"The Unusual girl... and boy"

My name is Adam. I was raised by my Aunt in a small town with no other s1blings and my Uncle was hardly ever around. When I was young, around 5 or 6 and maybe even before that, I vaguely remember my Uncle coming to my bed at night sometimes. He would walk into my room d***k most of the time, come up to my bed while I was asle3p, and he would reach his hand inside my underwear and touch my "private parts" for a while until he'd let out a groaning noise, then he usually left. One night when I was around 7 my Aunt found my Uncle doing this stuff to me and she called the town sheriff, after that I never saw him again. I was pretty much your average good looking boy in school and as I grew older I got the attention of many cute girls. But I never truely found the right one for me, until one day...

It was nearing winter break at school and I had been hanging out with a girl I liked named Sam or her full name was Samantha, for a little over a month. We were both in the 9th grade and she was in my history class. Every time the lunch bell would ring we would meet at the cafeteria and have lunch together. I really grew to like her a lot and she liked me too, but like every relationship we were envied by others. Some girls said nasty things to her, like that she was a nerd and they called her an ugly girl. To me she was far from ugly so I told her she had nothing to worry about. I was called a few things too, but a few of my guy friends heard a few rumors being spread from the "popular" crowd that she wasn't really a girl . That was clearly the dumbest of them all because Samantha was clearly a beautiful girl, her C cup breasts and the fact that when she wore tight jeans they outlined her pussy so it was clear no balls were present. 

I brought Sam home with me one night and introduced her to my Aunt to which my Aunt gave her a warm welcome. I had dinner with her and when we finished we cuddled together on the sofa in the living room. I said, "Hey Sam?" She looked back at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and said, "What is it Adam?" I said, "You know, I was thinking...we could um... Well, take our relationship to the next level. You know like, trying something other than just kissing." She looked at me wide eyed and said, "Oh...like what?" I replied, "Trying things like... oral and touching down there, you know..." She paused looking at me and then down at the floor as she looked around like she was nervously looking for an excuse not to when finally Sam said, "Well I do like you a lot...but its just...? Um, your Aunt is here." I quickly replied, "Well after she does the dishes, which isn't much because it's just us three, she likes to sl**p for a while on that couch over there. Lets go to my room and leave the door open so she knows we aren't doing anything. When I hear her snore it means she really is asle3p, we'll lock the door to my room and she'll never know we did anything." She was hesitant at first, I guess she was just as nervous as I was, but eventually Sam agreed. So we got up and walked over to my room. When we got to my room I turned on the tv and we waited until I heard her loud snoring. 

After another 15 min Aunt threw herself on the couch and she was knocked out in about 2 minutes. I heard my Aunt snoring so I decided it was time to close the door and I locked it too. I turned to Samantha and without turning off the light I took off my shirt first and she slowly did the same. My eyes were glued to her perfectly rounded teeen age breasts partially hidden by her laced Victoria's Secret bra. I then wacthed as she undid her bra, taking it off and revealing her perfect young tits. I came closer and she also was attracted by my semi muscular upper body since I was slim but not built. She felt my chest with her hand giving me permission to touch her naked breasts. I grabbed one and then another as she felt my chest too using both hands now. We started to kiss and one thing led to another so I started taking off my shorts and she took off her skirt revealing her bright pink panties. We were both down to our underwear and without paying much attention to her panties yet I continued by sucking on her beautiful breasts. She moaned, "Oh..." soon For the first time she reached for my uncircumcised, 6 inch long, hard cock, hard already from all the hot playing we were doing. 

She stroked my cock moving my foreskin back and forth over the pink head of my cock which felt really good, almost like...  I paused for a second as something caught my eye. I stopped sucking her tits and looked down at her pink panties. Towards the front of them I saw a pretty big lump that wasn't there when she took off her skirt. It was below her stomach, yet above her pussy, hidden behind her panties. She looked shocked to see me staring and I thought it was a vibrator or something she had prepared for her to play with herself tonight, but how did I not see it before. So my curiosity made me bring my hand over to the front of her panties as she said, "Adam Wait!..." But by the time she finished her sentence I had seen what it was that rested above her pussy and I couldn't help but stare. She had a penis almost as big as mine and a pair of tiny balls under it, right above her pussy! I gasped in reaction and for some reason my cock stayed hard as ever, but I dared not move from here. I said, "But...how?" She started explaining, "Adam... I was gonna tell you before but I thought you would break up with me if you knew I have a full size boys dick in front of my pussy. I was born with both boy and girl parts so the doctor asked my parents to choose. I was given the gender identity of a girl and on my birth certificate it says I'm a female. I guess I always felt like one until I hit puberty and mom gave me medicine to help me develop more into a woman. So if you feel it's too much then I'll just go and sorry for letting you down Adam..." 

I let go of Sam's panties and I looked at her saying, "No wait!... It's okay... I have a story too... When I was just a young boy, my uncle would come to my bed at night to touch my dick and run his hands around my balls, sometimes he grabbed my butt too... One night on my 7th birthday he made me open my mouth and he put his dick inside while he jerked himself off. When he was about to finish, he flooded my innocent young mouth and he made me swallow his semen. He told me never to tell, so I never told anyone. My uncle continued to do that to me EVERY night until one night, when the sheriff took him because my aunt caught him in the act... So you see, you and me, we aren't that different." When I finished Sam looked at me differently and came up to kiss me. I wasn't expecting her to do that but it comforted me after letting all our emotions out and soon I was back to feeling her breasts. I was hard again and the thought of her being hard too turned me on very much. I was lost in our kissing and soon she pulled down my underwear, reaching for my cock. Sam's hand felt warm on my hard dick and she began to stroke it again. I then knew why it felt so good when she did it and of course it was that she had her own dick to practice with.

Samantha then broke the kiss and pulled her panties down revealing her hard 5 inch long circumcised cock, which was pointing up slightly. Curiosity struck me again as I put my hand on her dick, it felt just like mine except my dick is uncircumcised and slightly longer than hers. I grabbed her cock and stroked it while my other hand explored her little balls and then her pussy. She moaned while I play with both her hard dick and her wet pussy, "Ohh! Uhh!" Sam continued to stroke my dick again and we both moaned softly so my Aunt wouldn't be woken up. "Uh!...Urghhh!...Oh yea...Ohh!" I didn't know why, but suddenly felt a huge urge inside me to put her cock in my mouth...like it was my uncle's cock! So I signaled her to pause touching my dick for a second, then I got on my knees so I was staring right at Samantha's beautiful cock and her virgin pussy at the same time. I lifted her hard cock and under her balls I looked at her tight pussy which looked clean and was smoothly shaved from any hairs. She must keep her dick and her balls pressed closer to her stomach so a bulge won't show between her legs. 

I then moved my lips to Sam's pussy, using my tongue to taste her fluids.
She moaned again, "Ohh! Yes Adam... Oh!" I licked Sam's tight pussy lips and worked my way up to where her pussy ended. Then I continued moving my tongue upwards, licking her balls, then the extended shaft of her dick. When I reached the head of Samantha's cock, I used my tongue to lick off the leaking precum dripping slightly off the tip and she moaned, "Uhh! Yes..." I felt bold and I opened my mouth taking in the head of her dick as it passed my soft wet lips. I dove in further taking more and more of her cock into my mouth. She moaned as I reached the bottom and I had her entire cock in my mouth with her thick cock head hitting the back of my throat. "Uh! Uuhhh! Yes Oh Adam...it feels so good." I sucked Sam's dick good, moving my head up and down the shaft of her hard long cock. 

About another minute passed when she said, "Adam I'm...Im... Uhhh! Uhhhh!" Without another second going by, I felt my mouth being filled with her cum. It tasted a little like my uncle's, except my uncle let out more cum than she did, but I guess it's because she also has a pussy. I swallowed all the semen that came out of Samantha's dick as it shrunk inside my mouth and I finally pulled it out. I was still hard and my cock needed relief so I started stroking it while watching her naked body, looking at her now softened cock and I moaned. "Uh... Yea..." Sam came to me again and she got to her knees in front of me taking my dick into her hands. Then she pulled back my foreskin and licked off the precum that was leaking from the head of my dick with her tongue. 

Samantha must have been wanting cock in her mouth too because she quickly took my dick into her mouth. She almost put the whole thing in, but my thick cock head hit the back of her throat and she stopped having only another inch of travel left. Sam felt bolder and she shoved the thick head of my cock down her throat to fit my  whole dick in her mouth. I moaned feeling my cock head slip into her tight virgin throat, "Uhh! Oh yea..." She pulled her head back a little and I looked down to see that her dick had become hard again. I was turned on by the sight of Sam's long hard cock. She was in front of me sucking my cock, while stroking her own cock and playing with her pussy at the same time. 

Watching Sam stroke her cock while sucking mine sent me over the edge and I said, "Sam, I'm...I'm cumming!... Uh!" I moaned loud as I shot several streams of my warm semen into her mouth and I watched her eagerly swallow my cum as more spilled out of my cock into her mouth. She looked at me with the most innocent face as she sucked up all of my sperm until my dick was soft and I went over to my bed to recover. Meanwhile, Sam played with herself next to me as I watched her start to finger her pussy while stroking her cock and she moaned in between,  "Ohh!... Uhh!..." Watching her turned me on and within half a minute of seeing this I walked up to her and put my hand on her pussy. I found the tight wet hole where she was fingering and I started to gently push my own finger inside her wet virgin pussy. She gasped feeling my intruding finger and she moaned, "uh...Uhh!" As I was fingering Sam's pussy she grabbed both her cock and mine putting them together. Our dicks were touching, rubbing against each other and she began to stroke them together with her hands. I humped into her hand a little as she did the same and our cocks were grinding against each other. 

In a minute or so of this hot sex between Sam and me, I felt I was going to have another great orgasm so I moaned saying, "Uh! I...I think i'm gonna cum again! Uhh!" She moaned too saying, "Me too!...Uhh!" My dick started squirting warm semen all over her dick and her hand too. At the same time I also saw Sam's cock spilling cum too, only now she was shooting more than before probably because my finger continued going in and out of her pussy. Her cum spilled onto my dick, which was spilling my own cum over her dick. Sam finally let go of both our dicks and we laid on my bed facing each other. I watched her suck on her hand which was covered in both of our cum. 

An hour later we heard a knock on the front door of my Aunt's house and I was sure it caused my Aunt to wake up. I rushed to put on my clothes telling Samantha to do the same and when we were dressed I ran to unlock the door just in time. The tv was still on so we just sat on my bed until we heard my bedroom door open and my Aunt said, "Okay you two, Samantha's parents are here to pick her up. I hope you two weren't up to any trouble in there while I was out by the couch." We shook our heads and Samantha walked out of the room so we followed her to the front door where her parents were. My Aunt said, "Not to worry, they were always under watch at my house." She was obviously lying because while she was sl**ping on the couch Sam and I were naked in my room "playing". I quickly pop kissed Sam on the lips before she left with her parents. I was very happy that night and I couldn't wait for the next time I would get to see my boy-girlfriend Samantha...
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6 months ago
good story
6 months ago
very fucking hot story. please continue
6 months ago
you lucky s o b. the best of both.
6 months ago
Great story
6 months ago
Man, I was so turned on by your story. I would love to meet someone like Sam. She sounded incredible. I would keep her naked and in my bed always! Thanks!
6 months ago
very good & yes more
7 months ago
Great story, I would love to have a Hermaphrodite