"Confused at first..."

I'm Alex, I was an only ch1ld brought up mainly by my m0m because my dad was at work most of the time. The best years of my life were before I even learned how to drive. Everyone used to say I was a handsome looking boy, but I never really had many friends, never mind girlfriends and I felt strange at school because I never seemed to like any girls. Instead I felt that a few of the boys in my 7th grade class were cute, but how could I tell them, I mean they'd probably think I'm weird or something. Somehow I always knew I was different but it never occured to me just how different I was until that day... 

It was nearing Summer break and I was truly excited for the last week of school. I was 12 and I had been planning for quite some time to ask out this hot looking guy named David in my class, but I would always get so nervous around him fumbling around and stuff. The last day of school I worked up the courage to ask if he wanted to hang out later on that day, just as friends though and he said, "yea, sure... but I was gonna go to a party at Jake's house, so you wanna come?" I was speechless and honestly I wasn't even expecting an answer. I replied, "Um, okay!" I was so excited I could hardly contain myself the rest of the afternoon. 

I went home after school where I 
began getting ready for the party and then I waited anxiously for my m0m to get home so she could take me there. She finally got home a few hours later and since I had told her about the party earlier she just honked the horn for me to get in the car. She kissed me on the cheek and asked how my day went as she drove off. We approached Jake's parents house, so I hopped out of the car and m0m said she would be back at 11pm sharp to pick me up to which I nodded and waived goodbye. 

I knocked at the door and Jake's mom opened it so i said hello. I walked in the house and David was already there still wearing his school uniform shorts and shirt. I said hi and he waived at me from across the living room. I came up to David to shake his hand and as I looked at the other two boys, Jake and Tony I said, "Umm...Hey guys. I thought there would be more people, I mean it's cool if it's just us four but I don't think it'll be much of a party." Jake replied, "That's okay, and I hope you don't mind, it will be just us four boys for the rest of the night. Now that you're here we can start having fun." Jake lead us upstairs to his rather large room once we were in he closed the door behind us and said, "I have many games and lots of cool things we can do tonight, but first we must let Alex, the newest member of our group, know about our little secret." I asked him, "What little secret?" Tony looked at me and said, "Don't worry David just found out this morning about our secret...and now that you joined in we're gonna let you know too. But once you know about it you can't tell anyone about it or we promise you'll regret it!" Anxious to know what the secret was I said, "Okay...I promise I won't tell." Jake looked at me and said, "Swear that you won't tell!" I felt the anxiety build as I sort of shouted, "I swear! I Swear!"

Jake gave one long look at Tony and then a glance at David as he smiled in approval when suddenly Jake looked back at me saying, "Alex... Have you ever kissed a girl?" I froze and said, "No... no I haven't. Have you?" He smiled saying, "Yes I did once in like the 5th grade, Tony says he kissed a girl in the 3rd grade and David is just like you." I looked at David and blushed while he did the same. Jake continued, "Okay...well, have you ever kissed another boy?" They all leaned in to hear my answer and I said nervously, "Umm...no. Why would I kiss a boy?" Jake said, "Well David hasn't kissed a boy either, but Tony has and so have I." He then turned to tony, grabbed him by the neck and leaned his head towards Tony's as their lips touched. I watched in a daze as Jake and Tony started kissing each other in front of David and me. Jake's hands were feeling Tony's slim body grabbing his butt and Tony put his hand on Jake's crotch. 

I looked at David and he looked back at me with the same passion as he came over to me. I had only dreamt of such an encounter and yet here he was in front me about to make my dreams become reality. I prepared my lips and closed my eyes as I saw his lips approaching mine. I felt his soft lips touch mine as he kissed me for the first time and I kissed him back. I was truly enjoying my first kiss, especially since it was with another boy and I stayed there for at least half a minute as I continued to make out with David. David broke the kiss and our attention was now drawn to Jake and Tony who were now taking off each others clothes. I also wanted to take this to the next level so I began taking off my shirt revealing my slim upper body. David reached over with his hand as he touched my young flat breasts and rubbed my small nipples with his fingers as he explored my naked chest. I helped David by taking off his shirt and I also began rubbing my hands over his naked, smooth, hairless upper body as i fondled his breasts too.

Then David came closer again and we kissed once more. I was lost in the moment and it was the best feeling I knew at the time. I kissed him back, eager to continue this new and exciting quest. We came to another pause since what we saw next caused David and me to stare at them for a while before continuing.  We saw that Jake and Tony were only in their underwear. Then Jake pulled out his hard circumcised dick which was about 5 inches long and Tony kneeled down in front of him while taking hold of Jake's stiff dick in his hand. Tony gave Jake's dick a few pumps and Jake moaned while he slightly thrusted into Tony's hand. I suddenly found my own dick was getting stiff inside my white underwear, underneath my shorts and it caused me to look down. I noticed David was rubbing his own dick through his uniform shorts while he watched Jake and Tony. I undid my zipper as I lowered my shorts, taking them off and revealing the big lump in my underwear. David then turned his attention to me as he noticed I had taken off my shorts and now he stared at the growing bulge in my underwear.

I started to rub my dick through the front of my underwear as David began unzipping and lowering his own shorts. I watched as he revealed the slightly bigger bulge in his underwear and I wanted to see what his dick looked like, I wanted to know if it was circumcised like mine or uncircumcised. David must have read my mind because soon I saw him pulling out his hard 5 and 1/2 inch long circumcised dick as he lowered his underwear to the floor. I wasted no time and instantly kneeled in front of him, grabbing his dick in my hand like Tony did with Jake. It was the first time I ever felt another boys dick, it felt warm, soft, and yet firm in my hand. I gave David's dick a couple of pumps and I paused when I heard him moan, not knowing that it was out of pleasure. Soon our attention was again taken by Jake and Tony as we noticed Jake paused his moaning. 

We saw Tony point the head of Jake's dick to his lips and Tony opened his mouth a bit as he placed his lips on the head of Jake's penis. Tony used his tongue to lick the tip before taking Jake's dick into his mouth, inch by inch. I was taken by surprise and yet it was even more of a turn on so without over thinking it, I pointed David's dick to my lips. I brought out my soft pink tongue to get a taste of his thick penis head and when it touched my tongue it tasted a bit dry with a hint of pee. I moved my head back in disgust but then I watched in amazement how Jake was enjoying Tony's mouth moving up and down the length of his long hard dick. This gave me a reason to continue as I grabbed David's dick again and just wrapped my lips around it, applying as much saliva as I could on it so it wouldn't be so dry. The taste got better as I took more of his long hard dick into my virgin mouth and I heard David moan again but this time I knew why so I continued sucking his dick. I felt the thick head of his penis hit the back of my throat after I took almost 5 inches of it into my mouth. I just pulled back a few inches so I could continue going slowly up and back down as far as I can. 

About a minute passed when Jake pulled his dick out of Tony's mouth and once again our attention was brought to them as I pulled my mouth off of David's dick. Tony got up from his kneeling position and pulled down his underwear revealing his hard uncircumcised, 4 inch long dick. Jake grabbed Tony's dick and stroked it a few times pulling back a little on his foreskin while he did it, to reveal the bright pink head of his stiff dick. It wasn't long before Jake let go of Tony's dick and then Tony got on Jake's bed and laid on his back, spreading his legs to either side. We were now watching Tony's bare butt with Jake standing at the edge of the bed facing Tony as Jake looked at his own dick and let out a good amount of his saliva onto his dick. I wasn't sure why he did that and I was more confused about Tony getting on Jake's bed, showing us his butt. 

Tony held his legs back close to his chest allowing us to get a better view of his tiny pink bud of a butt hole right below his smooth, hairless balls. Jake brought himself closer to Tony who had his butt at the very edge of the bed and Jake pointed the head of his hard dick towards Tony's small pink butt hole. I was again in shock watching as Tony laid back playing with his dick while Jake was aiming his long hard dick at Tony's butt. Tony spread his butt cheeks so that Jake could get a better view and soon Jake placed the head of his well lubricated hard dick atTony's butt. Tony reached with one hand to help guide Jake's penis to his tight young anus and with a slight thrust, jake pushed the thick head of his hard dick into Tony's tight butt hole. As Tony let out a loud moan, David and I watched Jake's penis slowly disappear inside of Tony's tight butt hole until it was all the way in. I grabbed David's dick and pulled it back into my mouth as he let out another moan. I made sure to wet it good with my saliva like Tony did to Jake and when I felt it was wet enough I pulled it out of my mouth so I could lower my underwear too. 

I pushed down my underwear revealing my hard circumcised 4 and 1/2 inch dick. I was the youngest of us four so naturally I had a smaller dick than David and I knew what I wanted to do next. David became curious again and he felt my hard dick with his hand giving me a few strokes which only encouraged me to stop him as I walked over to Jake's bed. I laid on my back like Tony did and spread my legs as David got in front of me, while both of us continued watching Jake pumping his dick into Tony next to us as we heard several moans from both of them. I bent my knees, pulling my legs back as far as I could and I spread my butt cheeks with my hands so David could get a better view of my super tight, tiny pink bud of a butt hole. David applied more of his saliva to his dick knowing that it was probably gonna be hard to put it inside my butt since it was my first time. He then pointed the thick head of his hard dick towards my butt and aimed it at my extra tight, virgin anus. 

I felt the thick head of David's penis pushing at my small, tight anus as I massaged my hard dick and soon I felt him push a little bit of his dick into my butt, causing my tight anus to stretch around the thick head of his hard dick. I let out a shout and then said, "Ahh! Wait! Wait!!!" He pulled the head of his penis out of me as I felt it slip out of my aching butt hole. It even caused Jake to pause and turn his head when he said, "Don't worry, it usually hurts the first time going in, but if you relax and let it happen it'll feel a lot better. Right Tony?" Tony replied, "Yes, much better...please, keep going, I'm almost there!" With that Jake continued thrusting his dick into Tony's ass. I then got back the good feeling, as my dick became hard again and I said, "Okay try again, but slowly please..." David nodded and applied some more saliva before placing his dick back on my butt. I felt and saw as David pushed the head of his lubricated dick into my tight anus but this time I let it just stay there until I got used to the feeling of being filled. Then with a small thrust David began to push his hard long dick slowly into my ass and I moaned as I watched and felt myself become filled with David's hard dick. 

David thrusted into me some more until his dick was burried all the way inside of my ass and then I began stroking my own dick like Tony was doing next to me. David turned his head and so did I when Tony moaned loud saying, "It's happening now! I'm ...I'm gonna... Ohh! Oohh! Uhhh! Uuhhhh!!!" Jake kept pumping his hard dick fast into Tony and Tony was stroking his dick, as he moaned we saw the tip of his dick start squirting out a lot of white looking fluid which was his cum. With each of Jake's thrusts more cum pumped out of Tony's shrinking dick and soon Jake let out a few loud moans, "Oh! Uhh! Uh...UUHh!!!" Jake thrust his dick deep into Tony's ass one last time before finally spilling a lot of his warm cum deep inside of him. 

David was fucking me like Jake did with Tony and as I stroked my dick I had a very good feeling below my stomach while David's hard long dick pumped into my ass. My small prostate was being stimulated like never before and soon I felt like I did when I would shoot my fluid that made me feel really good. I didn't care if David spilled his stuff inside of me, in fact, I wanted him to cum inside me and that thought caused me to moan, "I'm gonna... Ohh! Uuhhh!!! Uuhhh!!! Uuhh!!!" I started spilling the most cum I ever had onto my stomach and I let out more squirts with each of David's long, hard thrusts into my tight ass. David slowed down his thrusting and moaned too, "Ohh! Oohh! Uuhhh!!!" I felt several ropes of his warm cum fill my butt hole as his dick stayed deep inside of me.  

Jake pulled his shrinking dick out of Tony's used butt and Tony pointed his butt my way so I could see it too. I saw Jake's cum start to leak out of Tony's ass and Tony scooped it up to drink it as he put it in his mouth, swallowing Jake's cum. I then felt David pull his softened dick out of my no longer virgin butt hole and David's cum stayed deep inside of me. When I got up only a few drops of his cum leaked out from my cum filled ass. We then put on our clothes and carried on playing video games without another word of what we did before that. 

The party was over sooner then I had hoped and my m0m was already there to pick me up. I couldn't wait for another party like this and I wished it would come again real soon...
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6 months ago
Nice. Hot as fuck
6 months ago
Damn hot, wisuI wereback in those days!
7 months ago
nice young tight boi butt
7 months ago
what a great party, wish i was there
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Nice 1st time experience you have got
7 months ago
wow so hot made me so horny love it I used my dildo to finish your story