Benny's Farm Adventures: Part 3

After a long day at school I took the bus home and during the long ride home I started to remember what happened last night. I felt my teen age cock get hard all of a sudden as I thought about how my uncle shoved his cock inside me and the way I enjoyed him thrusting into me. When I thought about the fact that he also enjoyed fucking me, his 14 year old nephw, it made my cock rise to the point that I had to cover the front of my pants before the other students around me on the bus noticed. I tried to take my mind off of it by doing my homework for the next half hour until I would finally arrive at my stop. The bus turned the corner of the empty road that led to my dad's farm and soon the bus came to a stop as I gathered my stuff, walking out of the bus. I walked down the road that lead to my dad's farm when I began to think about my dog Harry, remembering that he was probably waiting for me to come home so I could let him fuck me in my ass again. I walked passed the open gates of the farm and headed straight to the barn since I knew Harry was gonna be waiting for me there.

I opened the barn door and I saw uncle Jim who was bringing out some kind of a stand or small platform from one of the stables. He looked at me and said, "Hello Benny. I've been waiting for you to show up all afternoon so you could try out this new special bench. Here, just lay your stuff down there..." I put down my things and walked up to the "special" bench when Uncle Jim said, "Now place your knees here and your hands up front on those handles there." I did as I was told not sure where this was going, and once I got on it felt sort of like I was riding a racing motorcycle. My hands were stretched out up front while my stomach laid on the hill shaped middle and my butt was pointing up since I knelt on the two well padded steps. I must admit it was pretty relaxing but just as I was getting comfortable I looked behind me to see my uncle dropping his pants and underwear. I was gonna ask him what he was doing but I already knew the answer when I saw his hands reach over as he lowered my pants and my underwear with one strong pull. My hanging circumcised cock became hard as Uncle Jim began feeling on my small bare teen age boy ass with one hand and he applied a generous amount of his saliva onto his other hand, spreading it on his hard, nearly 7 inch long circumcised cock. 

I continued to watch without moving from my bent over position as he pointed his well lubricated hard cock to my small pink anus and he started spreading my butt cheeks aside. Uncle Jim spat between my spread ass cheeks and he brought his throbbing hard cock closer to my ass hole. I saw and felt the thick head of his hard, long cock dive in further, pressing at my little anus. He pushed his cockhead into my anus with a slow yet constant motion, and without yielding he continued pushing inch by inch until his whole cock was deep inside of my ass hole.  I moaned loudly, "Ohh! Uncle... Uhhh!" Uncle Jim said, "You like my big cock up your tight ass huh?" I said, "Uhhh... Yes...Uncle Jim... I like your big... Cock up my ass! ...Oohhh!" He pulled about 6 inches of his cock out before he thrusted quickly back into my ass hole and he started fucking me hard just as he did the night before. My fully hard 5 inch long teen age cock bounced back and forth as he fucked my ass hard and fast. 

My hands were gripping the handles hard with each of Uncles deep hard thrusts into my anus and he said, "Damn your a good fuck!... Uhhh!... I'm gonna make you my b1tch everyday from now on! Uhhhh!..." Just thinking about coming home from school every weekday and being anal fucked by my own uncle time after time made me feel so turned on. After a few more of his fast, hard thrusts deep into my ass hole, without even touching my hard cock, I started shooting the most cum I had ever shot before and I moaned, shooting more cum with each of my Uncle's hard thrusts into me, "Uhhh! Ohhh!!! Ooohhh!!! Uhhhh!..." Uncle Jim noticed instantly and he quickened his pace saying, "uhh! You like it when your uncle milks your little boy cum don't you? Whoa, that's a lot of cum you're spilling on the floor..." He reached his hand under my cock as it spilled the last of my semen and he brought it to his mouth, drinking my cum as he continued to drill my ass hole with his hard cock. 

Uncle Jim moaned saying, "Mmm, your hot boy cum tastes so good... Ohh Fuck!... I'm cumming... UHhh! Uhhh!!! Uhhh!!! UUHHHH!!! Ohhh!... Uhhh fuck!..." Uncle Jim had thrusted his cock all the way inside of me and he started spilling several long streams of his warm semen deep into my ass. I continued to moan softer now and my cock was completely soft, still oozing out the last of my semen as my uncle slowly thrusted his hips again so he could squeeze every drop of his semen inside of my used anus. He moaned, "Ohhh... Uhhh!...Uhhh..." When he was finished, Uncle Jim slowly pulled his cock out until it slipped out of my ass hole, causing a bit of his cum to leak out of my anus, it tricked down to my balls and then dripped onto the floor. Uncle Jim pulled up his pants and said, "Remember nephw... from now on you're gonna be my b1tch." I nodded in acceptance and he said, "Now get up and drag that thing into the empty stable. Maybe if we're lucky this year we might actually find some horses to fill those empty stables."  Without saying another word, Uncle Jim walked out of the barn to go inside the house. I got up from the specially designed sex bench, then I lifted my underwear back up along with my uniform pants when I noticed that they were wet and definitely stained with both of our cum. I felt the wetness of my uncles sperm between my ass cheeks as I put away the sex bench and I walked over to go greet my dog Harry. 

Almost everyday after school, Uncle Jim would be waiting for me to come home where he would fuck me and shoot his cum inside my ass, making me cum too most of the time. Sometimes on the weekend when my dad wasn't home he would make me get naked and he'd fuck me right in our kitchen or in the living room. I enjoyed being his cum bucket whenever he needed relief and my uncle also enjoyed being my dad's b1tch when it was time to go to bed. Sometimes when I was at school they would have anal sex with each other in the barn and my uncle once told me they even did it in my room, on my bed. For me, knowing that my dad and my uncle were having sex with each other was the biggest turn on for whatever reason. But even better was knowing that I let my uncle fuck me in my ass several times now and I really liked it too...
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10 days ago
I wish I had an uncle who wanted to fuck me
6 months ago
got me hard