Benny's Farm Adventures: Part 2

Part 2:
I was at school one day as I started to day dream about my dog Harry. I was still in the eighth grade at the time and my math teacher caught me day dreaming. He said, "Benny! what's the square root of 144?" I snapped out of my daze as I looked at him puzzled because not only did I not know the answer but I wasn't paying attention either. I said, "Umm...I..." He snapped back saying, "Okay sir, cleary since cloud nine is better than my class room, you will be in detention this afternoon!" He looked back at the rest of the class saying, "The same goes for all of you who stare off into space. In my class you must pay attention!" I was embarrassed so I took out my notebook and at least pretended to write notes down while I day dreamed about what I would do after school. 

The bell rang and I reported to the detention room across the hall where the supervisor was waiting for me and the others to arrive. I took my seat and was given some work to do which I tried to finish as quickly as possible. I was a pretty smart boy at 14 so I was done with the work after about only  half an hour and I spent the other 15 minutes planning out the rest of my afternoon. When we were all dismissed I ran to the nearest exit knowing a bus would pass soon, otherwise I would miss it and have to wait another hour for another bus to pass by since it was my only transportation home . I ran until I reached the bus stop and surely enough the bus turned the corner coming to a stop only seconds after I got there. 

After an hour long bus ride, I finally got home and when I went inside the house I saw a note in the kitchen saying that my dad and uncle were away again. According to the letter they won't be back until after dark so I went to the barn to take my dog Harry outside to play with him. He barked friendly to me and his tail was wagging fast side to side when I entered the barn. I went over to pet him and talked to him a little saying, "You've been such a good boy waiting here all day for me huh?!" I grabbed his leash and hooked it onto his collar saying, "Come on were gonna have lots of fun!" He looked at me with and barked as he licked my hand. I opened the door and Harry ran ahead of me, pulling on the leash which made me start to run too. We got lost in the grassy fields and when we were far enough I slowed him down. I pulled Harry lightly to me and he came over as I bent down to receive his licks to my face. As Harry gave me sloppy kisses all over my lips and my cheeks I looked under him to see his pick cock showing, already semi hard. 

I laid down on my back and reached for his hard doggy cock as I gave it a few light strokes. My dog Harry panted and licked my arm while I masturbated him slowly, as I saw his hard pink cock come out of it's sheath. I lowered my head taking the bulb like head of his dog dick into my mouth and I started to suck on it while taking more of Harry's hard doggy dick into my mouth. He started to thrust fast into my mouth f0rcing his thick dog cock all the way inside my mouth and down my tight virgin teeen age throat. I stopped Harry after only a few fast, hard thrusts, pulling his hard pink cock out of my mouth as he continued thrusting in mid air. I then pulled down my shorts, along with  my underwear to stroke my own hard cock as I got on my hands and knees facing away from my dog. While Harry was pacing behind me I tapped my hand on my back, giving him the signal and within seconds he came up behind me, mounting his front paws on my back. I felt his hard, wet doggy cock jabbing at my inner thigh, around where my balls hung and I moved my hand to grab Harry's w!ldly thrusting cock to aim it towards my ass. 

After about three long seconds, I guided my dog Harry's hard thrusting cock right to my tight ass hole. Since it was already well lubricated with my saliva, I soon felt his hard dog cock rip into my small anus. As my hand let go of his cock, he thrusted fast and hard into me several times, causing his pink bulb like cock head to nearly slip out of my ass hole, while he fucked me mercilessly. I stroked my own cock faster while Harry continued to jab his cock rapidly into my ass. I moaned loud saying, "Ohhhh! boy! Good boy. Good boy Harry... Uhhh! Uhhh! Uuhhhh!!!" My horny dog thrusted into my ass for maybe only 10 seconds or so when I felt his thrusts begin to slow down and I grunted as I kept on stroking my own cock. "Uhh...Ohh yea... Here it comes!" Harry panted as he knotted inside my ass, spilling several cupfuls of his warm dog cum into my ass hole and I moaned saying, "Ohh, yea... Good boy Harry! Fill my ass with your dog cum..." I stroked my cock a few more times grunting and moaning loud as my dog filled my ass hole with his warm doggy sperm.  

Harry slowly pulled his knot out of my tightening ass hole and I moaned, "Ohhh yea...Uhh! Uhhh! Uuhhhh!!!" My cock started shooting out a lot of my hot cum as it spilled on the grass beneath us. I saw more cum shooting from my shrinking cock as I felt his thick, knotted dog cock slipping out of my used, doggy cum filled anus causing me to moan loud. "Ohhh fuck! Ohhh...Uuhhh!". I tried pushing out some of Harry's dog semen from my ass hole, and soon I saw a lot of clear doggy cum start squirting out of my anus when I moaned. Ohhh... Ohh shit! Uhhh!..." I didn't push out all of it,  just a small amount and I pulled up my underwear leaving my ass filled with doggy cum, as some of it dripped down my thighs. I lay wasted on the grass next to Harry who was now lapping up all my cum off of the grassy floor. I said, "Wow Harry, that was great... Lets do that again real soon okay boy?" I put my shorts back on, then I put the leash back on his collar and walked him over to the barn again as the sun began to set. I left Harry in the barn and as it got dark I went inside the house. 

I went upstairs to take a shower after all that dirty sex I had just finished having outside with my dog, only a few minutes ago. I got in the shower turning on the warm water, feeling it wash away the doggy cum from between my ass cheeks and wash off the dried up cum from my inner thighs as the water flowed down my young naked body. I gave my cock a few strokes while putting my middle finger into my used ass hole and I started to finger myself as I moaned saying loudly, "Uhh... Oh I want Harry to fuck my ass again real soon!... Ohhh!" I felt most of my dog's cum still inside my ass while I pushed my finger deep into my well lubricated anus from all the gooey doggy cum Harry spilled inside of me. I cleaned my ass hole as best as I could, but deep inside my ass I was still completely filled with his dog semen. I loved knowing that I would be going to bed with Harry's left over doggy cum still inside of me. 

I took my finger out of my cum filled ass hole and stopped stroking my cock as I began soaping up my body. I finished showering and dried up as I got out of the shower. Without wrapping the towel around me I opened the bathroom door and walked over to my room to get dressed. Heading down the hall I suddenly saw Uncle Jim standing a few feet away, and apparently he had been up stairs for a while. He must have heard me say those things... How did I not hear them come in the house? My dad was still downstairs and I froze as Uncle Jim stared at my naked teeen age body. His eyes shifted down looking at my semi-hard cock and then I heard the voice of my dad saying, "Shoot Jim, I think I left my wallet at the store. I'll be back in about an hour or so..." Jim said, Okay Mike, see you in a little bit!" We then heard the door shut followed by silence and Uncle Jim started slowly walking in my direction saying, "Whoa, that's quite the cock you got there Benny...  why don't you let Uncle Jim take a closer look at your pretty little boy cock... I know I'm your uncle but maybe if your a good boy, then I wont have to tell your papa what you've been doing out there with little Harry... What do ya say?" 

I opened my eyes wide, looking at Uncle Jim when he said he knew about me and Harry. I didn't want him to tell... So I looked down and told him, " sure Uncle Jim... You can do anything you want, but please don't tell papa about me and Harry!" He came closer and he started unbuckling his belt, lowering his trousers as he got near me now. He pulled down his underwear showing me his 6 and 1/2 inch circumcised cock as he reached over placing his cold hand on my semi hard cock. Uncle Jim stroked my cock for a few seconds and then he stopped saying,  "Get on your knees and suck my cock boy!" I hesitated as I got down on my knees in front of Uncle Jim, facing his hard, adult cock. Even if we weren't bl**d related, this still felt strange because he had helped my dad raise me since I was a little boy and now it seems that he see's me as a sexy teeen age boy. He grabbed hold of my head and pushed the head of his cock into my semi-open mouth. As I knelt cluelessly in front of him, his whole cock filled my mouth and his thick cock head pushed into my tight throat hole until he was all the way in. Uncle Jim started fucking my mouth senselessly as I knelt before him taking his cock unwillingly into my mouth and down my throat. He moaned loud saying, "Ohh fuck k!d! Uhh! ...Your just like your dad... Uhhh! Yea..." I gagged on his long hard cock, taking breaths in between his fast hard thrusts into my mouth. 

Soon I felt him pull his hard cock all the way out of my mouth and he said, "Okay Benny, get up... Bend over and put your hands on that wall there." I got up and bent myself over putting my hands on the wall like he said. I awaited what I knew was coming and it was really something I had been wanting for quite some time now. I soon felt Uncle Jim's well lubricated cock head press against my anus and soon he pushed his cock in as I felt inch after inch of his long hard cock dive deep into my ass hole. Uncle Jim moaned saying, "Ohhh yea, that's right boy... If you thought your dog fucked you good, just wait until I'm done with you...Uhh! Uhhh!" Now his hard cock was thrusting into my ass building up a rhythm and I knew his cock was probably wet inside me with my dog Harry's left over cum. I felt uncle Jim's hips slap against my ass cheeks as he thrusted his cock all the way into my ass. He continued to pump his cock in and out of my ass hole building up speed when I heard my uncle grunt some more. "Uhhh, yea, take my cock boy! Uhhh! Uhh! Uhh..." 

Uncle Jim was really thrusting hard and fast now as I let out moans, "Ohhh... Oohhh... Uhhh... Uuooohhh..." I was secretly enjoying this as I tried to stroke my cock with one hand but Jim caught on quick. As he grunted a couple more times, he said, "Uhhh! Uhh... I see you jerkin your boy cock... So you like getting fucked by your Uncle Jim, don't you huh?! You like that boy?" He kept on fucking me with the same intensity as he asked me this and I couldn't believe the words as they came out of my mouth, I said, "Ye... Yes! I do..." Between thrusts he said, "You do what? And by who?" I continued to stroke my cock as I said, "I... I do like it...when you fuck my ass with your cock uncle Jim!" He said, "I can't hear you boy, say it again!" I shouted, "I do like it when you fuck my ass with your cock uncle Jim!!!" As the words rolled off my tongue, I stroked my cock a few more times as he thrusted his cock hard and fast into my stretched ass hole. I moaned loud saying, "Ohh Fuck!... I'm cumming! I'm cumming Uncle Jim! ...Uhhh! UUHHH!!! Uhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhh..." I started shooting a lot of my hot cum all over the wooden floor as Jim held me firmly by my waist and continued to fuck my ass mercilessly. My cock shot more cum out with each of Jim's fast, hard thrusts into my ass hole and I moaned some more. "Ohhh fuck! Uhhh! Uhh! Uhh! Ohhhmmmm... Mmmm... Uhhh!" Finally after several more v!olent thrusts into my ass Jim grunted saying, "Uhhh... I'm cumming Benny! I'm gona shoot my cum deep inside your shit hole!... Uhhh...UUHHH!... UUHHHH!!!... UHH! Uhhh..." his cock began filling my ass hole with a lot of his warm cum. "Oh fuck Benny Uhhh!... Uhhh!... mmm...yea..." Jim continued to thrust slower into my used ass, while his own cum was spread all around his shaft, as he pumped his cock into my ass hole until he was all empty and he had released all of his sperm inside of me. 

With Uncle Jim's cock still inside of my cum flooded anus we suddenly heard the front door of the house open and my dad said, "Okay Jim, I found it... Could you believe where it was?" Uncle Jim answered my dad as he pulled his shrunken cock out of my wet ass hole saying, "Umm... Where did you find it Mikey?!" He then whispered in my ear, "Go to your room and don't say a word about this to anyone or I'll tell your daddy about the way you let your dog fuck you in your ass..." I quickly picked up my clothes and I cleaned up all my cum which had spilled on the floor before getting inside my room. I was almost sure he wasn't my blo0d related uncle because I remember hearing my dad say that he wasn't his br0ther, but Uncle Jim raised me and it just seemed wrong... But it still felt amazing! I laid on my bed to sle3p fully naked, and my ass was still partially filled with my dog's cum, now mixed with Uncle Jim's human cum. 

The next morning I woke up, got dressed for school and headed down stairs to make myself some breakfast before catching the bus. My dad was already up but Uncle Jim was still in bed, so I took this opportunity to ask my dad once and for all and I said, "Dad is Uncle Jim really my Uncle?" He gave me a puzzled face saying "Of course he is why wouldn't he be?" I looked down and said, "Well I heard you say one time that he wasn't your br0ther and I know Uncle's are the br0ther's of people's parents so how is he my uncle?" My dad gave me a different look saying, "Aww Ben... Yes I said he wasn't my br0ther, but to me... he's... Well he's more than that and besides he IS your Uncle because he's your mom's br0ther. Okay? So go on to school we don't want you to be late now..." I felt I was gonna throw up, but instead I looked at my dad and gave him a hug. I felt like such a fool, but life had to go on, I had to deal with the fact that indeed, my blo0d related Uncle had fucked me last night and filled me with his seed. I walked over to the bus stop and waited for the bus to take me to school...

To be continued...
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A good story
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Excellent story
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Oh hell yes, that would be awesome
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Another awesome story.
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OH YEAH! can't wait for more :P