My s****r was always on my mind

part 1

From the time I was about ten, I remember being a very horny and sexually

curious k**. Now mind you at that age, although I could get a boner, it was only

about 3 inches long, and I really didn’t know what to do about my arousals. The

only female I was around a lot was my s****r, who was 2 years older than me. She

lived with my grandmother, and although I asked my parents why, many times, I

never really got a straight answer. So in reality, she was more like a cousin who

you would only see occasionally, and I guess that’s why I was so aroused by her.

She was a good looking girl with a great body , and at age 12 she already had

pretty healthy sized boobies. There were times that I was alone with her at my

aunts farm and at my grandmothers cottage, and I tried everything to talk her into

trying different things.
At the farm, when we were alone in the barn, I convinced her to try the “show me

yours and I’ll show you mine” thing, but I only got a really quick glance at her pussy,

cause she put it away really fast. I kept my boner out for her to see, hoping that we

could do some more things, but all she did was touch me for a second. Then she

was gone in a flash and until we were in the back seat of dads car driving home,

she never said a word to me. I kept looking at my parents in front to see if they

were watching, and any chance I got, I took her hand and put it in my lap. As soon

as her hand touched my cock, it twitched and she smiled and chuckled. Mom

asked her what was so funny, and my boner disappeared in a hurry. She only said

to mom that I was being silly and that’s why she laughed.
The next time I was alone with her was at my grandmothers cottage, when we

were in swimsuits. I stuck my cock out the side of my swimtrunks for her to see

and she just laughed. She wouldn’t do anything and wouldn’t even touch it. She

told me that our grandmother had talked to her about boys and their cocks and

what they would try and do with them. She seemed pretty scared and worried that

if she ever got pregnant, our Grandmother would kill her. After that, it was a pretty

dry spell with no talk about sex, and she seemed hesitant about being alone with

When I reached 12 years old, my boner had grown to about 6 inches and I was

constantly jerking off. I didn’t ejaculate but just had a little bit of clear fluid that

would come out. Although my s****r kept clear of me so we couldn’t be alone, a

great opportunity came up for me to babysit some friends 2 year old and because

the k** was so young, my parents asked my s****r to go with me to make sure

everything was okay. She tried to get out of it but mom insisted. After we got the

k** to bed and I was certain she was asl**p, I started talking to my s****r about

sex. I reminded her about that conversation we had, when she described our

grandmothers warning to her. She acknowledged that she remembered, but

wanted to know why I was bringing it up again. I asked her if she knew how

women got pregnant. She said yes, so I prodded her to describe it. She said her

grandmother told her that boys get their cock hard and then push it into the girls

vagina until it spits a bunch of white stuff that gets the girl pregnant. I asked her if

she knew that not all boys can squirt white stuff. She said no, what do you mean. I

told her that until a boy is older, he doesn’t squirt white stuff, so the girl can’t get

pregnant. She said I was lying and she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. I told

her that I could prove it, so she asked how.
I said I would jerk off with her help and she could see that I only squirted clear stuff.

She asked me what kind of help I needed, and at that moment I felt like she was

starting to get aroused. Of course I was already hard as a rock, but told her that if

she let me see her pussy and touch it, I could jerk off really fast and let her see my

clear cum. I kept checking the clock to make sure we had enough time before the

k**s parents were due back, and it seemed that we had at least an hour. I guess

because I always jerked off in the bathroom, I told her to come in there with me to

do it. Anyway she followed me into the bathroom, and I was careful to hide my

boner from her so she wouldn’t know that I was already hard. I told her to get her

pussy out so I could see it and touch it, then I would get hard and start jerking off.

She almost changed her mind but just when I was ready to get disappointed for

the millionth time, she dropped her jeans and undies and sat down on the padded

toilet seat. I moved in front of her and reached for her pussy. She grabbed my

hand and stopped me, saying to get my cock out first. I told her I needed to touch

her to get hard, so she let me continue. I rubbed her pussy all over and tried to get

my fingers into her hole, but the way she was positioned, I couldn’t get in so, I

dropped my pants and undies, and there was my boner right in front of her. I tried

to get her to jerk me off, but she would only touch it for a second. So I took her

hand and wrapped it around my cock and started to move it up and down. I knew

that with my other hand still on her pussy, I was going to come pretty fast, so I told

her to watch closely. I removed her hand and jerked myself off and when I came

there was just a tiny bit of clear fluid. There I said, I told you there was no white

stuff. She agreed that her grandmother probably didn’t tell her about this

intentionally, so she wouldn’t fool around. As she was starting to get up to put her

pants back on, I grabbed her and asked if we could try some other things that

would make us feel good, now that she knew she couldn’t get pregnant. She

asked me what I wanted to do so I said that I wanted to put our private parts

together touching, so she agreed. We both got our pants off and awkwardly

standing up tried to rub my cock against her pussy. We both agreed that this

wasn’t going to work, so we agreed that we would go to the spare bedroom and

lay down to try it. I couldn’t believe that I was about to try sticking my cock in my

s****rs pussy, but there we were, with her on her back with her legs spread and

me on top pointing my hard cock at her pussy. I copped a few feels of her tits, and

with my cock twitching in anticipation, I started the journey to her pussy.

Remember the clock watching I had been doing. Just as my cock felt her pussy

hairs, we heard a car door close and my s****r pushed me off and got dressed at

lightning speed. She told me to grab my pants and get into the bathroom. Just as I

closed the bathroom door, the parents came in the front door and asked my s****r

where I was. She told them I was in the bathroom, and because they were pretty

d***k, they jokingly said they hoped I wasn’t in there playing with myself. If they

only knew! My boner was long gone, so I came out to say hello and told them that

the evening went really great, and I would be happy to babysit again whenever

they needed me. They said they were really tired and wanted to get us driven

home. I offered to stay in the spare room so they wouldn’t have to drive, and they

could go straight to bed. I was praying they would say yes, but it was obvious they

wanted us out of there, so away we went. Unfortunately my s****r got dropped off

at our grandmothers and me at my parents. Another jerk off for me, but even

worse, I couldn’t even talk to my s****r about what almost happened and try to set

something up for next time. I didn’t see her for a week, and when we had a

chance to talk alone, she crushed me by saying that she was glad that we got

interrupted, because we were committing a sin. There was no convincing her and

nothing happened after that until I turned thirteen. She was at my parents for the

weekend, and they had planned a day trip and asked us if we wanted to go. I

declined and I knew that my s****r didn’t really want to go either, but I think she

feared being alone with me. I said to my parents that this would give my s****r a

chance to help me with my school project that was due on Monday. Before s*s

had a chance to speak they said that was a great idea and thanked her for being

so thoughtful. What could she say at that point? So off they went and there we

were alone for the day. s*s said where was the project and that we may as well

get started. I told her there was no project and that I had said that only because I

knew she didn’t really want to go. She started scolding me and accusing me of

lying just to get her alone. I said to her, what are you afraid of, I’m not a monster.

She said that I knew very well what she was afraid of, and it was that thing in my

pants. As soon as she said that my boner sprang to life and she could see it

sticking out in the front of my shorts. She told me that I could go jerk it off, but to

keep it away from her. I was very dejected at that point, but went to the bathroom

anyway figuring that I might as well jerk it off. Just then it occurred to me that we

had the whole day and the house all to ourselves, why would I go to the bathroom

to jerk off. So I told her that I would be on my bed jerking off and I would leave the

door open so she could watch. She said she would rather read a book and off

she went to the living room. I knew that she would be able to hear me from there

so I stripped out of all my clothes and started to jerk off as loudly as I could, hoping

she would hear and come to see why it was so noisy. Sure enough she appeared

at my door and asked if I was putting on a show for her. I said definitely yes, and I

was very hard thinking about the babysitting night adventure, that never really

happened. She asked me if I thought about that night often, and I told her not a lot,

just every day and night. I told her that I jerked off every night thinking about how

close I was to putting my cock in her pussy. She told me that she thought about it

too, and asked if I still squirted clear liquid. I lied and told her yes, even though I

had been shooting big gobs of white spunk for a few months. I could tell that she

was very curious and sensed that she had become aroused watching me jerk off.

Not wanting to sound pathetic, but needing her pussy so bad, I said to her why

don’t we try it again. That ten seconds of silence after the words came out of my

mouth seemed like an hour, but when the silence broke, I heard something I will

never forget. She said that she had wanted to ever since that night, and often

rubbed herself to an orgasm thinking about it. She said lets do it. I asked her if we

could do it properly this time, completely naked and going slow. She agreed.
There I was, totally naked with my s****r who I had lusted after for so long, getting

ready to fulfil my dreams. We lay down facing each other and started slowly

feeling each others body. My hands moved over her boobs and down to her

stomach and then to her pussy. As I reached the folds, she parted her legs widely

and let out a little moan. I had read a lot of books about sex for the first time, and I

knew that I had to go slowly and gently so I didn’t frighten her or make her sorry

that she agreed to this.
I starting kissing her neck and then moved to her boobs. I noticed that her nipples

were sticking out, so I moved to them and started licking and sucking gently. Her

breathing was getting pretty heavy and she was moaning louder. She had let go

of my cock and was totally focused on what I was doing. I thought I was

disappointed that she let go of my cock, but I was actually enjoying watching her

feel pleasure. By now she was gyrating her body and just as she started to reach

for her pussy, I stopped her and said I would look after everything. I slowly licked

and sucked my down her midsection until I could feel her pussy hairs on my chin.

She went rigid when my tongue reached her clitoris, and she grabbed my head

and pushed my face deep into her pussy area. When I began sucking on her clit, I

placed another finger inside her pussy lips, and she jumped like she had been

electrocuted. She was screaming that she was going to come, and told me not to

stop no matter what. I had no intention of stopping and kept sucking her clitoris

and finger fucking her pussy. I had read in a book that if you wet your finger and

ease it into her bum as she was about to have an orgasm, it would be more

intense for her. So there I went, wetting my finger in her pussy and then easing it

gently into her bum. She was wild by this point and clamped her thighs on my face

till it hurt. She yelled that she was coming and that I was the best b*****r in the

world. Even though my cock hadn’t got much action up till now, he was still hard

and throbbing in anticipation. My s****r lay there trying to recover and she looked

so sexy and contented I just lay my head on her tummy and continued massaging

her pussy and bum. She asked me to stop so she could try and relax and enjoy

the great orgasm she had just experienced. I moved up to lay beside her and we

just hugged and caressed for the next few minutes. I guess she was starting to

feel bad for me, because she could feel my hard cock twitching and throbbing

against her thigh. She rolled onto her side and started talking to me about what

had just happened. She said she had no idea that sex could be that wonderful,

never mind that it was with her b*****r. She told me that she masturbated and had

orgasms but never as intense as that. She said I was so tender, gentle and

considerate, that she wanted to do something special in return. Now all I wanted

to do was get my boner into her pussy, but not wanting to break up the mood, I

asked her what she was thinking. She told me that some of her friends at school

had told her about giving blowjobs to boyfriends, so they wouldn’t get pregnant,

but could still keep their boyfriends interested. Because the girls said their

boyfriends went wild when their cocks got sucked it must have felt really good, so

she wanted to give me a blowjob, for making her feel so special. I had read about

blowjobs but couldn’t imagine how they felt. As I was about to tell her that, she

asked me to lay on my back with my legs apart, and before I knew it she was

kneeling between my legs. She gently took my cock and stroked it, while she

touched my balls with her other hand, She released my cock and wet her finger

with spit, and the next thing I knew she was massaging my bumhole. I thought I

was going to blow right then, but didn’t. She lowered her mouth to my cock and

started licking and sucking, and then took about 4 inches of my cock in her mouth.

Her tongue and the finger in my bum had me squirming and moaning and I

thought I must have died and gone to heaven. I reached down and touched her

face with both hands and gently helped her move up and down on my cock. I was

at the point of no return and knew I was going to blow. She must have sensed it

too because she also starting bumfucking me faster with her finger burying it

completely in my bum. I bucked and heaved off the mattress as I came blowing

huge gobs of spunk into my s****rs mouth. As hard as she tried to swallow it,

there was too much and it was squirting from the corners of her mouth and

dribbling down my cock and balls. Stream after stream of my spunk went into her

mouth and at one point she started to gag. She didn’t stop though, just hesitated a

few seconds and then bobbed her head again on my cock until all the spunk was

gone. When my cock started to deflate in her mouth she gently withdrew her finger

from my bum, and stopped bobbing and sucking. She did keep my cock in her

mouth though and I guess she was waiting for me to tell her when it was time to

stop. I reached down and pulled her up to me and we just hugged and nuzzled

together for about twenty minutes. She asked me if I enjoyed her first blowjob, and

I said it was unbelievable. She was happy that she was able to make me feel as

good as she did before. It slowly occurred to me that my lie about clear spunk had

been exposed, but I didn’t really have a chance to fret about it, because she said

that she guessed she was responsible for turning my spunk white. I asked her

what she meant and she said that if my spunk was clear up till now, it must have

been sex with a girl that changed me. I agreed that she had made a man out of

me once and for all time. But it suddenly dawned on me that she probably

wouldn’t let me get into her pussy now that she turned my spunk white. Before I

could think of a way to try tricking her, she said that whenever I was ready to go

again, she wanted to feel my cock in her pussy. I was ready as soon as the words

were out of her mouth and was rolling over almost before she stopped talking.

She stopped me and asked if she could suck any remaining spunk from my cock

so she wouldn’t get pregnant, She also said not to cum inside her pussy, but to

pull out and come in her mouth. I readily agreed and before I knew it, she was

hungrily sucking any remaining cum from my cock.
As I rolled over on top of her, she spread her legs and told me that she wanted me

inside her so badly, so I just thrust my cock at her pussy and forgot that she was a

virgin. Luckily I remembered before I reached her hymen, so I told her that I would

have to go slowly and gently so I didn’t hurt her. Her body totally relaxed at that

moment and she was completely mine. I worked gently and tenderly towards her

hymen and as my cock touched it, she reached for my ass and pulled me in. At

the same time her legs were around my sides helping to pull me in. Snap, it was

gone, and I heard her moan with pain, so I just lay there inside her buried to the hilt

and waited till she was ready to continue. After about a minute she started

thrusting her hips upwards, and asked me to fuck her. I was so happy that she had

sucked me off earlier, because I wanted to make this experience last as long as

possible. My cock thrusting in her soft and hot pussy and feeling her thrusting

back was so incredibly beautiful, I knew I was going to come soon. Before I could

come, she started to thrust wildly and dug her nails into my back, screaming that

she was coming. What a beautiful feeling, having her come on my cock and

feeling her pussy squeeze me. That did it and I knew I was going to blow. I started

to pull out, when she grabbed me and asked where I was going. I said I’m going

to come and I had to get to her mouth so she could suck out my spunk. She dug

her heels into my back and said, you are going to come inside me. Both of us had

lost all common sense by that time, so I thrust deeply into her pussy, and as my

spunk streamed into her womb, she orgasmed again, and the contractions in her

pussy made it feel like her pussy was sucking me off. It’s impossible to describe

the feelings, but by the expression on her face I knew my s****r felt the same. We

continued to lie in the same position, with my spunk starting to run out of her pussy

and onto her thighs. She absolutely was loving this and didn’t seem to have a

care in the world. I started to worry that she would be upset after she had a

chance to think about what had just happened, but she was so happy, I couldn’t

think of anything else, except the contented look on her face. My cock had

deflated pretty good but it was still lodged tight in her pussy. I thought it was time

for me to get off and both of us cleaned up, so I started to with draw my cock. The

feeling of my cock moving against her spunk filled pussy made him start throbbing

again, and before I knew it he was fully hard. She had a surprised look on her face

and asked me if I was going to fuck her again. I said that I didn’t know if I had any

spunk left but her pussy felt so wonderful, I would like to fuck it again, if she didn’t

mind. She said, here’s my answer, and dug her heels in my back and grabbed my

ass to pull me deep in her pussy. When I started to thrust into her, she grimaced a

bit so I stopped. I said, that I had forgotten about her hymen and she was probably

too sore to fuck again. She looked so disappointed, and she said that she didn’t

want to disappoint me, so what could we do? I didn’t know, but she asked me if I

thought my cock would fit in her bum. She said that it felt so good when I had my

finger there, and maybe we should try my cock, if I didn’t mind. Mind, I think not. I

was very eager to do anything sexually with her, and there was nothing I wouldn’t

try. My cock was still plenty wet from all the spunk in her pussy, so I rolled her over

on her tummy to prepare for me. I licked my finger and gently massaged her bum

hole, and I knew she liked it because she squirmed and moaned. I then

positioned my cock at her bum and started circling the head around her bum until

it popped in. She was still moaning and squirming, so I figured it was alright to

start entering. I went really slowly and gently so as not to hurt her and spoil the

mood, but it seemed that she was getting impatient, because she was humping

her bum up towards my cock. As she humped up, I thrust down, and my entire

cock entered her bum. She let out a scream, and as I tried to withdraw from her

bum, she said she was coming and to fuck her bum hard. I gave it to her with

everything that I had and in no time I was coming with her. The contractions in her

bum sucked out more spunk, even though I didn’t think I had any left. We both

collapsed after that as she rolled over and Snuggled in my arms. We were so

satisfied and exhausted, we could have gone to sl**p, except that we heard a car

door, so I grabbed some shorts and ran to the window. Sure enough, our parents

were back, and if they hadn’t had stuff to takeout of the trunk, they would have

caught us for sure. We managed to get dressed and met them at the door. They

asked why we were sweating, so we told them that we just got back from a run to

the park. They bought it, luckily.
Ironically my s****r and I didn’t get as many chances to be alone after that, so we

only had a couple of repeats, until she got a boyfriend, and that was the end of sex

with my s****r. After a year or so I started hanging out with girls my own age and

got all the sex I needed.
After my s****r and I were both married and had k**s, we were left alone one

afternoon and got joking about sex that first time, and she confided that she had

not had such a gratifying experience since that day. I admitted the same thing and

we both looked at each other with that devious smile and in no time she was on

her knees in front of me sucking my cock. We sucked and fucked for the next two

hours, but realistically agreed that we could not do this again, because it was

cheating on our spouses. Every chance we got alone after that, we couldn’t help

ourselves, and we continue to pleasure each other to this day. Although I still really

enjoy my s****rs pussy, nothing will ever replace the feelings I had that first time.
To be continued................
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Nice first time story
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very good story
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very good sweet 1st love