"confused at first..." Part 2

A week later my mom received a call from Jake's mom and she asked if I wanted to come to another one of those get togethers today, because Jake wanted to play games and stuff again with his two other friends too. I was happy to hear the news and said, "Yes, of course! I'd love to go again!" With that my mom confirmed it and I started getting ready as she hung up the phone. I changed from my stay home clothes, but before I put on my shorts I decided to take off my underwear and put my shorts on without wearing any underwear. I was ready to leave in only a minute when I ran over to my mom and told her I was done, asking her if we could leave. She laughed saying, "Wow. Well, I guess there's no harm in showing up early." So she got her purse and we headed out to the car. 

Within minutes of boring driving, I was getting a nervous sensation thinking about what we were gonna do and I felt the anxiety build up as we finally reached the corner where Jake's house was. We pulled into the drive way at around 2pm and mom parked as I got out of the car first. Mom followed me to the door and knocked on it, we then waited until Jake's mom opened the door saying, "Oh my, you're early! Come in!" My mom replied, "I'm sorry but right after I hung up the phone with you, Alex got dressed and ready in a flash so I hope you don't mind him being early." Jake's mom replied, "No not at all Jake is playing video games and stuff with our next door neighbor's son, Tony. David's parents say he'll be here in maybe another hour so that's okay. Go on up there Alex, they'll be glad you showed up early." I kissed mom goodbye and she said, "Remember I'll be back to pick you up by 11pm sharp." 

I ran upstairs to Jake's room where I heard video game sounds from outside the closed door. I gave a quick knock on it before opening the door when I saw Jake standing with the game controller on the bed next to him, zipping up his shorts and Tony was kneeling in front of him completely naked as they both stared at me. Jake said, "Whoa man, you scared me. My mom always asks before opening the door so she doesn't interrupt my games and stuff." I said, "I'm sorry dude, next time I'll say it's me so you can let me in. So, um...what are you guys doing?" Jake said, "Close the door and I'll show you."

I did as I was told and watched as Jake unzipped his shorts again letting his beautiful semi hard dick out in front of Tony's face. Tony wasted no time and put Jake's dick back into his mouth as he continued sucking on it. Jake moaned, "Uhh! Yea Tony just like that..." I saw as Tony moved his head back and forth while sucking Jake's cock with his mouth like it was a popsicle. I had wrapped my mouth around David's dick last time but I sucked on it only a little bit, not like Tony was doing now. I didn't know it made a difference but hearing Jake moan confirmed it. "Ohh! Uh! Okay, okay Tony stop for a second." He pulled his wet cock out of Tony's mouth and some of his saliva dripped off the tip as he said, "Here Alex, you try it now." I didn't know what to say since I thought Jake and Tony were boyfriends to each other so I thought it was weird that I would suck Jake's dick instead of Tony. I said, "But aren't you guys, you know boyfriends?" They looked at each other and Jake said, "We can do it with any boy, it doesn't mean we are together or nothing we just do it for fun. Right Tony?" Tony nodded in agreement and I said, "Well I guess so if it's just for fun..." 

I got in front of Jake who was about half a foot taller than me at 5'4 since he was the oldest of the group right next to David and Jake was about to be 14 in the summer. Coincidently we all had birthdays in the summer except for David who would be 14 in the winter. I got on my knees as Jake pointed his wet cock head to my mouth and I opened my mouth slowly to accept his penis. I moved in taking only an inch of his dick into my mouth as I felt the head of Jake's dick slip passed my lips and into my mouth. I slowly continued taking two more inches of his hard long cock into my wet mouth and I began sucking on Jake's cock like it was a lollipop. I then continued moving my head in, taking as much of his dick as I could into my mouth and I had nearly 5 inches of it in my mouth when I gagged at the feeling of Jake's thick cock head hitting the small entrance at the back of my throat. I pulled it out a little and continued to suck on his dick while he moaned saying, "Uh! Uuhh! Yes, do it again but go deeper!" Again I took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could until it touched the back of my throat. 

Suddenly I felt Jake's hands on my head holding it firmly in place as he thrust into my mouth causing the thick head of his cock to rip into my tiny throat's opening and for that moment I couldn't breathe. Jake had his entire cock inside my mouth now and some of it deep down into my tight throat hole. When he pulled out a few inches I gasped for air and only a second later he shoved his dick back into my mouth, deep into my throat again. I was scared now because I had lost control of what Jake was doing to me as he mercilessly fucked my virgin throat. Jake moaned louder, "Uuuhh! Ohhh yea! Uuhh!" Between his thrusts I breathed in air and Tony was watching, hungry himself for more cock as he massaged his own dick next to us. Soon I heard Jake moan loudest as he thrusted deep into my throat one last time keeping it there for a few seconds as I felt his dick spilling several shots of his hot cum straight down my open throat and sending it right into my stomach. He pulled his cock head out of my throat, making me swallow his cum before taking another breath. His dick continued shooting out a little more of his young warm semen into my mouth as I tasted it with my tongue but I didn't mind the taste and I found it tasted  rather sweet so I enjoyed it. 

Suddenly we heard the door open without warning and Jake pulled his shrinking cock out of my mouth spilling a bit of his cum on the floor. We sighed in relief when we saw it was David and we said, "Please let us know it's you next time you scared us." David closed the door behind him and said, "I can't believe you guys started without me." I cleaned off my lips and swallowed what ever was left over of Jake's cum in my mouth and said, "Well now I guess it's your turn Tony." David looked at us confused and said, "His turn for what?" Jake said, "Well Alex was just showing me what a good little dick sucker he is. He sucked my dick good and swallowed all of my stuff so I'm done for a while." Tony said to David, "So now I guess it's my turn to suck your dick, huh David?" He shruged his shoulders and walked up to Tony as David began to lower his shorts to the floor. David pulled down his underwear showing us his soft small dick when Tony grabbed it and put the whole thing in his mouth as he started to suck David's dick real good. David let out a few grunts while Tony worked his mouth all over his growing cock. "Uh...uuhhh! Yes!" I massaged my own hard dick through my shorts and Jake started doing the same as we watched Tony suck David's dick. 

David's cock was fully hard at 5 and 1/2 inches long as Tony pulled his mouth off to take a quick look. Suddenly Jake got an idea saying, "Okay, now we're gonna switch up a few things so we can all have fun." As he finished his sentence he looked at me too and then he said, "Tony, get on my bed and lay down on your back. David, your gonna get in front of Tony so you can put your dick in his butt. Alex is gonna go behind you so he can put his dick in your butt and I will go behind Alex to put my dick inside his butt. That way all of us can have fun!" I didn't fully understand but I heard Tony say, "Sure! That sounds super hot, lets do it!" David agreed and I shrugged my shoulders. Tony hopped onto Jake's bed, he brought up his legs, spreading his butt cheeks while David kicked off his shorts, took off his shirt and got into position in front of him. David then pushed the thick head of his hard long cock into Tony's ass and started thrusting into him slowly. Jake watched me as I also took off my shirt, I then lowered my shorts revealing that I wasn't wearing any underwear and my dick was fully hard. He grabbed my butt firmly feeling my lower naked body before taking off his own shorts and his shirt as I got behind David.

I pointed my dick to David's butt and Jake helped by spreading David's butt cheeks and guiding my dick to his small, tight butt hole. Once my dick was in position Jake told me to push my hips into him and I did as he said pushing the pink head of my dick slowly into David's extra tight virgin butt hole. David grunted and stopped thrusting into Tony for a second as I pushed the other 3 inches of my dick inside his tight ass. Jake pulled me closer to him as he kissed my neck and put his wet hard dick between my butt cheeks. With one good thrust he pushed his thick hard cock head inside my butt hole from behind me and I grunted feeling a little pain from the sudden intrusion. Jake kept pushing all 5 inches of his thick hard cock deep up inside my ass. As David was thrusting into Tony's butt my dick was being fucked by David's tight butt hole and my ass was also being fucked by Jake's hard cock. I heard moans from all of them while we all fucked each other. "Uhh...Ohhh!" UUhhh! UHh!... Oh!" I was now slightly bent over onto David so Jake could put in the whole length of his cock all the way inside of my ass and Jake began to pump into me right there causing me to push my hard dick all the way inside David's tight virgin butt hole. My dick slid in and out a little inside David's ass while I was being fucked in my ass by Jake at the same time. It felt amazing as I moaned loud "Oohhh...Oh!...Uh! uUhh!" and Jake moaned too saying, "Alex, your ass is super tight! Uhh! UUH!"

After about a minute I heard Tony say, "I'm gonna cum so much right now! Uh!...UUh!!!" When suddenly I also heard David moan louder saying "I'm...I'm cumming too!" I felt his anus clamp down on my dick which caused a chain reaction as I felt too good now to stop. While Jake was pounding my ass hard, my dick was being squeezed by David's extra tight anus now that he spilled his cum inside of Tony's ass and I was about to blow. I moaned louder saying, "I think I'm...I'm gonna do it too! I'm cumming too!" I started letting out a lot of my warm semen into David's no longer virgin butt hole. Jake kept pumping his cock deep into my ass fast and soon he moaned loud too. "Urhh! Uhhh! UUhHhh!...Ohhhh! Oh yea..." I then felt my own butt hole become filled with Jake's warm cum as my shrinking dick slipped out of David's wet, cum dripping anus. I dared not move as we all stayed in the same place to avoid ruining our intense orgasms. Finally Jake pulled his shrunken cock out of my tight anus and walked over to put on his clothes. I slowly moved over to pick up my clothes too as I got dressed and David did the same. Tony hopped off the bed after cleaning his own cum off of his stomach and we were all dressed again in a minute or so. 

Jake put on a movie and we all fell asle3p on his bed watching it. Hours later I heard a knock on the door, it was Jake's mom saying that my mom was there to pick me up. I got up and said my goodbye's, "When will we do this again?" He looked at the other boys saying, "We can do this every Friday. Sound good?" I nodded in acceptance as I walked down stairs and went to tell my mom that I could come back every friday to play with my new friends. As I got in the car and we drove off, already I couldn't wait for next friday to cum...
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very hot. keep going