The unusual girl...and boy: part 3

Saturday night seemed to last for ever and I couldn't sle3p for hours since I had just found out what it felt like to play with my butt hole when I was in the shower. My loneliness continued Sunday morning until I finally called her in towards the afternoon. When Sam picked up the phone and I heard her voice say hello, the first words that came out of my mouth were, "I'm sorry for doubting you Sam! It's okay with me, now we can do things how ever you want but please don't be mad at me!" She said, "You're fine with doing it my way?" I quickly confirmed it saying, "Yes! It really is fine with me. I've wanted to see you all weekend, and I couldn't sle3p last night knowing you were probably still mad at me. When can we see each other?" Sam said in a smaller voice, " really wanted to see me?" Again I confirmed it saying, "Yes... And it would mean everything in the world to me if you would let me be with you again Samantha."

Sam replied in a half sobbing voice, "I... I'm really sorry about making you feel bad..." She sniffled and said in a more cheerful voice, "Well Adam, my parents are taking me to the movies tonight, if you want you can come with me, you know like on a date." I agreed saying, "Yes! I'd love to go, what time should I be there?" She said, "5 o' clock mister... and not a minute later." I said, "Okay see you then Sam." I was feeling better already and I knew Sam was glad that I called too. I was also truly excited to go to the movies with her, even if her parents were going too. I told my Aunt and she said, "Okay, as long as Samantha's parents are going it's fine with me. Be ready to go by 4 because I have to run some errands too." I agreed saying, "Thanks Aunt Karla!" I went to my room and I spent the whole afternoon getting ready for Sam, my beautiful date. I was dressed nicely with gel in my hair, along with a hint of "man perfume" and It was 4 o' clock before I knew it. 

Aunt Karla called me to leave so I walked over to her and she said, "Wow, your the most handsome date I've ever laid my eyes on. She's one lucky girl I'd say..." I blushed as we walked out the front door and got in the car, driving off to Sam's house. I had butterflies in my stomach as we turned the corner to her house and we arrived. My Aunt stayed in the car as I walked to the front door and I knocked just loud enough. Soon I saw the door open, and who should be standing there, but the beautiful dolled up young woman that I knew to be Samantha. She was wearing a long dress that complimented her curves, top and bottom. My jaw must have fallen to the ground as she said, "Hello there stranger." Just then I heard my Aunt say, "Okay bye Adam, bye Samantha." She waived good bye to my Aunt as I was still pulling myself back together. I said, " look amazing. Can I come in?" She said, "Thanks, you don't look so bad yourself." As Sam took me by my hand and led me inside the house.  I said, " when do we leave?" Sam replied, "Leave where? You and I are staying right here for the whole night. My parents left to go to the movies because I told them I didn't want to go and that's the truth, now that you're here..." 

I was taken by surprise as she started stripping off her gorgeous dress right there in the living room, letting it fall to the polished wooden floor and revealing she wasn't wearing anything underneath it. I was truly turned on so I started undoing my shirt, taking it off and I undid my pants pulling them off as well. Much to her surprise, I wasn't wearing any underwear either and both of us stood there naked on the living room floor only a few feet away from the front door, where her parents could walk in at any time, easily catching us in the act. Yet we boldly continued as I appraoched her perfect, naked body grabbing hold of her soft and tender breasts as I kissed her while she kissed me back. I brought one hand down to her dick and I gave it a few strokes when she suddenly grabbed my dick too, imitating me. We both moaned, "Oh...Uhh! Uh..." I brought my other hand down to touch her tight, wet, aching pussy and she moaned as I also continued to stroke her cock. "Ohh...Adam...Ohhh!" We kissed some more as we massaged each other's dicks, rubbing them together and I fondled her tight, wet pussy lips.  

I then felt bold as I got down on my knees and instantly took her whole cock into my mouth. I sucked her cock like never before using a lot of saliva as some of it dripped out from my open lips and spilled onto the floor. She moaned loud without a care since nobody was there excpet us, "Uhhh! UUHH!!!" I stated stroking my own cock while I felt her cock hit the back of my throat several times from the intense sucking I was doing. With my other hand I picked up some of my saliva as it dripped and I reached for my little, tight butt hole as I continued to suck on Sam's cock. I dove my well lubricated middle finger slowly into my anus and I moaned, "Ohhh..." my finger went all the way inside my small hole. Sam caught a view of what I was doing and she moaned after me. "Uhhh...Uhh!" I stopped stroking my dick and reached for her pussy while I kept sucking her dick. I started fingering her pussy and Soon I stopped sucking her dick as I moved my mouth over to her pussy. I licked her pussy lips and she moaned, "Ohhh! Yes! Adam...Ohh!" I tasted her warm pussy juice as it flowed into my mouth and I reached one of my hands over to stroke her cock. 

Sam was truly enjoying what I was doing to her pussy and to her cock at the same time. Still I could sense she wanted more...and so did I. I stopped licking her pussy and moved back to sucking her cock while I put my finger  into her wet, tight pussy. I took all of her hard cock into my mouth sucking it good while I finger fucked her wet virgin pussy and within a few more seconds I stopped again. I wanted to bend over and let her fuck me in my ass right there. I said, "Okay Sam, I'm gonna let you put your dick in my butt hole. I've been thinking about doing it and I really want you to do it to me now..." Sam hesitated at first saying, "Um... Okay...Are you sure?" I said, "Yea. More than ever..." I walked over to the table in the middle of the room and rest my hands on it as she got behind me. Sam spread my butt cheeks apart as she aimed the head of her well lubricated cock at my little, tight pink bud of a butt hole. Soon I felt the thick head of her wet cock pushing at my tight virgin anus and my own cock was extremely hard as I waited for Sam to put her hard throbbing cock inside of me. She grabbed me by my waist and she gently pushed her cock head into my butt hole as I felt it slip inside me. I moaned gasping, "Ahh... Whoa... Ohhh..." Sam continued to slowly push inch after inch of her long, hard cock inside my extra tight anus and I was loving it all the way. It felt good having a cock inside my ass for the first time because I didn't tense up as it was happening. 

Sam let out a moan feeling her hard cock being sqeezed by my tight butt hole as she plunged it deeper into me. "Uhh! Uhh! Uuhh..." I also moaned, "Ohh...OOHH! ...Uhh...Yea..." Finally I felt her hips touch my butt cheeks, so then I knew her cock was all the way deep inside my ass and we both moaned again simultaneously, "Ohh..." "Uhhh!"  "...Oohhh!" Sam pulled her cock out of my butt a little as I gasped feeling it move inside of me. "Ohhh...uoohhh..." She then thrusted her cock deep into my ass again and I she pulled it out all the way this time as I felt it slip out from my tight, semi stretched anus. I regained my normal breathing as I looked back to see that Sam was applying more saliva to her cock and soon she was spreading my butt cheeks again aiming her hard, well lubricated cock at my already wet butt hole. I relaxed, getting ready for her to enter me again as I felt the thick head of her wet, hard cock pushing at my tight anus and Sam slowly pushed her long hard cock back inside my ass. We both moaned, (I gasped)"...Ohh...Ohh!" (Sam moaned) "...Uhh! I felt inch after inch of her dick plunge into me again and soon her dick was all the way inside my stretched butt hole. 

Sam pulled her cock back a bit when she began to thrust her hips back and forward, as she started to slowly fuck my ass. I started to stroke my cock as Sam and I continued to exchange moans. (Me)"Ohh..." (Sam)"Uhh..." She was starting to really fuck my ass good with her cock as I felt her pick up the pace, thrusting faster into me, and causing both of us to moan louder. I was furiously stroking my own cock as I felt my ass being pounded slightly by Sam, whose cock was now sliding fast in and out of my tight butt hole. She fucked me even faster and after about two minutes of this I was ready to blow when I said, "Ohh!... I'm cumming... Oh shit I'm cumming! Uhhh!... UUHHH!!!" I kept stoking my cock until it started shooting many long squirts of my hot cum all over the floor and Sam continued to fuck my ass hard. With each of her viol3nt thrusts into my ass more semen shot out of my shrinking cock and my butt hole had been tightening up on her cock after I began having this intense orgasm. Sam moaned loud, "Uhhh! I'm cumming too! Uhh!...Uhhh!...UUUHHHH!!!" her hard thrusting had slowed down and she thrust her cock deep into my ass one last time spilling a lot of her warm cum inside of me. 

I was breathless as Sam slowly pulled her shrinking cock out of my no longer virgin ass. I then felt her cock slip out of my tight butt hole, as a little bit of her semen leaked from my anus and trickled down my left thigh. I could hardly walk as I went to grab my clothes and Sam didnthe same. I kissed her passionately before we headed for her room to watch something on tv. There was a movie showing and it contained a part where a man was about to have sex with a woman and that brought my cock back to attention as I reached over to touch Sam's cock. When I touched her dick I found it was already hard and I then took off my clothes again as she also took off her dress once more. I watched her lay on the bed and I knew that she wanted me to next. I got on the bed, both of us naked, as Sam started stroking her cock and I lowered my mouth to her aching pussy. I licked her balls first a little and worked my way down to her already wet pussy. I used my tongue to lick her tiny virgin hole as she moaned while stroking her cock even more, "Ohhh!... Ohh!..."

I became bolder and pushed my tongue slightly into her tight wet pussy as Sam moaned louder. "Ohh...OOHHH! Yes!" She continued massaging her cock while I licked her pussy good. I was doing this for nearly 5 whole minutes until I held it no longer and I stroked my own cock which was hard and begging for attention. Suddenly, I stopped using my tongue on her very wet pussy and I bravely pointed my hard long cock to the very entrance of her tight virgin pussy. Sam was far too lost in her own ecstasy, stroking her cock with a good rhythem while bucking her hips
slightly begging for relief and I knew just what to do. I put the thick head of my cock right on Sam's tight virgin hole and I began to gently, slowly push the head of my cock into her. It was a very tight squeeze but it was very wet with her warm flowing juices and I soon felt the head of my cock slip inside her super tight, wet pussy. Sam moaned, "Ohh!..." as she suddenly stopped stroking her cock. She was now touching and massaging it slowly as she realized what I was about to do to her. 

After pushing in the head of my hard cock I moaned, "Ohh... Uhh!" Then she moaned again as I continued to slowly push another inch of my long hard cock into her pussy, "Ohhh!... my...ohhh..." I slowly pushed in a little until I felt some resistance and then Sam yelled "...Ahhh! Mmmm..." I pushed in further feeling my cock dive deeper into her tight wet pussy. She continued moaning louder now, Ohh! Uhhmmm!...Ohhh! My pussy..." She stroked her cock again and as I started to pull my cock out of her pussy I saw her virgin blo0d on my bare shaft. I was too lost in the moment to think much about it so I just pulled away a little and shoved my cock back deep inside her tight wet pussy again. I moaned, "Uhhh! Yea! Ohh!..." While Sam moaned saying, "Ohhh! Ohh! Fuck me Adam! Yes! Ohh!..." 

I thrusted my hips faster sliding my cock into her warm, wet and tight pussy while she stroked her cock harder and faster. Watching her masturbate with her hand on her hard long cock while my own cock pumped fast and hard into her tight wet pussy sent me over the edge. I said, "Okay Sam I have to pull my cock out...or I'm gonna cum inside of you!" She said, "No... Don't! I want you to spill all of your cum deep inside my pussy! I don't care if you get me pregnant because I love you!" I thrust my cock deep  into her pussy one last time and I started shooting a lot of my sperm into her womb. As I spilled my cum inside her pussy she moaned, "Ohhh! Ohh! Uhhhh! UUHHH! UUHHHH!!!" Sam was also shooting her own cum as she continued stroking her cock and I bent over, putting my mouth on the head of her cock to suck it all up as I started drinking her semen. I still had my cock deep inside of her pussy as I sucked whatever cum was left from her shrinking cock. I then pulled her cock out of my mouth and I pulled my shrunken cock out of her no longer virgin pussy. 

I laid down next to her beautiful, naked hermaphrodite body and I looked at her as she stared back at me. I then realized what we had just done and I said, "So... what will happen now?" Sam said, "Shh... don't worry... I'm sure everything will be alright." With that said I kissed her and we fell asle3p laying naked next to each other. About two hours later we woke up to her mom looking down at us and tapping both of us on the shoulder. I'd hoped it was an awful nightmare...but it wasn't!...
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5 months ago
great this needs a part 4
6 months ago
This sory line is so incredibly hot!! I came twice reading this one!!