Holiday Orgy .What a holiday!!!!!!

A couple of summers ago my wife Kate and I went on a beach holiday to Spain.

We stayed in a rather 'mixed' high rise hotel. When I say mixed it was rather rough

at times having a strange mixture of couples, families and young boisterous

adults in their teens and twenties who would return at all times of the night rather

the worse for wear through drink.

We spent many leisurely days lounging around the pool or on the beach tanning


One afternoon we were on the beach when a group of youngsters whom we

recognised from the hotel set up camp next to us. We got talking and it turned out

that they were from the South of England. Early evening we all made our way back

to the hotel and agreed to meet up in the bar for a quick drink before we intended

to go to dinner and they intended to go on a bar crawl.

After a quick shower and change of clothes we met in the bar. Sonny was a

stocky black guy about 6 foot 3 with a love of football. Tony was a good looking

dark haired lad of 17 years old who was the boyfriend of Maria who was a short

plump girl, 16 years old, with small breasts.

After a few drinks they began teasing us about going off to dinner whilst they went

out for some hardened drinking. Never one to shy away from a challenge Kate

said we should join them since we could drink them under the table any day of the

week, and so off we went with them.

We spent a few hours on a bar crawl along the main strip. During this time I have

to admit I was feeling fairly ancient compared to the young teens and twenties

who surrounded us (and fairly d***k). Kate on the other hand was rather reborn

and seemed to hit it off with the youngsters, downing shot after shot.

Seeing me feeling left out Maria asked me to help her get the next round in at the

bar, where we stayed for the next hour or so deep in conversation. I must admit I

was flattered by the attention she was paying me.

Around about midnight we moved on to a nightclub where the drinking continued

for another three hours.

I went off to the toilets and as I returned Maria asked me outside for a cigarette.

Outside she was even more friendly than before having become rather relaxed

after all the drink. Suddenly she kissed me upon the lips and before long we were

locked in an embrace. Feeling rather bold I began running my hands over her

body before slipping my hand up her skirt where to my surprise I discovered that

she was not wearing any knickers on her peachy smooth arse cheeks.

She raised my hand to her breasts and said “Feel no bra either!!”. I didn't need

asking twice and begun circling my fingers around her very erect nipples.

With a smile Maria suggested that we find the others and head back to the hotel.

Suddenly I came back down to earth with a bump and I felt concious that Kate

may have seen me fondling this young teen like a dirty old man.

I need not have worried, Kate was even more carried away with the atmosphere

and was to be found in another corner of the door way with Sonny French kissing

her whilst Tony was behind her with her top up allowing him to cup and fondle her


We walked back to the hotel and when we got in the lift things got even more

crazy. Sonny suggested that we strip off and run along the corridor to our room for

a few night caps. Being pissed we all stripped off without a second thought.

Sonny had a short thick cock whilst Tony had the longest dick I had ever seen.

Maria's body was even more perfect than I could have imagined with small white

pert tits topped off with small nipples set off by brown tanned skin and a small tuft

of blond hair over her pussy.

Tony, Sonny and Kate ran off up the corridor screaming and laughing. As he ran

Tony's dick slapped from thigh to thigh.

Maria and I followed along at a more sedate pace.

Once inside Kate begun pouring us all drinks on the balcony in full view of people

returning to the hotel complex. Sonny walked up behind Kate and with his thick

cock touching her bum cheeks began to kiss her neck and caress her nipples.

Kate put up no resistance and turned to kiss him.

Tony sat on a chair his massive cock rapidly hardening as he watched Kate and


Kate dropped to her knees and began to suck Sonny's thick black cock. She

beckoned with her hand to Tony to come over. With that she began to alternate

between sucking both cocks.

I looked around to see Maria standing beside me rubbing her little pussy mound

as she stood watching proceedings.

Before I knew it she was on her knees in front of me with her mouth wide open. I

slid my erect penis into her warm wet mouth and began rhymically sliding in and


Looking over to Kate I was just in time to see Sonny push her on to the table on

her back. She continued to suck Tony's massive erection as Sonny slid his cock

into her vagina. As Sonny slid to the very hilt Kate let out a little gasp and then

began moaning as he slid in and out.

Maria led me over to the table and lent forward so her tight little pussy was on

display. With that I slid my solid cock deep into her dripping wet fanny. The feeling

was incomparable.

Maria lent forward and began licking Kate's erect nipples as I fucked Maria.

Before long Sonny came deep with Kate's vagina. When he withdrew Tony

wasted no time in positioning himself between her wide open legs and guided his

massive red penis to her opening.

As he tried to slide into her vagina Kate was groaning with discomfort. She got off

the table and bent forward beside Maria. Tony tried again and this time his cock

slid into her fanny.

Kate and Maria began French kissing as Tony and I fucked the girls bent over the


The sight was just too much for me and I couldn't help but unleash my thick cum

deep into Maria's womb.

As I withdrew Sonny turned Maria round and sat her on the edge of the table

where he pushed his now erect again cock into her vagina and began thrusting


By now a fair crowd of returning clubbers were standing outside the hotel

watching our antics. I hoped that we were far enough up that at least they would

not recognise us the next day, although my inhibitions had largely dissolved!!

Maria began wanking my cock as Sonny fucked her fanny. Before long my cock

was rock hard again. She pushed Sonny away, walked over and pushed me back

on a chair. Then she picked the aftersun from the table and poured a massive

amount over my cock. Facing away from me Maria gently lowered her arse onto

my cock taking me deep in her anus. Slowly she began rising and sliding back

down my cock. She was so soft and tight as her arsehole enveloped my penis.

Sonny knelt in front of Maria and slowly reintroduced his cock into her vagina.

What an odd feeling. I could feel his hard cock through the tissue between her

vagina and arse and his hairly balls his mine as he thrust into her.

Maria began to moan and thrash as Sonny thrust faster and faster into her tight


Meanwhile Kate was screaming as Tony fucked her with all his might, his balls

slapping against her thighs. Suddenly Tony stopped and made small movements

obviously empting his load into her pussy.

Soon I came a second time into Maria's tight arsehole as Sonny came into her


The show wasn't over yet. As Kate lent against the table Maria gently prised apart

Kate's legs and lapped eagerly at the torrent of cum which was streaming from

Kate's well fucked pussy. Before long Kate came yet again, her legs barely able

to support her.

What a holiday!!!!!!
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10 months ago
Terrific,,,just as a good holiday should be.
1 year ago
Excellent.. thats wot i call a holiday.. ;)
2 years ago
You sound like you have the most perfect wife!!
3 years ago
very hot