My little s****r.part1

Some days I think that there is something wrong with me, because my cock is

hard all the time, and all I can think of is masturbating and ejaculating. I used to

think that I was normal and average, but when I turned thirteen, something strange

happened to me. Hair growing on my balls, hair growing pretty much everywhere,

not to mention constant erections and wet dreams. Fortunately, my bedroom is

furthest away from my parent’s room, so they never interfere with my

masturbation. I can hammer away at my cock as loudly as I want, and although my

little s****r’s room is right next door, she wouldn’t have a clue what I was doing.

Debbie is ten, and a really nice k**, and before my thirteenth birthday, I just

ignored her; however, now that I am so oversexed, I have begun fantasizing about


I’m not saying that I want to fuck her or anything like that, but I masturbate while

fantasizing that she is sucking my cock. Even when I am shooting my cum into a

Kleenex, I am talking quietly saying things like “Suck it hard Debbie”, “Swallow my

cum for me Debbie”, “Keep sucking until my balls are drained Debbie”. I am not

an idiot and realize that it would be i*****l, immoral and extremely stupid to even

consider doing anything to her, but there’s no law against fantasizing. I’m pretty

sure that I have enough will power to keep it just a fantasy (famous last words),

because the consequences would be horrendous.

Weekends are especially great for masturbating, because my parents were

usually out doing something and Debbie was usually out playing with friends. Last

Saturday after lunch, I checked the house and I was all alone, so off I went to my

room to fantasize and blow my load. That would be the third ejaculation since I

woke up at 9 o’clock, but I had plenty of cum left in my balls, and never had a

problem getting hard. I got naked and spread eagled on my bed, so I could

fantasize that Debbie was between my legs sucking on my cock. I could be as

loud as I wanted and didn’t need to whisper during my fantasy, so I hammered

that cock mercilessly and urged Debbie to suck my cock hard and drain all the

cum out of my balls. When I got close, I said:




My cum flew everywhere, since I didn’t have any Kleenex nearby.

As huge streams of cum flew out of my cock head, my bedroom door opened and

Debbie asked:

“Were you calling me Kenny”?

When she saw what was happening, she said that she was sorry and closed the

door. Jesus, I was frozen like a deer caught in the headlights and couldn’t move,

even though my cum was still dribbling out of my cock. This was my biggest cum

load yet, making a hell of a mess of my room, and it must have been the loud

fantasizing that caused the huge eruption. When I finally came to my senses, I

wondered if I should try and find her and ask her not to tell my parents. I didn’t

have to find her, because she was still standing outside my door and said:

“Kenny, I’m really sorry that I barged into your room without knocking, but I was

sure I heard you calling me and that’s why I came in”.

“Don’t go anywhere Debbie; I’m coming out to talk to you”.

I pulled on my clothes and went out to the hallway and asked if we could go into

her room to talk. I couldn’t take her back into my room, because it was covered in

gobs of cum.

“Look Debbie; I’m not mad at you, but you have to understand that a guy’s room is

very private and you can never come in without knocking”.

“I said I was sorry Kenny. What was it that you were doing that was so private”?

“You are too young to understand Debbie. I will explain it to you one day, when you

are older”.

“I guess you think that I don’t know anything about sex, and don’t know what you

were doing, but you are wrong”.

“Look Debbie, I’m not going to get into it right now, but you have to promise that

you won’t tell our parents what you saw”.

“I’m sure they know that you jerk off Kenny, so why the big secret”?

“Christ Debbie, you are ten. What do you know about such things”?

“I have been listening to you jerk off for months now, so I asked mom about the

noises and she said that it was something boys do when they reach puberty. I

also told mom that I heard similar noises coming from her bedroom, so she

explained sex to me. What mom didn’t know was that one of the times I heard

their sex noises, I went to their bedroom door and it was open a crack. I saw dad

pumping up and down on top of mom, and they were both grunting and moaning.

When dad got off of her, there was white stuff dripping from his penis”.

“Holy shit Debbie. I had no idea that you knew so much. I have never seen them

doing it, but would sure like to watch”.

“Next time I hear their sex noises, I will come get you and we’ll watch them


“That would be great. Now I have to go clean my room”.

“Do you want some help”?

“I don’t think that you would want to help clean up this particular mess”.

“Is it your white stuff, from jerking off”?

“Debbie, you better go and play, because this conversation is freaking me out”.

“I only asked because your pants are sticking out, and I thought maybe I could

watch you do it again”.

‘Not a chance little s*s. Now go play”.

To be continued................

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