when the fire burns part 2

the glow of the fire made the colour of her skin even sexier... he couldnt resist... he wanted her right there and now.
suddenly everything she liked came to his mind... but how couldn? it was absolutely the same with everything he wanted to do a girl!
after some neck kissing and soft biting he put his hand between her legs... he touched her.. the skin was soft.. when he started touching her pussy a silent whisper to his ear said.. ' this must be heaven'
the moisture on his finger was the perfect lubricant for rubbing her clit...he listened her moaning... they looked at eachother eyes... as the fire was reflecting on them she came...
she just moaned and her body twitched...
as the night of lust began with the best way possible he wanted more.. he wanted to work more for her pleasure only.. he wanted to see feel taste and hear her going in heaven.. he didnt mind for his pleasure.
after this explosion of lust he gently kissed her lips and put his head between her legs.. her juices smell and tasted as the best food he could ever eat...
he started kissing her clit and shoving his tongue into her... he continued this passionate pussylicking and when she was about to come for the second time the boy stands up and put his hard dick into her... he thrusted hard and gone all the way in...
missionary position in front of the fire... hard but sensual
while he was fucking her he could see in her face the expression of eternal happiness... shw was so turned on she started scratching his back... as she was about to cum again they quickly changed position.. he pushed her on top of him... he wanted to feel her orgasm and looking deep at her brown eyes... after a few thrusts she closed her eyes and took the cowgirl position.. turned her head back...the look of the well shaped medium breasts was amazing!
they both moaned and the sililtaneous orgasm was there!
they both laid on the blanked and huged eachother...

it wast sex... nor they made love... it was the heavenly art of love shown in earth between two people tha fate decided they worth to live it...

the night wasn over yet... the sex in everyway possible kept well until the sun rised...
i leave in your imagination what happened..

is it by luck the the next morning rain had gone ?
it sure that for both of them the sun shined a little bit more!
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