Coming To Mom's Rescue

"You son-of-a-bitch. Get out!" Brenda Connelly screamed at her husband.

"Karen just let me explain." The words had barely gotten out of his mouth before

he had to duck to avoid being hit by a vase she had thrown across the room.

"I told you to get out!" Brenda screamed again. "I packed your fucking bags. Now

go be with your lover!"

It was over. Twenty-one years of marriage was over. David Connelly knew there

was no use and in a way a strong sense of relief rushed over him. Turning he

picked up his luggage and walked into the hallway. Then stopping he looked back

at Brenda.

"I'm sorry Brenda. Tell the k**s I am sorry."

Brenda did not say a word but stood her back toward him waiting for him to leave.

When she heard the front door close Brenda turned and stared at the bed. It had

been in this bed both of their c***dren had been conceived. It was in this bed they

had made love hundreds of time until his desire for her began to die. It was in this

bed that she found the reason several weeks earlier when she had come home

from a business trip and found him not with another woman but another man.

As she stood looking at the king size suite she began to sob. It would have hurt

had it been another woman but another man? What was wrong with her? What

had she not done? A thousand questions rushed through her mind as she threw

herself across the mattress her body racked with despair.

Brenda rolled over and looked at the picture on the nightstand. It seemed the only

good things that had come of her marriage were her c***dren. There was 21 year

old Brian. He looked like a younger version of his father only much more

muscular. He had inherited his father's Italian genes. Tall with coal black hair and

piercing brown eyes Brian had more than his share of girlfriends.

Her daughter Sandra had been a bit more of the rebel. Almost twenty she had

been blessed not only with her mother's Irish red hair but her mother's D cup

breasts as well. Sandra had left home and moved in with her b*****r six months

earlier when her father had caught her sucking off the next door neighbors son.

She was quickly becoming a bit of a slut and they had thought sending her to stay

with her b*****r would help calm her down.

As Brenda stared at the picture she knew she would have to tell them. How would

they accept it? She was not exactly sure. Their father had not gone out of his way

to be close to his c***dren but then it's not every day you find out your father is gay.

Still they had to know.

Brenda sat up by the side of the bed. Wiping tears from her eyes she lifted the

phone. After dialing Brian's number she waited for an answer. Finally his voice

came over the line.

"Brian? Hi honey this is mom." Brenda said.

"Mom? Oh hi. How are you." Brian replied. Brenda thought she heard the faint

moaning of someone in the background.

"Is everything ok Brian?" Brenda asked.

"Oh. Ahh. Yes. Yes mom. Everything is just fine" Brian replied in a bit of a flushed


"Listen. I really hate to bother you but I need to talk to you and your s****r. Can you

come over tonight?" Brenda said.

"Now?" Brian replied. "Mom I don't know if we."

Brenda interrupted him. "Brian please. I really need to talk to the two of you. It's

very, very important."

There was silence for a few seconds then Brian's voice came back over the


"Ok. Ok Mom. We can be there in about an two hours." Brian said.

"Good. " his mother replied. "Oh and Brian would you please stop at the liquor

store and pick me up a bottle of rum? I really need a drink."

"Sure. Anything you say." Brian replied in a concerned voice. "We'll be there


Brenda hung the phone up. Looking into the mirror opposite the room Brenda

thought about the turn of events that was changing her life. Standing up she began

to unclothe. Finally standing nude the woman looked at the reflection in the mirror.

"What's wrong with me?" she asked. Her tits were still firm and her body in shape.

Brenda had been an avid runner and as she turned to the side she could see that

even in her forties her ass was still high and tight.

Brenda stood taking inventory of herself for a few moments then walked into the

bathroom. Turning the shower on she waited for the water to warm then stepped

in. Leaning against the wall another rush of anger and hurt passed through her.

The warm water blended with her tears as she tried to understand her husband's


"We have to go to Mom's." Brian said. "Something's wrong."

"What is it? Is she hurt?" Sandra looked at her b*****r and asked.

"No. Nothing like that." Brian replied. "You heard me. I told her it would be a bit."

The look on Sandra Connelly's face reverted back to one of lust. Sliding her

hands up her b*****r's muscular shoulders the young woman began to thrust her

crotch up.

"Good. Because you need to cum to don't you big b*****r."

Brian smiled down at his naked s****r lying under him. Her tan legs slid up around

his waist and clamped down pulling his thick cock deep into her tight wet pussy.

Unknown to their parents Brian and Sandra had been i****tuously involved for

two years. It had begun innocently enough. Sandra liked to tease. Brian liked to

be teased. Then came the night when their parents were away for a weekend.

The two had smoked grass and Brian had dared her to do an erotic dance for

him. Before it was over she was spread eagle on the couch and Brian brought her

to her first orally inspired orgasm.

The two dated other people though and there was a small circle of intimate

friends who knew and approved of their sexual relationship. It was not uncommon

for orgies to occur at Brian's apartment and he even had been involved in several

threesomes with his s****r and other women.

"I need your cum Brian. I need it right here." Sandra pleaded with him as he

began to fuck her juicy hole. Sandra lifted her fingers and slid them across her

face and lips.

Brian let out a groan.

"Damn s*s. You are such a fucking slut." Brian commented as he began to thrust.

"Maybe but I'm your slut big b*****r. Now fuck me. Get it fast and hard." Sandra


Sandra unwrapped her legs and Brian began to fuck his s****r in such a fashion

that the headboard slapped the wall over and over. Her pussy clamped down on

his cock with each down thrust and Brian knew her vice like grip on his cock was

going to soon siend him over the edge.

The young woman slid her hands down and cupped her large tits. Lifting one she

stuck her tongue out and began to lick her own nipple then alternated to the other.

The sight of it, coupled with the taboo of fucking his own s****r was bringing Brian

to climax rapidly.

"Oh fuck Sandra. Damn it's close." Brian cried out. He could feel the sexual

release building in his balls.

Sandra had already cum three times. That was one thing about her b*****r. He

was a sexual gentleman. Making sure the woman is satisfied before reaching his

own gratification.

"Oh Brian. Bring it up here. Tit fuck me." Sandra pleaded.

Brian did not have to be told twice. He pulled his sex wet cock from his s****r cunt

and quickly straddled her belly. Sandra reached down and wrapped her firm yet

soft boob flesh around his manhood. His cock was so saturated with her cunt

juices there was no need for further lubrication.

The young stud began to thrust back and forth. Each shift forward Sandra would

lick his hot cock knob wet with her own pussy honey and his leaking pre-cum. The

friction on his cock was more than Brian could stand.

"Oh shit honey..I'm....." Brian's words trailed off. His cock head flared and a blast

of cum flew directly into Sandra's mouth. Releasing his cock from the confines of

her tits, Sandra grabbed his cock and began jerking aiming the spewing dick at

her face.

b*****r and s****r moaned loudly as he released his sperm on her full lips and

creamy cheeks. Sandra loved the taste and feel of cum. Weather being spewed

from a male or a female. Her fist flew up and down his dick coaxing all cock

cream he had from his nuts.

Her lips full coated with sperm Sandra leaned up and sucked his cock into her

hungry mouth. Damn she wanted more but she had given him a work out that

would last for a bit. The sensation of it was more than Brian could stand.

Pulling back from his s****r his cock escaped from her lips with a loud plop. Brian

looked down at her as she rubbed his cum into her cheeks and breasts.

"You're a fucking mess." Brian laughed.

"It's all your fault asshole." Sandra said the laughed with her b*****r.

Brian rolled off his s****r then Sandra scooted to the side of the bed and stood

up. As she did droplets of cum fell from her right cheek onto her nipple.

Sandra started to lift it and lick it up. Then she walked over to her b*****r.

"You know you want it Brian." Sandra said as she held her breast up to him.

"No fucking way s*s. I ain't gay." Brian protested.

"Come on Brian. I taste my own pussy. Besides it would not mean your gay or

even bisexual."

Brian thought about it for a moment.

"Shit. Oh well." He said as he pulled his s****r to him. Brian's tongue flicked out

and licked at the cum covered nipple.

"Not bad. Salty but not bad." Brian thought as he sucked his own juice from her


Sandra moaned looking down at her b*****r. Her wicked little mind was going

into sexual overtime. There were so many things she wanted to try with him but it

would take one day at a time.

The young couple separated and a few moments later soaping each other's

backs in the shower the subject turned to their mother.

"What do you think is wrong Brian?" Sandra said as his strong hands caressed

her back.

"I don't know but we need to get over there. It really has me worried." Brian


Sandra was bent slightly as she let her b*****r wash her ass then pussy. She was

so sexy. He loved that heart shaped derriere and as he caressed the soft flesh his

cock began to harden. Standing up his cock head pressed against the rosebud of

her butt.

"Look's like someone's up again." Sandra laughed pressing back against his


"I know but we really need to get to mom's" Brian protested.

Sandra did not say a word. Reaching behind her she grasped his cock pulling the

head against her hot asshole. Brian watched as she pushed back against him.

The tight ring of her anus began to give way and accept his again bloated cock


"Sandra..we..have to..oh damn it" Brian tried to protest.

As Sandra took his cock into her horny butt she looked over her shoulder.

"Later baby. Later."
"Mom? We're here. Mom?" Brian called out as he pushed the door open just off

the kitchen.

Stepping inside Brian sat the new bottle of rum on the counter by the refrigerator.

He then noticed another bottle, almost empty, also on the counter. His s****r

walked in behind him and closed the door.

"Mom?" Sandra called out.

"Well it took you two long enough to get here." Brenda said as she walked into the


Brenda had showered and changed before the two arrived and was wearing a

short dark green lace see through robe. The top was open revealing a generous

portion of cleavage.

"Good thing I found that." Brenda said pointing at the almost empty bottle.

It was obvious to Brian and Sandra that their mother had indulged in a bit too

much alcohol. While she was not d***k her words were a bit slurred.

Brian could not help notice his mother's cleavage and felt a stirring inside his

cargo shorts.

"Sorry Mom. We got held up in traffic. There was an accident." Sandra lied.

Like her b*****r Sandra was also noticing her mother's revealing state. Brenda

usually dressed conservatively around them. Why their mother would dress this

way was a bit of a mystery to her but there was no denying the stirring Sandra

was feeling in her pussy as her mother walked to the kitchen table, breasts

swaying under the thin material.

"Brian would you be a dear and fix us all a drink? I have something I need to tell

both of you." Brenda told her son.

"Mom are you sure you need another one?" Brian asked worriedly.

"Just do it. Make it strong. Make both of yours strong too. You're going to need it."

Brenda insisted.

Brian did as his mother requested, gave his mother and s****r their respective

glasses then sat at the table with Brenda and Sandra. The three took sips of their

drinks then Brenda leaned forward in her chair. Her large breasts rested on the

edge of the table. Brian could almost see her right tit entirely as the material

pushed opened.

"So what gives mom? What is this all about." Sandra asked, also noticing her

mother's breasts becoming more and more exposed.

Brenda then began to explain to her c***dren what had happened. How she had

come home from her business trip early and found their father in bed with another

man. In her alcohol induced state she told them how she had walked in and found

him fucking his lover from behind. Then she told them of their decision to divorce.

The thought of their father having sex with another man disgusted Brian but her

mothers in depth description was actually turning Sandra on. She felt herself

becoming moist under her short jean skirt and she was certain her mother could

see her nipples becoming hard through her white cotton top.

"I hated to tell you both this but I knew you would find out sooner or later and I

thought it best to be sooner." Brenda told them before turning her glass up and

finishing her drink. She then handed the glass to Brian and put in another order.

"Mom I really don't think you should drink anymore. That is not going to change

this." Brian protested.

"Brian I think Mom could use a little something else to help calm her." Sandra


"Sandra I don't think mom would..." his words were interrupted by his s****r.

"Mom would you like to smoke a joint?" Sandra looked at her mother and asked.

"Pot?" Brenda replied surprised. "I didn't know you too smoked pot."

Brenda thought about it for a moment. She was not certain she should. It had

been sometime since she had indulged in cannabis. It had a tendency to make

her extremely horny. What if she became turned on? After a few moments she

dismissed the thought. These were her c***dren. She would be safe.

"Well. OK. I guess I could certainly use some." Brenda finally agreed.

"But I still want a drink." She looked at Brian and said.

Brian stood up, reached in his pocket and produced a bag of reefer and rolling

papers. He slid them across the table to Sandra before turning to get his mother

yet another rum and coke. Brenda did not say a word but watched as her

daughter opened the bag and papers and began expertly rolling two joints.

As Sandra watched, her eyes trailed down her daughter's neck and to her chest.

She could see Sandra's nipples hard through the cotton material of her shirt. For

a second Brenda felt a tingle in her pussy then looked over at Brian.

As he mixed her drink, back toward her Brenda noticed his strong muscular body.

It was evident that he worked out frequently. His firm muscles were visible through

his tight tee shirt. She wondered how many young women had already wrapped

their legs around his waist and for a second she had a mental image of his ass

rising and falling as he pumped some slut's pussy.

Brian sat down then watched as Sandra handed the joint across the table to her

mother. When Brenda leaned forward her robe gapped open enough that Brian

could clearly see one breast. Her nipple and areola were hard and Brian felt his

cock stiffen right away.

Brenda took the joint from Sandra and sat back. For the first time in their lives

b*****r and s****r watched as the woman who brought them in the world lifted the

joint to her full lips and lit it. Brian was aroused watching her full lips wrap around

the end of the joint and for and wished it was his cock instead.

The mother inhaled and held it for a moment before flying into a coughing fit that

overtook her for a few seconds. She then took a sip of her drink and inhaled yet

again. Releasing the smoke in the air Brenda threw her head back as the pot

sensation began to pour through her. She began to feel her pussy come alive.

"Damn I forgot how good that was." Brenda said before inhaling again.

Sandra had lit the other one and puffed before handing it to her b*****r.

"You mean you've smoked pot before?" Sandra said as she exhaled.

"Oh yes honey. Many times." Her mother replied. "It's been awhile but I forgot how

good it makes me feel." Brian was catching a quick buzz as well. His mother

moved the chair back and pulled one leg up. Much to his surprise her crotch came

into full view as her robe pulled to the side.

"You know Mom. Dad is a damn fool." Brian said before toking again.

"Why is that?" Brenda said.

"Well forgive me for putting it so bluntly but you are a fine ass woman mom." Brian

stated as he exhaled. "I mean I know you are my mother but shit you have one hell

of a body."

"That's right mom." Sandra agreed. "You are really hot. I mean I don't fault Dad if

he found his true sexuality but you are so sexy I don't understand why he would not

want to at least share you. I mean could you imagine having two cocks at one


Even through her high that was becoming more intense Brenda felt herself blush.

She also felt her juices beginning to flow more. She could not believe she was

having this type of conversation with her off spring.

"You two are k**ding right? You find me sexy? Your mother?" Brenda said. "And

as for your father I don't know if I could handle being in bed with him and another


Sandra was becoming more forthcoming. "Don't knock it till you've tried it mom. I

mean two hard cocks sliding in and out of your pussy and ass at the same time.

It's really hot."

Brian could not believe what his s****r was saying. He looked over at his mother

and could see her blushing and her face reddening. He also saw her breathing

was increasing. What his s****r was telling their mother was obviously arousing


"Really and just how the hell would you know that young lady?" Brenda inquired of

her daughter.

Sandra released a puff of smoke and blew it across the table at her mother.

"I'll never tell" she teased before inhaling again.

Brenda's curiosity was picking up about her daughter's sex life. Suddenly the

problems with her husband had been regulated to the back of her mind. Her son

had been quiet and Brenda turned her attention to him.

"Do you know about this? What your s****r does?" his mother asked.

"Well yes mom I do." Brian confessed.

The three were now buzzing wildly. The sexual tension in the room was also

increasing as their conversation proceeded.

"In fact mom Brian was present." Sandra said as she stood up and moved to the

chair next to her mother.

"Present? You mean he watched you?" Brenda asked. Her heart was beating a

mile a moment now and though it was wrong she felt her clit begin to throb.

"No. More than that." Sandra said as she took the joint from her mother's hand

and inhaled.

Then Sandra looked her mother in the eyes.

"I love to fuck mom but only one man gets to stick his big hard cock in my

asshole." Sandra said.

The realization hit Brenda like a ton of bricks. Her eyes widened as mental

images of what Sandra was describing began to fill her head.

"Oh my god. You mean you and your b*****r are having sex?" Brenda asked


Sandra did not say a word but stood and walked around to where her b*****r


"Stand up Brian." The hot s****r told her b*****r.

Brian was too stoned and horny to protest. As he stood Sandra sunk to her knees

in front of him. Brenda could not believe what she was seeing as her daughter

slowly unzipped his fly. Reaching in his shorts she pulled out the largest penis her

mother had ever seen. It fell out straight even with Sandra's face and Brenda

could see he was leaking pre-cum.

"Oh shit" Brenda moaned as she felt her pussy lips begin to swell. His dick was

not quite nine inches long and appeared to be almost at thick as her wrist. Brenda

watched through lust glazed eyes as her daughter slowly began to jack her son.

"He might cum too son if I suck him now." Sandra stated after a few seconds of


Reaching down Sandra took the bottom of her shirt and quickly pulled it over her


Brian also removed his shirt as his s****r turned toward her mother. Her full firm

tits stood out proudly as she closed the distance between them.

"You should know something else mom." Sandra said as she placed her hands

on her mother's shoulders.

Brenda looked up. Two young beautiful tits were swaying just in front of her. It had

been years since her own experiences with other women. She knew it was wrong.

It was taboo.but her mouth was watering for her daughters breasts.

"I like women too." Sandra said then pulled her mother too her. Sandra gasped

as Brenda's lips slid around her thick hot nipples.

Now completely naked Brian stood behind his s****r. Sandra leaned her head

back to kiss him deeply as their mother madly worked her tits over with her mouth.

Brian undid Sandra's jean skirt and let it fall to the floor revealing her naked ass.

"Get her ready for me Sandra. Get her hot." Brian said. As much taboo as he and

his s****r had broken he could not believe he was now standing in his parent's

kitchen having about to have sex with his mother.

Sandra pulled back from Brenda. Her mother moaned a small whimper of protest

then Sandra took her by the hand and stood her up. The two women's eyes lust

locked on each other for a moment before they embraced. Their full lips opened

and tongue intertwined as Sandra reached down and undid the loose knot in her

mother's robe. Pushing it open her hands slid up to pinch and caress Brenda's


Brenda responded likewise taking her daughter's nipples in her fingers and rolling

them. The sensation caused Sandra to push her naked crotch against her


Sandra pushed Brenda back and urged her mother to sit on the edge of the large

oak table. Brenda leaned back on her elbows, her tits proudly displayed for

daughter and son as Sandra began to kiss and lick her way down her mother's

belly. Her head was swimming not only with marijuana induced high but lust. She

flinched when Sandra kissed her mound just above her clit.

Brain moved to the side of the table and began to kiss and lick his mother's tits.

They were so full and beautiful like his s****rs. He was already hoping to have an

opportunity to shove his member between them as he had done earlier in the

evening with Sandra. Brian kissed his way up. His lips met his mothers and their

tongues intertwined as he grasped first one then the other breast with his hand.

Suddenly Brenda broke her lips from Brian.

"Oh fuck yes" Brenda squealed loudly before her words became unintelligible

giving way to a high pitched squeal.

Sandra had spread her mother's juicy swollen pussy lips wide and back making

her clit stand out proudly. Her tongue extended she had begun to work the sexy

digit over in a figure eight motion. The feeling of it caused Brenda's thighs to

tremble wildly.

"Damn it yes eat me. Please eat me" the in heat mothers begged before her son

locked his mouth over hers. Again her moans were muffled as her daughter

worked to bring her to orgasm.

The taste and taboo of eating her mother was overwhelming to Sandra. She

moved one hand down and inserted two fingers in her own tight hole finger

fucking herself wildly. Her lips fastened down onto her mothers wetness as her

tongue went wild searching out every sexual never she could possibly find inside

Brenda with it.

Brenda was shaking all over. Her cunt was on fire. It had been years since she

had been eaten like this and had forgotten how good it felt to be orally serviced by

another female. She had crossed a sexual boundry never to return but for the

moment it did not matter. All she wanted was to cum. To cum wildly and it did not

matter that it would be at the hands of her own c***dren.

Brian climbed up on the table. His mother was still leaning back oh her elbows as

Sandra ate her. Kneeling to her right the young stud aimed his rock hard penis at

his mother's face.

"Open your mouth" Brian commanded.

She did not have to be told twice. Brian's cock slid past her full lips into the

warmth of a sexual cavern that could only be equaled by his s****r. As his mother

began to suck the pre-cum dripping head he knew it would take all of his will

power not to unload in her mouth but he was determined to hold out as long as


Sandra was licking wildly. By the way her mother was juicing she knew it would

not be long before she was rewarded with the cunt honey she so rightfully

deserved. Pulling her fingers from her own drippy hole she pushed them into her

mothers pussy. Curving them upwards to the ten o'clock position she found to her

delight her mothers G-spot was in the exact same position as her own.

Brenda yanked her lips from around Brian's cock.

"Oh fuck how did you know...Brenda's words again were lost as her squeals

reverberated off the kitchen walls.

Sandra fastened her lips on her mother's clit, licking it rapidly as she massaged

her mothers G-spot. She wanted it. She needed it. She was practically begging

for her mother's feminine cum.

Brenda felt it. The heat began to rise intensely in her cunt and belly. She could not

longer support herself and lay back on the table fully. Then the first wave or

orgasm was so intense it almost sat her straight up.

"Cummmming" the woman screamed loudly as her vagina and clit went into

orgasmic convulsions.

Sandra was caught off guard by the first blast of pussy juice that erupted from

between Brenda's swollen lips. It just missed her chin landing on the young

woman's throat and running down on her swaying breasts.

Sandra finger fucked her mother faster and moved back. She then pulled

Brenda's pussy lips opened and a large squirt of cunt juices landed directly on her

face. Unable to resist she covered her mother's cunt with her mouth and buried

her tongue in deep sucking her mothers wet hot sex as it poured into her mouth.

Brenda was shaking so hard the table was literally moving. There were no words

but the muffled moans of her daughter into her cunt and her own high pitched

squeals. So caught up in her own orgasm she was unable to suck Brian's cock.

He had leaned back and was slowly jerking his stiff dick as his s****r worked their

mother through orgasm.

Finally Brenda eased herself back onto her elbows. Looking down she could see

and feel Sandra slow her licking. Past her trim bush she watched as Sandra

slowly, reluctantly pulled her tongue from her pussy. A strand of juice hung from

her bottom lip and fell onto Sandra's breast as she pulled away.

It was one of the most erotic sights Brian had ever witnessed. His s****r had

brought their mother to an intensive orally induced orgasm. He had previously

thought seeing her face covered with his own sperm was hot but now her face and

chest covered with their mothers sex juice definitely took top erotic honors.

Sandra stood. Walking to the side of the table she leaned over and kissed

Brenda deeply. Her hand slid back down Brenda's stomach to squeeze her

mother's now juice drenched crotch. Brenda moaned at the feel and also to the

taste of her own cum.

"Do you think she's ready?" Brian asked interrupting the female couple.

Sandra's middle finger darted in and out of Brenda's tight hole.

"I think so honey." Sandra responded as Brian leaned across to kiss his s****r.

Brenda sat up. Arms extended behind her to support herself. Her breasts

standing out proudly as the final spasms of her orgasm faded.

She looked first at her son with his cock standing stiff then at her daughter, face

glazed with cunt juice.

"Hey doesn't your mother have a say in this?" Brenda asked teasingly as Brian

slid off the table.

Sandra kissed her mother on the lips.

"No mom you don't." she smiled and said before frenching her mother deeply.

Sandra then stood up straight and brushed her hair back. Reaching over she

found the remnants of her drink.

"One thing is for sure. We need a bigger fuck area" she stated before swallowing

the balance of it.

Brian scooped his mother up in his arms.

"Come on s*s. Mom has a pretty big bed as I recall." Brian said as he carried her

through the living room.

"Hey bring the pot up and fix some drinks" Brian called out as he began to carry

Brenda up the stairs.

Brenda gave no hint of resistance. She knew the wildest night of sex she had ever

had was only beginning.
As Brian carried his mother upstairs Sandra gathered the rum, pot and glasses

and found a small tray to carry all the materials upstairs. Glancing down she

noticed her tits still wet with her mothers pussy juices.

Lifting first one then the breasts she licked the sweet nectar from her tits. Taking

her time she sucked her own nipples then finally released them.

"God I'm fucking horny" she thought before grabbing the tray and proceeding to

her mother's bedroom. Her straight red hair flowed behind her and breasts jiggled

as she bounded the stairs.

Just before reaching her mother's room she heard Brenda's voice cry out in loud


As Sandra turned the corner she saw her mother was on all fours. Her b*****r

was behind her holding her ass cheeks wide. His face buried between them,

head shaking side to side.

"Fuck you motherfucker yes. Eat my hot asshole" Brenda squealed.

Brian was indulging in on e of his fetishes. Rimming a woman's butt. He loved

doing that and Sandra knew exactly the pleasure he was giving their mother.

Sandra started to jump on the bed with the two but decided to give into one of her

own fetishes. Voyeurism. Lighting the remnants of one of the joints Sandra

inhaled as she watched Brian tongue their mother's ass.

Brenda was in erotic heaven. She had never had anyone rim her ass before.

Where had he learned this? It certainly was not from his father. The man did not

even like eating pussy much less tongue probing a woman's back door.

"Brian I can't stand it anymore. Please honey. Please fuck me" his mother


Brian was torn. Her ass tasted so good. Still wet with the juices his s****r had

created that had seeped between her cheeks. His cock however was demanding

to be satisfied. To be wrapped with the sweet tight mature flesh where he had

come from.

His mother leaned forward pushing her breasts into the mattress and her ass high

in the air. Her horny son moved behind her. Grasping his shaft he placed the

bulbous head to his mother sticky but slick pussy lips.

"Yessss" Brenda moaned as she felt his cock head part the entrance to her sex

canal. For the moment this was not her son. He was a stud. A real stud. One his

father could never be. Her eyes widened as the largest cock she had ever

allowed in herself began to slide into her slippery tunnel.

Brian moaned loudly. She was older but she was tight. As tight as his s****r. Brian

watched as her pussy seemingly sucked at his dick. Begging it to come inside.

"Fuck Brian. That feels so fucking good." Brenda cried out as inch after inch his

hard cock flesh eased inside her.

Sandra moved over to a lounge chair across the room. After sitting back she lifted

the joint to her lips with one hand while the other teased her left nipple. Her eyes

watched in lust filled amazement as her b*****r's ass muscles flexed, working his

cock into their mother.

"Fuck her Brian. Fuck our slut mother hard." Sandra said encouraging her

b*****r. She knew how good it felt. How good it was to have him taking her from

behind filling each horny inch of her pussy with stud meat. She knew exactly the

pleasure her mother was feeling.

Looking over at her Brian continued to slide his fleshy shaft into Brenda. Sandra

sat the joint aside and threw one leg over the edge of the lounge chair. One hand

peeled her wet vulva open while she teased her clit with the other.

"Come over and join us honey." Brian said to his s****r as he grasped his

mother's hips.

"Not yet. I want to watch." Sandra responded as she slowly rubbed her clit in


Brenda slid her hands under herself to pinch and pull at her nipples. Her son's

cock was now fully imbedded in her. The head of it, the shaft, all of his penis was

touching previously unexplored areas of her pussy. Now she wanted it. She

wanted to be screwed like some sort of street whore.

"Come on baby. Slam it to me. Give it to mother. Hard. Come on. Fuck me like

you would fuck your s****r." Brenda demanded.

Brian pulled back until almost all of his cock was out of Brenda's hole. He then slid

in slowly. Then out. Then back in. With each thrust gaining momentum and speed.

Brenda pushed herself up on her hands thrusting her pussy back at him.

"That's it. That's it honey. Come on. I need it. I need it so bad." Brenda cried out.

As they fucked Brenda had suspended herself just high enough that with each

thrust her nipples sc****d the bed-sheets. The sensation was sending shocks of

pleasure from her breasts directly to her clit.

"Oh god. It feels so fucking good." Brenda squealed. Her pussy so full of her sons

cock. She did not think the pleasure could get any better.

Sandra was finger fucking herself rapidly now. The porn movie like sight before

her was intense. Finally she could take it no longer and moved over to the bed.

Kneeling beside her mother her tits swayed from the motion of her b*****r fucking

Brenda. Through lust glazed eyes she watched his cock slide in and out of their

mother glistening with her juices.

Brenda slid her left hand down and around Sandra's thigh. She was in a position

where she could not quite reach thee young woman's pussy. She was about to

instruct Sandra to lay down where she could return her daughters oral favors from


Then she felt it.

"Aieeeeeeee. That's it. Fuck my assshole too!" Brenda announced loudly.

Sandra had slid her right hand down her mother's cheeks and shoved her middle

finger third knuckle deep in her butt. As her b*****r continued fucking Brenda,

Sandra finger fucked her ass in a perfectly timed rhythm.

The feel of it all. Sandra's finger in her ass. Her son's fucking. His balls slapping

her clit with each inward stroke were too much for Brenda to bare.

"It's cumming again!" Brenda squealed before shaking her head from side to

side. Again her words became a series of squeals as yet another thunderous

orgasm raked her body.

Sandra looked at her b*****r.

"Don't you dare cum yet." Sandra demanded looking at Brian with eyes of intent. It

took all of his will power. Brenda's pussy was clamping down, milking his stiff

prick. It felt so good. It was not his first threesome but never before had he had

one so sexually intense.

Brenda's juices spewed from around his cock. Her love honey hit his crotch and

dripped down the front of his legs. It was almost more than Brian could take. Here

he was with two of the most beautiful women he knew. His mother and s****r

naked and acting like complete sluts. What more could a young stud ask for.

The horny mother's second orgasm began to subside. A whimper of protest

escaped her lips as he pulled his juiced up cock from her.

"Roll over mom." Sandra demanded. The young woman had taken on a bit of a

demanding roll.

Brenda did as Sandra instructed. Her tits jiggled as she quickly lay down legs


No sooner had Brenda lain down then Sandra threw her left leg over her mother's


"Eat me bitch." Sandra commanded.

Brenda was caught a bit by surprise by Sandra's statement. She had never talked

to her like that before. Brenda had no chance to protest as Sandra lowered her

hot slick cunt directly on her mother's mouth.

The taste and scent were unreal. Brenda slid her tongue deep into Sandra's hole.

She could hear her daughter's cries of pleasure as she began to swirl her tongue

in Sandra's pussy.

Sandra leaned forward and gave her b*****r a knowing look. He knew exactly

what she wanted.

The young woman leaned forward and pulled her mothers legs behind her arms.

She f***ed her tongue into her mother's sensitive wet cunt as Brian moved

around behind her.

Kneeling behind his s****r Brian straddled his mother's head. His mother pulled

her tongue from her daughter's cunt to give way to his dick. His cock still wet with

her juices slid easily into her Sandra's pussy.

The three rocked the bed. Sandra moaned loudly into her mother's cunt as she

licked and sucked at the still juicy pussy. Brenda's ass was shaking as her

daughter worked her pussy over with that expert tongue. Just above her Brian was

fucking his s****r's hot cunt. Each backstroke Brenda was rewarded with juices

flowing off his cock into her waiting mouth as she worked the young girl's clit with

her tongue.

The orgasms hit all three almost at the same time. Sandra was first. Her ass

began to quiver and her cunt began to suck and clamp down on her b*****r's

dick. The feel of her mother's tongue circling her clit was almost more than she

could stand. Pulling her mouth from Brenda's cunt she screamed loudly before

throwing her lips over her mothers pussy, sucking and licking for all she was


Brenda was next. Her body quaked under Sandra as her pussy went into yet

another set of convulsions. She wanted to thrash her legs about but Sandra had

them secure behind her arms. She could not move and the sensation of being

held so tight only made her orgasm more intense. Sandra was rewarded with yet

another mouthful of her mother's delicious cunt cream.

Brian shoved hard and deep into his s****r. He loved the fact she was on the pill

and took full advantage of shooting his cum inside her as often as possible. Spurt

after spurt of hot male juice flew into her cunt as her b*****r emptied his ball sack

inside her. His mother began to lick his tight balls causing Brian to flinch with each

shot of cum.

After a few moments Brian pulled with a loud plop from his s****r. His cock coated

with a mix of pussy and cum fell directly on his mother's lips. Hungrily she sucked

the head into her mouth as Sandra rolled from her and moved around.

"Move aside Brian. Time to feed mother." Sandra said as she stood up on the

bed straddling her mother. Sandra, barely able to grasp her wet pussy lips closed

slowly squatted down till her cunt hovered just over her mother's mouth.

"Open wide mom." Sandra smiled down at her mother and said.

Quickly understanding what her daughter wanted, Brenda slid her hands up

behind Sandra and on top of her thighs urging her to sit fully down.

Brenda's tongue quickly stabbed into Sandra causing her to emit squeals of

pleasure. The mother was rewarded with a mix of her son's cum and daughters

juices mixed together.

She could not believe what was happening. All taboos had been broken. Here

she was sucking her sons cum directly from her daughter's hot wet pussy. It was

almost too much. Almost but not quite she thought as her hands slid up to rub

Sandra's nipples.

Sandra's pussy, sensitive from her strong orgasm could no longer bare any more

licking. Pulling from her mother's mouth she moved down her mother's body and

the two locked in a sensuous embrace and kiss as Brenda wrapped her legs

around Sandra's waist.

Brian moved to the side of the women.

"Whew. I don't think I have ever had sex that great," he said.

The two women agreed and continued their kissing and slow grinding.

Brian lit another joint then looked at his mother and s****r.

"Damn aren't you two worn out?" he asked before taking a deep drag.

"Are you k**ding?" Sandra said as she took quick fast licks of her mothers

soaked face and lips. "I can't get enough.

"How about you Mom?" Brian asked handing the joint down to her.

Brenda thought for a moment as she took a long drag then exhaled.

"Brian I know you're a young hot stud but I think we wore you out." Brenda


Then a thought crossed Brenda's mind.

"You know I thought your father was just impotent so I bought him some Viagra. I

think there still in the drawer. Maybe you should them. I think you are going to

need some."

Brian opened the drawer then heard a squeal behind him. His s****r was again

eating their mother's hot juicy cunt. As he popped the bottle open he was certain

his mother was right.

97% (39/1)
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Excellent! Love family taboo stories and this one is brilliant!
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Very hot luv it thanks
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what a hot sexy story!!
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Very hot. Thanks
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A tad perverted, but never the less hot and entertaining!
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outstanding & oh so hot
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another great one!!
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Loved it. Excellent story.