My little s****r- Chapter Two

I did plan on jerking off again, because that conversation about my s****r watching

mom and dad have sex got me aroused. Realistically though, I better skip the loud

fantasizing, so Debbie doesn’t hear me.

I whacked off another two times that day, and as bedtime approached, I planned

on another one after I was in bed. Our bedtime on the weekends was ten o’clock,

so I was sound asl**p when my s****r came into my room at 11:00 and shook


“You have to hurry Kenny. I heard them having sex, and their door is partly open,

so let’s go watch”.

Debbie and I quietly crept down the hallway, and as I looked into their room, I saw

mom on her knees sucking on dad’s cock. She was moaning and slurping and he

was telling her to suck hard because he wanted her to swallow his cum. I was only

wearing my underwear, and my cock was hard as a rock and throbbing

uncontrollably. I glanced at Debbie who was wearing a t-shirt and panties, and it

seemed as if she was rubbing her crotch. I whispered:

“What are you doing Debbie”?

“Shhh, I’m doing what you do”.

As I watched mom’s head bobbing up and down on dad’s cock, I was slowly but

surely losing my ability to use common sense. I nudged closer to Debbie, so that

my throbbing cock was pushed against her bum, and I was surprised to feel her

push back. I began rubbing against her panty fabric, and it felt so good, I released

my cock from my underwear. Then I heard dad say:

“Suck that cock baby, I’m gonna cum hard”.

“Swallow it baby”.

“Take that cum down your throat”.

Now Debbie was wiggling her ass so that my cock was being massaged, and I

felt like I was going to blow my load. I pushed hard into the crack of Debbie’s ass

and my cum began surging out. It startled her, and when she reached back to find

out what it was, her hand landed right on my cock. It was still squirting, so her bum

and her hand were covered in cum. We needed to get out of there, so when I

started backing up, Debbie moved with me, but still had her hand on my cock. All

the way back to her room, she didn’t want to let go, so I went in with her and

closed her door.

“Debbie, why are you still holding my cock”?

“I really like the feel of it, and my hand is kind of stuck to it, from all of the white


“Mom and dad would kill us if they ever knew that we watched them and if they

ever saw my cock in your hand, we’d be dead for sure”.

“I know, but I love the feel of your cock and don’t want to let go”.

“Would you like to try holding it with something else”?

“Like what”?

“Your mouth”.

“Like mom and dad were doing”?

“Yah. That would be so cool Debbie. Will you suck my cock for me”?

I knew that it was a huge mistake, as soon as the words left my mouth, but when

Debbie fell to her knees and looked at my cock, I was beyond thinking rationally.

“It’s so big Kenny. I hope it will fit in my mouth”.

I held her head and pushed my throbbing cock towards her mouth, and as she

opened wide, my cock head slid over her lips and into a hot and wet mouth. I was

so out of control, I just began thrusting in and out of her mouth as I held her head

firmly and I knew that a surge of cum was on its way. The first blast took her by

surprise and she began gagging. I didn’t want to take my cock out of her mouth,

because I was still ejaculating, but I was afraid she was going to choke. As she

caught her breath, my cum shots sprayed her face and hair. When she stopped

coughing, she took my cock back into her mouth and sucked out the rest of my

load. She licked her lips and said:

“It tastes good Kenny. I’m sorry that I gagged, but that first blast hit the back of my

throat and I choked”.

“You did great Debbie, and it felt awesome, but you need to get cleaned up now,

so you don’t wake up all sticky in the morning. You don’t want mom coming in your

room in the morning and finding you covered in my cum”.

“Okay I will, but can we do this again sometime”?

“Look Debbie; what we did was wrong and I’m not sure we should do it again. I

want to, but I also know it’s very wrong, and we could both get in a lot of trouble”.

“Okay Kenny, we can talk about it tomorrow”.

I was awakened Sunday morning by Debbie, who had crawled under my sheets,

and was trying to get my erect cock out of my underwear.

“What are you doing Debbie? If our parents came in here, we would be so dead”.

“I usually hear you jerk off every morning when you wake up, so I thought I would

help. Besides I really wanted to suck your cock some more”.

What the fuck was I supposed to do? My cock was aching to get out of my

underwear and I had a warm wet mouth ready to suck on it. Fuck it. I’ll do this one

more time and then I’ll put a stop to it. I reached down and got my underwear off

and told Debbie to take off her clothes. As I looked down at this enthusiastic girl

just chomping at the bit to get my cock into her mouth, I went into sexual overdrive.

I held her ears as I rammed my cock into her mouth and told her to lick it and suck

hard. The thrusting into her mouth, combined with her licking and sucking, had my

balls sending a cum load out of my cock head and into her mouth, in no time. She

sucked hard and swallowed as much as she could, but some of my cum shot out

the corners of her mouth, and some even came out her nostrils. She didn’t gag or

choke, so I kept my cock in her mouth until my balls were completely drained.

Debbie lay down with me to catch her breath, and her leg ended up against my

cock and balls. As I cradled her in my arms, I began having horrible thoughts

about fucking her pussy.

“Debbie, you need to go to your room right now”.

“Did I do something wrong Kenny”?

“No, but I’m afraid that I may do something terribly wrong, and that’s why you

should leave”.

“Were you thinking about having sex with me like mom and dad do”?

“Yes I was, and that is why you have to get out of here”.

“I’m not afraid Kenny. I would do anything you asked me to”.

“Debbie, your pussy is way too small for my cock, and I don’t want to hurt you.

Besides, I could go to jail, if anyone ever found out”.

“What if we just kind of rubbed them together to see what it felt like”?

“I suppose that would not do any harm. As long as my cock doesn’t penetrate your

pussy, it shouldn’t be i*****l”.

As soon as the words left my lips, Debbie was crawling on top of me, and her

naked pussy lips rubbed against my cock. Christ that felt good. I began humping

upwards so my cock was sliding along her pussy slit, and because it was still wet

from my cum, it ended up between her lips. Debbie was pushing down pretty

hard, and ended up impaling herself on my cock.

“Kenny, that feels so good. Can we keep doing it”?

“God yes. I can’t stop myself. Let me get on top between your legs”.

There was nothing in my brain at that moment, except for testosterone fuelled

thoughts of fucking her pussy. I slid my cum soaked cock head through her outer

pussy lips, and pushed until I could go no further. I was right tight against her virgin

membrane, and then I heard:

“It feels so good Kenny. Please fuck my pussy”.

“Get ready Debbie, I’m gonna fuck you. It will hurt a little until I get through your

virginity, but then we can fuck hard and it will feel soooooo good”.

As I pushed harder and her membrane stretched, Debbie winced, so I stopped


“Don’t stop Kenny. Fuck my pussy”.

As the membrane gave way, Debbie uttered a slight groan, and tensed up. My

cock was almost half way inside her pussy, so I reared back and gave a final hard

thrust, and my balls came to rest on her ass cheeks. This sensation was so new

and so fantastic, my cock began spewing cum, and when Debbie felt the hot

streams of cum hitting inside of her, she moaned and whispered:

“Fuck me Kenny. Pump your cock in and out of my pussy while you cum”.

Like I needed any more motivation. When I heard her whisper those words, I

began hammering her pussy, and the slapping noises of my balls bouncing off of

her ass kept me in overdrive. Christ, I was still cumming and couldn’t stop myself

from pumping hard and fast. When my balls were dry, I continued fucking until I felt

a new surge coming from my balls. Another blast of cum was drowning her

insides, and as I continued humping hard, the slopping noises from my cock

churning up the cum, echoed through my room. I looked down to see if Debbie

was okay, and saw that her face was all flushed and glowing, and she seemed to

be lost in a dream.

“Are you okay Debbie”

“I’m so much more than okay. I loved you fucking my pussy”.

I was running out of gas, and my balls were completely drained, so I pulled my

cock out of Debbie’s pussy and collapsed on the bed. When I saw the bl**d and

cum, I was afraid that Debbie would be upset, but she just lay beside me moaning

with her eyes closed. Then I heard:

“Kenny, do you know where your s****r is? She’s not in her room and I can’t find


Panic set in as I heard my mother’s voice on the other side of my door, and had

no clue what to do or say. All I could think of was:

“Maybe she already went outside to play mom”.

When I heard her footsteps walking away, I dragged Debbie out of my bed and

told her to get her clothes on.

“How are we going to get you out of my room Debbie”?

“Just tell mom that I was hiding in your closet and that we were playing a joke on


I walked out into the hall, and when I found mom, I said that Debbie was hiding in

my closet and that we were playing a joke on her. Mom went straight for my closet

and told Debbie to never do that again, because it scared her.

“Both of you get cleaned up and dressed, because Dad is taking us out to a

restaurant for breakfast”.

We had dodged a bullet, and as we sat in the restaurant eating, Debbie kept

glancing towards me and grinning.

“You two knock it off. You think that you were funny this morning, but you never play

tricks like that. Every day on the news, you hear about little girls a*****ed from

their own homes, so it’s not something to joke about”.

We both apologized and finally mom lightened up and got over it. We figured that

we had got away with our sexual adventure until mom and dad started talking

about our prank. They both wanted to know why Debbie was hiding in my closet

instead of her own.

“You don’t even let her go in your room, so why this morning”?

Before I could answer, Debbie blurted out:

“If I tell you the real story you will get mad at us”.

I just about fell off of my chair, so I interrupted Debbie and said:

“It’s okay Debbie; I will explain”.

“Debbie knocked at my door this morning and asked me if I heard any strange

noises last night. When I said that I did, but couldn’t explain it to her because she

was too young, she wouldn’t let it go. Then she told me that you had already

explained to her about the noises and …….”

“That will be enough Kenny. I think I got the picture. End of conversation”.

Mom kind of glared at dad and I think they both figured out that their sex had to be

a little quieter from now on, or at least the door had to be closed.

Later that day, when mom and dad were outside, Debbie and I spoke about what

we had done. When I told her that we shouldn’t do those things anymore, she said

that I have already broken the law, so what is the harm in continuing? How do you

argue with that kind of logic, especially while you are standing there with a huge


I looked out my bedroom window and saw mom and dad sitting on the rear patio,

so I whipped out my cock and said:

“It’s all yours Debbie. Suck me dry”.

I didn’t have to tell her twice. She dropped to her knees and sucked my cock into

her mouth. As she licked and suckled the cock head, she made slurping sounds

just like mom did with dad, and I just had to fuck her mouth and cum. I held her

face and told her to get ready for a huge cum blast. It didn’t take many thrusts in

and out of her mouth until my balls erupted and sent wave after wave of cum into

her mouth

“Swallow my cum you little cocksucker”.

“Take it all down”.

Debbie swallowed every drop and there was no spillage at all. When Debbie sat

on the bed to catch her breath, she said:

“Kenny, do you think that you could fuck my pussy now”?

“Get undressed s*s and I’ll pound your pussy until you beg for mercy”.

I was surprised that her pussy wasn’t sore from earlier today, but as soon as my

cock got a few inches inside her, she groaned and flinched.

“I think your pussy is sore from our earlier fuck, so maybe we better wait a few

days before we try it again”.

“I think you’re right Kenny. That really hurt”.

Before we went off to do our own thing, Debbie said:

“Remember when you wake up tomorrow morning, don’t jerk off. I’ll be in to suck

your cock for you”.

“I’ll be waiting you sweet little cocksucker”.

To be continued……………………………

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2 months ago
excellent as all your stories are
3 years ago
love it. Going to read part 3 now, I'm rock hard!
3 years ago
Great story. Thanks
3 years ago
will told it even made me wants a sister like that
3 years ago
veru good
3 years ago
great story well told!
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That was wonderfully written. I look forward to reading more about this brother and sister!
3 years ago
Enjoyed both part 1 & 2, keep it up