A wet woman's best friend

Carla is a single woman who is in her late twenties and she lives alone... Well aside from Benny, her faithful dog. Benny is a well trained boxer that's 4 years old, soon going on 5 and to Carla he is truly an obedient dog. Carla works at an office with computers and she always loved it when it was time to go home. 

After the end of one of those typical work days Carla went home to her two bedroom apartment. As she approached the door with her keys making jingle noises she could hear her most faithful companion approaching on the other side of the closed door and he started to bark. Carla's nipples stiffened and her clitoris began to twitch for a reason she knew all too well, as she finally grabbed hold of the right key. She heard the constant muffled barking from behind the door and after she unlocked her apartment door Carla impatiently turned the knob, opening the door. Her dog Benny instantly came up to her licking her hand and Carla pet him briefly as she walked into her apartment, closing the door behind her, then locking it. She said, "Hey Benny! You're such a good boy. Yes you are..." She dropped off her keys on the dinning table as Benny wagged his tail as he kept pacing back and forth in the living room behind her. Carla turned to look at her anxiously pacing dog and she said, "Are you ready for your pee-pee time Benny? You've been holding it for a while huh?" He came closer to her as she said this and Benny began to whimper, moving his legs around uncomfortably. 

Carla saw Benny was obediently holding his pee so she pet him for a second before walking over to a nearby cabinet and she pulled out a plastic tarp. Carla felt her anxiety build as she opened it up, spreading it across the floor and the whole living room floor was now covered by the plastic tarp. She waited no longer as she stripped off all of her clothes revealing her "d" breasts and her smooth shaven pussy. Once she was completely naked Carla walked up to Benny on the tarp covered living room floor. Her dog Benny sniffed her crotch briefly before lapping up her warm flowing pussy juices, as his warm wet tongue touched her sensitive little pink clit and she moaned, "Oohhh... Ahhhh... Yeaaa... Good boy Benny, lick my pussy... Ohhh... Good boy!" After licking her pussy for a while Benny paused and whimpered some more. Carla looked at him and said, "Okay Benny, I think you've waited long enough..." She got down on her hands and knees as her dog came up behind her. Soon Carla gave him the signal, patting her hand on her back and it only took a couple of seconds for Benny to assume his position. She felt his soft well trimmed paws resting on either side of her back as he mounted her and Benny slowly moved his semi hard doggy cock closer to her already wet pussy. Carla reached her hand around to guide the thick bulb like head of his pink dog cock to her warm wet opening and she gasped as she pushed Benny's cock head into her pussy. Benny didn't even flinch, but he breathed heavily now as his semi hard pink dog cock slid inside Carla's warm wet pussy. 

Carla then gently pet the side of Benny's stomach to signal him again and she held her position with his thick doggy cock deep inside of her pussy. Benny obediently reacted to her signal as he stopped whimpering and almost instantly Carla felt her pussy start to become filled with several long squirts of his warm dog pee.  She moaned, "Ohhh...yeaa... Mmmm..." Benny lifted one of his hind legs purely out of habit as he flooded Carla's pussy with his warm doggy pee and she moaned rubbing her clit furiously, "Ohhh shit! Ohhhh... Oohhh fuck! Yeaaa... Mmmm..." Benny spilled several cupfuls of his urine deep inside of her pussy and soon it started to spill, as it began dripping out of her pussy lips, running down her inner thighs before spilling onto the tarp covered floor. 

When Carla felt that Benny was done, she started to push her hips back onto Benny's cock and as she pulled away slightly, more of his pee dripped out of her flooded pussy. Carla continued to rub her clitoris faster while she pushed her hips back and forth on her dog Benny's growing cock as she started to fuck her dog letting out louder moans, "Ohhh! Mmmm! Uhhhh! Uhh..." As Benny's hard cock slid in and out of her pussy it made "wet" noises which only turned Carla on even more. He obediently stayed still the whole time while she moved her hips back and forth, making Benny's cock slide all the way in, then out a little before pushing his hard dog cock back into her pussy. Benny breathed heavily and Carla moaned as his hard doggy cock slid deep into her pussy, "Uhhh! Mmm... Ohhh yeaa..." Carla and Benny were just two horny, naked an1mals having sex, only instead of the male being in charge it was Carla who had full control. Within a matter of seconds Benny gave a few uncontrollable thrusts as he panted and then he suddenly stopped thrusting. Benny was now spilling endless ropes of his warm doggy cum deep inside of her already flooded pussy. Carla moaned knowing all too well what Benny was doing just now and she rubbed her clit even faster. "Uhhh! Mmmm... Yeaaa Benny! Good boy... Ohhh yea... Cum inside my pussy!"

After Benny flooded her pussy with several cupfuls his dog semen, Carla kept on thrusting her hips back onto his shrinking cock while continuing to rub her clitoris. Carla bucked her hips moaning really loud, "Oohhh! Ooohhh! Uhhh! UUHHH!!! Mmmmm! Mmmm..." She felt wave after wave of pleasure surging through her body as she had an intense orgasm and her pussy creamed all over Benny's softened dog cock. Carla's pussy creamed so much that it gushed out spilling onto the tarp covered floor as it mixed with her dog's cum and his pee which had also spilled from inside her pussy. She let out a few more loud moans as she felt Benny's shrunken doggy cock slip out of her used pussy. "Uhhh! Mmm... Yeaaa... Good boy Benny..."

Carla got up and started to pick up things as she cleaned up the tarp before folding it up again and putting it away. She walked up to Benny who was now wagging his tail and she pet him as she sat on the living room couch. Carla looked at Benny and she said, "Don't tell anyone about what we did okay?" She smiled at her dog knowing that her secret was well kept with him, her faithful companion Benny...
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28 days ago
please write more got my cock very hard love doggy fucks
3 months ago
so fucking hot
6 months ago
"A Wet Womn's Best Friend: Part 1" - Carla and Benny - (Late Twenties Single Lady and Four Year Old Boxer)

A very unusual and exotic tale of sexual deviancy--and pure sexual fantasy gratification!! Good show; and to Carla accolades for her ingenuity!!! Even one lady reader had gracious comments!
6 months ago
very good
6 months ago
great story man! Some dogs are ...really lucky!!!
6 months ago
wow, ok
6 months ago
6 months ago
strange horny story
6 months ago
Where is it please.
6 months ago
Dam wish I was your dog.Love these type of story.
6 months ago
a woman in London did exactly this story but her friends were waiting to surprise her for her birthday and witnessed her with her dog