f****y of five attends a wild festival!

My wife Mandy, my two daughters, Nikki and Gina, my son Jack and myself

wandered around the festival seeing the sites. It was a pretty wild place, women

flashing their tits for beads, some even their ass or pussy, guys showing their

dicks. I had suggested to my wife that maybe the k**s were too young for all of

this but Mandy insisted that they were fine. After a while we separated, Jack and I

going one way, Mandy and the girls another. Jack and I found a beer stand and

even though he was not old enough to drink legally I bought my son a beer. We

knocked them back pretty quickly and I bought us a second round and we

continued walking the festival grounds. I could tell that Jack had a buzz on from

just the two beers because he was a little shaky walking along. It was getting real

hot out so Jack and I took off our t-shirts like so many others around us, both men

and women.

We enjoyed seeing the topless women with all their collected beads hanging

around their necks. We came up to a stage where the people on the stage were

throwing beads out to the people who flashed them. Jack and I watched as one

girl who couldn't have been more than 18 and had no top on, just beads, bend

over and pulled her shorts down and flashed her ass and pussy to the stage then

turned and stood to catch her beads, all the while with her shorts around her

ankles and her shaved pussy on display to the crowd. Some of the women on

stage were shouting to Jack and I to show our dicks. I just laughed it off but Jack

unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them and his underwear down and stood up

with his arms raised above his head and wagged his extremely hard dick at the

girls on stage. They loved it, I was a little shocked but also a little envious, his dick

was a little bigger than mine! The girls on the stage threw beads down at him,

trying to play ring toss with his dick. Jack tried to catch the beads with his dick

and actually caught a few and I picked up the rest. After a Jack had collected his

beads and put them around his neck he pulled his pants back up and we walked


There were more and more completely naked people walking around, wearing

nothing but some beads. Some were also in body paint, one woman painted like

a cat, one guy with a elephants face painted around his crotch and his dick was

the elephants trunk. Jack and I got a good laugh off of that guy since the elephant

didn't have a very long trunk. My cell phone rang, it was Mandy trying to find us so

we could all get something to eat. I told her where we were and she said they

would be there in a few minutes and we should wait for them. In the mean time I

bought another round of beers for Jack and I. We sat drinking and watching the

people, pretty soon Jack's eyes got very big and he motioned for me to look. I

turned in my seat and almost dropped my beer. Standing there was my wife and

our daughters, all three of them topless except for some beads!

“Mandy! What are you doing? Girls, where are your shirts? You all shouldn't be

walking around like that!”

“Relax Chris! We are just having some fun like everyone else. And nobody here

knows us, it's really no big deal.”

“But don't you think Nikki and Gina are a little young to be parading around

topless in public?”

“Oh come on daddy, we're old enough to know what we are doing,” Nikki said

with a smile on her face.

“Yeah dad, besides, there are lots of women and girls running around topless and

some even naked,” Gina added.

“Even some naked guys!” Jack said with a slur.

“Jack, are you d***k?” Mandy asked.

“Probably a little, dad and I have had a few beers.” Jack said with a big smile.

“Well Chris, don't you think Jack's too young to be drinking?” Mandy said, with her

hands on her hips.

“He's fine, and he's almost legal drinking age anyway. Plus, like you said, nobody

knows us here.”

Both girls piped in, “If Jack can have beer then we want some wine coolers!”

“Okay with me if it's okay with your mom.”

“Okay by me, go get the drinks baby,” Mandy said as she sat down.

I went and got more beer and wine coolers for Mandy and the girls and we sat

drinking and watching the festival goings on and talking. I couldn't help but look at

my three beautiful topless ladies sitting before me. Jack was ogling his mom and

s****rs too and it looked like his dick was trying to push its way out of his jeans as

was mine at this point. Mandy and the girls were telling us about all the people

offering them beads to show their tits and how Mandy finally pulled her top up to

flash hers and how the girls followed suit. And how they decided to just take off

their shirts completely. Then the conversation got around to how Jack and I got

our beads.

“b*o, you mean you dropped your pants and flashed your dick to the crowd?”

Nikki exclaimed.

“Oh wow! We want to see you do that!” Gina squealed!

“Yeah, we'll even give you some of our beads!” Nikki offered.

“I will if you will!” Jack shot back to the girls.

Both girls jumped up and pushed their shorts down, exposing their pussies for all

to see. Jack stood up and did the same, dropping his jeans and underwear, his

big hard dick popping out as he did.

“Damn Jack! You sure do have a big dick, is it hard just for us?” Nikki asked with

a giggle.

“Damn straight, hard for you and Gina and mom!”

“Come on mom, stand up and drop your shorts for Jack too!” Gina said, pulling

her mom to her feet.

Mandy looked at me and I shrugged, then she turned and bent over and slowly

pulled her shorts down over her ass. Then she reached around and pulled her

buns apart, exposing her ass hole and pussy to me and her son. Then she pushed

a finger into her pussy and finger fucked herself a little. Just then a guy with a

camera hanging around his neck and a video camera in his hand came up to the

table where we were and asked if he could get Mandy on video. Mandy stood up

and stepped out of her shorts leaving herself completely naked.

“Will you make us a copy if we let you video us?” Mandy asked.

“Us?” The man asked.

“Yes, us. This is my husband and these are my c***dren and I would like us all in

the video.” Mandy said, motioning to us all.

“Oh hell! You guys are all a f****y?” The man asked excitedly, “Hell yes, I would

love to get a whole f****y on video. I will definitely get you a copy.

“Okay, come on k**s, come on Chris. Get over here together so we can all be on

the video!”

“Mandy, we can't do this. It will end up all over the internet, people will recognize


“I know, sounds exciting, doesn't it?”

“No, sounds like i*****l, sounds like I lose my job!”

“Wait, I have a solution!” The cameraman said. He reached into his bag and

pulled out some masks like they wear for Mardi Gras or something. “Put these on

and nobody will know who you are.”

“I still don't know about this...” I said, still worried about being recognized.

“Come on Chris, just do it, it will be fun!” Mandy said as she put her mask on.

By now, Jack and Nikki and Gina had all shed their pants completely and were

standing naked with their mom. I put on a mask and moved over with them.

“Oh no you don't buster! You need to get those jeans off too, we are all going to

be naked for this!” Mandy said with a big smile.

Mandy then started to unbutton my jeans, then she pulled them and my underwear

down, my hard dick hitting her on the nose as she did. I stepped out of my jeans

and stood naked with my f****y. The cameraman was already videoing us as we

turned to face him. A large crowd had gathered to watch and a number of them

were shooting pics or video too. Mandy was striking poses for the camera,

sticking her tits out, turning and thrusting her ass out, spreading her cheeks to

show her ass hole and pussy. Our daughters were following their mom's lead,

soon the three of them were bent over with their legs spread wide, grabbing their

ankles, pussies on display, tits hanging upside down between their legs. Jack

and I were on either side of them stroking our hard dicks. Next Mandy grabbed

my dick and started stroking it as I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. The

girls were doing the same to their b*****r. Then Mandy got down on her knees

and sucked my dick into her mouth, giving me one hell of a public blowjob. Of

course Nikki and Gina followed suit and were taking turns sucking their b*****rs

dick. All the while the cameraman and many in the growing crowd took pics and

video of the whole scene. Next, Mandy let my dick slip out of her mouth and she

stood up and sat on the edge of the table and guided my dick to her wet waiting

pussy. I slid in and started pounding her pussy for all I was worth. Nikki and Gina

sat next to their mom and Jack slid his dick into his s****r Nikki's pussy and

pounded away for about a dozen strokes then pulled out and moved over to his

other s****r, Gina's, pussy. All this while we hadn't said a word to one another but

as Jack was ready to fuck his youngest s****r, she stopped him from entering.

“Jack, I'm still a virgin.” Gina said, shyly.

That stopped us all. My wife and I and our daughter Nikki, watched as Jack

started to slowly insert his dick into his virgin s****r's pussy. The head penetrated

her and then he stopped.

“Are you ready s*s?” Jack asked, looking into Gina's eyes.

“Yeah, go ahead, push it in...”

Jack pushed forward a little, then a little more and Gina sucked in a big breath of

air and her knuckles went white holding onto the edge of the table as Jack slid all

the way into his s****r's, our daughter's pussy. She was no longer a virgin. Jack

held himself still for a minute letting Gina get used to his dick being in her. Her

grip relaxed on the table edge and she wrapped her arms around her b*****r's

neck and kissed him.

“It's okay now Jack but go slow.” Gina whispered to him.

Jack slowly pulled back and then pushed in, slowly in and out. I resumed fucking

my wife as we watched. Nikki was rubbing her pussy as she watched her b*****r

and s****r fuck. We could all see a little bl**d on Jacks dick as it slid in and out of


“Oh Jack, it feels so good! You can go faster now, PLEASE!” Gina said as she

panted away.

Jack picked up the pace and was soon thrusting in and out of his s****r's pussy

faster and faster.

“Gina! I'm cumming!” He shouted.

“Me too Jack!” Gina squealed back.

“Don't blow all that cum into her, I want some too!” Nikki said to her b*****r.

Nikki squatted down so her face was level with where Jack's dick was in Gina's

pussy and as Jack started to cum he pulled back and turned slightly, blowing the

last of his load on Nikki's face and in her mouth. That did it for me and I pulled out

of Mandy as I started to shoot and came all over her stomach and tits. I sat down

on a chair panting, Mandy slid off the table and onto my lap and stroked the last of

my cum out of my dick and onto her thigh as we kissed. Gina lay back on the table

with her legs spread and cum running out of her pussy and down over her ass

hole. Jack sat on a chair next to us, his dick still hard and oozing cum. Nikki threw

her leg over Jack and lifted his hard dick and slid her pussy down on it and sat on

him and kissed her b*****r.

Suddenly a round of applause rose up from the crowd that had been watching us.

The cameraman came over after turning off his video camera.

“Wow guys! That was the hottest thing I've ever seen, let alone caught on video!

And you guys being a real f****y made it twice as hot!”

To be continued...
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another great one keep them cummin
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its great & sexy hot
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when is it geting continued that was amazing
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more plese xxx