Benny's Farm Adventures: Part 4

... Two years had gone by since the first time I had sex with my uncle and I had turned 16 a week ago. I was home one of those hot summer days when I decided to go into the barn. As I approached the barn I saw that my dad was walking into the house and he waived at me saying , "Go on Benny, you can play with your dog if you want... I'm going to take a really long shower. Just come inside before it gets dark okay?" I said, "Okay dad!" Then I walked up to the barn doors and I opened one so I could go inside. I saw Harry wagging his tail as he ran over to greet me and I said to him, "Okay boy I think we should just play regular fetch today. Lets go boy!" I threw the rubber ball across the barn and it bounced into one of the stables where the new horses were. I walked over to see where exactly it had gone and it was right behind our 5 year old male horse named Bolt. As I saw the ball I suddenly stopped catching a view of bolt's semi hard cock hanging between his hind legs and I had never thought about a horses cock before but as my young mind wandered I felt my own cock getting hard. 

I walked some more, slowly getting closer to the larger sized an1mal and I simply forgot that the ball was there, which is originally what I was there for. I reached my hand over to pet the seemingly friendly horse on the side as he let out air from his large nostrils and allowed me to proceed. I continued to pet Bolt as my eyes focused yet again on his large sized maybe 14 inch long cock as it hung before my eyes and I started getting very nervous, slowly bringing my hand over to his semi hard horse cock. I don't know what came over me but within only a matter of seconds I had Bolt's thick, long horse dick in my hand and I was stroking it gently admiring his largely sized penis. As usual curiosity got the best of me and while I continued to lightly stroke his big cock, I bent down so that I was right underneath bolt, facing his 15 inch long, semi hard horse cock. 

Eagerly I slowly brought my lips closer to the thick bell shaped head of his huge cock and I stuck out my tongue, tasting Bolt's leaking pre cum as I licked some off the tip. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my own semi hard cock as I started stroking it. He moved around a bit sort of humping a little at the air, so I took it as an opportunity and I opened my mouth accepting the thick head of Bolt's long horse cock into my warm wet mouth. I sucked on his weird tasting cock head for a little while before slowly taking a few more inches of his cock into my mouth and I took as much as 5 inches of his now 16 inch long, hard horse cock. Bolt started to make sudden movements as he began humping into my mouth, and with each thrust his big cock dove deep into my mouth, causing his thick cock head to hit the back of my throat. I managed to quickly pull my mouth off of his thrusting big horse cock and I continued to satisfy him using both of my hands as he thrusted his cock into them now. 

I helped Bolt by stroking his massive, now 18 inch long horse cock with my hands as he thrusted into them a few more times and soon his cock started shooting out multiple long streams of his horse cum. I pointed Bolt's cock to my mouth which was now open and I drank some of his fresh warm horse semen as it shot into my mouth by the cupful. Soon my mouth was completely filled with his warm horse sperm, so I swallowed it and after closing my mouth some of Bolt's cum splashed on my lips, dripping down to my chin. I opened my mouth again to allow the last of his horse cum to spill into my open mouth and when he was done I swallowed again, sucking on the thick head of Bolt's softening cock. 

When I finished, my own cock was still hard as I got back up and when I turned around I saw my uncle staring at me when he said, "I see you're making friends with Bolt. You mind if I join?" I slowly shook my head letting him know I didn't mind, even though I was in shock now that I knew he had seen me drink Bolt's horse semen as it shot out of his huge 18 inch long cock. Uncle Jim said, "This one's all worn out, lets see how Thunder is doing. Come on Benny..." I followed my uncle who was clearly up to no good, but at this point I didn't have much of a choice and we walked into  Thunder's rather large stable, closing the door behind us. I took one look at this big black stallion and I was about to head in the opposite direction but Uncle Jim stopped me saying, "Stay right here. Be taking off your pants and your underwear while I calm down Thunder over there to let him know we're friendly." I was extremely nervous now since I didn't know why he brought me over to this stronger looking untamed horse and I slowly lowered my pants shaking slightly in the process. Uncle Jim was now petting Thunder on the side of his large belly and I watched in amazement as the w1ld horse became more stable. 

I dropped my underwear to the floor revealing my 4 inch now semi hard cock and Uncle Jim said, "Come on Benny he won't bite." I carefully walked over to where my Uncle was standing as I also approached the big horse and once I was there he took my hand guiding it to the side of Thunders stomach. Uncle Jim said, "You see, I think he likes you... Maybe he would enjoy something else too..." I slowed down petting Thunder and I looked at my Uncle who had an evil grin on his face. He said, "Since I know you like having a big cock inside of you... Lets see if you can take a really big one... Like Thunder's cock for instance." I shook my head in disagreement knowing that this horse would tear me in half with his cock. Uncle Jim said, "Well too bad I've already made up my mind about it, and I wanna see you get fucked by this horse. But don't worry I'll help you out so he doesn't completely have his way with you." I continued to complain shaking my head in disagreement as I said, "No way! I'm not putting a horse's cock in my ass! He could k1ll me!" Uncle Jim changed facial expressions quickly and he said, "So I guess it's time to let your dad know about your dog fucking you and the way I saw you just a minute ago with one of our new horse's cock in your mouth. Right?" I shook my head saying, "No! I... Fine. I'll do this just one time, but I don't wanna get hurt okay." He nodded saying, "Relax Benny, I'll be here to help you do it. Now get underneath Thunder's belly and point your ass to his cock, I'll take care of the rest. 

I tried relaxing myself as I got under the big sized horse and I bent over, with my ass only inches away from Thunder's large hanging horse cock. My cock was getting a bit hard now that I knew what was likely coming soon. I looked back at Uncle Jim as he brought out a little jar of some sort of slippery lubricant and he gently massaged a lot of it onto the horse's long, thick cock. Thunder moved a little as his cock grew in my Uncle's hands while he stroked the huge horse cock and Uncle exclaimed, "He's got a real big cock, it's growing pretty fast and I think he's ready for some action so get ready boy." I held my position as best as I could spreading my legs a bit to get a better stance while my semi hard cock and my balls hung between my legs. Soon I felt Uncle Jim guide the well lubricated, thick bell shaped head of Thunder's large horse cock right to the small entrance of my ass hole. I gasped feeling the thickness of his big, hard horse dick pressing at my anus and my Uncle guided Thunder's cock head slowly into my ass hole, spreading it wide open. I let out a loud moan feeling the thick, large head of Thunder's massive horse cock begin entering my anus and stretching my ass hole more than ever before. "Uhhh! Uuuhhh!!!... Ssss... Ohhh!"

This was the first time I ever had a horse's cock inside my ass and I felt a little uncomfortable at first but soon enough my cock became fully hard as I began to enjoy the feeling. My Uncle pushed another two inches of Thunder's 19 inch long, hard horse cock into my ass and this time I actually pushed myself back onto it so that two more inches of his thick, hard horse cock slid inside of me. I was now massaging my own hard 5 inch long cock, having about 6 inches of Thunder's massive horse cock shoved inside of my well stretched ass hole. Uncle Jim said, "Your doing great Benny, he looks like he's enjoying it." I boldly decided to take over a little more as I pushed myself onto Thunder's long, hard cock taking another inch or so into my ass and then I pulled back, letting a few inches slide out of me only to push myself back in, taking nearly 8 inches of his massive, thick horse cock inside of my ass hole. 

I moved my body back and forth sliding Thunder's big cock in and out of my butt hole. I built a steady rhythm while Uncle Jim helped me from behind to make sure Thunder's cock stayed in position. Suddenly, as I was pulling myself away, still having about 3 inches of his cock inside of me, Thunder let out air from his large nostrils and he gave a quick thrust, sending 5 or even 6 more inches deep into my ass hole. "Aahhh! AHH! Ohh shit! Oohhhh..." I shouted, having about 9 inches of his large hard horse cock shoved all the way inside my anus and I moved away from him a little but it was no use since Uncle Jim had to hold back Thunder's cock while thunder gave more fast, hard thrusts into my unexpecting ass. I moaned as Thunder continued to thrust v1olently into my well lubricated, stretched ass hole and soon after it started, I suddenly felt him slow down. "Ohhh... Mmmm... Uhhh! OHHH! Oh shit! I think he's about to cum!... Ohh fuck, he... He's cumming inside me! Ohhh... Uhhh!" I stroked my cock faster as I felt several big long squirts of Thunder's warm horse semen start flooding my ass hole now having about 7 or 8 inches of his massive 19 inch horse cock inside of my ass. Uncle Jim said, "That's a lot of cum he's shooting inside of you boy, I guess it's because this one hasn't had a good fuck like you in a while." 

Uncle Jim started slowly pulling Thunder's used cock out of my horse sperm filled ass hole. I moaned feeling every inch of his big horse cock sliding out of me and that was enough for me as I started shooting a lot of my own hot cum all over the floor. "Oohhh... OHH, Fuck! Uhhh! Uhhmmm..." I continued to squirt out even more of my semen as I felt the last few inches of Thunder's big horse dick slide out. The thickness of his bell shaped cock head stretched my anus until it finally slipped out spilling about a cup full of his horse cum from my anus as some of it poured out and it trickled down my thighs before dripping onto the floor mixing with mine. Thunder's cock was still dripping a bit of his cum as it became soft again and he trotted around heading to the nearby hay as he started to nibble on it. Still feeling full with most of Thunder's semen inside of my well fucked ass hole I stood back up and Uncle Jim said, "Here, let it out in this bucket..." I looked at him as he brought an empty pail from the corner and instantly I bent down with my ass on top of the pail as I pushed, squirting about two cupfuls of horse semen out of my ass hole. Even though my butt and my thighs were still coated with Thunder's horse sperm I felt too relieved to care, so I laid down on the hay covered floor to rest. 

A few minutes later Uncle Jim said, "You've proven yourself to be a very good b1tch so I'm gonna let you rest for the remainder of the day. Here's your clothes..." He threw my pants and my underwear on the floor next to me as I continued to recover from being fucked by a horse. Soon after Uncle Jim left the Barn I put on my underwear and my pants without cleaning up first, then I headed into the house so I could shower. As I walked I felt the slick lubricant mixed with Thunder's horse cum still between my ass cheeks. I walked in the house, said hello to my dad who was now watching tv in the living room. Dad said, "There you are! Your Uncle told me he was teaching you how to ride one of our new horses and he said you needed more practice. I'm glad to see you're enjoying yourself here during the summer while all of your friends are out and about doing other unsafe things. Well go ahead the shower's all yours." I nodded to him saying, "Okay dad thanks." I walked to the bathroom thinking to myself, "Dad,  you have no idea..."
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That must have been an amazing fuck
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My biggest fantasy to take some horse..
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wow awesome
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Cute gay teens love animal cock and sucking and fucking dogs and horses is a great way to learn about pleasing horny cocks and the sensual pleasure of cum baths.
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