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Fire Class

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Fire Class by JWDD
Fantasy , Posted: 2012-10-14
Author's infos
Gender: Male Age: Secret Location: Classified
Introduction: I have started it, but not sure if it was any good, please comment if you think I should continue it

“Jamie, time for dinner” My mum shouted up the stairs as I quickly jumped up from my desk and sprinted out my room, I ran across the landing run as fast as I could in the space available as I started jumping down the steps going three at a time, just as I turned to go down the rest of the stairs my socks slipped on the carpet as I went flying, standing from the side it looked like I had skipped the entire flight of stairs and I was falling face first into the hard wood floor. Covering my head with my arms I prayed I wouldn’t be hurt as my eyes buried into my elbows, the next part was a little confusing. Seconds after I covered my face I felt a tweak in my head, like someone had just poked me with a needle and it hurt. The sharp shooting pain stuck into my skull for a few seconds as I remained unmoving still falling through the air, suddenly a few more pains erupted in my head as I felt my head burn as if somebody lifted up my skull bone, placed the sun inside then reattached my skull as it burned from the inside. “Jamie, are you coming?” I heard my mum say her voice getting closer as I heard the gasp come from her mouth as she rounded the corner finding me “Jamie you’re frozen” she said as I didn’t move, no longer protecting my head from the fall but form the pain inside my brain “My head hurts so bad” I said ignoring her last statement as I heard her quickly run away “John, come see quick” My mum shouted as my dad rushed in as the both watched me cover my head “Ok Jamie, how many pain spikes have you had?” My dad said walking up to me as I didn’t move “I don’t know why I can’t feel anything?” I asked still covering my face as I thought I was still falling “Ok, you need to remember son” he said a bit firmer as I concentrated on them “12, but now it just feels like there it a burning sun inside my head” I said holding back the tears as I held my position “Ok, that’s good, it means the hard part is over” he said as I was even more confused “Ok Jamie, I’m going to put my hand under you and I want you to open your eyes and remove your arms from your face” he said as I felt his two arms go under me as I carefully retracted my arms. Opening my eyes I found myself still in midair as the shock made me lose my focus as I fell straight down into my dad’s arms as he caught me.

“What happed to me?” I asked as he finally set me down as I walked into the kitchen to eat my dinner with my parents “You were in status” he replied smiling as he looked to my mum who also had a big grin on her face “Status, what’s status?” I asked watching both of them “It’s the starting point of your new life, as a mage” my dad said as I laughed “Ok, seriously what happen?” I asked again once I stopped laughing as they looked at me “You a mage just like us” My mum said as I looked at her in disbelief “I’m a mage huh, so what can I do?” I asked trying to catch them out. “Not much but your base magic is strong so I guess it’s up to you, I will ring Professor Herring in the morning and get you into a better school, a mage school” my dad said as I lost my smile “Moving schools” I thought to myself “This is a bit far for a joke” I thought as I looked at both my parents as they watched me. “Ok, this is all a bit much, can you explain to me everything that just happened, in detail so I’m not confused” I asked as my dad smiled “Status is what we call the pain you went through because it usually happens when falling and your magic stops you in mid air making you frozen in the air.” My dad said as I took a mouthful of pie listening “From birth you brain is 10% human, 1% mage and the rest is just unused like with most human, the pain spikes like needles stabbing your brain was your mage part expanding taking over the unused space.” My mum continued as dad took a bite of food “Most people find the pain too much and open their eyes and continue to fall breaking the status leaving you with as much power as you took in, so for examples a person who endured 12 spikes is a lot stronger than someone who only endured 3 spikes” Dad said taking over. “And the burning part?” I asked as they smiled “I’m not sure, most people don’t last longer than 7 or 8, but it could either be the mage side burning into your human side trying to take over, or the burning is the stretching of your mage side cramming more power into the space it’s taken up, nobody really knows” my dad said as I smiled before going back to my dinner.

“So what can you do?” I asked as they both gave a big grin as my mum took my hand pulling me of the table as she lead me through the kitchen to the door to the basement. “Basement” she said opening the door as I looked at her more confused than ever, my mum just places her hand on the door as she smiled down at me “Majinto” she said as the seal around the door flashed as she opened it again to find it opening onto a street. “Stick close to me” she said pulling me hand as we stepped through the door “Where are we?” I asked as she smiled pulling me through the crowds “This is Bacra, a mage city. Hidden in the deserts of Egypt” she said as I gasped “Where are we going?” I asked again more frantically as she pulled me to the side “You are a mage now, and thus have to learn a few things, normal humans that went to your school can never find out your a mage, you are moving to a new school for mages so you can learn to be strong powerful and smart, but we need to sort a few things out first” she said as I looked up at her “Firstly, mages have been around since the start and we don’t really use technology hence why it looks so old here, but it also means that human money doesn’t work here so we need to set you up your own bank account and get your a vault” she said as we went round the corner up onto the large steps of a big building “What else will I need?” I asked excitedly, with all hope of this being a joke gone, I was filled with excitement for what lay ahead, “Well your dad has gone off to buy you some books for school, as well as a large suitcase to put them in” she said as I smiled “After this we will go to the pet store as every young mage needs a pet, for company and practice. You will also need a wand as it will direct the spells you learn and allow you to conjure stronger spells and finally we will need to find out was class you are?” she said as we walked into the bank.

I had questions to ask but they were immediately caught in my throat as I looked at the vastness of the bank, it was huge and each counter had a queue of at least 5 people. But we didn’t queue, mum just dragged me up to the front desk as the old man looked down at her “Can I help you?” he asked in a old gruff voice as his beady eyes flickered from my mum to myself “I would like to open a bank account for my son, Jamie Harris” she said as the man nodded before writing something down “Is that all?” he said as my mum nodded before walking away “Bye” I said looking back as I saw the slightest hint of a smile coming from the old man whilst my mum dragged me out “Mum, what did you mean, what class I am?” I asked as we stepped out the door “Each mage has a talent he’s best suited too, it works with the elements as the base talent so your either fire, earth, water or air. Then it gets a little more complex some people have a talent for electricity, or a****ls, necromancy, energy and life” she said as I looked at her “What class are you?” I asked as she smiled “Me and your father are both Classed as water but we both have a second talent in Life” she said as I smiled “Ok, I understand the classes but what can each talent do?” I asked as she led me down the path again “Well, electricity is self explanatory, a****ls is the gift to speak to a****ls, understand them and earn their trust, a****ls could be your spies, your friends, your backup” she said as I thought of the possibilities, “Necromancy is the power over the dead, not bringing people back to life but creating things like zombies, but such acts are forbidden, those with the talent in Necromancy usually become guards or in the police as they can cripple you without doing much harm” she said as my smile vanished “Energy, would be to create f***e fields, telekinesis, and anything that uses energy is at your whim, it’s a very strong talent if you have it” she said as we rounded the people dressed in cloaks and pointy hats, all looking very magical. “Life is my talent, the ability to grow and repair living things, many of us become medics and we love life” she said as I smiled “That’s cool” I said as we rounded the corner again.

We stopped outside another store which I could see was filled with hundreds of small pets all of which were babies “You have to go in alone, don’t chose a pet because it looks cute or cool, chose the pet that you feel a bond with, it will be with you for your entire school life” my mum said as I nodded stepping into the empty store as the bell above the door brought the attention of the shop keeper to me. “Hello young man, here to pick out your pet?” he asked as I nodded “Take your time, look around all the cages, don’t skip a****ls” he said as I nodded before turning to look around, starting to my left I looked at each rabbit, then rat, then puppy, as I got down to so my head was only inches away from the a****l. I continued me search around as we started getting into the more mythical creatures, small dragons, gryphons and hydras filled the glass tanks but I didn’t feel a bond with any of them. I continued my search as we got to the more normal a****ls, spiders, snakes and birds looked at me as I got up close to them, I passed all the birds not feeling anything with any of them as I put my face close up to a snake tank, inside 10 baby snakes, each already a foot longs as I felt a twinge in my head again. Getting down closer, I felt the twinge again as a snake slithered out from the piles of its siblings as it lifted its head placing it on the other side of the glass as we stared into our eyes, it may of only been minutes but it felt like hours as I watched the snakes eyes lock onto mine as I felt a larger twinge of pain in my head as I suddenly felt a bond between myself and this snake, it’s boredom, its loneliness of being stuck in a glass tank flooded into me as I quickly opened up the roof as the snake coiled up my arm as I pulled him out closing the tank again as I walked back to the desk. “I see you found your pet” he said as I smiled as the snake slithered up my arm resting around the back on my neck as the snake watched the man “Well congratulations, I hope you both look after each other” he said with a warm smile as I thanked him “Do we not have to pay?” I asked as he chuckled “Your father already took care of that” he said as I grinned before walking away leaving the store as my mum smiled down at me “A snake, I would of thought it would be a puppy or bird, but your pet matches your personality and as your kind, loyal and protective, a snake seems rather fitting” she said as I felt my pet slither up close to me like her was giving me a hug. “Ok, now let’s go get you a wand” my mum said as she dragged me back through city through the people as I spotted several other c***dren looking just as confused and excited as me. “Jenny” a woman shouted as my mum stopped and turned as she saw a blonde woman quickly walk up to her giving her a hug as they gossiped, looking down I saw a cute girl which I presumed was her daughter as she had a puppy on a lead next to her “I love your puppy” I said nearly down to stroke it as the small dog pushed its head into my hand whilst he tail wagged franticly “His name is Jona and I’m Jess” she said smiling as I stood up “I’m Jamie, and this is...” I said stuttering as I hadn’t named him yet “Don’t rush the name” she said as I broke my concentration to look at her “It should be name you both like, I sat with Jona for 3 hours last night trying to find a name we both liked” she said as I smiled “Looks like we have our night planned then” I said stroking my finger down my pet snakes head as he hugged me tighter. “Well Jenny this is my daughter Jess, she will be going to Harrington’s when the next term starts” the women said as I looked up at her, as she was obviously tried to show off her daughter “and this is my son Jamie, who also will be attending Harrington’s” my mum said as the woman grinned “Maybe they will become friends, it’s nice to enter a new school knowing at least one person” my mum said as the two women started talking again “Anyway, we have to go, we still need to get him a wand and find out his class” my mum said as the women smiled “We were just off to the bank and then home, it was nice to see you again Julie” my mum said as she walked off dragging me along “Bye Jess” I shouted back as she waved at me before I was lost in the sea of swarming people.

“Ok Jamie this is the wand store, you have to go in alone and it will be similar to the pet store, you have to feel for the right wand” my mum said as I smiled before taking a deep breath walking into the store. “Hello young man, looking for your first wand” the older shopkeeper said as I nodded “Ok, well stand in the middle and we will begin” he said as he pointed at a raised square in the centre of the room as he stepped down “Can you explain to me what’s happening as I’m a bit confused” I asked as the man stepped around “It’s like the pet store where you found the pet which tweaked your mind and the bond was formed this is the same but different” he said as I smiled “The draws are filled with ingredients for wands, the platform amplifies your mind so the perfect amount of ingredients will fly towards you and form your wand” he said as I nodded taking a deep breath. For the first minute nothing happened but all of a sudden I watched as a body of light the same shape as my own stepped out from inside me walking around as the draws started to shake and rattle. “Is this safe” I asked looking at the shopkeeper who genuinely looked scared “I just don’t want to get hit” he said backing away into a corner as the draws suddenly flew open as dust and hair of all varieties flew out the draws circling me like they were in orbit, then a large chunk of wood came hurtling towards me. I covered my face to protect me but it stopped only a foot away as the wood started to fall apart, as if melting leaving a long stick left. As the stick floated in front of my face the dust and hair in orbit quickly left me surrounding the piece of wood as slowly the ingredients were absorbed into the wand as I looked at the floating wand “Grab it” the shopkeeper asked stepping out from his hiding place as I quickly grasped the wand as I felt the power surge through my body as the tip lit up eliminating the entire store as I turned to see a crowd of people outside watching. “Well done, you have yourself a very nice wand” the old man said as I looked at him “You can step down now” he said as I nodded stepping off the square as I walked up to the desk “You father already paid” he said again as I smiled “Thank you” I said as I reached the door looking back at the man as he tilted his head watching me as I stepped out onto the street where my mum was waiting with an immensely proud look in her eyes. “You did brilliantly” she said as I smiled “I’m not sure what I did but thanks” I said as she chuckled before dragging me through the crowd again.

Turning yet another corner I found dad waiting outside a very large building, which looked very important compared to the other buildings, stepping inside we were led to a large room with two large glass balls either side of a chair as I looked around at all the people “Don’t worry, people like to watch and see this so they are your audience” my dad said as I gulped “All you have to do is sit in the chair and follow the instructions the man will say” my mum said as I nodded as I looked at the man motioning me forward as I took a moment to ready myself before walking up to the stage where he stood. “Please sit” he said as I took my seat on the chair as I looked at the audience then the man “This is the where we will find your talents, your class, your personality. And we will keep a document copy whilst you will have a copy and you can use it to get into Harrington’s” he said as I nodded “Please place you hands on the two small globes either side of the chair arms” he said as I spotted them and placed my hands on each one. Instantly the large globes either side lit up as they searched my mind, I watched as it displayed my thoughts, my memories everything was on show. “You endured all twelve spikes and even 112minutes of the burning sun” he said as the crowd murmured “Very impressive, you have your pet snake and wand” he said watching the globes making notes “Your class is Fire, strong and overpowering, yet detailed and delicate” he said as I watched the globes “Let’s see you have a talent in Energy, that’s good, and also in Life” he said as the crowd muttered amongst themselves again. “Not many people have two talents, you could become an exceptional mage” the man said as I smiled “He has the a****l” talent a man said pointing to the globe as I turned and watched as it showed a picture of some a****ls following me “Indeed, it appeared you have three talents, congratulations” the man said as I felt so full of pride. “Now for your personality” he said as the globes quickly changed as they showed more memories “Brave, protective, kind... good charactistics” he said again writing more notes “Creative, mischievous and loyal” the man said as my parents were almost on the verge of tears they had such huge smiles on their face. “That seems to be everything, you could become a fine mage if you study hard” the man said as I nodded looking at him “Can I get up now?” I asked as he smiled nodding as I quickly got up and walked over to my parents as I gave them both a hug. “What’s next” I asked as she grinned as my dad quickly walked up to the man before coming back with a certificate “This certificate proves you are a great mage, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise” he said as I grinned “Ok let’s go home” mum said as she quickly walked up to random door “Majinto” she said placing her hand on it as we stepped back into our kitchen as I ran up to my room with my pet snake and wand as I sat on the bed playing with my snake as he coiled up and down my arms as we messed around for awhile.

“We need a name for you” I said lying on my bed on my belly as my snake slithered of my back before stopping in front of me looking back into my eyes “How about bob?” I joked as the snaked shook its head. For several hours I thought up names I liked as he shook his head “If I have the a****l talent, shouldn’t I be able to hear your thoughts?” I asked as I focused on the snake as I suddenly felt a second voice in my head “Hello Jamie” the voice said as my eyes bulged, looking down I watched my snake whilst a smile appeared on the snake. “How about the name Prince” the voice said giving me a smile “I like it, prince it is” I said lifting him up as he coiled around my arm up onto the back of my neck as we talked for ages.

Practice Makes Perfect

The next few days were fun, dad pulled me out of school as I spent most my time talking with Prince, “Mum, if I’m not going to school and I have the whole summer to wait till I start school in September, could you teach me some spells?” I asked hopefully as she smiled before going over to her purse pulling out her wand as she led me down in to the basement. “Go watch on the table” I said to Prince as he slithered off watching me as me and mum sat down on two chairs “Were going to start with the basics” she said as I nodded “Spells aren’t just point and fire, they are delicate, you need certain wand movement for certain spells” my mum said as she lifted her wand “Atrious repairus” she said waving her wand as a small beam of light left the wand hitting a broken chair as it immediately became fixed as I smiled “For that spell you have to point at the object you want fixed then make a circle with the tip of your wand starting from the bottom going anticlockwise, once you reach the bottom again you flick upwards” she said as I copied the motion “Javik” my mum said again as a bolt of red light burst out the wand hitting the chair as it broke apart “You try and fix it now” she said as I smiled “Atrious Repairus” I said doing the wand movement as the light came out but missed the chair as it hit the floor “Keep practicing, I will make you us some lunch” she said standing up as she left me in the basement. For the next few hours I working on my aim as I repaired everything in the basement, “What was that spell she used to break things” I asked Prince as he looked up at me “Javik” he thought back to me as I smiled “Javik” I said pointing at the chair as I bright red light burst out my wand hitting the chair shattering it but the lift bounced around breaking everything before hitting the floor and disappearing. “Atrious Repairus” I said making the wand movements and I started repairing things again as soon enough I had perfected the spell and aim as it all became really easy. “Mum, can I learn a new spell” I asked as I quickly bounded up the stairs finding mum on the phone to somebody as dad sat on the table looking upset. “What’s going on?” I asked as my dad stood up “Some mages exposed our world to the humans, we have to lay low and act as normal as possible” he said as I looked at him “I know it’s serious but it doesn’t really affect us, I’m not in school, mum stays home all day and you’re a doctor” I said as he smiled “I know, were fine but should the humans find out more such as our weaknesses we could become vulnerable” he said sounding worried as I gave him a hug. “What can the humans do anyway, were mages?” I asked trying to give dad a confidence boost “Don’t underestimate them, our magic can protect us against other magic, but only the earth class and people with talents in Energy could defend themselves against bullets.” He said as I gulped “come teach me something” I asked pulling his hand down the stairs as we walked down into the basement as dad looked at all the fixed items, “you’ve been fixing things” he said with a smile as I felt proud of my work, “How about a class spell” he said as I smiled, “A class spell doesn’t have words, you just wave your wand and think what you want to happen, but be warned as your class if fire, fire will always come out” he said as I nodded. I thought for a moment of what to do as I flicked my wand and instantly a small flame appeared on the end as I waved it around like a sparkler. Lifting the flame to my face I blew on the flame as I grew large going outwards as I thought about a fiery bird going around the room as soon enough from the large flame coming from my wand a bird made of pure fire flew out flying round the room as I cheered excitedly still directing it with my mind. “Very good, now try to disperse the flame so no damage is done” dad said as I pulled the bird apart watching as it vanished “Excellent, practice with that, control your flames so they don’t burn anything and keep trying out different shapes” he said as I quickly went back to making another flame as I dragging my wand through the air as a fiery snake formed as I motioned it to the desk were Price sat watching “I have a twin” he thought to me as I chuckled making the fire snake copy Prince’s movements.

The rest of the week was exciting, I was learning new spells every day practicing them all as my dad went to work each day so that we remained looking normal to the humans. “What would you like to learn today?” mum asked as I stepped down into the kitchen having just woken up “I was wondering, how big Prince is going to grow?” I asked as my mum chuckled “Well when you got him he was a baby, but the magic in him bound through you will grow him to match your age, he will then continue to grow until you stop growing” mum said as I smiled looking down at the now 3 foot snake “Where is your pet?” I asked as mum looked sad “My pet was a rabbit, it was eaten by a bullies dog in my 3rd year at Harrington’s, you fathers pet was a dog, and that’s how we met, we would work together practicing on his dog Charlie” She said with a smile as I smiled “Where’s Charlie then?” I asked as I smiled “Dogs don’t live long lives like humans, when you were 3 he died of old age” mum said as she pointed to the pictures on the wall of dad with a Jack Russell. “How long to snakes live for?” I asked as she shrugged “Go look it up?” she said as I quickly ran up the stairs with Prince on my shoulders. “Around 30 years” I said as Google gave me the answer “Looks like I’m going nowhere fast” Prince thought to me as I smiled “You’re going to live till I die, if I have anything to say about it” I said as I heard Prince laugh in my head as we practiced a few spells, as I levitated some objects including Prince.

The rest of summer was starting to get boring, I was practicing my energy talent inside the house as I managed to make f***e fields and lift things just with my mind and not my wand to the point where I did it was perfection and ease, I learnt nearly a hundred spells, though only basic it would be a good head start when school starts. My Life and a****l talents were slightly less tuned than my energy one due to the lack of a****ls to talk to and things to heal, and going outside would draw attention to us, however my Fire power has gotten really good, I learnt that I could change the colour of my fire as I made brighter red flames as well as blue and green flames, I even managed a purple flame which looked cool. “Jamie, come on you have to pack for school” my mum shouted as me and my 2 meter long snake quickly rushed up stairs as we walked up to my mum “If this is a school, is there no uniform?” I asked as she smiled “Yeah there is, but you don’t get it until your there, so pack your normal clothes but leave space for your new clothes to go” she said as I smiled walking up the stairs.

“Hello Mrs. Dovell, is Jamie able to come out and play” one of my friends asked as I poked my head out the door “Sorry guys” I said walking down the stairs to them “I have to pack” I said as they looked at me “Oh come on, we haven’t seen you in months” my friend said as I smiled “Sorry, but I can’t I will see you around some other time maybe” I said as they all smiled and nodded before walking away. “What time are we leaving?” I asked as mum shut the door “You have to be in Bacra Grand Hall at 8am sharp” she said as I nodded walking back up to my room, where I continued packing with Prince as my suitcase was soon full clothes and books and other things I was told I needed by my parents.

The rest of the night was spent talking to my parents about my life in Harrington’s and mage life in general “Professor Harris is the head master, there are teachers for each class, and teachers for each talent, there are also other teachers for things like sports, history, defence and potions classes.” My dad said as I took it all in “Try to avoid the bullies, make friends and help people” my mum said as I smiled “Also, there’s enchantment class, you should pay attention to this as people think magic is all down to the mage yet enchantments can be very effective in any situation” Dad said as I nodded “Also remember magic is a lot of fun but don’t fall behind on your studies, keep a comfortable lead so that you still have fun but don’t get stuck on the hard lessons” mum said as I nodded. “Anyway, you should get some rest, you have a busy day tomorrow” dad said standing up as me and Prince walked away, getting to the stairs I lifted myself and prince using my telekinesis up the stairs as walking just seemed like too much effort. I casually stepped into my room as I collapsed on the bed drifting off as I felt Prince slither up and lie on my back and legs with his head resting on me arm.

“Wake up Jamie or were going to be late” my dad shouted walking into my room as he shook me awake making me groan in detest as I trying to bury my head under my pillow, “Get up, I don’t want to be late” Prince said in my head as I moaned again before standing up looking around as I quickly threw on some fresh clothes before walking down the stairs carrying my suitcase. “Ok Prince, wrap yourself around the handle, I don’t want to lose you” I said lifting up the handle of my suitcase as I watched prince coil around it as I we quickly went through the basement door as a f****y into Bacra, we quickly hurried along the streets which were full of k**s my age all heading towards the Grand hall. I weaved my way around the people as I found the hall everybody was going as I stepped in looking at the 200 odd c***dren that were my age all looking ready to go, “We’ll be over here” dad said pointing to the wall where I saw Jess hug her mum before walking into the crowd. Speeding off I quickly went up to her side as she looked over at me before smiling “Hey” she said happily as I smiled “Wow he’s grown” Jess said looking down at Prince who was making his way up my arm as I smiled “Likewise” I said looking down at Jess’s puppy who was now nearly double in size yet still looked like a puppy “So what class did you turn out to be?” she asked as I smiled “I’m fire” I said with an immense feeling of pride “Nice, I’m water” she said as I smiled widely, “What talents do you have?” I asked as he grinned grew wider “I have talents in a****ls and Electricity” she said sounding confident “I’m one of only three to get two talents” she said as I smiled “I don’t want to one up you but I have three talents” I said as he jaw dropped “So the rumours are true” she said as I looked confused “People like to watch you when you find out your class, so they can spot people to watch in the future, there was quite the buzz when somebody turned out to have three talents” she explained as a smiled “I’m talented in Life, Energy and a****ls” I said as she smiled “Do you talk to your pet?” she asked as I nodded “Yeah, and we decided on a name, it’s prince” I said as she chuckled “Noble name, I like it” she said as I smiled “Can you make things with fire?” Jess asked giving me a curious look as I nodded. Holding out my hand I clicked my fingers making a small flame appear on my index finger as I blew it up into the air as a fiery bird flew out as I created several more birds when flew into the first bird, each new bird added to the first birds size whilst changing its colour as well. “Oh that’s beautiful” Jess said watching the purple flame bird fly around before stopping mid air and dispersing “I can control water, but I can’t create water like that” Jess said as I smiled “It took me a while to get, I started of using my wand but I just got better with practice” I said as an elderly woman stood up on the stage in front of a large set of doors. “Ladies and Gentlemen, in a few moments you will step through these doors into Harrington’s School of Magic, please use this time to say your goodbyes and to ready yourself for the life ahead of you” the women said as me and Jess quickly walked back to our parents who were stood together as we gave our parents a big hug. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep her out of trouble” I said looking up to Jess’s mum as she chuckled “I’m sure, just make sure you look out for each other and don’t let your grades drop” she said as I smiled “Come on Jamie” Jess said as we quickly went back into the centre of the hall as the door opened leading into a forested area. Standing next to Jess we walked in together as we stepped through the doors and into a large forest with a single path leading up to some mountains. The new area was colder and I felt my body temperature drop as I stood next to Jess, “Pick up Jona” I said as she looked at me but picked up her dog none the less, I quickly rubbed my hands together before placing my hand on Jess’s as her body and mine quickly warmed up with the affect going into Jona and Prince who was still around my shoulders. “Oh you’re going to come in handy” Jess said as I chuckled holding onto her hand as I used my telekinesis to lift our suitcases and follow us as we walked down the path to the carriages waiting for us. “Four people per carriage please” the elderly women said again as me and Jess climbed into an empty carriage as two girls quickly climbed in both shivering as they shut the door. “Hi I’m Jamie” I said as the girls looked up at me see shivering “I’m Becky this is Rosie” a girl said as she continued to shiver “Give me your hands” I said again as I reached forward touching them as I pour my warmth into them heating up the entire carriage as they finally relaxed feeling warm and cosy. “Were both Air class, we live in Australia and were not designed for the cold” Rosie said as I laughed “I’m Jamie, I’m fire class and from England” I said as the girls shook my hand “And I’m Jess, Water class from America” Jess said as we all started talking. “Did you create the fire bird in the hall?” Rosie asked as I chuckled “I was just showing off really” I said slightly embarrassed as they girls laughed “It was pretty” Becky said as I smiled “So what talents do you both have, were both talented in Life” Rosie said as Jess smiled “I’m talented in a****ls and Electricity” Jess said as the girls gasped “Wow, that’s cool” Becky said as the two twins looked to me “a****ls, life and Energy” I said as I watched their jaws drop “Ok, how do you have three talents, that’s just not fair” Rosie said as I laughed “Count yourself lucky, I have two more classes I have to keep up on now” I said as the girls laughed “How many spikes did you endure?” Jess asked as the twins smiles vanished “We only managed 5, we distracted each other ending it, but we hope to be really smart and be wise if we can’t be powerful” Becky said sounding confident as I smiled “I managed 9” Jess said sounding proud as they all looked at me “all 12 and two minutes of the burning sun” I said as they’re just dropped again “Seriously?” Jess asked as I nodded “Ok, do you mind if we stick with you, as you are probably the most powerful mage in our year” Becky said as I chuckled “Sure we could be a little gang, we can help each other study so we can all become great mages” I said as all the girls smiled.

Looking out the window I watched the trees go past as I ventured further up the mountain path, looking out I could see a large mass of land covering in snow which looked barren “Where do you think we are?” I asked as the girls looked out “Bacra is in Egypt, this place looks cold and northern, I’m going to guess Russia or Norway” Rosie said as I looked out “I’d go with Norway, this place has that Norse feel to it, any second were going to get raided by Vikings” I said as they girls laughed “I don’t see the school anywhere though” Jess said as I looked ahead “Probably hidden by some barrier or something, just like Bacra” I said as we closed the windows “Can you heat us up again” Becky said as I smiled, placing a hand on each seat I fed my fire warmth through as I gave the carriage heated seats which radiated around making us nice and toasty “As long as were with you, I think I could face the arctic” Rosie said leaning her head on her s****r’s should as she relaxed. “Hey, where are your pets?” I asked as the girls looked sad “Outside flying, we should bring them in” Becky said as Rosie finished the sentence as they opened the window as two hawks flew in landing on their arms as I toasted up the two birds as they stood watching everybody “Well this is prince” I said motioning to the relaxed snaked on my shoulders as Prince lifted his head and smiled at the girls before slithering down and wrapping himself around my waist “This is Jona” Jess said still holding her German shepherd puppy, “This is Troy” Rosie said stroking her hawk as Becky spoke up “and this is Caesar”.

The rest of the journey we only talked briefly as we all just relaxed in the warm carriage, after a while the path widened as the carriage went side by side as we looking in at other carriage as the people looked nearly frozen I tapped on the window as I opened ours and they opened there whilst I quickly created a beam of fire going into their cabin warming them up as I using my energy power to close their window and ours as they mouthed a thank you to me. “That was nice of you” Jess said watching as I sat back down again warming up mine and their carriage as I kept the flame going “I’m not going to just let people freeze if I can help them” I said as the girls smiled “Do you think I’m the only fire class here?” I asked as the girls shrugged “I saw nobody playing with fire when we were in the hall?” Rosie said as I sat back “Must be a few, I saw a lot of air and earth classes and a few water ones” Jess said as I smiled “I’m already separated enough from everybody else, I don’t want to be the only fire class as well” I said as the girls chuckled “anyway, were here now, I see carriages stopping” I said as within seconds our carriage came to a halt as we all climbed out. Using my telekinesis I lifted up all the cases and floated them above us as we walked up the hill being attacked by the cold again, looking around a saw a few more people make fires as I quickly made a huge fire snake going up the middle of the path as people relaxed being warmed by the snake as the girls watched me in awe as people were making small fiery spheres and I was making massive 200meter snakes. “Who’s ever fire snake that is, please can you remove it” the old women said as we all gathered up together but another doorway as I smiled “Sorry, I thought people might of been cold” I said as I dispersed the snake “I see, well through this door is the inside of the school grounds, you will follow me through the school into the great hall where you will sit with your friends” she said as we all headed through the doors and into a similar area where we were before but now looking back you looked out off the mountain down at the land below.

As a four we walked together as I floated our suitcases by our sides, inside the castle grounds it was a lot warmer as I had no need to create any fire which frankly I was kind of annoyed about as I wanted to show off a bit. Walking up some large stone steps we passed a bunch of older people different coloured robes as I found the four colours of Red, brown, blue and grey for the elements, “I am Professor Thatcher I teach Air class, I will be inducting you into the school and getting you up to speed on how things are run around here” she said as we all followed her up into a large empty hall as we stood around the main stage in a row “There are 165 of your this term, 35 fire class, 60 air class, 30 water class and 40 earth class” Professor Thatcher said in a cold voice, “Unlike previous years where you are split up into your classes, Professor Harris our Headmaster, believes that mixing up the classes will create a better environment for you all, so you have 30minutes to find 3 other people to join you in your rooms as they each hold 4 beds” she said as I smiled “Anybody want a free heater” I said to the twins and jess who stood around me as they laughed “When you have your groups of four, come up to me and we will give you a room and one of the older students will direct you to it” She said as we all walked up to the stage as people watched “and how do you all know each other?” Professor Thatcher asked looking at out readiness, “I knew Jess from before the summer and I met Becky and Rosie today, but we already had a plan to become friends so this just helped” I said as the woman smiled before pointing us to a older boy, still only 15 or 16 who led us out and up some stairs into a large room, it was part of a tower, but it was joined with a smaller tower on the side, the smaller tower being the stair case and the larger tower being levelled with floors each being a room. Stepping into the room the twins chose their beds next to each other as I chose the bed next to the door as I wanted to keep the girls safe, “Jamie, do you mind giving us some heat” Jess said as I placed the suitcases on their respective beds as I quickly made a small flaming snake fly through the air hitting each of the torches before going into the furnace in the middle as the room lit up which quickly became toasty and warm. Going through my suitcase I pulled out my clothes placing them in the draws as a middle aged man quickly knocked on the door stepping in, “I have your robes, one fire, two air and a water” he said handing us each the robes “You can do what you like for now, but you must be in the great hall before 1pm as that’s when the introduction to the school starts” the man said as we nodded, “Do we have to wear these for that introduction” Jess said as the man smiled and nodded before leaving. “Not exactly fashion conscious are they?” Jess said holding the robe to herself as I laughed “I’m sure you will make it work” I said as she quickly put it on over some tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt.

“So as were all in this together now, why don’t find out a bit about each other” Becky said as we all smiled sitting down at the large floor on out pillows around the fire in the centre of the room. “Ok well, I’m Jamie Dovell, Fire class, and I have no idea what’s going on” I said as the girls chuckled “What do you mean?” Rosie said as she gave me a curious looked “I’m mean at the start of the summer I didn’t even know mages existed, and now I’m in a mage school with people acting like this is all normal” I said as the girls looked at me, “oh wow, I’ve never met a sl**per before” Jess said as I looked at her with my own confused looked “My mum said that some parents like to wait until status to reveal magic to their k**s let them live a normal human life” she said as I listened “I’ve always known, but tell me what do you know then?” Jess asked as I shrugged, “I went through status, but my parents didn’t tell me much, just showed me a few new spells each week throughout the summer holidays as I practiced in the basement, then I was sent here. I know nothing” I said as the girls chuckled “Well, we will bring you up to date. There are many mage cities in the world, Bacra in the Egyptian desert; Nomin in the arctic circle, Decroan is a underground city somewhere in the world” Jess said as I listened amazed “Those are like the Mage cities, but there are hundreds of small towns hidden in forests or mountains some nice, some that should be avoided” Rosie said as the girls nodded “There are even a mage sport called Actim” Becky said smiling as I looked at her with my confused look firmly planted on my face “two teams of 12 have to try and get a energy ball to their opponents goal, and you can only use your elements, so earth people are usually defence whilst fire water and air people fight each other to get the ball but to make it harder within your team your also fighting your own team so that your class scores more than the rest of your team” Jess explained as I laughed “So its fire classes versus air and water or your own team and then fire, water, air and earth of the other” I said as they nodded “Wow that sounds hard” I said as they chuckled “Only the best mages go for the sports as it’s deadly, several people have died this year from playing” Rosie said clearly excited by the brutality of the game. Walking down to the hall we talked about things to do but it was fairly limited within the school, “School is school, but it’s the cities where the fun is at” an older boy said walking behind us as we turned to look “You should head to Grover street, when you get the chance, if you have coin to spare its where all the teens go, very few adults meaning a lot of fun” the boy said before turning off as we walked into the hall. Walking to an empty space we all sat down in the same positions we were in the coach as I sat facing Becky, with Jess to my right and Rosie opposite her. “Attention everybody” Professor Thatcher said walking up to the podium at the right side of the room as she stood up on a covered platform, “Settle down please” she said again we people started turning in their seats to watch her “Now, there has been some rule changes with the class this year, as we are no longer distributing the school into class and for the first years rooms are mixed” she said as people cheered “Now this doesn’t affect your lessons, just sl**ping. Now I would like you all to give a warm welcome to Professor Kroll who will be taking over Fire class lessons in place of Professor Low who retired after last year” she said as a louder cheered erupted from people who I guess were fire class. We all watched as Professor Kroll stood up giving a slight bow of the head before sitting back down taking a sip from his goblet of wine.
“Now as you know we have recently been exposed, as the council tries to this up, all movement to the human world is now prohibited, and if caught will result in swift punishment” the woman said again as they hall went deathly quiet as she continued to rant “All access points to mage cities and towns are still allowed but under watch” she said before smiling “Also this year the Bout De Air will be taking place in Barca, all those wanting to sign up can do, as long as it doesn’t impede on your studies, now enjoy your dinner and have a great year at Harrington’s” she said before stepping down as the front door to the hall burst opened as hundreds of floated silver platters flew in landing on all the tables as the lids quickly rose up as flew out the door as we were left staring down at the feast before us.

“I hear your quite the Fire mage” a boy rudely spat at me as he spoke from the seat behind me “Jamie” I said turning and holding out my hand as he scowled at me, “I’m Brad Cross, I’m the strongest mage of our year so don’t mess with me” he said as I smiled “I have no intention of messing with you” I said as he turned back going back to his dinner as I turned back to the girls “Brad Cross, air class, I heard he’s talented in necromancy” Jess said as I looked at the boy as he sat with a group of rather outcast looking people “I heard he took 11 spikes” a boy on my left said leaning in to us as I shook his hand “Your warm” he said looking down at me hand “Fire class, I’m always warm” I said as he chuckled “Toby Stevens, earth class” he said as I nodded smiling “Anyway ignore him, my parents know his, their strict and tough, my mum said that if he didn’t end his first year as most powerful mage they would disown him” he said looking said as we all turned to look at brad who had stopped eating as just sat still listening to us. “That’s tough” I said as the girls nodded “A lot of parents do it, the mage worlds still runs on title, if you’re a f****y member of a powerful wizard then life is considerably easier for you” Rosie said as I looked at her “Our parents own a clothing store in Nomin which is popular, our dad also does some work with the council but I’m not sure what” Becky said as she seemed proud “My mum works in the council in education, I was meant to be going to another mage school but she wanted me to go here” Jess said as people listened “My dad’s and my mum stays at home, I’m just average” I said with a smile as the girls giggled “How many mage schools are there?” I asked looked at Jess as she took a bit out of a chicken wing “four, Harrington’s; Lady P’s all girl Mage school, Kronnuses and Pine oak School” Jess said as I grinned “An all girl mage school, sounds like a fun place to visit” I said as the girls smiled “It’s a posh school where they teach girls elegance and beauty over power, very few students become successful but it’s popular for the beauty they teach making a lot of mages proficient in beauty and botanic studies.” Becky said as I listened “Harrington’s is the best school as it makes you try to be stronger” Jess said as I smiled “Oh look the demonstrations are starting” Rosie said looking up as I turned around “My mum told me about these, people go up on stage and show off their power, if teachers are impressed they may help you more in your studies so you can become a better mage” Jess said as we all watched the girl as she lifted some water out of a nearby bucket as she arched it over her head spiralling it as it stayed defined as she made pretty patterns in the air with it before making land back in the bucket as the students clapped clearly impressed by her talent. As she stepped down another boy walked up being a fire mage as he pulled fire from the hanging lights forcing it together as he made a large fiery dog which jumped around whilst staying detailed as people applauded him again as the dog jumped into the air before dispersing. Once the boy sat down we all watched as brad stepped up to the stairs giving me a fowl look as he went, once at the top he pulled out his wand as he whipped the air around created several small tornados around his feet as he started to float up into the air before he made them lift him higher as he travelled around the room before landing back on the stage as people applauded him again “That was cool” I said as I also clapped him “You should go up there, you’re going to need the help having three talents” Jess said pushing me as I laughed getting up and moving up to the top of the stage.

At the top I looked out at all the people as I saw the hundreds of eyes watching me, I quickly looked around for fire as I looked down at me hands as I clicked my fingers as a flame as people gasped, focusing my power I blew the flame as I held my hand up as the flame was pushed and then was like 4 small flames on each of my fingers, making my hand into a fist I created a fire ball and then created a second one in my other hand as I threw them on the floor as after a small splatter of flames two hares hopped out as they jumped around my feet. As I let the Hares hop around I opened up my robe as I pulled out my wand as people gasped again as I gave a large circle with my wand above my head as I fiery circle appeared as it dropped around me turning into a large snake as I quickly eat my hares growing larger as I slithered around the hall, taking my wand again I created a fireball on the tip as I held it to my mouth, and blowing hard I watched as I made dozens of small fiery birds shoot out the fire ball as people applauded me. Blowing again the fire ball got larger and larger as once it was the size of small car people watched as I made a head try to get out of it as if the fire ball was a cage, with one hard blow the fireball burst falling apart as a I made a giant fiery bird fly our as he flew around the hall as people applauded again. As the large bird flew around he grabbed and eat all the smaller birds before swooping down and snatching the snake up eating that as well before landing on the stage next to me as I walked up to it quickly sweeping my arms through the flames as the bird split in half turning into two large deer as they stood either side of. Walking back to the middle of the stage I took a bow as the deer put a hoof to the side lowering their heads as I stepped down dispersing the deer as the entire hall stood on their feet cheering and clapping as I laughed sitting back down a bit embarrassed. “I would hate to be the one to follow that up” Toby said leaning over again as I smiled before going back to me food. He was right as well as nobody for the next 15minutes went up but after that people started going again as we quickly finished up eating before heading back to our room as we still had to unpack.

“Mr Dovell” a man said poking his head in at our room as I turned to look at the man “Hello Professor” I said cheerfully as he smiled stepping into our room “I would just like to say I was very impressed with your power with it being your first day here” he said as I smiled thanking him “As you know the school wants to make as many great wizards as it can and I have taken a sneak peak at your file and I think this would come in very useful with you” he said handing me a small wooden box, the carving on it was exquisite and it looks very valuable. “Thank you” I said taking the box from his hands as I opened it up “These are just a few things I used to help me when I went through school” he said as I grinned as I picked up a collection of identical pendants a few slightly different pendants and a ring “They are all enchanted” he said as I grinned “I spent a lot of time learning enchanting as these are my tool which got me to where I am today, these empower your natural fire power so your fire will be bigger with less energy used” he said pointing to the group of 10 identical pendants, “these increase your control, so you can make them more detailed” he said holding up one for another pile of pendants “This makes your fire burn brighter allowing you to change the colour of your flames I could only master it to blue and green but you’re a stronger fire mage than I am so maybe you could get a vaster range” he said as I grinned “What about the ring” I asked as he smiled “That’s my learning ring, wearing it you will absorb information quicker and have an increased memory, also it links with your element so it this ring only works for fire mages” he said as I grinned “Thank you” I said as I slipped on my ring “Be careful though, You don’t want to go flaunting your new power as you will make some enemies and I have already realised that Brad Cross isn’t your fan and I know he will probably be getting similar gifts from Professor Jewels who teaches Air Class” He said as we nodded back at him “Could you do me a favour then and get some of the these for my friends, so it doesn’t turn out to be a rivalry that destroys the school” I said as she chuckled “Sure, it will take me a few days to get them all done, I hope you don’t mind the wait ladies” he said as the girls thanked him “Ok, well I best be off before I get caught, teachers aren’t really meant to be helping students so don’t breathe a word, ok” he said as he stood up watching as we all nodded back to him.

For the next hour I wore my ring as I treaded a small piece of tough cord through all the pendants as I attached all 15 small pendants to the cord making one big necklace as I put it on hiding it under my body suite as it was hidden from sight. “Come on then make a flame, let’s see” Rosie said as I smiling clicking my finger once. The flame was massive, nearly a foot tall on the end of my finger as I jumped in shock at its size “Oh this is too cool” I said as I focused my energy growing the flame and shrinking it again as I focused hard making it change colour as it quickly turned blue and became a lot shorter as it heated up the room quickly. “Ok turn it off I’m getting hot” Becky said as I quickly dispersed the flame before setting the empty jewellery box beside my bed “Jamie Dovell?” a voice said as I looked to the door way finding Professor Thatcher standing there with a smile “Hello Professor” I said sitting up as she stepped in with a smile “Hello girls, Jamie... I want to give you a gift, and I know your all friends so I got you all one” she said as we smiled thanking her as she held out a four small bags either with the symbol of our element of as we quickly opened up our bags “Oh cool, what do they do?” Rosie asked as Professor Thatcher smiled a really calm smile as she sat on the end of my bed explaining “the pendant on the necklace, empowers your elements, the bracelet covered in pendants is more empowerment enchantments and control enchantments as well as a ring each which is a protection ring, your makes your clothes fire proof” she said looking at my “and your three give you a magic barrier protecting you again fire and necromancy, I know Brad Cross isn’t your friend and I don’t want you getting hurt” she said as I smiled “Thank you” I said as the girls also thanked her as she quickly got up “Don’t tell a soul about my visit, this isn’t exactly accepted in the school” she said as we nodded watching her walk out the door down the steps “I think we’re going to start out powering teachers soon” Jess said as we all chuckled as we put on the new jewellery as I tested my fire again with it growing even larger and it taking some effort to use such a small amount of energy to create a small flame. “Maybe you could create water now?” I said looking at Jess as I quickly put her hand in front of her as we all watched small droplets of water appear as Jess made it grow really quickly till she had a ball of water in her palms as I looked over at Becky and Rosie who both had small tornados in each palm as we all laughed together at our power.

Lessons and Friends

With a new day upon us we quickly got dressed and donned our robes as we headed to our first lessons, our days started with our element class which was the same each week which lasted from 8am to 12pm, after lunch was Energy class for those who had the talent and for those who didn’t had the time off, Monday was Energy, Tuesday Life, Wednesday a****ls, Thursday Electricity and Friday Necromancy. I was happy with this as I would never miss a lesson but it only gave me 1 hour each talent lesson and 2 full afternoons to keep up with all the other lessons I had, which certainly seemed like a challenge.
Walking into my fire class it was nice to be greeted warmly as people made me popular due to my power, sitting down in the middle of the classroom professor Kroll stepped up to the front holding dozens of books which he placed on each table as I flicked through the first few pages at the contents as it covered hundreds of topics from, control to increasing power and using your surroundings and other elements to your aid. And even using fire to counter other elements and using their elements against them which sounded awesome. “Ok class, you all saw the demonstrations people performed yesterday, so this is what were going to start with” he said as people grinned “The mage world runs on power, the most powerful being at the top and guiding us, but when powerful mages fight the collateral damage is devastating, so a big part of a mages power is the power to intimidate” he said as we started making notes “Intimidation, is important in our world as you assert yourself as dominant yet there no damage done, being fire is a natural benefit to this as fire is one of the most terrifying things in the world” he said as we all gave a little cheer. “But, fire has to be controlled, nobody is afraid of a candle but people will run in terror at a forest fire, you need to learn how to control a large amount of fire without burning everything to the ground” he said as we chuckled “Fire is all about intimidation, nobody is afraid of water till your submerged, nobody is afraid of air until it’s gone, and nobody is afraid of earth until your buried, a large amount of fire on its own is scary but your task for today is make a small amount of fire scary” he said as we looked intrigued “You have all morning to make a small amount of fire as scary as possible” he said as we quickly pushed out tables to the side creating a space as we got to work, I watched as people created small detailed fires whilst others made fire a****ls making them look scary, looking around at the people I tried to think of a good idea. Then it hit me, I looked at the floor where I saw a fire dog in front of pupil but the dog made it look like student was on fire, looking down myself I focused my energy as I lit the base of my robe on fire as the fire travelled up my back lighting my shoulders on fire as I made a small streak of fire go down my arms as I made the ring of my robe light up with smaller flames at the front. Walking around I caught people’s attention as professor Kroll stood up to watch as I walked into an open area spreading me arms wide as I made a fire wall drop from my arms to the floor as half a dozen large fiery wolves jumped out of the fire wall guarding me as everybody else’s fire disappeared as their attention was focused on me as I brought my arms down to my side tensing them as the flames grew larger. “That’s very scary Mr. Dovell” Professor Kroll said stepping forward as I gave a smirk, focusing my power I set alit the rest of my robe as I became a human shaped fire, taking a few steps I couldn’t see a thing as fire covered me face, I quickly whipped the fire around pulling it off my body as I dispersed leaving me standing in the open space unharmed without a single singe “I guess it worked” I said chuckling as people clapped. “Hey Joey, how did you make those eyes on your dog” I asked looking at him as he made his dog again, “Umm, I created a fire within a fire, so I keep the fires from joining so it looks like eyes in the sockets and not just a detailed fire” he said as I sat down on my desk with a Hare in the air in front of me as I tried making the eyes “Like this?” I said hopping the Hare over to Joey as he smiled “Yeah that’s good” he said as I quickly dispersed the Hare as we all turned to face Professor Kroll “Ok, now that we all have had a practice at being intimidating, we have to understand that fire is the most dangerous of the elements. Air is all around us but calm, water is trapped in its container and earth is motionless, but only fire can spread and grow on its own” he said as we listened “So to avoid being feared by the other elements we have to work on beauty and uses for fire except to burn and destroy” he said as we chuckled “So who can tell me a use for fire” he asked openly as immediately several people’s hands shot up “building work, like smelting or welding” Joey said as Professor Kroll nodded in acceptance “Warmth, light fires” Chloe Hawkins said as she looked at me showing a very pretty smile which I couldn’t help but smile back to. “Yes, any others?” our Professor asked as we all gave a look of deep thought “What about defence, so instead of burning and destroying people we intimidate them as a form of defence so they back off” I said speaking up as Professor Kroll smiled “Yes, good those are the three main uses of fire, now I want you all to make a fire copy of your pets and have them mimic your actual pets, your practicing your reactions trying to keep them as in sync as you can whilst maintaining detail” we spoke firmly as we all quickly made small fire a****ls. With Prince coiled up on the floor I created an exact copy made of fire as instead of the flames going up I f***ed them back to make the length of the snake which gave it more detail making definition in the scales.

As lunch I arrived I quickly met up with the girls in the great hall as food was laid out all over the tables for people to just help themselves, sitting down at the table I was quickly joined by Chloe Hawkins from class as she sat down next to me looking happy as she started laying food out on her plate. For half an hour I sat talking to Jess, Becky and Rosie as Chloe just sat listening, “Ok Chloe, what’s the matter, you have a look like you want to say something” I said as she went red watching me “Umm, I was hoping .... You would...umm..... Tutor me” she said nervously, obviously making it up on the spot. I looked at her smiling as I looked to my friends as the nodded “Sure, I would love to tutor you” I said as she beamed a smile “Thank you” she said quickly before hurrying off out the room as I just sat there with a confused look on my face “She’s using you” Jess said coldly as she watched me “What?” I asked looking back at her a bit shocked by her statement “It’s your first day so she doesn’t know you enough to like you that much, she only knows your power and that’s what she likes” she said as I thought about “Are you Jealous?” I said jokingly as Jess didn’t answer but looked down at her plate as I suddenly felt bad “Anyway, I’m not dating her, I’m her tutor” I said firmly as I stood up walking up to the stage as somebody showing off their earth power just stepped down.

Turning to face the crowd the whole hall went quiet as everybody turned to watch me, starting off big I shrugged my shoulders tensing my arms as I light my feet on fire as the fire spread up my back growing larger at my shoulders as I looked down at Jess as flames grew in my eyes before growing to large as the flames came out my eyes and above my eyebrows. Holding out my hand I created a fire ball as I changed its colour making it go whiter and whiter as it got hotter and hotter, throwing it into the ground I made a large fiery snake as I made it slither up my arm and across my shoulders as the snake held its head up as it looked at the people, throwing the snake it landed on a table as I snaked over to Brad Cross, the look in the pale boys face looked of genuine fear as the snake moved closer before travelling along the table finding and empty seat as I changed the snake into a copy of the beautiful girl that sat opposite my fire. I listened as people watched as I made the fire copy her exact movements even when she put her hand up to touch it as I made the fire flinch as well, making the fire step up onto the table I made it walk back to me as I quickly dispersed her as made another fireball in my hands this time much larger as I turned it into a huge dragon which took up most the stage, putting lots of detail into the face and scales I made it snarl at the crowd as it’s throat went white as I breathed fire over the students sat down below, walking up to the dragon I touched it on the side as it looked like the b**st was crumbling apart as it started flaking before exploding into a thousand small flames which spread around the hall but whilst in flight the small flames turned into birds which started flapping around landing on torches and chandeliers as I removed the flames on myself and walked down the steps walking out the hall heading to my next class.

Energy lesson was extremely boring; I was already proficient with telekinesis and f***e fields, which was all we were going to be covering this year. But none the less I kept up to speed, doing everything asked as the lesson quickly ended, walking out the lesson I was met with Chloe from earlier as we talked for a bit as she lead me to the practice area outside. “I want to be powerful like you” she said boldly as I smiled “Well how many spikes did you take?” I asked as she looked down “5, but I still want you to help me to be more powerful” she said as I smiled “Ok, well create a fire as big as you can handle” I said as she quickly pulled out her wand waving it around as a large flame wall appeared which also got the attention of the students. “Ok now keep control” I said as I added more flames to her wall as she started panicking, with the wall nearly twice as large she was sweating, concentrating on maintaining the fire, “Your thinking too hard, to control all aspects of the fire, just where it’s movements, so that it doesn’t spread” I said as I watched her relaxed as I added more to the flames “STOP this at once” a loud voice said behind us as I turned to see Professor Thatcher walked down as I quickly overpowered Chloe as I took control of her flames dispersing them as the heat and light vanished. “I was just helping her with control” I said standing in front Chloe as the mad professor walked up to us, “I don’t care, you not meant to be handling fires that big as first years” she said as I rolled my eyes “Mr. Dovell, you are hereby forbidden to help other student with anything related to Fire” she said as my Jaw dropped “That’s a bit harsh” I said trying to stick up for myself as I she shook her head “No more fire training outside of the classroom, now go before I increase the severity of the punishment” she said as I sighed deeply before walking off.

“I’m not banned from using fire outside the classroom, happy” I said aloud walking into my room as the girls sat studying as I slumped down onto the bed “Mr.Dovell?” I heard from the doorway as I turned my head in bed to find Professor Kroll standing there with a grin on his face, “I like your tactic with the fire control, very effective” he said as I groaned slumping back into my bed as he chuckled “I only came to drop of the rings for your friends which you asked for” he said as the girls giggled excitedly as he handed them out to each of the girls. “Was that your fire that was out there or Chloe’s?” the statuesque man asked standing up tall, “Chloe’s, I could handle that easily, but I would like to stretch my wings so to speak and see how large a flame I could handle” I said sighing as he grinned “Well, just wait till your done here, school sucks no matter where you are... its once you’ve left school when the fun begins, for you there’s the Bout De Flames, then the Festival of Fire and also Fireworks night is a great night for mages to go big and show off” he said as I grinned feeling a lot happier. “Anyway, I should go” the professor said as I quickly got up and gracefully fled from my room down the stairs as I sat back creating a small floating fire rabbit as I made it hop above me.

“Sire, you know what we need to do” the small skinny man said as he knelt down looking up at his master who sat at in the largest chair at the head of a large table, around him his faithful followers. “I know, our numbers are small and the schools are highly defended, I don’t want to be defeated easily” the master said in a cold emotionless voice, “Friends... You know our cause, to eliminate the human race before the eliminate us, who of you will stand with me as we go recruiting” the man said standing up as several other people quickly stood up, and with the domino effect soon everybody was offering their services as the master smiled wickedly “But sire, we only know the location of Harrington’s” a women said as the master turned quickly to look at her “Jacqui, Jacqui, Jacqui the man said stepping over to her as she started to tense up with fear “Once we get into one school the others will bolster their defences, which we will notice” he said running his hand down her arms as he stood behind her, his malice voice echoing around the deathly silent room. “We leaving in the morning for Harrington’s don’t harm the c***dren only cripple the teachers and protection.” The man said as I people nodded “Yes Master” the followers said as they quickly left the room leaving the man alone.

Waking up the next day extremely early I crept around the school going into every class room picking up all the textbooks for every year as I was sick of being bored, heading into my fire class room I picked up several books of control and power before going off to the other rooms stealing the books I wanted. Heading back to my room I placed them in my suit case as I woke up the girls so we could all get ready for lessons, walking down into fire class I sat at the back as the rest of the class looked excited to begin whilst I was just fed up as I knew this entire morning was going to be a bore.

Outside the school the mages and their master stood outside the door as they quickly entered triggering the alarm in the school. With students rushing to the great hall the mages quickly crippled or knocked out the teachers and defences nearby as they floated the incapacitated behind them... “Ok Class that’s the alarm, come on to the great hall” Professor Kroll said as we all quickly hurried off down the corridor as we entered the great hall finding all the students together talking as teachers sealed the doors. “What’s going on?” Jess asked as I walked up to them “Start of the year, probably a drill in case of an emergency” I said as they girls seemed to relax nodding in acceptance. However, seconds later the main door burst open in a fit of flames as a dozen people dressed in black stepped in as the teachers started attacking but were quickly taken down. “Students” the man said stepping forward being their leader “I know this is scary, but we want to help, this school is good but we could train you in a way that wouldn’t even compare to this school, we will teach you to survive and to live a long life in any world” the man said as people coward away from him “Who are you” a Joey said as the people looked at him “I am Lucifer, master of earth, necromancy and electricity, I am here to show you another path in life, join us and fulfil your true potential” he said as I looked at him “What do you offer that’s not here” I said stepping forward as he looked down at me “Proper training, we can teach you the true power of your magic, unlike this school which will teach you enough to class as training but makes it all beautiful and delicate” he said as I looked back at the teachers who were watching me “No thanks” I said sitting back down as the man walked up to me clearly annoyed “Your strong, I can see the fire in your eyes, your very strong” he said letting go taking a step back as I gave a smirk “What’s your name boy” the man said as I looked up at him “Jamie Dovell” I said proudly as he smiled “Is your father John Dovell?” he said as I nodded “I knew you mother, she’s very beautiful” the man said as I stood up “I warn you, back down now before I end you” I said staring at the man as he laughed “I like you Jamie, but your trapped here, like a bird in a cage too small” he said as I listened to him my defence shaking “your Loyal I can see that but your had but you placed your loyalty here by default as this was the school you were sent to, realign your loyalty and join us” the man said as I looked back at my friends and professor Kroll as he looked scared just come to from being knocked out. “What will it be Jamie” Lucifer said as I looked back at him “Can I chose my own clothes” I asked as he smiled “Of course, you can wear whatever you desire” he said as I nodded before walking towards him. “Jamie” Jess shouted as she grabbed my arm, “Stay safe” I said firmly as she let go almost on the verge of tears.

Walking up to the man he smiled nodded as I walked past him as I stepped out the door into the surrounding corridor. I was waiting out there for 10minutes before I saw a few more people step out to join me.

“Anybody wanting to join us, step forward now” Lucifer said as people still coward “What do you plan to do with us after you train us” Chloe said speaking up as Lucifer looking over to her “Nothing, you can lives your lives however you like, but when the time comes when you are needed you will join our cause” he replied quickly and calmly as Chloe smiled as she started walking towards “Why the sudden change of mind?” Lucifer asked stopping Chloe as she froze “Jamie was trying to help me become a stronger mage, they only limit you here” she said as the man nodded letting her pass as she joined the other recruits outside in the hall. Waiting outside I saw Chloe come out as she quickly came over and gave me a hug “What are you doing?” I asked as she smiled “I just want to be stronger, this school will only limit us. Yesterday was proof of that” she said as I nodded understanding her truth.

“You boy, your strong... don’t you wish to join us?” Lucifer said walking up to brad “Sorry, my goal was to be the strongest in the year, with Jamie gone my goal is achieved so I’m staying” he said firmly as Lucifer stood up “Ah strict parents, I respect that. Well maybe when your days here are over you will reconsider” Lucifer said nodding as he walked back through the doors out to us as the other mages quickly closed the doors as they ushered us along the corridor “Wait, let me just go to my room, I can’t forget Prince” I said as I quickly bolted up to my room “Follow him” Lucifer said quickly as I ran up my steps finding prince on my bed as I quickly packed up the books in my suitcase as I used my telekinesis to carry it behind me as I turned around finding a mage standing at my door, “I wanted to pick up some things before we left” I said defensively as she smiled before heading back down the stairs with me following her.

“I thought you wanted new clothes” Lucifer said eyeing my suit case behind me “Who says there’s clothes in there, now lead the way” I said as he scowled at me before walking forward out the door as he opened the main doors leading out the school as we started walking down the path “Jacqui, can you provide some heat and light my dear” Lucifer said calmly as the women quickly pulled out her wand as she created a snake splitting the group in two as I felt a slight amount of heat “So who’s going to train me with fire as it better not be her” I said arrogantly as Lucifer laughed “Care to demonstrate” he said as I chuckled, Creating a fireball in my hands I threw it in front of us as it turned into a larger snaked as my snake eat Jacqui’s as it took the same position but was larger and hotter than hers “Impressive” Lucifer said as I felt a lot warmer “I’m not even using my wand, this training facility better have a large space, I want to see how big a fire I can control” I said as he laughed “So much arrogance, for someone so young” he said as I laughed “I’m polite to those that deserve it, but after you brought up my mother you have a long way to go” I said firmly as Chloe chuckled behind me. “May I ask what’s in your suit case” Jacqui said walking backwards as she now faced me “School was slow, this morning I stole all the textbooks for all the lessons I’m in for all the years, I planned on studying ahead so I didn’t go completely insane from boredom” I said happily as they all laughed “Impressive, how much do you know already?” Lucifer asked as I shrugged “Nothing much yet, I only stole them this morning, I had planned on studying after classes but we had visitors and my plans changed” I said as people chuckled “Well take a deep breath” Lucifer said as I felt my body get tighter as I felt my body sucking it’s self in like a wormhole had opened in my stomach, closing my eyes tightly the feeling was gone just as soon as it arrived as I cautiously opened my eyes finding myself staring up at a old house which looked to be in a normal city. “Nice neighbourhood you got here” I said sarcastically as we stepped up to the house “I was expecting dark mansion in the countryside” I said again as people laughed “Don’t be so quick to judge” Lucifer said as we walked into the house as we went down into the basement, lifting up the rug on the floor Jacqui lifted up the two doors in the floor which revealed a set of stone steps leading down. “Some light please, Mr arrogant” Lucifer said as I made a think snake come out my arm as it stuck to the floor of the stairs lighting it up as we travelled down.

At the bottom of the stairs we found ourselves in a huge hall larger than the entire street or even three streets as Jacqui whipped some fire around lighting the hundred odd torches as we walked around. Watching Lucifer he stopped directing us to our new bedrooms, “Make yourselves comfortable, for tomorrow you train” he said as I quickly stepped into my room as I let Prince slither off me as he searched the room eating a few rats that hid in the corners. Setting my case down I emptied the books onto the nearby desk in order as I created some lights and heated the bed which Prince quickly coil up on relaxing. Picking up the first year fire book I quickly lay down in bed with Prince as I started reading learning everything I could from it.


As morning came I awoke with the sound of shouting as Jacqui came round shaking us violent as I set a quickly burst of telekinetic at her sending her flying out my room, “Come back at a reasonable time” I said in a huff as I created a f***e field on my door. “Get out here you pest before I kill you” she shouted slamming on my f***e field as I watched her pull out her wand creating a large fireball which just bounced off my f***e field landing on the floor “Master, can you please do something he’s being stupid” Jacqui said desperately as I floated over my book on energy as I started read skipping that parts I already knew as I ended up skipping the entire book, putting that book to the side I floated over year two as I started reading, “Oh this is interesting” I said as I lowered my barrier walking out my room as Lucifer stood with Jacqui “You little...” was all she got out as I created a f***e field inside her lungs stopping her from breathing “see here, Controlling your f***e fields, f***e field have many uses and not just for defence, they can be used to trap or cover” I read out as I looked at Jacqui as her face went red “That includes stopping your lungs contracting” I said as I let her go watching as she dropped to the floor gasping as her lungs filled again. “You’re looking to become a very powerful mage Mr. Dovell” Lucifer said as I paid no attention to him as I walked past “What’s for breakfast?” I asked again extremely arrogantly as I could feel the heat of his anger rise as I walked away.

Sitting down at the table I watched Jacqui starting to get a bit rough with Chloe as she pulled her out her room “Jacqui... be nice” I shouted as I set her flying back pinning her against the wall as Chloe came and sat next to me “Your safe with me” I said looking down at Chloe as she smiled watching as I held Jacqui there while we ate our breakfast. “Jamie” Lucifer shouted in his very angry voice “You have come here to be trained and I will not have you handling my team in such manners” he said walking over to me as I shot a deadly look at him “Consider it her punishment for being rough with Chloe” I said as I pulled Jacqui off the wall floating her towards me as I looked up at her, “Are you sorry for being cruel to Chloe?” I asked as everybody watched with a smile as the women spat at me “Chloe, why don’t you spin Jacqui here, I’m sure she will love that” I said smiling as she nodded as she grabbed Jacqui’s footing spinning her around as I made a pivot on my f***e field holding her up. The screams coming from Jacqui was deafening “You hear that I think she wants to go faster” I said laughing as I heard Jacqui shouting in protest. Falling on deaf ears I used my telekinesis to spin her faster and faster as I quickly stopped her setting her down on the floor as she wobbled around before falling and throwing up on the floor, “That goes for all you, were here to train to be strong any mistreatment and I will see to you personally” I said loudly as all but Lucifer looked worried.
Going back to my breakfast I continued to read the book on energy as it taught me about making visible copies of myself which were basically holograms but lifelike. As I was reading this I tried creating a copy of myself as I felt a burst of energy leave my hand as before me sat a perfect copy of myself, smiling at my creation I controlled my holograms movements as I sent him to my room to see how much money I had in the coin purse still in my suit case. I watched as my hologram walked over to my room and I was very happily surprised as I could hear what my hologram was hearing as I listened in on Jacqui talking to another mage “I want to kill the boy so much” Jacqui said as the mage laughed “you know you can’t, he too strong plus master wants to make him the commander of our order” the man said to Jacqui as I quickly disintegrated my copy. “So you know who we are, and I only know Jacqui and yourself, who is everybody else as I really don’t want to call you master” I said walking up to Lucifer as he smiled “Master is easy for them, but you may call me Lucifer is you wish, as to my followers, you will come to know them with time but first you train. Jacqui was our strongest fire mage and as you exceed her ability perhaps you could train yourself, no restrictions” he said as I smiled “Is that a promise” I said holding out my hand as he laughed shaking it “Promise” he said as we sealed the deal “I’m going to hold you to the no restrictions part” I said laughing as I walked away leaving the man smiling as he sat in his large chair “I want to go shopping, I hate this clothes” I said stopping in my path as I turned to face Lucifer again “Although Jacqui is weaker she is still your mentor throughout your training, she will buy everything you ask for” Lucifer said as I looked to Jacqui who looked worried as I grinned, “Come on Chloe, were going shopping” I said as Jacqui placed her hand on a door on the wall as she opened it up revealing a bright yellow and sandy city which I quickly guessed was Bacra.

Walking through the town I noticed that people were stepping out of our way as I followed their gaze as they were looking at Jacqui who also looked nervous “Come on Jacqui, take us to the nice shops for our clothes unless you want a public spinning” I said loudly as I belittled her in public as she rushed forward walking into a store “look brat, just because your stronger doesn’t make you better, I’m smarter and more skilful plus you don’t know any actual magic just your element and talent magic” she said as I nodded smiling “Ok, I’ll show respect, just as long as you don’t be rough with any of us” I said as she nodded “Ok Mentor, Lead the way” I said bowing as she walked out the door proudly as me and Chloe followed her. Walking with a new sense of pride Jacqui took us through the city as I looked in the windows “Mentor” I shouted loudly as she turned to see my looking in a window with a very cool looking robe in the window display “Could I get this one, please mentor” I said as people gasped looking at Jacqui as she grinned walking over “Sure, anything for my fire prodigy” she said as I chuckled before walking into the store 12 gold later I left wearing the robe in my size as Chloe also bought a female version in the same colour as we walked through the city looking awesome “I understand want you said earlier, what do we need for you to begin training us” I asked as she turned walking backwards as people still separated letting us pass. “We have the space, we just need books and some ingredients” she said as we nodded following her as she walked into a darker part of town as there were few open shops and some gruesome alleys.

“Angus” Jacqui shouted confidently as we followed her into a shop, looking around we saw lots of rough tattered scrolls and lots of jars with weird things inside them, some moving, some not. “Lady Black, how nice to see you again, and you have friends” he said looking over the desk at us “My students, meet Jamie Dovell Fire prodigy and Chloe Hawkins who I haven’t seen yet” she said as I quickly thought up a new plan. “Hello” I said politely as the man nodded “I don’t suppose you have any books on some fire, energy or life... I was hoping to study something a bit more hardcore after I finished with my school books” I said calmly as Jacqui smiled “You have two talents?” he asked impressed “Actually I have three, the third being a****ls but I don’t know much about life or a****ls” I said as he gasped “Three talents, that’s quiet the student as well, you must be the boy people were talking about, 12 spikes and 12minutes of the burning sun, your supposedly the second most powerful wizard alive” he said as Jacqui looked shocked as she looked down at me “Don’t count out Chloe she endured 11 spikes” I said quickly as I felt her squeeze my hand nervously as I lied to the adults. “Two very promising students” Angus said turning his attention back to Jacqui as they went off to pick up the things she asked for. “Why did you lie?” she said angrily to me “I said I was going to make you stronger and I will, plus if they knew you were weak they would probably treat you less, having power gives you respect so I’m making life easier for the both of us” I said quietly as she nodded as I stayed stood at the desk waiting for them to return. Looking around the shop a bit I spotted some small wooden pendants as I quickly stole two handfuls and some cord as I stuffed them into my pocket which was good timing as about 10seconds later Angus walked back carrying an armful of books as well as everything Jacqui asked for.

With our shopping complete and floating behind us in a f***e field we walked through the shops browsing as we bought some sweets as well as some books from the book store, all on magic and enchanting the latter being at my request. Finally ready to go home Jacqui took us to a dead end door as she opened it up revealing our underground home as we stepped inside feeling the dampness hit us firmly as people commented on our new clothes which were much better than our uniform robes. “Both of you go unpack, we start training at two” Jacqui said happily as we both walked off to our rooms. “He seems somewhat docile, what did you do?” Lucifer asked walking up to Jacqui, “I said that he may be stronger with elements but I know actual magic with wands, so I think his desire to learn is making him docile” she said somewhat baffled as Lucifer chuckled “Let’s hope you don’t run out of things to teach him or he will be very dangerous” Lucifer said walking away as Jacqui gulped.

Sitting at my desk I was rummaging through the school enchanting books and then enchanting books we bought as I finally found the empowerment enchants as I quickly empowered 12 pendants with fire, 5 for control and 2 for burning power which I quickly made into a necklace as I hid it in my pocket as I quickly walked into Chloe’s room. “Don’t ask questions, just wear this and never take it off” I said quietly as I slipped the necklace over her head as I hid it under her robe “I said I would make you stronger” I said as I watched her create fire in her hands as she gasped. “Learn control” I said walking out as she nodded. Back in my room I enchanted the rest of my pendants with empowerment and control which gave me 10 more empowerment pendants as well as 3 more control ones, placing them on my necklace I quickly covered it back up as I lay on my bed reading my energy book. I was there for a while before I finished my energy book and was now onto my life book as I was fascinated with it, so much so that I didn’t here Jacqui knocked on the wall “Jamie” she said firmly as I broke concentration looking up at her “Sorry what did you say, I was engrossed” I said as she smiled “2pm, training time lets go” she said calmly as I placed my book down as I saw Chloe waiting outside her room with a smile as Jacqui led us through a door into a large room, which was just for us to practice in. “Ok, Chloe, Jamie, I have yet to see your power unleashed so take it in turns to try and be as scary as possible” she said as I let Chloe go first. “Watching her pull her wand out she sent flames everywhere which turned into a stormy sea of fire across the floor with giant sea snakes popping out the waves before landing before us it the serpent could easily be larger than the room but looking like it was pinned by the ceiling as it snaked around us before stopping as Chloe turned to look at Jacqui who was smiling widely “Very impressive, you’re up Jamie” she said looking to me as I smiled “normal or with wand?” I asked looking back as Chloe looked nervous, “Go normal, we can practice with your wand when we have more space” Chloe said quickly as I nodded “Do you want size or fear?” I asked as Jacqui spoke up, “Fear, size is great but fire is what makes your memorable” she said confidently and proudly as I nodded walking out a bit as I turned to face them both.

Spreading my arms I set my hands on fire as I creating two beams of fire going from my hands to the wall in the details shape of a chain, with the fire sticking to the wall I created fiery chain cage around the wall as I quickly pushed it forward as the cage shrunk trapping them both as they watched me. Focusing my energy I set my feet on fire as the flames rushed up my side and back growing larger on my shoulders as it made my new robe look extra dangerous, creating a huge fire ball I made it bright and brighter till it was just a burning white ball of heat as I threw it to the girls still trapped in their cage as they both ducked in fire as the fireball hit the cage before dispersing as I removed the cage as well walking back up to the two females cowering “It’s over” I said removing the flames on me as they both straightened their clothes as Jacqui smiled “very scary” she said taking a deep breath as I smiled before walking back to her side.

Training continued for the remainder of the day as we learnt dozens of new spells with our wands, some attacks some just for fun as we started messing around zapping each other. “Ok, that’s it for today, tomorrow I want to test you both we will be going to a desert to see how big a flame you can handle” she said as we both nodded before walking away. Going back to my room I picked up my Life book as I continued my studying, after a few hours I had read four entire textbooks as I was starting on the second year ones next.

“Any sign of the other cities?” Lucifer asked as he spoke with his followers at the table “Lady P’s is situated in the Great Barrier Reef hidden by corals but the others are unknown” a deep voice said as Lucifer looked to the man “Good, ready yourselves for tomorrow we pay them a visit” Lucifer said as everybody nodded “What about the c***dren?” Jacqui asked hopefully as everybody turned to her “Bring them with us, they could prove useful in persuading them” Lucifer said calmly as all his followers quickly bowed before walking away “Mr Dovell” Lucifer said as I heard the echo from my room, setting my book down I teleported to the table as he chuckled “Learning to teleport?” he said with a smile “Yeah, haven’t quiet got the landing sorted yet” I said as he cracked a tiny a smile “We will be going on a trip tomorrow...” he said as I held up my hand “I already know, I was practicing invisibility on Prince and with my a****l talent I can read his mind, so he’s been telling me your plans for lady P’s” I said as he just smiled “Your becoming quite resourceful” Lucifer replied as I just nodded before making Prince visible as he sat on the table coiled up following me as I walked away.

Walking back into my room I found the page I was last on as I sat down reading about life and healing energy. Though as much as I tried I couldn’t help but think about my friends, how life at Harrington’s is now and what Jess was doing, I felt bad for leaving her as did like me. I probably could have helped defend the school but I did nothing, I could even of helped convince people to stay but I was greedy and arrogant, I just hope that I survive enough to make amends.

Making new friends

As dawn rose we all got ready to depart to Lady P’s girl’s school, standing in the two rows I stood behind Jacqui with Chloe on my left whist Lucifer stood in front of her, “Lucifer. I don’t really want to annoy you but were going to an all girls school, where they prize beauty and elegance above all else, do you really think that this dark place is going to convince them, I would recommend I place on the surface whilst being away from the humans, your master of earth surely you could create a school in no time” I said boldly as people listened “You make a good point, it has been too long since I too got to make something big” he said before one of his followers teleported us to a coral island “Jamie, would you mind creating a f***e field around us and making it invisible, no sense setting off the alarms early” he said as I quickly made the f***e field as I lifted us up and into the water as fish kept bumping into the field not seeing it, “could somebody make some air before we run out” I said quickly as I felt a small breeze around my feet as everybody took a few deep breathes calming down. “Anybody see it?” Jacqui asked as she looked around, it only took us 10minutes to find the door as it sat on the sea floor under a coral reef balcony. “Jamie and Chloe your with me up front, I want you to help persuade these girls” He said as we stepped forward watching Lucifer as he pushed open the door as the girls inside started screaming running away. “Round them up” Jacqui said quickly as I set out my flames along the outside in a cone as the girls ran for the doors none trying to defend themselves. Setting up f***e fields and flames we soon managed to corner the school into their great hall as we stepped inside sealing the door as they must of been nearly two thousand girls in there “Yeah you defiantly need a bigger place” I said to myself as Lucifer heard it and giggled “Good morning girls, my name Is Lucifer and we are here to make you powerful mages” he said as I stepped forward as Lucifer watched me curiously “I know your scared, I was when he came to Harrington’s but what he offers is true” I said speaking loudly as everybody listened “I know you value beauty and elegance over power, but you’ve seen the cities all the powerful wizards live the great lives, as sad as it is your maximum potential is owning a store or possibly be a designer for something, but that’s you limit here... With us, you can learn to be stronger, be more powerful and live a better life” I said as I walked past the girls “What do you know of beauty, your just a boy” a girl spat standing up as I created a fireball in my hands as she quickly backed down “Fire is the most beautiful element, for its unending possibilities” I said as I created a fiery parrot as I flew around changing colours as I made it go from orange to red, to blue, to green and even to purple. “Beauty never leaves fire, a basic fire is easy but to really show off you create fire a****ls” I said as I quickly sent out a few fireballs as I large bird flew into the air eating my parrot as it stood on the stage watching the girls “Beauty is in the details, the elegance of how it moves just like a real a****l” I said walked up to my bird, “Power just increases the beauty of your creations” I said as the girls looked more relaxed “We won’t f***e you to do anything, but trust me when I say if you stay here your life will be considerably limited” I said walking back down the hall as my fiery bird broke apart into a hundred smaller birds as they flew around before dispersing into the torches lighting the room. “So what will you teach us?” a girl asked as I stepped back next to Lucifer as he spoke up, “What every you want, we only wish to make the strongest mages, you may consider us a new school that’s recruiting” he said calmly as the girls spoke up “Silence girls, none of you are going anywhere” a women said boldly as she stood up “Are you really going to control these girls in that way, telling them what they can or can’t do, that’s the reason I left Harrington’s” Chloe said boldly speaking up “I’m strong but I lack control, Jamie was helping me on our second day, I must of had a flame about the size of this door before a teacher came out and punished us, Harrington’s was supposed to create great mages but all they did to us was limit us, like this school limits you. You all have potential to become famous powerful mages but that’s a life you will never know if you stay here” she said again as the girls look conflicted. “What have you learnt already?” a girl asked as I smiled “Not much as Lucifer is still recruiting, but I have been studying and practicing and I am far beyond anybody in my year back at harrington’s” I said calmly as I teleported to the middle of the room before making a dozen copies of myself as they walked up to the girls that looked nearly convinced “These are 2nd and 3rd years abilities and I would of been on my 3rd day into the first year” I said as girls gasped as I made the copies of my hold out a hand as the girls took it gently before walking over to Lucifer “I know you are cautious, but everybody is cautious doing something new, but I promise you this is something that you will not regret” I said as several more girls stood up walking out the door waiting with some of the followers as they took down names, power and abilities.

“Girls stay, power is what destroys the world” the women said franticly as around 40 girls had already joined us “We will teach you everything you need or wish to know” Lucifer said smiling to the girls as they walked past gracefully out the door. “Could one of you lovely girls please direct me to your library” I asked really nicely as one of the girls nodded before walking down the corridor as I followed her “What’s your name?” she asked proudly as I smiled “Jamie Dovell, and yourself?” I replied as she smiled “Sophie De Bell” she said with a sense of proudness “So tell me Sophie what are your talents and element” I said as she grinned “I’m am fire like yourself, I’m also talented in a****ls, 10 spikes” she said again as I chuckled “I’m also talented in a****ls as well as Life and Energy” I said as she gasped “Can I asked how strong you are?” she said nicely as I smiled “12 spikes and 12 minutes” I said as she froze “Did it hurt?” she asked as I smiled “like somebody blowing a balloon in your brain whilst it being as hot as larva” I said as she nodded “The library is here, it’s very large is there any topic you were looking for in particular” she said as I shook my head as I quickly pulled every book off the shelf as I floated them over to my in 3 lines in stacks of 5 as she gasped “We are a new school, we need books and some books you cannot buy” I said calmly as we turned walking out. “Where’s Jamie” I heard Lucifer shout as I laughed “I’m here, just thought I’d pick up some light reading” I said walking out the front door as the trail of books made everybody burst out laughing.
With the books piled up and everybody grouped together we stepped through the door into a larger f***e field as I lifted us up to the surface “Take us to the Scottish highlands” Lucifer said calmly as I suddenly felt myself being teleported as when I opened my eyes I found myself on a grassy cliff as I removed the f***e field but kept my books floating. “Ok, Lucifer, your time to show off” I said jokingly as he stepped forward watching as he created a huge castle with a large garden, we all watched in awe as rocks rose from the ground creating the towers and halls as about an hour later it was done “Let’s go inside” he said as we all quickly walked forward through the stone doors as the places looked bare “Could somebody create a gust of wind to keep the floors” Lucifer said calmly as I felt a huge breeze pass us picking up the dirt on the floor as it quickly turned into a dust cloud. “Now this is just the surface floor, the castle goes all the way down to the beach where the door is hidden in a cave, however I have created some stone beds but we will have to purchase mattresses and glass and things like that” Lucifer said as we all went to the rooms as we picked a room as I quickly headed to the new library as I placed all the books in the shelves in a similar order to how I pulled them out. Creating about 1000 fire spiders I made them run around sticking to the walls lighting up the castle as I walked down the stairs “Are they you spiders” Lucifer said walking up behind me as I laughed “Yeah, though the place could use a more home like feeling” I said as he chuckled “I still have two more schools to visit, what you did today was very impressive, I was hoping you could do it again to convince the students as we got a lot more than I expected” he said as I nodded in acceptance at his offer “I would like to make a deal” I said boldly as I caught his attention as we walked into an underground pool which somebody had already filled up “I’m listening” he answered slowly as if trying to prepare himself “Seeing as I’m now your recruiter as well as your student I was hoping that when we visit the schools I could take anything that I find interesting, such as books ingredients or things relating to fire” I said firmly as he smiled “and in return, you help me recruit?” he said as I nodded “How about Recruiting for me and when you have learnt all there is to learn, you become a teacher for me” he said as I thought about it. “Deal” I said quickly holding out my hand as he shook it firmly “Now, with that settled, tell me everything you think we will need for this school” he said as I smiled “Honestly, we need teachers, I don’t think anybody here knows a****ls or potions, enchanting or even Life... you need mattresses, torches, desks, books, utensils, ingredients” I said as I read out the daunting list. “I see, but the problem is a lack of funds” he said as I laughed “Who said anything about buying it” I said as he chuckled “let me practice my teleporting and I will fill this place to the brim” I said confidently as he nodded before walking away.

That night we all ate in the hall as the followers cooked up a feast for us all, “Ok, everybody as you know this is new but we need a list of everything you want” I said as I creating a fire square with floating writing made of fire reading out the list I told Lucifer “clothes, cleaning products, hair products, beauty products, we need more teachers and chefs” a girl said aloud as I nodded adding them to the list. “Ok, Sophie, Chloe your with me tomorrow, were going shopping” I said with a smirk as they cheered.

5 finger discount

The next morning Sophie, Chloe and I were quickly getting ready as I teleported us all to Bacra in a flash. Walking along the streets we looked in several stores before we found the shops we were looking for, walking into a bed store I quickly sent a sl**p spell from my wand to the shop keeper before shrinking down all the mattresses and floating them out the store into my invisible f***e field which was floating above the city, with the store empty we quickly headed into the next store doing the same as we stole the entire shops collection of torches as we had about three thousand of them now.
For the next hour we went around emptying stores as we put everybody in a clothing store to sl**p as we stole all the nice clothes and bolts of cloth they had, “Hey you thief stop right there” a man said as I turned to find an elderly man “Walk away old man” I said angrily as he pulled his wand out, creating fireballs in my hands I lit a semi circle around as and a f***e field in side that as I looked to the girls “We’ve been found out, just steal as much as you can while I hold them off” I said quickly as they walked down the streets shrinking everything as I floated it into the f***e field up above which people hadn’t noticed yet. “Ok that’s everything we need” Sophie said quickly as I quickly teleported them and the f***e field of loot to the castle as I stayed behind making sure nobody could follow them. Removing the fire and the f***e field I looked at the crowd of people now circling me as I hung my head low “Give back the things you stole and you can be on your way” he said calmly stepping forward as I laughed, “your no match for me” I said proudly as people laughed “Son, I’m Mr Alexander Noble, and most powerful mage alive” he said as I frowned “I see... I always enjoy a challenge, so tell my Mr. Noble how much you endured when you were my age” I said stepping forward as I set my hands on fire as people stepped back a bit nervous “More than you” he spat sending a bolt of water from his wand at me as I set myself completely on fire as it evaporated before even touching me. “Now, my name is Jamie Dovell, Fire Prodigy, with 12 spiked and 12 minutes to my name, so back down when I say” I shouted as I sent a cone of fire forward making everybody run backwards as I quickly teleported back to the castle.

“What took you so long?” Chloe asked as I smiled “had to make sure they did know where you went so I took them a bit further down the street” I said as they girls smiled whilst making everything grow again carrying it into the castle. “Did you get everything?” Jacqui asked walking up to me, “All except the teachers and chefs” I said as she nodded “I will get those, they wouldn’t listen to a c***d anyway” she said before walking up to another one of the mages and teleporting off.

Helping everybody carry everything in we were soon finished as I walked around the outside of the castle growing the grass to be nice and green as well as making a few bushes and flowers, which the torches all set up I watched as Chloe went around lighting them all as I quickly pulled a few of the girls from Lady P’s away from the castle. “We need glass windows, now do you know an earth mage and a water mage?” I asked as they nodded “I’m water, and Kathy is Earth” she said as I smiled teleported them both down to the beach “Ok you lift it up, I will melt it and place it in a f***e field to make the shape and you blast it with water to cool it” I said nodding as the girls nodded picking up the sand as we started making glass window panes. It took us a while but we soon had every window made all matching the window size as I quickly teleported us back to the castle with the glass floating behind us “ok, why don’t I place the glass and then you make the window grow on either side trapping it there” I said as she nodded, as we quickly went around the school putting windows in as the whole school started to heat up as we became protected from the wind.

Over the next week Jacqui had managed to get more teachers as they soon joined the school who quickly began teaching as we were learning lots of cool stuff. I don’t know how she did it but Jacqui got Professor Kroll to teach Fire class which was awesome as he smiled upon seeing me. It worked out great as we were doing fire class outside the castle on the open highlands as we often burnt the entire area making huge fires as life class always came after us as they restored the land. Today was Friday and my day off which I spent usually studying books as I was now up to year 4 books which were fascinating as they talked about combining different magic’s like a f***e field filled with fire which exploded upon impact as well using Life to not only heal but to grow as Prince was now 20ft long as he often went around the castle eating all rats and mice that got in. Taking a break from reading, I quickly teleported to Harrington’s as I put and invisibility spell on myself as I crept in heading for my old room. Standing in the doorway I saw Jess talking to Rosie and Becky as they all looked upset, “My mum asked me to do one thing and that was to keep him out of trouble, and now he’s gone” she said again clearly upset as felt bad again. Stepping into the room I leant against the wall watching as they spoke to each other “I know, but he did his part, he kept you out of trouble” Rosie said as Jess sniffled again “And now he’s with Chloe, stupid girl I’m more powerful than her, he should of liked me” she said again as I had to hold back a laugh. Opening the window with my telekinesis I created a small flame outside when travelled through as the girls looked up to watch it, “Can’t stay, all’s fine, I’m getting stronger, bending everything to my will, talk soon” I spelled out in the fire before quickly dispersing it as the girls looked around desperately as I walked out the room heading down into the library as I start rummaging through the books looking for anything new or old that might be useful. Just when I thought I had searched everywhere I found a trap door hidden under a rug as I quickly opened it going down into a dark area which looked like a storage room but it was filled with loads of books. Reading the titles on the sides of the books I could tell it was old and powerful magic as I pulled down a book saying “The fire of the Soul”. Flicking open the pages it had pictures of men all aflame as they had huge fires subduing people as well as knowledge on absorbing other people’s fire power adding it to your own.

Place the book back I looked through a few more books before deciding on taking them all as I teleported with the whole collection straight into my library as I was nearly the only person in there. With the Library split into four sections I quickly rearranged all the books so the element books sat on those main shelves as the mixed and other books laying in their categories around the library as the 300 or so new books I kept hidden in a secret room I made by teleporting dirt out and using telekinesis to open the wall up like a door even though all the rocks were separate. Creating a chair from the dirt I sat down reading these new books as I was fascinated by the power they had to teach me.

Time well spent

After 5 years of training, and recruiting the school was still unofficial but popular as we had the strongest mages in the world attending, as I kept myself and Chloe at the top of the leader board so nobody threatened anybody. Nobody knew of my secret library room as in the last few years it had grown larger as I went back to Lady P’s and into their lower library stealing all the books as well as from the other schools. I was extremely deadly as I was reading these books which showed us things I never thought impossible, in the life books they explained now just the power of life but the power over life as I quickly tested it out making myself stronger as I now had a great athlete’s body with the strength of a hundred men. I learnt that energy could also be used to read people’s minds and to control minds as well as that elemental and talent magic was untraceable unlike normal magic which left a trace of the spell around the area the spell was cast. Chloe was very pretty now as she was becoming a hit with the boys as I remained ever popular with the girls, today however I was heading home to see my parents. Casting a spell on myself I watched as my robes turned into Jeans and a t shirt as I quickly teleported to the alley near my garden as I walked up knocking on the door, “Jamie” my mum shouted happily as I gave her a big hug as I stepped inside closing the door behind me, “Where have you been, Harrington’s sent a message saying you left the school” she said as I smiled “I joined a new school, a better school. I’ve been training really hard and I know so much” I said as she smiled “You joined that school run by those dark mages haven’t you” my mum said looked cross as I smiled “I’ve got them wrapped around my finger” I said jokingly as she looked worried “Tell me everything” she said as I sat down on the sofa with her “Well they came to the school to recruit people who wanted to become stronger, which I did, but I overheard them talking about making an army, which I presumed they were going to fight the humans, so I went out helping Lucifer their leader recruit” I said as she looked upset “Basically, I recruited more than he could manage and instead of making an army, I f***ed him into making a school, it’s actually not that bad” I said as she smiled again “I bet you made I a nice place, what do you know of Jess?” she asked as I shrugged “I left on my 3rd day there, I haven’t spoken to her since” I said as she frowned “As you know I talk to her mum and they talk all the time and apparently Harrington’s is rubbish, that Brad Cross is bullying everybody and Jess and her roommates Rosie and Becky just stay in their rooms but he keeps trying to f***e Jess to date him” my mum said as I felt anger rush through me and my body heated up “Oh your hot” my mum said as I smiled getting distracted calming myself down again “Yeah, I’m getting really strong, I rarely even use my wand and I still overpower several people at a time” I said as my mum grinned “I knew you were going to be a great mage, but what’s this I hear about stealing” she said again as she gave me a look of death trying to break my resolve “It’s a new school, we needed things, mattresses, torches, books” I said as she frowned “I thought I raised you better than to steal” she said getting angry “You raised me to better myself, I did what I did to do that, Harrington’s was constricting they wouldn’t let me practice big flames as they fear me, I only steal books so I can further my knowledge of my talents and element, and a bit of magic” I said defensively as she stood her ground “If I could stay in the different schools library’s and read I wouldn’t steal but after the recruiting I’m not very well liked” I said as she calmed down a bit “Well I don’t like it, my talent was never energy, do you think you could take me to your library” she said as I smiled as I quickly took her hand and teleported into the centre of the library “You stole all these?” she asked looking around as I smiled “We have the greatest source of knowledge excluding the great mage library in Nomin, which I daren’t steal, way too much defence” I said as my mum shot me another look as I shut up and let her walk around “Lots on history and elements, so where’s your stash as I know you have one” she said as I smiled “Over here” I said as I opened the wall up lighting it up as she stepped into the large room with a single seat as she browsed the shelves as I closed the door “Why are you closing the door?” she asked as I put my finger to my mouth “These are the books that were hidden in each the school library’s all these books contain old magic, more powerful than anything they want you to even know about in the schools, I keep them hidden as I know if people find them they could cause mayhem” I said as she nodded “So what are you doing with them?” she whispered back as I smiled “I only focus on my element and talents, I skim a few of the others to find secret weaknesses should I need to fight somebody but these are just to better myself” I said as she nodded opening up a book I last had out called “Pillars of Energy” which was about the different uses on energy far beyond what they teach “You can do these things” she asked flicking through the chapters that showed mind reading and control as well as time control” she said as I smiled “Mind reading I can do as I practice it as night, mind control I haven’t tried as it would make my intentions obvious if I failed” I whispered back to her as she read the book “Time control was actually fairly easy but I can only slow it down and speed it up back to normal. For example in this room time goes at one millisecond per hour, so I have lots of reading time” I said as she gasped “What else have you learnt from these books?” she asked as I shrugged “These books are old and pre date normal schools, so my teachers in this school don’t even know of these abilities, though one trick I did learn was the burning of the soul, if people have committed such crimes as murder their soul will burn and they will burst into flames, it was apparently used by executioners back in the olden days as a form of punishment, if you were innocent of the crime your soul would of been clear and would be unaffected by the burning” I said as she listened “But a lot of these books that pre date that are in dead languages and I’m having trouble finding books to help me translate” I said as she listened. “What do you plan to do with these books, once you’ve managed to read them all” she whispered as I smiled “I’m going to create a vault with a seal that will only be opened by a spell from these books, then I will keep it hidden, nobody will know the spell so nobody will get into it” I said as she smiled “Good, even reading these texts I can see one mage holding off armies.” “I know I just want to be the best I can be, if I become powerful enough, maybe I could end this thing with the humans, how is it going on your front anyway” I asked as my mum set the book down. “The council are still trying to hide the fact we exist but any attempt to kill the mage the revealed us would prove we exist” she said as I nodded. “Any way, we better head back before I get too interested” my mum said as I quickly opened the door stepping out as the library was still empty. Teleporting mum back into her lounge I waved goodbye as I quickly stepped out onto the street heading towards the hospital to pay a visit to my dad.

“Hello, how can I help you” the girl at the reception asked, she was a beautiful girl, big blue eyes to go with her slim figure and blond hair “I’m Jamie Dovell, is my dad around” I asked as she went wide eyed “Jamie Dovell, I’m Katie Bennett we went to school together” she said excitedly as I smiled shaking her hand “Oh your hot” she said as she quickly let go of my hand, “Yeah I’m severely unfit, I only ran from here from down the street and I’m heating up like a kettle” I said joking as she chuckled “Dr Dovell, to reception please” Katie said over the speakers as I stood talking with her while my dad came down. “So how was school after I left?” I asked as she smiled “Boring, everybody wondered where you went to as your parents never gave anybody an answer” she asked as I smiled “I went to live with my uncle in Devon, but I’m 18 and I can do what I like so I thought I would come pay my parents a visit, what have you been up to?” I asked she blushed “I just work here to pay for Uni. I’m studying medicine” she said as I smiled “Maybe you can become as good as my dad, I know he’s good at being a doctor” I said as she chuckled “Your dad is the best here, I don’t think a single person has died under his care” she said as I chuckled “Jamie, What are you doing here?” my dad said walking up to me giving me a hug as I now stood equal to his height “I missed you, I’ve just been to see mum and she was jumping around hugging me when she opened the door” I said as he laughed “He come into my office so we can catch up” he said as I smiled nodded as I quickly waved goodbye to Katie before following my dad through the hospital into his office. “Are you crazy, joining Lucifer, you know he will kill you when he doesn’t get what he wants” my dad said loudly as he shut the door turning to face me. “Its fine, I have Lucifer doing what I want” I said as she looked shocked “how?” he asked as I retold the story of how I twisted him into running a school “That’s genius, and is it working?” he asked as I smiled “he is still cold and cruel but he doesn’t really get involved with the students, the teachers teach and I am the law” I said as my dad asked “So you’re the bully?” he asked slightly annoyed “No, I usually stick to myself studying, but I am by far the strongest person there, I even exceed the teachers so if there’s a problem they come to me and I sort it out, as nobody dares try and stand up to me” I said as he laughed “So tell me, what are you plans now?” he asked as I smiled “I have to pay a visit to Harrington’s as Jess is getting bullied into dating the school bully, brad cross” I said as my dad scowled “Cross, he has some sick parents” he said as I nodded “So I am going to come to back them up but other than that I have few plans, I’m tempted to become the fire teacher when I graduate as Professor Kroll wants to retire early and write a book” I said as my dad looked proud, “Is that it?” he said as I laughed “of course not, I plan on playing Acctim and overpowering everybody, as well as winning all fire related tournaments” I boldly as my father laughed, “I bet you will win it all” he said as I smiled nodded “Anyway, I know you were more clued in that mum, but what’s the situation with the humans” I asked as he frowned “Humans are getting wary, I’m having to slow down my healing because of the increase in tech that monitor everything so I can no longer just heal from sick to healthy in a minute as the machines will pick it up and it will bring attention to me” he said as I nodded “It’s weird, some humans act like it doesn’t bother them but some are really afraid of us, for the simple reason that were stronger” he said as I chuckled “Well I’m tempted to try and resolve this matter once I have my life sorted and stable” I said as he chuckled “It’s going to take a bit more than a bit of fire to convince these humans that mages are harmless” my dad said as I grinned “anyway, I have to tutor Chloe in 10minutes so I better get going” I said to my dad giving him a hug as we stepped out his office walking back down to the reception, “Jamie wait, I’m taking my lunch can I walk with you” Katie said as I walked past her desk as she quickly got up and ran to my side holding my hand as we walked out the door into the cool air. “So what do you do now?” Katie asked as I smiled looking down at her “Just studying at the minute, I tutor a few people in my class but other than that not much” I said as she smiled “What are you studying” she asked as I had to think for a brief second “Psychology” I said as she frowned “You know there’s CCTV in your dads office, and it plays sound” she said as I froze for a moment before walking along and sitting her down at a bench “How much do you know?” I asked as she grinned “I know you’re a mage, and I’m guess by your warmth you’re a fire mage” she said excitedly as I hushed her “Plausible” I said as she continued “there was a mage on TV a while back that explained all the powers and talents so I’m guessing your dad is a mage too and has the life talent to heal others” she said as I nodded “Any now that you’ve told me, what do you think is going to happen to you” I said as she gulped “I just want to know about it, and don’t worry I won’t tell a soul” she said as I looked at her “Not only wont you tell a soul but you will delete the CCTV footage, so nobody else can get it” I said as she nodded “Tell me about it” she said as I thought about it “My element is fire, my talents are Energy, Life and a****ls, most mages only get 1 talent but I am very powerful, for example do you remember the spikes from what the mage said” I asked as she nodded “The average mage can endure 5-6 spikes, the more powerful mage’s take around 8-11, the most powerful mages take 12 spikes and a duration of the burning sun” I said as she listened intently not saying a sound “the feeling of the burning sun is like somebody taking off your skull, putting a sun inside your brain and then closing you back up, it’s excruciating an only the strongest can with stand it” I said as she gasped “there are few mages that reach that level of endurance the most powerful mage alive taking 15minutes of it, where as I only could manage 12” I said as she listened in awe “How many others reached that high?” she asked as I smiled “If you look at it in school years I was the most powerful 13 year old mage there was that year, but out of all mages I think I come maybe 3rd or 4th most powerful that’s still alive” I said as she snuggled into my arm feeling my warmth.

Putting my arm around her shoulder I increased my fire slightly as she moaned at my heat, “Can you show me?” she asked making me think for a moment “Only subtle, big flames would be noticeable” I said as she giggled “Look at the grass in front of you” I said quietly as she watched as I quickly made it grow and go green as small flowers appeared. “That’s beautiful” she said as I smiled “I guess, but everything looks cooler on a bigger scale” I said as she chuckled “I heard you plans for us, do you really think you can make us co-exist” Katie said as I hummed “Possible, but it’s like everything, some people are afraid of heights others aren’t, you aren’t afraid of mages others are terrified and it’s somehow the terrified ones that seem to control the country” I said as she nodded “Well if you do decide to take of the world, make sure I end up ok” she said smiling as I laughed “I neutralized that threat and there would only be a war if the humans start it, but we have kept our cities hidden, so I doubt you will find us” I said as she grinned. “Anyway, I have to get back to work. I hope I see you around” she said as I smiled watching her as she walked off back to the hospital as I walked into the alley and teleported to Harrington’s.

Going invisible I stepped into the great hall where I found Jess, Rosie and Becky sat at a table as they sat in the some positions but my spot was now filled by brad who was trying to get closer to Jess as she pushed him away. Creating a fiery snake from the light I stayed invisible as the snake slithered up between Rosie and Becky as I made it snap at Brad as he fell backwards trying to avoid the snake as the girls looked around “I hear you’ve been bullying people Brad” I said holding my wand to my throat amplifying my voice whilst distorting it so they couldn’t place me “Show yourself Jamie, you coward” Brad shouted holding his wand out as I laughed “Really Brad, do you really think you can defend against me, I’ve grown stronger and even if I was still 13 I could beat you” I said as he looked afraid as him and his group of friends were looking around. “You’re a traitor” he said as I quickly placed a f***e field around him as I held his arms tight against his body as he legs where f***ed together as I lifted him off the ground, “Your weak brad, you don’t see your opening, you only see yourself being afraid and defenceless” I said as I lifted him high in the air. Watching his friends they started casting air and water spells around trying to spot me as I laughed again, I dropped brad onto the floor as I floated myself up to the banisters in the roof as I became visible again with the spell wearing off, “You wish to be powerful Brad, here why don’t I give you a taste of the burning sun” I said strongly as steam rose from brads head as I created a fire in his head that wouldn’t harm him just cause severe pain. “Stop Jamie” Jess shouted as I released my flames on brad as he slumped to the floor trying to recover from the pain he just endured. “I heard that he is trying to f***e you to date him, and now you defend him.” I said as everybody looked around as I teleported rafter to rafter hiding in the shadows. “I haven’t seen you in 5 years and this is how you make your entrance, hiding in shadows and nearly killing people” Jess said as I chuckled “I’m sorry, let me make a better one” I said as I pulled the main doors off the wall as I created a fiery human as the flames roared from the door way spreading wide circling everybody as a huge fiery snake slithered through the rafters as a tide of waves followed the fiery figure as people turned to watched it “You’ve grown to be very beautiful” I said making the fiery figure look at Jess deeply as the hand went close to her skin before pulling away as Jess blushed. “Brad, stay away from Jess, Rosie and Becky, they will become great mages and will only do so if they are allowed to focus and study” I said again as I made the figure walk over to brad as he got up from the floor still in pain. “Ok ok, I’ll leave them alone” he said as I made the figure grab onto Brads robes as it burnt a hand print into it. Looking down I noticed that the teachers had walked in as they were dispersing me fire “Stop this at once Jamie” Professor Thatcher said as I watched her, “You still limit people I see” I said as I made the figure grow larger as it stepped over to her as she coward back “You were too young to be handling such fire” she said as I laughed “Your still too young to be handling such power” she said as I laughed harder “Too young, maybe. But I know more than you ever will, for example during my frequent visits to your school I have accumulated my own library, full of all the books you don’t let us read” I said as she looked worried “That’s right, I found your hidden library and I have taken all the books, they make for some interesting reading; mind control, mind reading, teleportation, the power of fire, burning of souls and how to start fires inside the body... lots of old powerful magic, half of which I haven’t even translated yet” I said as she looked annoyed at my stick figure “Moving on, Brad stay away from my old roommates, teachers don’t be limiting the students, Good bye” I said as I jumped from the ceiling to the corner of the table with my face kept hidden as I quickly dispersed my fiery man before teleporting away.

Old Magic’s and Old Men

With everybody thinking I teleported back to my school, nobody bothered to check so when I arrived in the middle of the empty library at Harrington’s I began my search for something to translate my books as I looked up books on history and languages, skimming through a few books I found a book that slightly helped as it had a brief bit on old mage language but not on how to translate it, zipping to the end of the book I found the name of the writer as I quickly placed the book back before teleporting to Deacron.
I had only been here a few times and each time was brief but although this city was dark and infested, all the low lives that travelled from city to city would live here and if anybody knew who this Mr Rufus Whistleback was then they would know where he lived.

Walking through the city I attracting a large amount of attention as people kept trying to get close to pick pocket my pockets but they quickly learnt the a fireball to the face meant stay away. Walking into the Inn I walked up to the bar tender as he looked to be a skinny man obviously not eating a healthy diet as he teeth were rotten “I’m looking for a Rufus Whistleback, I need to know where he lives” I said to him as he smiled “And who’s asking for him” the man said as I frowned “I am” I said firmly as he flames grew from my eyes as the bartender looked scared before pointing to the shadow in the corner “Wait there, somebody will come see you” he said as I quickly removed my flames before smiling and thanking him.

Sitting down in the shadows I watched as several people came in an drank as a hooded man quickly stepped in and sat opposite the table as I smiled at him, the hood covered his face as he quickly pulled out his wand muttering a spell as the chair arms and legs grew teeth which clamped around my arms and legs pinning my down as I chuckled “Impressive, I wasn’t expecting that, but it was a mistake to use a wooden chair to hold down a fire mage” I said as he the man sat back unflinching “How can I help you Mr...” the man said as I smiled before setting the chair on fire, it crumbled to ash under me as I simply pulled another chair across and sat down “I’m looking for Rufus Whistleback, he wrote a book containing information of the old mage language, I wish to learn more of it I was hoping he would point me in the right direction” I said as the man nodded “Using our scouts to find him will come at a price” He said as I smiled “I see, and what would that price be?” I asked curiously as the man gave a slight grin “there is a mage, called Jamie Dovell, a fire mage like yourself, we know he is with Lucifer Blackheart, but we need to know the limits of his power as he has only been seen using fire” the man said as I smiled “I see, and how do I fit into this” I asked as he smiled “You are of similar age, and of similar dress, I presume you attend the school he helped make with Lucifer” the man said as I nodded “I do, it’s why I’m here he stole books from the schools but rumour is he found a book about old magic, more powerful than the magic they teach us now, but it’s in another language” I said as the man nodded “Good, if you can get us any information you can on Jamie Dovell, we will happily find this Rufus Whistleback for you. Be here at the same time in 3 days with ours and your results” the man said getting up as I stood up and joined him in walking outside “What did you mean us?” I asked as he smiled “There are more secret groups than you would every imagine, consider us similar to the thieves guild, except we handle scouting, fencing and other tasks that need to be done in secret” the man said as he handed me a business card “I see, well if I ever need such things I will come to you” I said as the man nodded before teleporting away as I teleported back to the castle as I walked into my hidden room picking up my book on a****ls as I studied hard.

For hours I sat in that room never feeling sl**p or hungry as only 1 second had past as I spent a total of 5 days reading in my room. Going through the books I tried to find copies that may have already been translated so I could make a list of words I could know but the list was short, only a few dozen words and all of them adjectives which didn’t help. Placing the books back I quickly headed down to the beach where I found Chloe waiting “Your 20 minutes late” she said as I gave her an apologetic look “I went to visit my parents, time escaped me” I said smiling to myself at my hidden joke as Chloe smiled before turning to face the sea. “Ok big fire” I said as Chloe pulled out her wand before making huge fiery sea serpents as it snaked across the waves. “Ok Good, create a few fiery pirate ships and make them fire at the serpent, keep the detail” I said as I watched her created two pirate ships as they started firing small fireballs at the serpent as the serpent back riddled with holes before collapsing into the sea evaporating as Chloe looked at me smiling as I grinned. “Ok, now make the ships fight each other, focus on the detail of how wood will splinter and holes are made” I said as the two ships turned facing side by side as they started firing at each other. I watched as sales fell and both ships started sinking before being totally submerged as the fire vanished as Chloe looked out of breath “what should I make” I asked as Chloe grinned watching me pull out my wand “A modern day ship battle with missiles and planes” she said as I grinned casting out two huge jets of fire from my wand as two large ships quickly formed as I set the planes into action as soon the sky was full of planes shooting each other as they fell into the sea as the ships where firing missiles which either missed or got hit by the planes. After 10minuts one of the ships hit the other ship as it started exploding and sinking as the last of the planes had crashed leaving one ship left and a few planes on it as I quickly created a huge fiery b**st who’s head came out the see swallowing the ship whole before crashing back into the sea and dispersing “Nice ending” Chloe said as I laughed.

Taking Chloe’s hand I teleported us back up to the castle as we walked around the gardens together talking and watching the girls as they worked together to make beautiful structures from earth including some ponds which were full of life. With Chloe back in her room I teleported to Bacra as I kept my hood up as I entered a few stores looking around at the ingredients “Can I help your sir” the women at the till asked as I entered a Enchanting store “yes, I know about the enchantments for elements, but I have yet to see one for Talents, if they do exist how much are they?” I asked as the woman frowned “Yes they do exist but they are very rare, the only enchantments for talents we do have on record are defensive ones, such immunity from necromancy or lightning” the women said as I smiled “Do you have any enchantments to do with life or a****ls?” I asked as she smiled “Of course, we have a a****l one that will make your pets more obedient and a life one that increases your healing power” she said as I smiled “Could I purchase the healing power one” I said as she smiled before trying to reach up and slid it out “This one” I said as I used my telekinesis to pull out one of the scrolls as she thanked me “Your talented in energy, can I ask why you are after Life enchantments” she said as I chuckled “I’m helping a friend, she is talented in life but she isn’t very strong so I was hoping to increase her power if I could so the a****ls will survive as she hasn’t got enough power to heal them up” I said as she smiled “That’s very kind of you, here I don’t usually do this but I have a fire enchantment if you want it, discounted price because your cute” the women said as I chuckled “How could I say no to that offer” I said as she quickly run off coming back with a dusty old scroll as I opened it up reading the enchantment “Increase... what does that say” I asked looking at the smudged writing as she took it from me “no its Increases your defence and make your fire proof” she said as I chuckled “Wow, that sounds cool but I’m afraid I already have that enchantment” I said as she looked stunned, “how there’s only a few scrolls in the world” she said as I shrugged “I was at Harrington’s I did a demonstration then the teacher gave me this pendant” I said pulling out my bracelet which had 4 pendants on it as I quickly made the other 8 invisible “What do they do?” she asked as I smiled “Fire proof, Fire control, increased memory and increased learning, so I taken in information quicker and better” I said as she smiled “those are rare enchants, it must of been a powerful teacher” she said as I nodded “Anyway, I’ve been practicing enchanting at school could I also buy some basic pendants to practice on” I asked as she nodded turning around as she faced me again but this time carrying a bowl of small circles with loops on to attach to a bracelet. “How many would you like?” she asked as I smiled “I’m rubbish so I think I will need all of them” I said as she chuckled “That comes to 30silver” she said as I nodded pulling out my small coin purse as I handed her the money. “If there’s anything else you need just ask” she said as I smiled “Actually” I said stopping her as she walked away “I’m looking for a Rufus Whistleback, I don’t suppose you have heard of him, just he wrote a book that had some old mage language in it and I’m doing some research on it and I would like to be able to translate the language” I said as she smiled “I didn’t know there was an old mage language, why don’t you check the city library. That’s where most the old folks end up” she said as I chuckled, “Ok Thank you” I said before walking out into the busy street.

Walking around with my hood up I didn’t attract any attention as I rounded the corner entering the city library, “Stop there, this is hall contains very important documents, what’s your business here” a guard asked as I took my hood off smiling at him “I read a book by a Rufus Whistleback, it mention something about an old mage language, I was hoping to do some research to find out more” I said as the guard looked me up and down “Ok, but no magic of any kind in the hall, these books are irreplaceable” he said as I nodded before walking past as I eyed the books looking around as I quickly found the language section. “Learning spells in French, German, Spanish, no these are all useless” I muttered to myself as I walked down the aisles “Excuse me do you have any books on the old mage language” I asked walking up to what looked like a receptionist as the frail man looked at me curiously “How do you know about that?” he said as I looked around “I found an old book hiding under the book case, it mentioned a time before ours where mages used their own language, I was hoping to do some research, find out more about it, and maybe create a translation book so if there were books out there in the old mage language I could read them” I said as he nodded “Yes there are old mage books but nobody has yet found a way to translate them, it was as if we just skipped from one language to another” he said quietly as I grinned “If you accompanied me, do you think I could go see your oldest books of our language, maybe they can point me in a direction where I could go earlier and in between the languages” I said as he nodded before getting up slowly. Following the man he took me to a guarded door as they quickly let us in as the man asked the guards on the inside for some light as one of the guards sent a ball of fire around the room lighting it up. “These are the first books in our language, it’s very crude but you may be able to trace it back further” he said as I looked at the books in their leather bindings, sliding one out I read the date as it read 12th May 708, going along the shelves back in time I found the very first book as it was from August 19th 236.
“The Date, august 19th 236; the Order believes we should adapt to this new language as to avoid suspicion with the humans, although I understand it, I fell a lose as if part of our heritage has died” the book started as I read further only to find out it continued on from that date not mentioning anything previous to it. Quickly reading the book and the new few I found references of a civil war between Fire and Water with earth and air in the middle as it was settled by earth that created peace, with such a collateral catastrophe they wiped all knowledge of mages from the world before living in secret.
“This is fascinating” I said looking at the old man as he smiled “I makes you see the world differently, knowing what happened before” he said as I quickly read on “So by wiping all knowledge from the earth they wiped all knowledge of the language” I asked as the man nodded “Thank you for showing me this” I said politely as I put the book back on the shelf as I quickly left the room with the man following me “Thank you” I said again before walking out of the hall and out into Bacra before teleporting to Nomin. It was cold city as everybody was in large fur suits as I took a moment heating up my body to survive as I walked through the snow melting it with each step as I stepped into one of the shops “Aren’t you cold” the women said as steam rose from my body “Guess not” she said quickly as I smiled “This city is hidden and untouched, I was wondering if you had like a city library where I could do some research as I have reached a dead end in other cities” I said as she smiled “We do but it’s not very large, here let me take you there” she said putting on a huge fur coat as she stepped outside into the snow as I followed her as I put my arm around her sending my warmth into her as she walked with a lot more ease now. “Here it is, but don’t stay long, the books are old and the city is touchy about people viewing them” she said as I thanked her before stepping up into the small stone hall. “What is your business here” the guard said already holding a ball of water in his hand “I’m looking to do some research, you city is secluded and untouched I was hoping you had any books predates the year 236” I said as the man looked cross “why do you want to research a time long forgotten” he said as I sighed retelling my story of how I wanted to research the old mage language and possibly make a translation “Ok, but you must be accompanied, this books are fragile, too fragile to survive a teleportation” the man said as I nodded walking in as a smaller man lead me straight to the oldest books as he pulled one out and even insisted on turning the pages for me.
“Jaxor is going mad, he is persuading the water mages to kill all fire mages, he thinks that fire brings nothing but destruction on our lands, the order is busy trying to round up all books and knowledge of this time to lock them away and hide them from our grand c***dren and their grand c***dren. I even made a translation book so that a time in the future people could learn of our history however most my copies were taken and burnt by the Order. So now I supposed to go home and just live a normal life and pretend this civil war never happened.” I read out as I quickly looked to the front to find the author being Arthur Chaplin. “Do you know where this man lived, did he mention it in another of his books” I asked as the man smiled “He lived in what is now London on St Georges Road, but the house I don’t know” the man said as I smiled as I quickly ran outside and teleported to London.

Searching for a answer

Hiding in an alley I cast a spell of invisibility as I quickly ran out searching for the street Arthur Chaplin lived on. Using my telekinesis I unlocked all the doors as I quickly searched the entire house looking for anything magical as I entered the basement searching for anything hidden, for the next 4 houses I searched high and low as I saw my invisibility spell start to wear off. Turning my clothes to normal clothes I crept upstairs avoiding the people as I quickly ran out the front door before walking up to the next house knocking on the door. “Can I help you?” the women asked as I smiled “I’ve been retracing my history and apparently my great, great grandparents lived here, and from what I could tell they were trap makers so I was wondering if they had any trap doors hidden in the house that might still exist” I said as the women smiled “I don’t think so but you’re welcome to look around” she said as I thanked her before walking in as I headed looked around the walls before heading down the basement, “You find anything” the women said as she followed me down a bit curious as I felt around the wall, looking around I picked up an old brush as I swept the floor clear as noticed a pattern engraved on the floor. Pushing my energy down I heard a click as the floor quickly began to open up as it “Oh wow” she said as I smiled “This is amazing” she said shocked as I sat on the floor with my legs dangling in “Ok you can come down if you like, but if you see anything odd or out of place, let me know and whatever you do don’t freak out” I said as the women quickly nodded following me down the steps.

The tunnel when down for quite a bit as I found myself in a large hall full of water and plants as the water lit the room up blue stopping at the entrance, this room will probably have traps so watch the floor as the will most likely be pressure activated” I said as I carefully stepped forward placing one foot after another as I looked around at the statues on the wall as well as the plant which was moving gradually getting closer to me. Crouching down low I set the plant of fire as it quickly triggered the traps as spike flew from the wall going over my head as the women had followed my movements had also ducked but was more shocked that I was a mage “You’re a mage” she said as I sighed “Yes, now don’t freak out” I said as she gave me a look of confidence as I stood up again walking towards the water as I could see shapes moving in the water. Not getting too close I saw a dog made of water jump out the small pool as I quickly evaporated it as well as the entire pool so there was no more, walking along the slight bridge I stood on the podium which sat a dusty book as I carefully opening it to the first page, which was enough for the stone statues on the wall to come to life and be seriously pissed with me. Bursting them with fire did nothing as they kept running forward as I quickly made a f***e field around myself stopping them from getting through, “Ok the book, maybe it has something to stop them” I said as I quickly scanned the first pages as it was just like a dictionary with English then old mage language on left and right sides of the page “Strow” I said firmly as the statues all stopped still as I grinned “ummm, Retracto set filda” I said nervously again as the soldiers all walked back to the wall positions becoming frozen again. “Oh this book is awesome” I said as the women was taking a deep breath “So can I freak out now?” she asked as I chuckled “Go for it” I said as she looked around “What, where who, why and how” she said quickly “Old mage language book, very old... where under your house in a hidden sanctuary meant to guard the book, I’m Jamie a mage...I’m researching the lost language of the mage and my research led me here and how, its magic anything’s possible” I said as I stepped back onto the floor from the pedestal in the pool as she followed me back to the stairs. “Ok, is this going to be sworn secrecy stuff and if I tell a soul you’ll turn me into a frog” she said as I chuckled “No, but I would prefer you not to tell people because if any greedy mages found out about it, it would be wars across the globe” I said as she nodded. “I’m Beth by the way” she said as I shook her hand before walking up the stairs into her basement as I closed the trap door placing a few photos above it hiding its recently use.

“So Beth, can I trust you to keep this quiet” I said as she nodded “I’m already trying to forget it” she said as I nodded in thanks before teleporting into my library, stepping into my secret reading den I start work on the translations as I learn the book word for word until I was fluent in the old mage language. It took about two weeks on none stop studying which was about 3 minutes in normal time as I started reading the other books but now being able to understand them word for word. Reading through the rest of the books I found out that a lot of them were just novels about mages whilst some were journals of a time before ours, only a few could actually teach me something but it was fun to read. Reading the lives where people thought that the sword was a major invention, as time passed I managed to read every single book in the old mage language and I still felt disappointed in the end, out of all 80 books in the mage language only 5 actually taught me anything and even then 2 where water books and the other three talked about necromancy.

Stepping out of the den I walked back to my room rather annoyed at my lack of new found knowledge as once I sat down on my bed I looked up to find Lucifer at my door “You startled me” I said as he smiled “Where have you been, you look like you have slept in weeks” Lucifer said as I smiled “Out, I went to visit my parents today which was stressful, plus I have been doing some research which has resulted in a dead end which I’m not happy about” I said as Lucifer looked interested “What research, maybe I could help?” he said sitting on the end of my bed as I smiled “When I stole the books from the schools, I found secret trap doors leading down into a hidden library full of old books, some were interesting, some boring and some were useless, but there were around 80 books written in a language I had never seen and one of the books in English and a part of this language in it and referred to it as the old mage language” I said as Lucifer looked interested “Go on” he said as I smiled “So I went to all the cities libraries and the it mentions a war between fire and water which earth managed to end, but something called the Order, which I presume was the Council decided, to end all knowledge of mages on the earth but changing to the human language and hiding all knowledge of their existence” I said as Lucifer was smiling wide “Well the first book in human language was a journal saying how they had moving forward but never mentioned the time before, so I when to Nomin to their library where there was a book that mentioned writing a translation book for the old mage language into English, but it turns out the only copy was burnt” I said as Lucifer slumped “That’s a shame, it would of been great to look into our history” he said as I relaxed on my bed “Ugh, all the effort wasted” I said as Lucifer stood up “Get some rest, you will find a new project to research, the copy may still exist only the documented copy was destroyed” he said as I smiled trying to look hopeful “

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1 year ago
If you get the chance to end this story please include me in your viewing thankyou
1 year ago
This is somewhat amazing. I really want, and would enjoy, the rest of this story.
It is not the hardest written challenge bu it let's mind wander and that's what I'm looking for.
2 years ago
yes i would like to see a end for this story