid down through her long red hair along her back to her waist,

then traced gently up her sides. Reaching her breasts, my fingers ran around the

edges. As she leaned over, her tits hanged down, nipples pointing at my bare

chest, and my hands slowly tightened around them. Her hand was fully wrapped

around my cock, stroking slowly.

She pulled away again, never taking her hand off my dick, she pulled her pants off

and sat down next to me. Hesitating only a moment, she leaned over and gave a

gentle, testing kiss to the head of my dick. Three more followed, each a bit longer

and a bit deeper. Holding me in her hand, she kissed down the length of my shaft

and back up again. Again on the head, she kissed more deeply, and I felt her

tongue start to flick across the tip. She continued, each kiss becoming more of a

slurp, her lips wrapping farther around me until my whole head was in her mouth.

Holding it there, she ran her tongue around one side, then the other. Her hand

started slow strokes along my length, and she started gently sucking, her tongue

rubbing against the tip.

I needed to distract myself so I didn't cum in her mouth right then. I ran my hand

along her back down to her ass, and gently caressed my finger along her crack.

She scooted back to give me better access and I leaned slightly to wrap my hand

around her. After briefly cupping her breast, I slid down her stomach to the fuzz

over her pussy. Her breathing quickened and she started stroking faster. She

paused a moment and ran her tongue up and down my shaft, then devoured my

head again. Her legs spread apart, and my fingers again touched lightly along the

fuzz and skin of her pussy lips. I found them spread far apart, her warm moist flesh

inside beckoning. My finger slid into her easily.

Despite the awkward reaching of my arm around her, I had no trouble matching

her quickening pace. My finger rubbed inside her as she sucked my dick, and she

quickly seemed to approach her climax. She starting jerking on my hand, and her

mouth let loose my dick. She breathed in and out hard with each spasm, but kept

jerking me off furiously. A moment after she pulled her head back, my cum shot

out into the air. Over and over she jerked, and over and over my dick shot loads of

cum onto us both.

When it was over, we got up to clean ourselves. She turned to me and smiled,

and I saw my cum spread across her face, with several gobs stuck in her hair and

a few lines almost seeming to connect the dots of freckles on her cheeks.

"In here with each other, its just us, and we be ourselves and just do what we feel

like and be together. We don't have to hold anything back." She reached up with

one finger and wiped my cum off her cheek.
I woke up slowly feeling something unusual. Usually I woke up feeling still groggy,

but today something was different. I lay there a moment, head swirling, and

realized what it was: a tickling sensation running up my thigh. It reached the leg of

my boxer-briefs and paused only a moment before I felt them be pulled up and

something slide in underneath. The sensation slid over the last bit of thigh and

started running up and down my slowly growing dick.

More awake now, I opened my eyes and saw my s****r Abby standing over me.

"Time to wake up," she said. "Its Saturday. Mom wants to talk to us about my

room." She ran her finger along my dick one last time, then pulled her hand out

and left.

Three nights ago a storm had smashed a window in my s****r's room, forcing me

to share my room with her until the damage was repaired. Having trouble making

friends at school, she'd turned to me for comfort. She had convinced be to share

the bed with her, leading to the three hottest nights of my life. Though we'd both

wanted it, our mutual nervousness and fear had nearly stopped us. Just last night,

Abby had been set up on a date by her former friend. The guy had tried to push

her too far and her friend had called her a prude. When we got home and into my

room, she'd shown me how wrong they were. Outside my room, we had to

pretend to be something else, but while we were alone in there, we could let loose

with each other.

Mom told us that in order to try to save some money on repairs, that she and I

would have to do some of the work. After breakfast we moved her furniture and

other stuff out to the garage. As we cleaned up, Abby discovered that her

computer wasn't working anymore. "The water must have shorted it out. Should

have had a surge protected on it," I told her.

"I need my computer to work on homework," she said.

"I'm sorry, dear. You'll have to share your b*****r's computer until we can get you a

knew one."

A week before, the very idea of anyone else getting on my computer would have

terrified me. No one, not even Abby and Mom, used to come into my room very

often and no one else ever used my computer. I, therefore, hadn't gone to much

effort to hide the porn I regularly viewed on it. If Abby so much as looked through

the folders in my bookmarks, she'd run across links to my favorite sites. After the

last couple of nights, the thought was somewhat exciting now. Even so, some of

those sites had some pretty nasty stuff on there, and I worried if it would be too

much for Abby. I'd have to try to clear some of it off today when she wasn't around.

As I set about starting on pulling the carpet out, the laundry service came by to

drop off Abby's clothes, newly cleaned after being soaked. She grabbed them

and headed into my room to sort through them. I worked alone in her room for

several hours pulling off the baseboards, definitely in to hurry to get her room back

together. Abby came in through the bathroom connecting our rooms wearing

some of her returned clothes. Even though it was a little chilly in her room from the

broken window, she wore a tank top and some shorts, her usual sl**p wear but

not around-the-house garb.

"Its so nice to have my clothes back," she said, turning in a pose in front of me.

The shorts were very short, and just a bit of the curve of her ass cheeks peeked

out at the bottom. Her tank top was white without a bra underneath. The bumps of

her nipples were clearly visible through it. "I moved stuff out of some of your

drawers into the closet to make room for my clothes." I nodded, trying not to stare

too much. She smiled at me and casually dropped both of her thumbs inside the

front of her waistband, pushing it down slightly. As I half-heartedly pulled at a

baseboard, she sunk the waistband lower until her I could see just a bit of her

short, curly, fire-red pubes sticking out the top. Holding it there a moment, she

said, "I was surfing the web for my English homework and saw you had some

interesting bookmarks on there." She turned and walked through the bathroom

back into my room. I got up and followed.

"Uh, what exactly were you looking at?" I asked, trying to hide the embarrassment

that was swelling within me, despite my excitement.

"Just some Literature study group forums," she said. I slowly came into the room

and cautiously peeked around until I could see the screen. It looked to be an

analysis of Hamlet. "This stuff here is pretty boring. Anyway, you'd better get back

in there. We'd hate for Mom to have to come looking for you." She pushed me

back toward the bathroom and shut the door behind me.

I headed back in a pulled weakly at baseboards, wondering what Abby was up to.

After a couple more hours it was late afternoon, and I decided to quit for the day. I

headed back into my room and found Abby lying on my bed, the computer

monitor switched off. "Find what you needed online?" I asked her.

"Yep," she replied. She lay back on the bed and stretched her arms behind her.

She opened her legs wide and pressed the bottom of her feet together. The fabric

of her shorts was pulled tightly across her pussy, barely covering her hole. On

either side, the gentle curve and fuzz of the outside of her pussy lips stuck out.

Before I could think to do something, she stood up and headed for the door. "I'm

going to go watch some TV for a while," she said. I breathed out in frustrated

disbelief, and she smiled slyly as she went.

I sat down at my computer desk and clicked on the monitor to find that my s****r

had left some browsers open. It was clear from the page titles that she had been

surfing from my porn bookmarks. The first page showed a series of pics of a guy

fingering a girl's pussy. The thought of my s****r looking at this turned me on, and

alone in my room, I slid my dick from my pants and pushed them to the floor. After

going through the pics, I clicked to the next window. In another series, a blonde

was giving a handjob. By now I was stroking my dick in a steady pace.

A movement in the corner of my eye made me glance up at the bathroom door,

which I saw was standing partway open. On the other side stood my s****r, her

hands behind her back leaning in to get a view of me. Seeing that I saw her, she

pushed the door open and stepped in, closing it behind her. "Don't stop on my

account. There's nothing good on TV so I decided to chill here for a bit." She sat

down on the bed behind me and stretched to look over my shoulder. "Oh, I liked

that one, too. After looking at that site for a while, that one was one of my


She reached around me and grabbed the mouse, clicking on the next window.

This series showed a brunette sitting next to a guy, leaning over giving him a

blowjob. I realized that it was almost the exact same position that we'd been in the

night before. She clicked one of the images. It was a close-up of the blowjob. The

girl gripped his dick in her hand and had it deep inside her mouth. "Maybe that

one will help you out." I looked up at her standing over me, then focused back on

the computer and started stroking again. She clicked back and selected another

image. While the girl was still sucking, the guy had reached around to touch her

pussy, much as I had done to her.

She slid her left hand up my shirt and pulled it up above my stomach, wrapping

arm around my chest. She clicked through a few more images. I looked up at her

again and saw her eyes gazing at my dick in my hand. "Enjoying the show?" I


"Definitely. You're having such a good time, I don't want to interfere too much." I

stroked a little faster, my eyes now locked on her face instead of the screen. I

remembered the sight of my cum splattered across her cheeks and hair. "There's

one more page I left for you," she said. It was a video. She hit play and let go of

the mouse, wrapping her other arm around my chest as well, still looking over my


In the video was a redhead. She had long hair and her skin looked nearly as pale

and soft as Abby's. She stripped off her clothes, leaving on only a pair of black

stockings. After a few poses, she sat on a bed and spread her legs apart. She

ran her fingers over her shaved pussy, playing with herself.

Abby reached her right hand down and ran her fingers along my thigh as I kept

masturbating. She traced up until her finger just barely brushed my balls, then

moved up and caressed the back of my hand as it moved. Beads of pre-cum

began sliding down the tip of my dick. Abby took her finger and wiped it up, then

brought it up to her lips. She closed her eyes and slowly and sensually licked it up.

She put her fingertip in her mouth and sucked off what was left, moaning slightly to

tease me.

I could hardly believe that it. For years I had known her as my shy little s****r who

always seemed uncomfortable. Around everyone else, she would hardly say two

words. But now in this room with me another part of her entirely seemed to be


Still watching her face, I noticed her eyes were back on the computer. I looked at

it and saw that now the guy had come in and was licking around the lips of her

pussy. Abby's hand reached back down to my thigh and quickly traced their way

to my balls. We both watched the video, and with me stroking had high speed she

took two fingers and lightly caressed around my balls. Her fingers rubbed a little

circle around my sack, then traced around the outside, stopping underneath to

tickle the a little more.

In the video, the guy had started flicking his tongue across her clit. Knowing I didn't

have long, I took my free hand and placed it on hers. I guided her thumb to the

base of my dick near my stomach, and then pulled her fingers on the skin right

underneath my balls. I squeezed her hand, causing her to tighten a grip in just the

way I often did when I jerked off. I released her hand and she held me, squeezing

firmly but not too tightly. I reached my free arm around behind me and grabbed

onto her bare shoulder.

Barely even aware of the woman cumming on the movie, I came hard myself,

splattering across my stomach. With each shot that spurted I felt myself pulsing

under my balls against the firm squeeze of Abby's fingers.

She kissed my neck, then ran her tongue along my ear. With her hand she cupped

my balls and squeezed them slightly. "Looks like you're totally spent. That's ok, my

turn can wait until tonight." She kissed my neck. "Maybe there's something on TV

now. You should come with me, we can find a movie." As she released my balls,

she ran her fingers gently across them and then up the length of my shaft before

turning away and leaving the room.

After dinner we sat in the living room and watched a movie with Mom. Half way

through, Abby left to take a shower and get ready for bed. My aided masturbation

took enough edge off that I managed to sit and watch the rest of the movie until

Mom went to bed.

Entering my room, I found Abby standing in the closet facing away from me

looking through her clothes. She was wrapped in her bath towel. Her red hair was

still damp and hung along her back. She'd heard me come in but had remained

where she was, only turning her head slightly to see me in the corner of my eye.

When she was sure I'd seen her, a soft smile came on her face. She closed her

eyes and tilted her turned head away from me, seeming to beckon me to her


I walked up behind her and placed my hands on her bare shoulders. I leaned my

head down and started placing kisses along her neck, working my way from near

her shoulder to just behind her ear.

She tugged the towel open in the front and let it fall to the floor, leaving her naked

next to me. She turned towards me slightly more, stretched towards me and

kissed me. For a few moments we stood there, and I enjoyed her soft lips melting

into mine. Then she turned and pushed me gently out of the closet.

I stood for a moment and just looked at her standing directly under the single light

bulb of my closet, much as I had seen her naked for the first time days before, but

without the same reservations. Her legs were long and slender. Though still young

and skinny, her body was tantalizingly round in her soft face, firm tits and ass. Her

skin was a pale, creamy white all over her body except for the freckles sprinkled

across her cheeks, shoulders, and arms. The white skin naturally drew attention to

the bright red color of her long hair and wispy pubes, which tapered neatly into the

fuzz covering her barely visible pussy lips.

She gave me a moment to stare. "Excuse me," she said, and then slid past me

out of the closet. She got onto the bed at the foot, then slowly crawled on all fours

up it, giving me a perfect view of her ass and pussy. Once at the head of the bed,

she reached over to the computer desk and started pulling up another website.

As she navigated the pages, clearly knowing where she wanted to go, she

wiggled her butt playfully in the air. She started playing a video and turned over

onto her back, her eyes never so much as glancing at me. Her hand went down

between her legs and started to pet her own pussy. Her finger traced around her

hole a few seconds as she stared at the computer, then began wiggling its way

between her moist lips and finally slowly plunged deep into her pussy.

In the video, a girl sat back in a chair with her legs spread. A guy kneeled down in

front of her and started to flick his tongue into her pussy. As his tongue touched

her, Abby's hips raised up slightly against her hand.

I got the hint, and didn't need to be told twice. I climbed onto the bed and rested

myself between her knees. As she continued staring at the computer and

fingering herself I took my hand and began caressing the inside of her thigh,

quickly making my way to the top. Much like she had lightly caressed my balls

earlier while I masturbated, I lightly ran my finger along the outside of one lip,

almost tickling.

I stretched up farther and began placing kisses along her thigh, retracing my

fingers. When I reached about an inch from her pussy, I paused. Though I'd

fingered her several times already, I'd never seen a real pussy this close before.

Most of the girls I'd seen online had shaved pussies with stretched out parts that

seemed to practically fall open. Between Abby's legs was something quite

different. Her flesh looked soft yet tight, lightly covered with the red fuzz that he'd

come to adore. Instead of falling open, her lips seemed to be pulling themselves

apart, revealing soft pink inside. I felt my breath warming the air between it and

his mouth. The part that drove me the most wild was the sweet smell, unlike

anything I'd imagined before.

Cautiously, I leaned in and lightly kissed her right lip. I paused just a second then

kissed the left one, then again, more deeply. I ran my tongue through her fuzz

against her flesh, again switching sides. After a few passes, my traced the inside

of one lip, and then I finally and deeply delved into the middle.

The taste of her juices was even better than the smell. She moaned lightly, then

released herself and moved both hands to my head, running her fingers into my

hair and pressing me into her slowly thrusting hips. I slurped across her, more

slowly than the guy in the video. After a minute, I turned my head a bit and started

deeply kissing her pussy as I would her mouth, with my lips pressing against hers

and my tongue delved as deeply into her pussy as I could get it.

She had clearly lost interest in the video. She pulled me by my hair and

repositioned my mouth over the top of her pussy. "Lick my clit," she moaned to

me between deep breathes. I flicked my tongue across her and, finding its place,

gently circled around it, occasionally flicking across. Her hips rose up more and

her back arched to meet my mouth. I brought one hand up and grabbed her ass.

I brought up my other hand to her pussy as I kept licking around her clit and slid a

finger inside her. I stroked against the texture of the inside of her vagina. Her

breathing again quickened along with her gentle moans, and I closed my lips

around her clit, sucking lightly. As I quickened my pace, I felt her ass clench in my

grip and, pressing my head more with her hands, grinded against my mouth. I

kept building the pace to a furious pitch, until finally she came. With each pulse,

her back arched, her ass clenched hard and her pussy squeezed my finger tight. I

kept sucking and stroking to meet each pulse and felt her juices flowing freely

down my finger onto my hand.

She finally relaxed and slowly released my head. Holding my finger inside her a

bit longer, I took my tongue and gently lapped her pussy around it, pulling in all of

her sweetness I could.

I brought my dick in gently between her lips until it touched them both, my tip just

barely in her mouth. I slowly stroked my cock as it sat there. Suddenly and yet

slowly, she closed her lips around my head. Her mouth opened again slightly, and

I felt the end of her tongue push against my dick, but only for a moment. Her lips

puckered out again and closed a little farther down around my dick, taking my

whole head into her mouth. She shifted her body slightly again and let out a soft

"Mmmm." I couldn't believe she was still asl**p!

Some impulse buried deep within her sl**ping brain caused her to start sucking

gently at what was in her mouth. I couldn't help pressing my dick into her mouth

just a bit further. With my fingertips pinching my shaft I made short, sharp strokes

on my dick. Abby's mouth sucked a little harder, and I felt her tongue press

against my head, rubbing slightly with each suckle.

I couldn't take anymore. I pulled out of her mouth and came. I turned slightly and

the first few hard spurts shoot across her back, a bit even reaching her ass. Much

of the rest dribble off my dick and fall onto her cheek, where part slowly slid down

her chin. She again moistened her lips and then closed her mouth.

I still worried what she might think if she awoke and found out what I'd done. I took

a tissue and gently wiped my cum off her face without disturbing her. With my dick

gradually softening, I climbed over her and snuggled up against her. She turned

again to her side facing away from me, and I pressed against her back, feeling

the warm wetness of my cum sticking on her back and ass. I lay there and

gradually drifted towards sl**p.

Abby shifted slightly again, her head turning towards mine. Just as I was nearly

asl**p, her soft whisper shocked me awake. My heart suddenly racing with fear

and regret, my brain finally processed the words she had said.

"Next time, spend more time on my pussy, and don't cum so fast. I was just getting

warmed up." She wiggled her bare ass against me until my dick nestled between

her ass cheeks, and then pulled the covers up over us.
It was Friday night, bedtime. Another week was over. Abby sat on the edge of my

bed in her pajamas, brushing her long, curly red hair slowly. She looked at me

standing naked, my dick a beam shooting straight from my body. At this point, it

only took the simple thought of my s****r to make it hard. Abby gave me a small

smile and kept brushing her hair.

I climbed into the bed behind and slid my legs under the sheets, my body and dick

facing her back. I touched her lower back as she kept brushing. I was a little antsy,

since we only had about 20 minutes together.

It had been nearly a month since Abby had moved into my room temporarily. For

the last two weeks, Mom had made me sl**p on the couch to give Abby more

privacy, clueless about what we had actually been doing. Since Mom would

sometimes check around the house late at night, I hadn't tried to sneak back into

my bed with Abby, giving my s****r and I little opportunities to be alone together

since. It had been a week since our last one, when we were aided in getting alone

time by Abby's friend Izzy, who had discovered and kept our secret.

On Thursday, the carpet people had come and put new carpet in Abby's room. All

the water damage had been repaired, and once we moved her stuff back in on

Saturday, she could move back in there. This would be her last night in my room.

Not wanting to miss another chance, I'd come up with the idea of telling Mom I

was taking a shower and sneaking into here with Abby after she'd gone to bed. I

kicked myself for not thinking of it earlier. So many missed chances.

Abby hadn't really been herself this week, or at least she hadn't been the relaxed

and playful Abby I'd come to know the last month. She was quieter, more distant.

"You alright, Abby?"

She turned to look at me. "Yeah." She obviously wasn't, but I wasn't going to pry

right now. She put her brush down, clicked off the light and laid down on her back

beside me. Our lips came together in a kiss, and I caressed her belly. As our

kissing became deeper, I slid my hand up under her shirt to her breast. As I

squeezed her, her hand moved to my thigh and gripped me. Her hand slid down

to my dick and gripped it and she began stroking it.

Not wanting to fall behind, I slid my hand down her front and into her waistband,

pushing past her hairs until they reached the soft flesh of her pussy. We stroked

on each other, and I began pushing my finger into her hole. She wasn't as wet as

she often was. In general she seemed a little more mechanical this time, without

the sense of abandon that she usually exhibited. Maybe she just needed a little

more time to relax and get into it. I figured this might be just what she needed to

get out of her funk. I slid my finger in and out shallowly, giving her juices a chance

to work up.

Raising her hips in the air slightly, she pulled her bottoms down and off and rolled

onto her side, facing away from me. As she scooted back to me, she reached

between her legs and grabbed my dick, squeezing it between her thighs and she

nestled her butt into my pelvis and stomach. I pressed into her, feeling her firm,

round butt cheeks spread slightly against me and my dick push between her

thighs. I wrapped my lower arm around her under her head, allowing me to rest on

that elbow and reach her breast. My other hand petted her pubes, and a pressed

a finger between her squeezed thighs along her pussy. She opened her thighs

and bit and stroked my dick as I slid my finger into her.

After just a moment, she pushed my arm back from her with her elbow and

wiggled her ass down my pelvis slightly, pressing the length of my dick along her

pussy. She again squeezed her thighs together and started rotating her hips,

grinding herself along my shaft. I could feel her pussy lips wrap a little ways

around me, now much wetter, with my head against her clit, her fingers pressing it

in harder. She slid her pussy along my length, her ass rubbing against my

stomach. With my free hand I grabbed her hip, steadying her and pressing her

harder against me.

Slowing the pace, she rotated her hips forward a bit more. With careful control,

she let my head press between her pussy lips. Each firm rock of her pelvis

brought my dick farther between her lips, until I felt the pressure of her pelvic bone

vanish into softness. The head of dick was now right at the entrance of my s****r's

vagina, dipping ever so slightly into it.

My body desperately wanted to just thrust, pressing my whole dick into her in one

move, but instead I completely froze, finding myself unwilling to take that step yet.

Despite everything we'd done together, the idea of actually fucking Abby had

never seemed possible. I never figured Abby would be willing, and though I'd

never even really thought about it consciously, the possibility of impregnating my

s****r terrified me. Even so, at that moment I knew that if she pushed my dick

inside her, I couldn't stop myself.

Abby held me there a moment, holding the tip of my dick ever so slightly inside

her. Suddenly, she opened her thighs, pulled herself off me and rolled onto her

back next to me. Both of us seemed in a state of slight shock, and we lay there

stiffly a minute, saying nothing. Finally, she grabbed me and hugged me tightly.

"What is it?" I asked her.

"I'm sorry, its just..." She trailed off. Was she upset about what had just nearly

happened? Though I had never had pushed her or even suggested it, had she

somehow felt pressured or obligated to go that far, but couldn't?

"It's okay, Abby. I never wanted to make you feel-"

Abby cut me off. "Its just, how long can we do this?" Her voice was a frantic

whisper. "We can't keep this up forever, always pretending to everyone else.

We'd never be able to lead a normal life."

"Oh," was all I managed. So that's why she was upset.

"We're supposed to graduate, move out of here, go to college, get jobs, have

families. How I do any of that if I just want to be with you? Our whole lives would be

a sham. We'll have to stop sometime. And being so close to you has just so...

amazing... that I know the longer we keep going, the harder it will be to ever stop."

I didn't respond, didn't know how to. I didn't want to stop, but I knew somewhere

deep down that she was right. Being with as close with Abby as I was now, not

just sexually but emotionally, had become so important to me, I knew that I'd never

want to give it up. But how could we live normal lives apart from each other,

always hiding our true selves from everyone?

We both sat up on the bed next to each other. I think Abby knew what I was

feeling. She hugged me again, and we held each other tightly.

"Tomorrow I'm going back to my own room. This may be time to let this go. Let it

be just a weird thing that happened during that weird time I shared your room, and

maybe we can both get over it."

I wanted to disagree, but had no arguments. I knew she was right. We simply held

each other, saying nothing, and savoring what may be our last moments together

the way we were.

It had been nearly 30 minutes since I started my shower, much longer than my

usual. I somehow managed to pull myself from her and went into the bathroom. I

stopped at the door and looked back at her pale skin in the dim light that came

from the bathroom. Her breasts were still covered in her thin camisole, her nipples

erect. Her legs were closed but even in the dim light her red pubic hair seemed to

blaze. She looked sadder than I'd ever seen her. I f***ed the images from my

head and closed the door behind me.

I slept poorly that night on the couch, thinking about her constantly. How hard it

would be to see her everyday, pretend I didn't feel the way I knew I would. Every

time I saw her in pajamas, every time she sat by the side of the couch, every time

she would look at me with sadness in her eyes, and I'd know she remembered it,

too... it would be hell. I couldn't even imagine her dating someone else, let alone


Somehow I managed to fall asl**p. They let me sl**p in until about 10 before

waking me to help with Abby's room. We pulled the furniture in from the garage

and brought her stuff out of my room. Trying to act normal while moving Abby back

was the hardest thing I'd ever done. We had all the main things set up by evening.

I went alone to pick up Izzy to bring her over for dinner with us.

"So, you get Abby's room set up again," Izzy asked after getting in my car.


"What's wrong?"

"Abby and I have decided to, uh, stop."

"Stop what?"


"What? Why?" I explained our reasons.

Her reaction surprised me. I expected Izzy to be saddened for us, but instead she

seemed genuinely angry.

"What does it matter to you?"

"You guys were awesome together!" It's what she'd said about us the week

before, when she'd watched and even given us instructions when Abby and I gave

each other oral sex.

I started to get mad back at her. Were we just playthings to her, then? Was she

just upset that her show was ending so soon? She didn't even have the decency

to pretend to care about her friend's broken feelings. I fumed at her until we got

home, but didn't feel like bothering to say any of it. If she was that shallow, then I

could just be done with her, now, too.

We got home and went inside. Around Mom, Izzy's demeanor changed suddenly,

and she acted perfectly content as she said she'd already eaten, and would just

go check out Abby's room until we were done. I could tell she was still mad as she

went in there.

After dinner, Abby went into her room with Izzy. Not wanting to be with either of

them right then, I went into my bedroom and locked both doors. It was again my

own personal fortress, and I wouldn't let anyone in there again.

I came out around 10 to let the dogs in. Mom was just heading to bed herself and

told me to take Izzy home. I walked stiffly into Abby's room. Abby was on her bed

and Izzy was sitting on the floor. Both seemed dour. Abby had clearly been telling

Izzy all about it.

"Come on, its time to go home," I told Izzy coldly.

Izzy didn't budge from her seat on the floor. "Come in here a minute and close the

door," she said.

"Its time to go-" I started to repeat.

"I'm not getting up until you come in here and close the door."

I wanted to just grab her and drag her out, but knew that was a bad idea. Angry, I

went in and shut the door behind me, intent on ignoring anything she said and just

getting her out of there.

Izzy calmed herself a bit and took a deep breath. "My mom died in a car wreck

almost 3 years ago. What I remember most about her is how much she and Dad

loved each other. It wasn't until she was gone that I realized how special it was.

They lived for each other. I've looked around at couples on TV, grown-ups in real

life, and I've never seen any couple that accepted and supported each other like

they had until I met you two.

"When my Mom died, it broke my Dad. Since then, he's worked harder, made lots

of friends, we've moved to a bigger house, gotten a better car, lived a life like

everyone thinks he should, but the whole time I could see he wasn't the same.

None of it mattered to him, not really. I know he loves me, but I could never fill that


"What I've learned is that if I ever find something like that, like what you have, I'm

not going to give it up. I think its better to build a life around one thing that really

matters to you, no matter how hard, than around a thousand things that don't." Her

voice had gone soft, the anger gone, as she poured out her heart. We all sat in

silence. She got up. "Alright, I'm ready to go home now."

When I dropped her off, I apologized for being short with her. I'd clearly misread

her anger.

"It's okay. Do you think what I said will make a difference?"

"I don't know," I answered.

I drove home, and thought about what my future would be without Abby. I'd had

only one real girlfriend before her, and it'd been nothing like what I had with Abby. I

couldn't imagine feeling the same way about anyone else. Izzy was right; I'd spend

the rest of life trying to forget, going through the motions of everything else. As I

went back into our quiet house, I knew what my heart wanted.

I pushed the door to Abby's room open slowly. She was still sitting on her bed

where she'd been. "Hey," I said.

"Hey, she said back solemnly. I closed the door and sat down beside her. "I just

don't know what to think. It just seems so impossible, but I think..." She sighed and

stared at the floor. I put my arm around her shoulder and held her. She looked up

at me. "Do you love me?"

Despite what I wanted, I didn't dare do anything that would push her towards a

decision she wasn't comfortable with and might regret. Still, I had to tell her what I

felt. "You're my s****r, Abby. I've always loved you, and always will, in a way I'll

never love anyone else. And now..."

Suddenly, Abby kissed me. Her lips pressed hard into mine, as she seemed to try

to push all her feelings of fear and anxiety. After just a moment of surprise, I

hugged her tighter and kissed back, and we sat with our lips pressed firmly and

stiffly into each other.

We gradually softened, kissing at each other's lips, and her tongue pressed into

my mouth. It was the most passionate kiss I've ever had.

She finally pulled back from me and we stared in each other's eyes. Abby yanked

her pants and panties off. Spreading her legs, she leaned back on her bed. She

put her hand on my head, and gently guided it downward towards her crotch.

"Kiss me," she said simply.

Our eyes still locked, I got onto my knees on the floor in front of her. Licking my

lips, I leaned right into her and placed a firm, wet kiss right in the middle of her

pussy. Our gaze finally broke as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back,

feeling my lips caress her moist flesh.

Abby was as aroused as I'd ever seen her. Her pussy was covered in moisture, it

lips visibly swollen. For the first time her smaller inner lips poked up above the

outer ones, laying slightly on the inner edge of her red fuzz. Her lips were spread

far apart, and I could see the darkness of her vagina inside. I dove my tongue into


Abby grabbed the back of my head with one hard and pressed me into her,

clenching her butt. She was trembling. I slid my tongue in and out of her as deeply

as possible, letting her juices ooze into my mouth.

Abby pulled me back from her head. "Take off your clothes." I stood up and

complied, stripping as quickly as I could. Abby rose from the bed and pulled off

her shirt and bra. Grabbing my shoulders, she twisted me around. "Lay down,"

she said.

I lay down on her bed, Abby wasting no time in climbing on top of me, straddling

me. She laid herself down on top of me, breasts pressing into my chest, her

mouth by my ear. I took a deep breath, smelling the lavender scent in her room

mixing with the sweet smell of her juices still on my mouth. My dick lay against my

stomach, and Abby lowered her hips onto me, again pressing her pussy onto the

length of my shaft.

Rising just a bit, she slid her hand between us and grabbed my dick. She slid my

head all around her pussy, our mutual moisture making everything smooth and

slick. She again brought the head of my dick to the opening of her vagina,

pressing my tip ever so slightly into her and pausing, as she'd done the night

before. I was practically holding my breath.

She pressed the head of my dick into her hole. My butt clench and I gasped;

surprised I didn't cum right then. She slid me my head in and out of her in slow

motions. I found my hips rising slightly to meet each one.

Holding my dick tightly in her hand, she pressed me into her further. My dick could

barely squeeze into her, and she gasped, pulling back just a moment. Slowly,

timidly, but steadily, she slid deeper onto my dick, letting her vagina stretch

around me. She pulled her hand back up to get it out of the way, and slowly slid

down me, until her pelvis reached mine. Spreading her legs as far apart as she

could, she let her full weight press into me, pushing my dick as far inside of her as

she could. I grabbed her by her hips and butt cheeks, holding her onto me tightly.

We lay motionless a minute, breathing and feeling. She was so tight, yet so warm

and wet, simultaneously pressing against every square inch of my dick. At that

moment, nothing existed except for her pussy and my penis.

She slid back off of me partway, every movement still slow and careful. "Go slow,"

she whispered in my ear.

Slowly, I pushed my dick a little deeper inside her again. I moved slowly and

shallowly, not pressing all the way in again yet and not pulling out. With each push,

she stretched a little more to accommodate me, and the movements became

slicker. I sped up slightly, letting my dick move farther back each time, until I was

almost pulling out of her after each thrust. I pulled back slowly until just the head of

my dick still hovered in her hole and held her there, enjoying the anticipation. She

was quivering.

I f***efully thrust into her, pressing my dick as deeply as I could get it. Abby

gasped breathlessly. Lost in my arousal, I began thrusting into her harder and

faster. I held her hips tightly and pushed her into me with each thrust, pulling back

each time to let myself slide along her a little more. She again spread her legs,

pushing herself into me with all her weight.

Our pace increased quickly. She was moaning with each of her quick, shallow

exhalations as she bounced on top of me. We quickly approached climax.

"I'm going to cum," I managed to say in heavy breath. I tried to lift her up and pull

out of her.

Instead, she wrapped her arms under my shoulders and thrust down onto me with

all her might, easily overcoming my weakened hands, her body starting to pulse

with orgasm. This last, deep thrust into her easily made me cum with her. Giving

up any resistance, I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me, both of us just

pressing and holding onto each other as hard as we could. My dick jumped inside

her with pulse after pulse, squirting my cum out. Her butt and thighs clenched

rhythmically and her vagina squeezed my dick, seeming to try to milk every last

drop of cum out of me.

I came down from my orgasm first, and continued pressing into her and holding

her tightly until she was done. Totally spent, we just laid there together with my

dick still in her pussy, letting all the emotions from our roller-coaster last couple of

days just fade away.

When she finally dismounted me, my dick was almost back to its normal size, only

slightly still erect, and damp from tip to base. She collapsed next to me on the bed

and cuddled up to my side.

Rationality slowly returned, and I found myself tense. "I'm not so sure that was a

good idea. I mean, what if you..."

To my surprise, Abby smiled at me. Crawling over to her nightstand, she dug into

it until she pulled out a small silver sheet and showed it to me. It had four rows of

punch-out pills, the first row already gone. "Izzy gave me these last week. She has

a whole bunch of them." I was elated, and all signs of tension vanished. Abby

cuddled back into again. The world suddenly seemed like a great place once


"I guess we've made up our minds, then?" I said.

She kissed my cheek. "I love you so much, b*****r. I never want to be apart from


We lay there until I was nearly asl**p. I finally got up, collected my clothes and

headed for my room through the adjoining bathroom. As I entered, Abby called

after me.

"Don't lock your door. You're still going to be sharing your room with me."

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7 months ago
I never post comments on anything on this website, but wow. This is, without exaggeration, the best erotic story I've ever read. This is something I'd want in my life, minus the sister part. I don't just mean the sex, but the emotional bond between the narrator and Abby was absolutely amazing. Perfect story. 5/5!
11 months ago
very touching story.
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More more more more that was great reminds me of my self and my brother and sister
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Absolutely loved this story man. It was heart felt, erotic, and just a beautiful story my man.
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Is that true love or what?. That's the way it should be!!!!
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Nice very hott
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Great story, the interaction between bro & sis is fantastic. 5*****
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the BEST story i have ever read in almost 10 years!! is it a true story?
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Great story. I hope there is more
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the pure sensuality of excellence
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Hot story. Thanks for posting.
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