My early troubles: Part 2

My school days have sucked since maybe like the second grade. My mom didn't have the slightest idea of all the crap that took place at school and very few of it was actual learning. After my mom dropped me off and drove off to work I walked over to my fourth grade class where Nicole was probably already thinking of ways to make my life miserable. I got to class right on time as the first bell rang and I took a seat at my usual spot just three seats away from Nicole. I instantly took out my diary and started writing about what happened last night. I was finished with my diary, and after I put it away in my book bag I began to daydream, thinking about my troubles with a blank stare. I was lost in space for half an hour when I suddenly felt a strong urge to go to the restroom, and I continued staring at the board even though it had nothing written on it. Instead of raising my hand like any other ch1ld would have I just sat there holding my pee. After another half an hour of me sitting uncomfortably I snapped out of it as the teacher handed us some work sheets to fill out and we were NOT allowed to get up to use the restroom during that time. Normally it took about half an hour to fully complete all the work but I quickly realized that now I was about to explode! I was still in my seat moving my legs side to side and pressing them together to try my best to hold on to my pee as I hardly focused on the work on my desk. But after another ten minutes of doing the "pee-pee dance" in my chair, I felt myself just let it all out as my panties became wet. I looked down at my uniform pants and sure enough there was a huge wet spot on my pants, in front of my pussy, that was growing by the second as I raised my hand, but by then it was too late. I had soaked my pants as my pee continued flowing uncontrollably and it started dripping through the little holes in my seat, creating a large yellow puddle on the floor under me. One of the other girls pointed to me saying, "Eww... Sasha's peeing!" She couldn't have possibly said it loud enough as everyone in the room turned their head to me and I must have turned pale just then as the teacher took me by the hand saying, "Everyone quiet! Quiet NOW!!! I will be back..." Silence was instantly heard amongst all the students as Mrs. Stevens took me to the girls restroom to pick up some paper towels before leaving me with the school nurse. The nurse said, "Hey honey!? What happened?" My wet pants easily gave away the answer as I looked down ashamed and the nurse said, "Aww sweetie... you wet yourself, but honey... your not a baby anymore and last I checked here on our information it says you're perfectly healthy... Is there something troubling you at home?" I shook my head saying, "No..." The truth is I was still too scared to admit that my step dad touched me down there while I was in bed last night and confusion built up inside of me as I tried to connect what my step dad did to me last night with what had happened now. I just ended up crying instead, the nurse hugged me and she said, "'s okay... Here let's get you all cleaned up and ready to go back to class. 

The nurse brought me over to the changing room by her office and she closed the door. She then helped me take off my pee drenched pants and panties saying, "Hmm... I have pants your size but... we don't have any little panties for you, so I can't really...Umm..." She took a good look at my naked slim waist and told me to stay there while she went to go get something from her cabinet. She searched in her large cabinet for something and soon she turned around bringing over an unopened bag of the biggest sized baby diapers she had available. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing as the nurse opened the bag which read, 'pamper's baby dry', size 6 baby diapers! She pulled one out and instructed me to lay on the plastic covered bed. She said, "... Okay sit still, this is gonna make sure you don't mess up your new pants...

I did as I was told, laying on my back on top of the bed, when the nurse unfolded the rather large baby diaper and told me to lift my butt. I vaguely remember this being done to me back when I was 3, but now I had grown so much, only to be put back in a real baby diaper and not just the pull ups I wore at night still for my bed wetting issue. I felt humiliated as I lifted my butt to accept the noisy diaper that was now sliding under my bare, 9 year old bottom and soon the nurse began cleaning up my little cunny with baby wipes, as well as wiping down between my butt. When I was all cleaned up she grabbed a bottle of baby powder, she poured an unnecessary amount on my little hairless slit and all around my butt. Finally the nurse undid the tapes on each side and strapped me in the size 6 baby diaper, which surprisingly fit me perfectly. She brought me a new pair of uniform pants that were just my size and I slid them on over the 'pampers' baby diaper I was now wearing. The nurse said, "There... Just like new!" She then told me that I'll be using diapers for the rest of the day, until I go to see a doctor after school. She said the reason was that I was a big girl now and it wasn't normal for me to pee myself at this age. Before I left she added, "Whenever you wet... or even mess your diaper come right back here so I can clean you up and put you in a new one, okay?" I nodded slowly so  it was clear that I understood and as I began to walk out of her office the nurse said, "I'll also be letting your  mommy know about what happened today in class..." I pretended not to hear that last part as I slowly made my way back to class. In the silent hallway I could hear every move I made, since my diaper was making audible crinkle noises as I walked which were just loud enough to be heard in a quiet room.

I opened the door to my classroom and walked slowly over to my seat as everyone seemed to stare at me whispering amongst themselves. Nicole faked a sneeze yelling, "Freak!" while her friends said, "Bless you!" I was in for quite the ride for the rest of the day and to make matters worse I couldn't take my diaper off according to the nurse. I couldn't wait for it to be over hoping we would go to lunch soon or something and an hour later I suddenly felt a strong urge to pee again. Looking around to see if anyone was watching I slowly let the warm pee flow into my new diaper while I stayed seated. My pee flooded the diaper I was wearing and I looked down to see if I had overflowed the diaper, possibly creating wet spots on my pants. I saw that my pants were still dry and my diaper had held all of my pee so I stayed in class doing the rest of my work. About an hour later the lunch bell rang and everyone got up as we got in a straight, single file line. When I got up I remembered that my diaper was very wet and it slightly sagged between my legs causing me to waddle a bit as I walked. We walked over to the cafeteria and soon we arrived being led to the lunch lines. I was hungry and I couldn't wait to sit down so I could eat. I grabbed my food and went over to sit at a table, walking uncomfortably since I had on a fully wet diaper. I felt the warm wetness re-saturate my pussy and I felt creep down to my butt as I sat down still wearing my mushy, peed diaper. I felt funny down there as I began shifting around and I touched my wet diaper pushing my hand on top of my pants applying pressure on my warm wet little pussy. I let out a soft moan which couldn't have been heard from all the loud noise in the cafeteria and I was rubbing my hand over my pants pressing my warm, pee soaked diaper onto my pussy as I felt really good down there. I moaned a bit louder now using both of my hands and soon I felt like I was gonna pee, kind of like the way I felt last night when my step daddy John had touched me there. I moaned loud and two students nearby looked at me like I was crazy or something but I still didn't catch the attention of the teachers sitting at the opposite end of the cafeteria. "Ohh! Ohhh! Yea..." I felt my tiny pussy cream inside of my already wet diaper and I put my hands back on the table so I could finish eating.

I finished my food and when lunch time was over we headed back to class. I walked up to Mrs. Stevens telling her I needed to ask her something in private so she pulled me aside and asked me if everything was okay. I said, "I gotta go back to the nurse again because...I need to be changed." Mrs. Stevens understood since she had already been informed of my diaper wearing for the day and before she led the rest of the students back to the class she dropped me off with the school nurse again. The last time I came over to her office I must have been too nervous to notice her name on the window of her office door as it read School Nurse "Maria Howardson". Nurse Maria greeted me saying, "Hey! There you are! Did you make pee-pee in your diaper?" I nodded saying, "Yes Nurse Maria... I peed my diaper when I was in class and I need to be changed." I was looking at the floor the whole time embarrassed of my current condition. She said, "It's alright honey just come with me and lay on the changing bed there." I hopped onto the loud plastic covered bed and laid down as I was told, waiting for Nurse Maria. Soon she came with all my diaper changing needs and she started unzipping the front of my uniform pants as she gently pulled them down passed my knees. Nurse Maria took a look at my fully soaked diaper, touching the middle of it as she said, "Wow, you really peed a lot huh?" I shyly nodded my head in agreement as she began undoing the used diaper and soon she said, "Now lift your butt... Good girl." I did as I was told as she took the wet diaper away from under me and Nurse Maria put a fresh new diaper under me as I voluntarily lifted my butt this time. The feeling of being treated like a baby again made me feel weird, but somehow I was... sort of enjoying this kind of babying and humiliation.

Nurse Maria used the baby wipes to clean my small hairless pussy as well as cleaning between my butt and I giggled this time feeling the cool sensation of the moist baby wipes on my little pink clitty. She then poured another crazy amount of baby powder on my bald pussy, before applying more in between and around my ass cheeks. The kind nurse pulled on the loud tapes on each side of the baby diaper and she pulled each one tightly onto my waist, once again, strapping a fresh new diaper onto me. She even picked me up off of the changing bed, before putting me back on my feet and then she pulled my pants back up, pushing in the button as she zipped them up. I was treated just like a little baby when I was in her presence and I felt I had little control over the actions taking place...but it felt just right. Nurse Maria patted me on my butt before saying, "Okay Sasha all done, now be a good girl in class and be sure to come right back here when you need diaper to be changed... And if you want you can come to me everyday that you come to school so I can diaper you and maybe treat you like a baby for a while... Would you like that?" I was very shy so I blushed as I just nodded letting her know it was okay with me, but really I just wanted to shout YES! She said, "Okay then Sasha, just don't tell anyone about it or maybe I'll be in trouble. So I'll see ya tomorrow bright and early." I agreed and waived goodbye as I walked away wearing my fresh new diaper. My diaper made crinkle noises as I walked down the empty hall way on my way back to class. 

I walked in the classroom and for the first time that school year I had on a smile from cheek to cheek as I sat back in my seat. I pulled out my diary again and started writing all about what I had experienced today. I was finishing my last sentence when suddenly I saw a large shadow over my diary and I turned my head quickly to see Mrs. Stevens next to me. I had hoped that she hadn't read even a single word, but instead she did something that I considered to be ten times worse as she grabbed my diary and said, "You may pick this up after class young lady. I must have turned pale at that precise moment as Mrs. Stevens walked to her desk with my very own diary, which was now filled with more deep, dark secrets than ever before.  I wrote about so many things; my daily life, all of my wants, my deep dark fantasies, even at such an early age... But in order for you to know exactly what I mean by that, let me tell it from the beginning...
My diary, Chapter one: ...

To be continued...
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