My new s****r

My parents divorced when I was ten years old so for the last three years, it’s just

been mom and me living in our house. My father buggered off with his secretary to

another state, and stopped making support payments, so money was very tight.

With my mom working long hours to maintain the house and provide all the usual

necessities, it has been my responsibility to cook, clean, do yard work, etc. I’m

not complaining, because my mom works really hard, and has little time to do

anything else. Besides, I enjoy my alone time, when I’m not doing chores, and I

find myself at the computer a lot, jerking off to the amateur porn. I had never had a

girlfriend, and in fact, I had very few friends, because of all my responsibilities. My

best friend was my right hand and my computer, and of course the Kleenex for

wiping up the cum. In the last 6 months, I had started developing fast, and I now

had pubic hair, a six inch boner, and of course I had graduated from a little clear

dribble, to full blown white cum shots.

Mom came home from work a few months ago and mentioned that she has been

getting offers from a co-worker to go out on dates, and I told her I was happy for

her, so she should go for it. I don’t think she mentioned it to get my approval or

anything, but more likely to let me know that she would be around even less. A few

weeks ago she brought Brad home for introductions and he seemed okay, so I

really didn’t give it much more thought. Yesterday she told me that she was going

to marry him, and that he would be coming tonight for dinner along with his

daughter. I was a little shocked, but my mom has worked her ass off to provide for

us, so I can’t even begin to think of myself, but would rather focus on her getting

the happiness she deserves. I don’t want to appear judgmental to my mother,

even though I thought it was a little fast from dates to marriage, so I decided to do

my best to go along with everything and do whatever it takes, so she is happy.

Dinner time rolled around and Mom arrived with Brad and Joanne, his 13 year old

daughter. Joanne was a very pretty girl, who was just starting to blossom into a

woman, and after being around her for a while, I thought she was pretty cool. She

liked the same music and TV, and movies, so I thought that she would be a great

f****y fit. I had prepared lasagna and garlic bread for dinner and even though it

was store bought, everyone complimented me on my preparations. After dinner,

we moved to the f****y room, because mom and Brad wanted to discuss

marriage plans, living arrangements, etc with Joanne and I. It sounded as if they

had already thought things out and were basically telling us what was going to

happen. School was out in two more days so Brad was going to give up his

rented townhouse, and move in here. Apparently the lease on the townhouse was

up before the wedding date, so they would be moving in next month, two weeks

before the wedding. Both of them agreed that they couldn’t afford a big wedding,

so it was basically going to be a civil ceremony, with a fancy dinner afterwards,

followed by a one week honeymoon in Hawaii. They asked if Joanne and I could

handle looking after the house for a week, and both of us were happy to do it.

When Brad and Joanne left for the night, my mom sat with me, and asked how I

felt about everything that had been discussed tonight. I told her that I was happy

for her, and while we would all have to make adjustments, I would try my hardest to

make things work. She hugged me and started to cry, telling me that she was so

happy and proud of me for being mature and thoughtful. After she dried her tears,

Mom said she was really tired and was heading for bed, and asked if I was going

to bed too. I told her that I wanted to tidy up the kitchen and then would head for


As I lay in bed thinking about everything that was going to change, I couldn’t help

but wonder if the biggest change might be having another k** around the house.

On the plus side, she was really easy to look at, but also someone who I would

have to share the bathroom with, etc. Too much information was swirling around

my head, so I decided to try and sl**p, and forget about everything else until


When I got home from school the next day, I took care of all the chores, and then

relaxed at the computer with my trusty porn and Kleenex. With my shorts at my

ankles, and the screen filled with blowjobs and cum shots, I started the journey

towards blowing my load. I had worked up a pretty good rhythm, but was

interrupted by the phone, and I thought about letting the answering machine take

care of it, but because it might be mom, I answered. It was Joanne asking me

how I felt about everything, now that I had a day to think about it. Before I could

answer her, she said “I hope I’m not interrupting you from anything important”, so I

said “no, I’m just chilling at the computer”. She said, “so what do you think”? What

I was actually thinking was that my erection was pretty much toast, although I was

still watching a girl swallow her guys cum on the screen. After we talked for a few

minutes we decided that we were both okay with everything that was going to

happen, so we moved on to more typical stuff. She asked me what I was doing on

the computer, and as I was about to lie to her, she said “I hope you are not

watching porn like most of the guys at my school do”. I said to her “so what if I am,

do you have a problem with that”? She said “no, as long as that’s all you are

doing”. She went on to tell me that the boys at her school brag about whacking off

looking at the porn on their computers.

I had to sit back and think long and hard before I responded to that comment, but I

noticed that my cock had become hard again and I was envisioning Joanne

kneeling between my legs sucking on it. My little fantasy thought came to a halt

when she said “well, no comments”? To try and get out of it I said to her “what

about you do you ever watch porn”? She said she did, but didn’t seem to want to

offer up any details. She did say that she had better go and do her chores, so we

hung up, and I went back to jerking off. I found myself fantasizing about Joanne

sucking my cock, rather than focusing on the computer screen, and in no time, I

was filling the Kleenex with my cum. For some reason it seemed more intense,

and it seemed like there was more cum than usual. I was starting to wonder if

there would ever be a possibility of my fantasy playing out for real. I didn’t speak

to Joanne much after that, because she was busy packing, and I was busy

rearranging the house for the move. I did manage to jerk off at least twice day

thinking about her and often wondered if she ever thought the same thing about


It seemed as if moving day came really quickly and there they were at the door,

boxes in hand, and looking for my help. Mom and Brad had taken the day off and

with the weekend starting tomorrow, they had three days to get everything

situated, and boxes unpacked. It became obvious in a hurry that things were

going to be crowded for a while, until it was decided what would be kept and what

wouldn’t be needed anymore. The bedrooms were fine, because it was a three

bedroom house, with another spare bedroom in the basement, next to the rec

room. Mom and Brad had the master bedroom and the other two were the same

size, which eliminated any possible arguments between Joanne and I. She had

talked about taking the one in the basement, but decided upstairs was a lot closer

to the bathroom.

That night as exhaustion set in, we all decided to hit the hay around 11 o’clock,

and this would be our first full night together as a f****y. As I lay in bed trying to

decide if I was too tired to jerk off, it dawned on me that Joanne’s bedroom was

adjacent to mine, and her bed was placed at the same wall as mine. Now I started

worrying that if I jerked off, I would have to be very quiet, and this pissed me off.

Sacrifices having to be made already, the very first day. What next? I decided that

I would just go to sl**p, but it wasn’t easy knowing that Joanne was laying only a

couple of feet away.

When I awoke to take my usual pee, I met a locked bathroom door, so headed to

the main floor bathroom, and also found a locked door. I had to go pretty badly, so

I knocked and asked if whoever was in there was going to be very long. It was

Joanne, and she said to go away, she was busy. I guess she must have thought I

was listening at the door. Here I was pissing against a tree in the backyard, and

thinking that this new living arrangement sucked already. As I shook off the drops

and turned to go back into the house, I noticed Joanne at the window watching

me. If it wasn’t bad enough that all the bathrooms were taken, now I had to have

an audience watching me piss in the back yard. As I brushed by her, she chuckled

and said she was sorry that I had to go in the backyard. Then she said “but I kind

of liked the view”. I was too miffed to see the humor, or possibilities of things to

come, so I just kept on going back to my room.

Now that I had the bladder under control, I had a chance to think about what

Joanne had said, and the possibilities angle. Now I wished that I had engaged her

in conversation about what she had seen, and my cock agreed, because it was

tenting my track pants. I didn’t wear pajamas, just track pants, and no top. I

thought about jerking off, but Joanne would likely be back in her room, and I would

have to be very quiet. This was not working for me. I said to hell with it, and left for

the bathroom to get cleaned up and dressed. I no sooner had the toothbrush in my

mouth when Brad knocked and said he had to go and could I please hurry. I got

out of there, went back to my room, dressed and stormed out of the house. I really

didn’t have anywhere to go, so I just went out to the backyard to sit and stew. I just

wanted to be alone and fret about all this stuff that was bugging me. The next thing

I hear is Joanne asking me if I minded if she sat with me. I could either snap and

tell her to get lost because I want to be alone, or I could let her sit and hope that

she could leave me be. For mom’s sake, I took the high road and said “sure, sit

down”. I did tell her that I was a little frustrated, and wasn’t feeling too talkative.

She said that she was sorry if I thought she had been spying on me, but she was

only looking at the view and noticed me by the tree accidentally. She kind of

giggled as she said that, so I asked her what was so funny, and it startled her.

She said that it was a very cute scene on her first morning at her new home, and

she actually enjoyed it. She asked me not to be angry with her, so I relaxed and

chuckled with her.

The next two weeks dragged and was full of frustration and constant adjustments,

but before we knew it, mom and Brad were exchanging vows and preparing for

their trip to Hawaii. As Joanne and I watched their taxi head for the airport, I am

sure we were thinking very different things. Me, I was envisioning Joanne between

my legs, sucking on my cock, and Joanne, she was probably envisioning a week

of unsupervised fun with friends, etc. As I would discover, she didn’t have a lot of

friends either, and spent a lot of time in front of the TV and computer. Her best

friend Debbie was supposed to call her later today to discuss a sl**pover, but

nothing definite had been organized.

I had my own computer in my bedroom, and Brad had agreed that Joanne could

have the f****y computer in her room, so that things were equal between us.

Joanne was downstairs watching TV, so I thought that this would be a good

opportunity for me and my right hand at the computer, which would basically be

my only alone time in the last two weeks. I couldn’t remember the last time I went

two weeks without jerking off, so I had a big load to get out.

After checking for the sounds of the TV downstairs, and that the hall and bathroom

were clear, I closed my door and pulled my shorts down to my ankles. My cock

was throbbing and my balls were tight, so I really needed to do this a few times

today. I brought up the site with blowjobs, and proceeded to stroke my cock.

Before I could cum, there was a knock at my door, so I had to scramble to get my

shorts up and my boner hidden. With my cock safely tucked away, I said to her to

come in. Joanne said that there wasn’t anything good on TV and asked if I had

any ideas for something interesting to do. My cock was thinking that she could

suck it while I watched porn, but fortunately my head used a little more common

sense. I said that I was looking at stuff on my pc, so why didn’t she do the same in

her room. One thing I had forgotten to do when I told her to come in, was to

minimize my browser, and I didn’t realize that she was looking at a cock getting

sucked on the screen, as I was talking to her. When she asked if she could sit with

me and check out my computer, I looked back at the screen and realized that my

porn had been exposed. She could tell that I was embarrassed, so she said “don’t

worry, I’ve seen this kind of thing before, so why don’t we watch it together”? Now

my cock was taking over my thought process, and as he started throbbing in my

shorts, Joanne also saw it. She asked me if the erection was from looking at the

video, or was it something else. I said that it was a combination of the video and

having a pretty girl with me. She smiled and asked me where she could sit to

watch the video with me. Because I had only one chair, I said she would have to

sit back on the bed, which was about six feet away. She decided that the bed was

too far away, and asked if I had any other suggestions. I told her she could sit on

my lap, but didn’t expect her to go along with that, because it was basically my

cock talking. She surprised me by saying okay.

My cock was hard, so I wasn’t sure how she was going to do this, and with her

looking at me, I couldn’t very well stick my hands down my shorts to adjust it.

Joanne could obviously see that I was hard and she didn’t hesitate sitting right

smack on top of him. She was wearing shorts and I could feel my cock adjusting

to her rear end trying to find a spot where he wasn’t getting squashed. Joanne

asked me if I was comfortable like this, and I could only think to say “sure if you

are”. She said she was comfortable and started watching the video with me. As

the girl on the screen was getting a facial, my cock was moving like it had a mind

of its own. Joanne kept shifting her weight from side to side, to get more

comfortable I thought, but it was driving my cock crazy. As the girl on the screen

licked her facial cum into her mouth, Joanne squirmed again, and said “I wonder

what that tastes like”? My cock had totally taken over my brain by now, so I was

pulling out all the stops. I said to her that I could show her what it tasted like if she

wanted to try some. I expected her to either elbow me and leave, or to just ignore

me. She did neither. She moved off my lap and placed her hand on my shorts,

and said “ok, how do we do this”?

I didn’t need any more encouragement than that, so I stood up, took off my shorts

and t-shirt, and asked her to get undressed. My cock was throbbing up and down,

not to mention leaking precum, all the while Joanne stared at him, with a look of

amazement. She wasn’t getting undressed, so I started helping her out of her

clothes. Once she was naked, I could only look in awe at the very first naked girl I

have ever seen in person. I was almost drooling, as I took her hand and led her to

my bed. I didn’t know what she was expecting to happen, but my cock brain was

telling me that she was going to get mouthfucked, and soon. I asked her if she

was okay with me leading the way and she said that she was relying on me to tell

her what to do. I laid down beside her and started massaging her breasts, and

because my cock was twitching and throbbing against her leg, she reached down

and gripped him. I could feel her fingers playing with the precum, and then she

asked me if this is what she was supposed to taste. I said “let me show you

everything, rather than talking about it”, so she said okay and continued rubbing

my cock.

I had learned quite a bit from watching all the porn videos, so I set out to mimic all

that I had seen. I noticed that her nipples were erect, so I took them in my mouth

one at a time, and sucked. I also used my tongue to circle around the nipples, and

Joanne must have liked this because she moaned constantly. While still sucking

on her nipples, my hands worked their way to her abdomen and then on to her

pussy hairs. I knew that I needed to find that clitoris that is always the focus of the

porn videos, so I moved down between her legs, and parted her pussy lips with

my hands. My tongue moved slowly over the outer lips, and once I lapped at the

entire length of her pussy, I could feel her squirming and could hear her moaning

get louder. It seemed the louder the moan, the more those lips parted for my

tongue, until I finally discovered the magic button. As I flicked my tongue at it, and

then gently sucked it into my mouth, Joanne let out a very loud moan and

screamed that she was cumming. I now needed to try something else that I saw

on the videos, which was to lick her bumhole as she was cumming. I circled the

little hole and then thrust my tongue inside, and by this time, she had reached

down and was pulling my face into her. She was panting and gyrating her pelvis,

and telling me not to stop what I was doing. Even my tongue in her bum could feel

her contractions from cumming, and the heat coming from her pussy was


As we lay there catching our breath, Joanne whispered to me that this was the

most incredible experience for her, and she couldn’t wait to make me feel as

good. My cock was almost out of control and needed to cum really badly, so I

asked her if she was ready for my turn. She didn’t say anything, but pulled me

onto my back and started kissing my neck. She worked her way down my body

stopping to lick at my nipples and belly button, and when she neared my cock, I

couldn’t stand it anymore, so I cupped her face in my hands and pushed it onto my

cock. As my cock entered her mouth, it spewed, so I pulled back slightly and

watched the cum hit her lips, her tongue, her mouth, her nose, and basically

everywhere on her face. This was my biggest cumshot ever, and although it felt

like a quart, it wasn’t quite that big, but almost completely covered her face. It was

still dribbling out of my cock, when she took it into her mouth and began sucking.

She alternated between licking the cum from her face into her mouth, and sucking

any remaining cum from my cock. What a sight this was watching her lap up as

much as she could, and still flicking her tongue at my cock head. I knew this

cumshot was way too much for the Kleenex to handle so I got up and got her a wet

facecloth to clean her face.

I watched her as she still tried to get some of my cum into her mouth before she

used the facecloth, which now had my cock fully hard again. Joanne had now got

her face clean, so she asked me if she had done okay, and if there was anything

else she could do. I said that I didn’t want to sound greedy, but I hadn’t had a

chance to get a full blowjob, since I came too soon the first time. She said “No

problem, get that cock over here”. As I lay back to enjoy my first full blowjob, I

started remembering things from the video, so I asked her if she minded if I kind

of directed her as to what I wanted done. She said “direct away, I want to please”.

I asked her to start by getting down low and licking my ass, and I guess because I

had done that for her, she didn’t hesitate. She gently rolled my balls in her hands

as her tongue circled around my bumhole. When she darted her tongue inside,

she also moved her hands from my balls to my cock, and started stroking. This

was just incredible, and I started groaning and gyrating my hips, just as she did,

when I was doing the same things to her. I asked her to just use a finger on my

bum, and move her mouth to my cock. She engulfed my cock with her warm and

moist lips, while massaging my bum with her finger. I couldn’t take much more of

this so I took her face in my hands and moved her head up and down, while

thrusting my hips upwards. I caught her a little deeply and her gag reflex kicked in,

so I had to back off a bit, until she caught her breath. On her own, she started

bobbing up and down furiously, so I let go of her face and lay back to enjoy this.

As her finger worked into my bumhole, I could feel my balls start to loosen, and

knew that another load was cumming soon. I was groaning loudly and told her I

was cumming in her mouth. I moaned to her that I wanted her to swallow all my

cum, and told her to bumfuck me with her finger. I watched as her cheeks puffed

out as my cum filled her mouth, and I also saw it squirting out the corners of her

mouth, since she couldn’t swallow fast enough. This was pure heaven and I never

wanted it to end. Of course it had to end because my cum was running dry, my

cock was slowly returning to normal size, and I was totally spent. We flopped side

by side on the bed, and tried to recover.

Joanne broke the silence a minute later when she said “is it my turn again”? I told

her that her wish was my command and she need only ask, and I will do anything

she wants. She said that she wants to feel my cock inside her pussy, and that she

wants to come again. I asked her to look at my cock, which by now was pretty

much tucking in its head like a turtle, and dripping spit and cum. She didn’t

understand that cocks needed time to recover, so I explained to her that if she

could wait while we got something to eat and drink, we could try again in half an

hour. Although she looked a little disappointed, she agreed that she had worked

up an appetite and we could get back to this after eating.

While finishing up our sandwiches, the phone rang, and it turned out it was

Joanne’s friend Debbie. I could tell from Joanne’s end of the conversation that

they were discussing a sl**pover for tonight, and without warning my cock

twitched to alert me that this may be another opportunity. I motioned to Joanne

that I wanted to tell her something, so she told Debbie to hold on for a sec. I told

her that she could have Debbie over here for a sl**pover if she wanted, and as I

said it, I winked at her. She went back to the phone and told Debbie that she

would have to call her back in a few minutes. As she hung up the phone she got

this devious smile on her face, and asked me why I was so anxious to have the

sl**pover here. I said that maybe Debbie would enjoy what we had just

experienced, so why not. Joanne chuckled and went on to tell me that it’s ironic

that I was thinking this way, because her and Debbie had fooled around on

previous sl**povers. I asked her to elaborate and she said that they had touched

each other, licked each other and masturbated in front of each other. I asked her

what Debbie looked like, and she said that she was really pretty and that I would

like her. She called Debbie back, and everything was set for seven o’clock

tonight, although Debbie’s parents didn’t know my parents were away, so we

weren’t sure what we would do, if they called to check.

Joanne and I discussed more sex, as we had planned, but we both agreed that

we should save something for tonight. We decided to watch TV and just grope

and add in a few licks, and bide our time till 7 o’clock.
End of Part 1.
The sl**pover is for chapter 2.

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