Benny's farm adventures: pt 1

My name is Ben which is short for Benjamin but most of my friends and f****y call me benny. I grew up on a farm with my father and my uncle. As a boy I rarely saw my mom and it seemed she never really wanted to see me. I had just started the eighth grade and I went to a school that was about 30 miles away from our farm, which was where I lived with uncle Jim and my dad, big mike. At my school I had heard rumors about a girl named Jessica who lived with her Aunt and Uncle at a nearby farm who had been having sex with some of the anlmals there. I had never imagined doing such a dirty thing and frankly I didn't even know it was possible...until one day...

I came home from school early one day and I walked up to the barn where I heard the voices of my dad and uncle Jim. They sounded like they were really working in there so I decided to take a look for myself. I walked over and peaked through the door that was cracked open, just enough for me to see what they were doing in there. What I saw changed my life as I once knew it, my dad and uncle Jim were both with their pants down. Uncle Jim was bent over in front of my dad and dad had his cock shoved inside uncle Jim's bare ass. I heard them both moan while dad thrusted his hips behind uncle Jim, and they were naked together, having man-on-man sex with each other right there in the barn!

I slowly backed away, not sure what to do, or how to react to this. Somehow I always knew dad and uncle Jim I mean why would they live together if they weren't even b*****rs! Yes...that explained everything, I then knew the reason why I often found them kissing each other, and I had never caught them having sex with each other until today. I had only heard of boys having sex in the butt until today, when I actually saw it with my own eyes and they weren't just boys, they were two, manly muscular guys. Further more, they were my dad an my uncle. It took me quite some time to settle down and I finally decided there was no reason to tell them what I had seen. For a reason I couldn't explain I was really determined to have sex like dad and uncle Jim. I couldn't get it off my mind and in the shower sometimes I would put my middle finger inside my tight butt hole pretending to be uncle Jim while I masturbated. 

It was a few weeks after my 14th birthday and I was home alone since my dad and uncle decided to go shopping. It usually took several hours just to get to town and back so I figured they'd be out for the rest of the day and possibly all night too. I was walking my little dog named Harry who was about 3 years old when we suddenly took a break and I sat down. Harry started licking my face since I was now at his height and I backed away a little which caused me to tumble backwards. I lay on my back now laughing as Harry continued to lick my cheek and I was now facing away from his wet tongue but there was something else that caught my attention. I was now staring at something bright pink sticking out underneath my dog and suddenly I noticed it was his dick. I saw that he had a decently sized dick and balls for his small size. 

I continued to stare as Harry's dick grew by about an inch and I saw more pink showing. Out of curiosity I moved my hand over to touch it and when I did Harry looked at my hand as he started licking his own dick. His dick felt warm in my hand as I saw it grow some more while he licked it and I decided to help him out by stroking his small doggy cock. Harry started humping fast into my hand that was now wet with his saliva and within half a minute of this I saw his dick shooting a lot of his hot dog cum. Some of his semen spilled onto my hand while the rest spilled on the grass and I wanted to know what it tasted like. So I brought my doggy cum covered hand to my mouth and I sucked it off, drinking it after. The taste wasn't all that bad, although it smelled different than my semen but since I had never tasted my cum before I couldn't compare the taste. 

I got up figuring that it was enough play time for now and we continued walking. After I was done walking Harry I took him to the barn where he would stay for the night and then I realized the sun wasn't gonna set for at least another hour. I played with Harry for a while before going in the house for the night. Soon I saw the pink head of Harry's dick once more and it was hard again. Remembering how I had seen my dad and uncle fucking in this same barn made my dick hard just then. I looked at Harry's hard dick one more time before looking outside to see if anyone was coming and I got down to my knees grabbing hold of Harry's hard, thick pink dick. I then lowered my head and pointed his hard pink dog dick to my mouth. I opened my mouth and slowly placed my lips on the bulb like head of Harry's doggy cock. 

I started sucking on his hard pink dog cock like I had done this before and my cock was harder than ever. Soon I pulled his wet cock out of my mouth and I quickly pulled down my shorts, taking them off like they were on fire. I left on my shirt for a reason I knew all too well and I bent over as I got on my hands and knees in front of Harry. It was almost instinctively the way I did it and I was extremely turned on now as my hard cock hung below me. It didn't take long before I had Harry behind me humping my leg and I fixed my position a little so that he could mount my back. Harry fumbled around until he put his front paws on my shirt covered back and he thrusted his hard cock at my inner thighs. I reached from behind and took hold of his hard thrusting dog cock as best as I could, guiding it to my virgin anus. I was finally able to get Harry's cock close to my ass when suddenly he thrusted his thick hard doggy cock right into my extra tight butt hole and I screamed in pain. "AAAHHHH!!! OHH, ShSh...SHIT! Ohhh! Ohhh! Oh my... Ah! Ah...ah..." 

My dog Harry was really pounding my tight ass hard and I felt his thick hard doggy cock rip into and out of my anus. After only a few more of his fast clumsy thrusts into my ass, he was slowing down and then Harry knotted inside me, spilling a lot of his warm dog semen inside my ass. I just continued stroking my own cock as Harry finished up behind me and soon he started pulling his cock out of my no longer virgin butt hole. As Harry's shrunken dog cock slipped out of my very stretched anus, I saw some of his cum mixed with a bit of my blo0d drip out of me and then I let out a few loud moans, "...Uhh! Uhhh! Ohhh shit! Uhhh!" As my hard cock started shooting out a lot of my warm cum and it spilled on the floor under me as Harry came to lap up the semen spilling from my shrinking cock. Then he lapped the rest off of the floor including his own cum. 

I fell to the hay covered floor wasted, thinking about what I had just done with my dog and how I couldn't tell anybody about it. Soon I got up as I grabbed my underwear and my shorts to put them on before leaving Harry in the barn and going inside to take a shower. I was still in shock from the way it all happened so fast and even after I had screamed Harry didn't stop,  he just kept fucking my ass like I was his bitch. But deep down inside I didn't want him to stop and that's the part I was so confused about. I was tired so I took a shower grabbed something to eat from the fridge and then I brushed my teeth and went to bed thinking about the next time I might do it with Harry again...

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1 day ago
soooooooooooooooo hot
10 days ago
Must be nice being fucked by your dog
28 days ago
Been there myself..
1 month ago
love this story.
5 months ago
The Wife and I had Plenty of Naughty Fun with the neighbor's Big Furry Saint Bernard on a fairly regular basis while his owners were at work for the day... and reading your story had me Jacking Off to the memories that flooded my Psyche!
6 months ago
I also loved your story.Got me so turned on and wanting a dog on me.mmmmmmmmmmm
6 months ago
love it
6 months ago
A really naughty and fun story, honey! of your actually makes my cute ass squirm on my chair...and I want more!! First, of your kinky stories and then more of Harry!! ...Susie
7 months ago
7 months ago
great start hope theres more to follow
7 months ago
good story... keep writing
7 months ago
When I was young I came home from school to find my neighbors dog being fucked by a male dog.I got rid of the male dog and took my neighbors dog into our back shed.I was so hard and wanting to fuck so bad I got down and noticed the dogs cunt was swollen up. I found the dog easy to move near me and got my cock into her. had a great fuck and used the dog lots after that.
7 months ago
Im surprised this story made it on here. xhamster is a strange porn site. {retty good story tho
7 months ago
pretty hot..