The unusual girl...and boy: part 2

After the night at my Aunt's house when I found out about Sam's secret, I spent the rest of the long weekend without seeing her, since she lived so far away from me. I called her and we talked for several hours at least ten times throughout the two days we were apart. When I went to school on Monday I couldn't wait to see Samantha. I had to wait for our lunch break since our only class together was history and it was the last period of the day. When I finally saw her I kissed her on the lips and she kissed me back passionately right in front of all the other students passing by during lunch hour. We held hands walking over to the cafeteria to grab our food and once we were ready we sat down at a table far from others as we talked more about what happened between us last Friday. Sam said, "I missed you. I can't wait for us to go to your Aunt's house again!" I agreed saying, "Yea, me neither!" I was getting hard, thinking about doing what we did on friday, again this afternoon. I looked under the table to see my growing cock bulge from the front of my uniform pants and I turned to look at Sam's uniform skirt. Surely enough I saw Sam's dick had created a small yet noticeable lump on the front of her skirt, causing her skirt to lift a bit. I told her she should probably not get up for a minute or so. I looked at the large doors which opened to the hallway where the restrooms were and suddenly I had an idea. 

I said to Sam, "Well I think we don't have to wait for after school..." She gave me a wild look and said, "Adam, we can't do that stuff in school they'll throw us out if they catch us!" I replied, "Yea, but they'll never find us if we go to the boys restroom all the way down the hall where there aren't any video cameras watching. We could do it there, just try it with me Sam. We have about 40 minutes left so we could still have a lot of fun before the bell rings." She was really nervous and excited at the same time when she said, "Okay...let's go!" I got up when I felt my cock become only semi soft again and she did the same as I saw her amazingly get up without any lump showing in front of her skirt from her semi hard dick. We walked at a normal pace so we didn't attract any attention from the security guard across the room and we opened the door to leave the cafeteria. Once we were out, there was nobody in the hallway so Sam ran to the boys restroom and I ran after her. When we got to the door I opened it and quickly checked to see if anyone was there but I didn't see anyone so I opened the door for Sam to come in. She followed me into the boys restroom as the door closed behind us and I led her to the big stall at the end made for handicap students, locking the stall behind us. 

I was ready for playtime and so I quickly stripped off all of my clothes and Sam did the same. I watched her take off her shirt and then undo her bra, revealing her perfect naked breasts to me. I took my shirt and my pants off almost at the same time so I was in only my underwear when I saw Sam swiftly pull off her uniform skirt showing me her white panties with colorful printed designs on it. We were both down to only our underwear when I couldn't help but stare at the front of Sam's panties where she had a big bulge leading up to her stomach and her cock head was sticking out from the waistband, leaking her precum. My cock was also hard, poking at my underwear and begging for release. I watched Sam as she spread her legs pulling up slightly on her little balls to show me that her pussy had soaked her panties and I came closer to her, pulling off my underwear. I kissed Sam passionately while she lowered her panties, kicking them off and I felt her hard cock rubbing against mine as we kissed. I then got on my knees grabbing her dick with one hand and I put the head of her dick on my lips licking off her precum. Sam moaned, "Ohh...Ohhh! Ye...yesss." With my other hand I reached for her pussy which was wet with her flowing juices and I started fingering her pussy while I dove my mouth onto her cock. 

I sucked Sam's hard dick, putting the whole thing into my mouth as my hand let go of her dick and I grabbed mine as I began to stroke my hard dick. I was sucking Sam's cock good while fingering her pussy as I heard her moan again, "Ohh!...Uhhh!" I moaned too but mine was muffled by her cock sliding in and out of my mouth as I moved my head up and down. I was stroking my cock faster and I continued fingering Sam's pussy while sucking on her hard cock all at the same time. We were both moaning loudly and soon I heard Sam say, "Oh, I...I think I'm gonna...I'm cumming! Oh!...Uhhh! Uhhhh!" She started shooting a lot of her cum into my mouth and I swallowed all of it as it continued to spill into my mouth. I was still stroking my cock and fingering her pussy when I thought to myself, "Oh yea. I'm...I'm cumming too! Just like her..." As I continued to  suck on Sam's shrinking dick, feeling the last of her semen drip into my mouth, I gave my dick a few more powerful pumps and then my cum started shooting out, spilling on the restroom floor. As the last bit of my cum spilled from my dick, I pulled Sam's soft cock out of my mouth, getting back on my feet, and both of us cleaned ourselves up a bit before getting dressed again. 

For about a week now I had been taking Sam into the boys restroom at school in during lunch and we would lock ourselves in the larger, handicap stall while we quickly satisfied each other. A few times I'd take her to my Aunt's house after school for us to "play" there and one time I went with her to her parents house so we could have fun there too. Winter break was starting this weekend which meant I would get to hang out with Sam more often and neither of us could wait. That Friday Sam brought me to her house after school while her parents were out and since it was early release day, we had lots of fun. We ran inside the house and went upstairs to her bedroom where she locked the door behind us. We got completely naked in only seconds and we were soon on her bed. We laid sideways facing one another and when we brought our bodies closer our dicks touched, rubbing against each other. I kissed her as she kissed me back and I sort of humped at her naked body with my hard cock. She also humped my naked body with her cock as we continued to kiss each other. 

Suddenly, I had an idea so I stopped kissing her and said, "Lets try something I heard about at school. It's called the um... the sixty nine position. It's used so that both of us are facing each other's dicks and I can reach your pussy too. That means we could suck each other's dick at the same time!" She agreed and said, "Okay, let's do it!" I switched positions so I was now facing her hard cock and she was facing mine. I slowly started licking her cock head and she started doing the same to me. I loved the feeling I had from being in sixty nine position with Sam and I moaned while taking her cock into my mouth. She also took my cock into her mouth and she started sucking on it while I imitated her. Both of us let out muffled moans, "Mmm...hmmmm!" Sam began thrusting her hips, causing her cock to slide further into my mouth whether I wanted it to or not and I thrusted my cock into her mouth too. I reached for her tight virgin pussy and started fingering her lightly as we were mouth fucking each other. The good sensations I felt was greater than ever before and I didn't think I would last very long as I carried on.

I sucked Sam's cock as it pumped into my mouth, and her cock's head was jabbing at the back of my throat as I kept on sliding my finger in and out of her super tight pussy. I couldn't take any more of this hot play, and as she continued to suck my hard cock I thrusted deep into her mouth once more. I moaned before continuing to suck her dick, saying, "I'm cumming!...Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhh! Uhh..." As several ropes of my cum flew into her mouth she continued to suck my cock mercilessly, swallowing all of my sperm. I felt so good so I sucked her cock faster and with more intensity until I heard her moan saying, "I'm gonna cum in your mouth now, but keep going!...Uhh! UUHH!!! Uhh! Uhhh!" I felt several long squirts of her semen spill inside my mouth and I swallowed all of her cum as I continued to suck her dick. She sucked my cock dry until I was hard again and I continued to suck hers. Soon she was just as hard as I was and she wanted to do it again so I carried on. Some of my saliva, mixed with her cum dripped out from my mouth and spilled on her bed sheets. 

I started thrusting my cock into her mouth again and she did the same as I felt her push her cock deep into my mouth. We let out some more muffled moans, "Hmmm...ummm! Ohmmm..." Sam and I mouth fucked each other for about half an hour now. I was feeling really good now when suddenly, without warning Sam thrusted deep into the back of my throat and she began shooting her warm cum directly down my throat. All I could do was swallow as I thrusted my own cock head down her throat one more time and I also shot my cum down her throat. We both stopped thrusting and kept our cocks deep inside each other's cum filled mouths. Finally I pulled my mouth off of Sam's shrunken dick and she did the same as I came back up to face her again. I kissed her as we swapped each other's semen and then we both swallowed. We eventually fell asle3p next to each other as we lay there naked. A few hours later we heard the front door of the house open and then shut following the voices of Sam's parents. "Sammy we're home!" I freaked out and we both started getting dressed again. 

Once we had our clothes back on, we turned on the tv and unlocked the door. Soon there was a knock on the door and it was Sam's mom. "Honey is everything okay in there?" I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be there so I panicked and Sam answered saying, "Yea! Everything is fine!" She opened the door saying, "Okay, as long as..." She made eye contact with me and said, "Oh! You have company. Why didn't you say so Sam? I guess I'm gonna have to make him some dinner too." Without even the slightest question as to what we were doing in here she left, closing the door again. I said, "Wow, your mom is cool. I thought we'd be in trouble or something." Sam said, "Yea. She knows a girl's gotta have fun every now and then but of course... if I ever get pregnant, she will freak out." I enjoyed the fact that Sam was hinting that I could, some day soon, have real sex with her and not just sucking or fingering her. I replied, "Really, that's cool and I understand the whole not getting pregnant part, but...I mean, do you think that maybe like... we can do it, you know... I can wear a condom if you want..." Sam looked at me and she said, "What, Like... you putting your dick in my pussy?" I nodded yes saying, "Well, yea...what do you say?" She paused for a while looking at the floor and ran her fingers on the edges of her skirt. 

Sam looked at me again and said, "Okay Adam, I'll let you have sex with me...but with one condition." I said, "Okay, yea sure! Anything! What is it?" She smiled and said, "The condition is that, first you have to let me do it to you..." I was taken by surprise at her answer and I said, "Umm...Do what to me? I mean it's not... ... ..." I paused suddenly changing facial expressions as I finally knew what it was she meant and I looked at her saying, "No! No way! You can't expect me to do that...There's no way I'm letting you put your dick in my butt." Sam looked dissatisfied with my answer and she said, "Fine then I guess you can't have "real" sex with me neither." I walked out of her room and this was the first time we got mad at each other. I went to the dinner table and Sam followed shortly after. Her mom invited me to sit and Sam sat on the opposite side. After dinner my aunt came to pick me up and I just waived goodbye to Sam as I left.

Winter break had begun and spending the first weekend without Sam was torture but how could I talk to her after what we said to each other on Friday. It was Saturday night when I went to shower after a long day playing in the back yard and stuff. As I was in the shower, I felt the need to masturbate. I began stroking my cock and then as usual curiosity got the best of me. I began thinking about the deal Sam was offering me, which made me wonder as I started cleaning myself around my butt with the bar of soap. As I cleaned my butt with my hand, feeling the warm water between my butt cheeks, I gently slipped my index finger into my tight, now wet and slippery anus. I continued masturbating and I gasped at the new feeling of my finger inside my butt hole. 

I pulled out my index finger and replaced it with my middle finger as I began pushing it into my ass. This time, since I used my middle finger, I felt my finger slip in further than before giving me a new sensation and it felt better than I had ever imagined. "Ohhh... Oh..." I moaned while stroking my cock faster now and soon I felt pressure building inside me so I pulled my finger out of my butt hole as I continued masturbating. I moaned loud, "Ohhh!...Uhhh! Uhh!" My dick started shooting out a lot of my hot cum onto the floor of the shower and the running water sent it down the drain. 
After I got out of the shower, I dried myself up thinking to myself, "Well... I guess I was wrong about me not wanting Sam to put her cock inside my butt..." In fact that's all I dreamt of doing for the rest of that lonely weekend...
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