Jessica's farm adventures pt6:"True Cow

Part 6: True Cow Girls
I woke up in the morning and turned to see that Sally and I were still completely naked lying next to each other in my bed. I got up to put on some new panties when I thought, "Well, I suppose I wont need these right now." So I closed my panties drawer and put on the shortest skirt I own without wearing any panties. I put on a farm girl, flannel blouse and walked over to Sally. I reached for her well exposed pussy with my hand and gently placed my finger on her labia. She quickly opened her eyes to see that I had a head start to our long and wonderful day. I raised the front of my skirt showing her that I wasn't wearing any panties. Sally touched my hand which was still between her legs and felt my pussy with her other hand. I told her to get up so we could start our adventurous day. 

I watched as she picked out a smaller waist skirt from my collection which she fit into alright because she was a bit skinnier than me. It turned out to be a school skirt I had from middle school which matched with my old school uniform shirt which she also wore without panties but both of us wore a bra so that we could go give Uncle his lunch. As we prepared our brunch and uncle's lunch we kept lifting each other's skirts and playing around, taking advantage that my Aunt wasn't around at the time. 

Soon we both ate our sandwiches and had Uncle's ready too. We walked over to the barn and saw Uncle there drying off Hardy after his daily bath I shouted, "Hey Uncle Roy!" He looked back at us and smiled as he said, "Hi ya'll! Thank you girls. Hardy's done with me for today so if you want him he's all yours. See you two later!" He said as he walked off.  I walked up to Hardy and was about to grab his leash when Sally bent over to pet him and said, "Aw, Can't we just stay here and have fun instead of going out in that hot summer sun?" She did have a point, the sun was right above and there were no clouds in the sky. I said, "I suppose we could. Luckily Uncle Roy is going into town with Aunt Kathy to get some groceries so we wouldn't be interrupted anyways." I paused for a quick second and then I said, "When I hear the truck leave we can start having real fun." Sally smiled at me and then looked at Hardy with the same evil smile.

A few minutes passed when I finally heard the truck start up and I saw my Aunt and Uncle drive off slowly. I then said, "Okay now the real fun begins." I took off my top and my bra, only leaving on my short skirt which easily revealed my bare ass and my pussy since I didn't wear any panties. I was practically totally naked as I walk barefoot on the hay covered floor and Sally did the same.  We made Hardy lay on his back and I bent down and took hold of Hardy hidden dick which came out of it's sheath only seconds after I held it in my hand. Sally said, "Whoa, I wanna touch it." With that thought she reached over and touched Hardy's pink hard throbbing doggy cock. Hardy's hard pink dog cock was oozing pre cum as Sally wrapped her hand around it. 

After touching and playing with Hardy's dick for a little while Sally then lowered her mouth until her lips touched his bulb like cock head. Suddenly without warning Hardy began humping into her mouth so she reached under her tiny skirt and began rubbing her clit with her hand, working her pussy to an orgasm. I also lifted my super short skirt and started to rub my aching pussy, hoping I would get a turn soon. I watched as Sally started finger fucking her pussy while Hardy thrusted viscously into her mouth and she just went on sucking his doggy cock like the dirty farm slut she had become. 

Soon Hardy slowed his thrusting and he started filling Sally's mouth with a lot of his hot doggy cum. It was probably too much for any cow girl to handle but Sally did just fine as multiple streams of Hardy's warm dog semen flooded her mouth and she swallowed several mouthfuls. Sally's moans were muffled by his cock being in her mouth and she was really working her pussy good, using two fingers while she intensely rubbed at her sensitive clit. She finally opened her mouth after sucking up every last drop of Hardy's dog cum and she moaned loud saying, " Mmmm yeeaaa! His doggy cum tastes Sooo Good! Mmmm...OHHH! Oohhh!" She must have swallowed like 8 mouthfuls of his cum! Watching her orgasm, I was more than impressed and so I felt the need to show her what I can do too. 

Seeing as Hardy was all worn out I couldn't use him, so I said, "Wow that was quite a show girl! I'm glad to see you enjoyed yourself, now come with me." I walked over to one of the stables where my latest friend Sam had been and Sally followed as I opened the door to let her in first. I shut the stable door behind us and walked over to pet the beautiful creature as she stood beside me to pet him too. Boy was Sam in for a surprise now, he had two naked 16 year old girls wearing nothing but short skirts with no panties revealing both our pussies and with no top or bra to contain our young breasts so they were bouncing freely and in plain sight. I slowly began petting towards his belly and moved my hand towards his massive horse cock which was soft and still about 9 inches long. 

I gently placed my hand on Sam's shaft as Sally watched in amazement and she continued to pet and soothe him. He whinnied slightly as my hand started stroking the length of his softened cock and I felt it slowly get harder and longer. Sally was in awe as she watched me massage Sam's growing cock and by now it had grown to be at least 14 inches long. Knowing his cock was still not completely hard, I applied as much saliva as I could fit in my hands and lubricated Sam's entire shaft with it while I made quicker strokes using both my hands. Sam whinnied some more as I continued to massage his enlarged horse cock while Sally and I watched his cock grow to about 16 inches and by now I had his full attention. I waited no longer as I bent down a bit so that my body went underneath Sam's and my face was staring his enormous cock head as it bobbed up and down slightly. 

Without thinking it over twice I gently gripped his shaft with both hands and moved my head forward slowly until my soft lips touched the thick bell shaped head of Sam's enlarged  cock. I opened my mouth as wide as it could go and sucked on just the head of his long, thick cock as I began to stroke it again. Sally was enjoying the view as she reached under her skirt and played with her pussy while petting Sam on the side to keep him calm. He then blew air from his large nostrils and moved his cock a bit into my mouth. I backed away a little just to be safe, even though he was not in his true thrusting position because he would probably have to mount his front legs somewhere. The feeling was too good but my pussy needed attention and Sally knew it too because soon I felt her gentle hand reach under my skirt. She started rubbing my tender wet pussy causing me to moan but it was muffled by Sam's huge cock head which had stretched my lips wide and completely filled up my mouth. 

I continued to stroke Sam's long, thick horse cock as I sucked on it's head and he started pushing in again. I felt my mouth being stretched as he pushed deeper towards my throat and my hands continued to massage his 18 inch long hard cock. Since the entire head of Sam's cock was in my mouth, I could hardly breathe so I breathed through my nose while Sam continued to fuck my mouth and my hands stroked his cock faster so he wouldn't push in so hard. Each of Sam's movements pushed my head back as the large head of his horse cock jabbed at the small entrance of my throat. I felt like the greatest farm whore of all time as I was mouth fucking this horse and my hands were doing most of the work. 

My hands stroked Sam's hard cock quicker and after a few more times, he pushed forward again slightly, when all of a sudden I felt my mouth instantly become filled with his warm horse cum. Since my mouth was already full with the big head of his cock and the tip was at the entrance of my throat, the first big squirt of his cum spilled straight down my throat. I had no choice but to swallow his warm horse cum until the second squirt shot out which caused most of it to spill out of my already filled mouth. Sally was still rubbing and now fingering my pussy when she reached out from behind me with her other hand to scoop up and drink some of Sam's cum which was leaking out of my mouth by the cup full. I swallowed all I could, drinking about two cups worth of his yummy horse sperm as Sam flooded my mouth with his cum. 

After shooting about 9 long squirts of his cum into my mouth I was finally able to pull his shrinking cock from my mouth and I swallowed another mouthful of his warm semen while doing it. As I pulled Sam's cock head out of my mouth, his shrunken cock continued to let out a little more horse cum and it spilled onto the floor while he gathered himself trotting back a bit and breathing heavily from his large nostrils. I followed him as I continued sucking his cock with my mouth, passing my tongue and my lips all over the length of his now soft shaft. I even sucked lightly on his large hanging balls, licking the large sack and he moved his legs a little feeling somewhat uncomfortable. 

Sally kept massaging my clit and fingering my pussy as I moaned louder. It didn't take long before I felt every inch of my body shuddering with pleasure causing me to buck my hips onto her hand as I began having a powerful orgasm and I creamed all over her fingers. I stopped licking Sam's balls when I had my orgasm yelling, "OHH! Mmmmm! UUHh... Ohhhh! YESS!" Sally was now licking and sucking off every drop of my pussy juice. I lay wasted on the hay covered floor but she was still determined to have more fun. But now that two of our best farm friends were all worn out what would she do?

Sally looked around frantically still playing with her aching pussy. Suddenly something else caught her attention and I was too used up to look but she started walking in that direction so I managed to get myself up again.  Sally was now staring at the stable next door where the more untamed horse Hunter was staying. I said, "No way Sally he's too dangerous, you can't play with him like we'd done with Sam cuz he's a more wild one, you know." She ignored my words as she proceeded by opening his stable door and slowly walking in Hunter's direction. I watched jaw dropped from Sam's stable as Sally went up to pet him on the side and Hunter moved his legs uncomfortably and waived his hairy long tail at first, but soon became very calm next to her. 

I watched in amazement now as Sally took greater control over this seemingly untamed black horse. Soon her petting turned into affectionate strokes around his long belly for which he whinnied a bit letting air escape from his large nostrils. Sally became bolder and while she gently rubbed Hunter's belly with one hand, she slowly reached for his soft, yet long hanging cock. Who was I to tell her not to do what she wanted with him, after all she had proven herself to be an even better cow girl than myself. I continued to watch as I made my way over to Sally and she now gently wrapped her hand on Hunter's 12 inch soft cock. I couldn't believe how calm he was as she began to stroke his huge cock and I got closer to get a better view of all the action. He whinnied a little breathing heavier through his nostrils and his cock grew larger in Sally's hand so she then brought her other hand to help massage it better. 

Hunter's cock had grown significantly as Sally worked her hands up and down his long shaft. She then applied a good amount of saliva to both her hands and lubricated his now 16 inch horse cock well as she stroked it faster now. Hunter started to thrust his hard cock, now nearly 19 inches long, into Sally's wet hands and she bent down under him so that she could face his cock. After stopping her strokes Sally bravely put her lips carefully around the enlarged bell shaped head of Hunter's cock just barely fitting it into her mouth. While both of her hands were busy as she continued stroking his long hard cock, I bent down next to her, reaching under her skirt to rub her aching wet pussy. I rubbed Sally's pussy good while Hunter began moving forward into her well stretched mouth and her head was pushed back by his enormous horse cock head which was now hitting the back of her throat. 

Sally was mouth fucking Hunter when she pulled her mouth away after less then half a minute of sucking on the head of this big anlmal's large sized cock. I thought she'd had enough so I took my hand away from her pussy, but instead I saw something else happen. Sally got up from her bent down position, gently moved hunter closer over to the fence, then she got under him and bent over. Sally raised up her skirt from behind with her bare ass and tender wet pussy facing his hard, 19 inch long horse cock. She carelessly swayed her hips in the air, waiving her pussy in front of Hunter's thick cock head as she slowly backed herself up. Next I saw the thick bell shaped head of his long cock press against her very wet pussy lips and Sally gently pushed her body onto it as she struggled using her hands to slowly fit his enlarged cock head inside of her tight, yet well lubricated pussy. She moaned loud as she pushed the large head of Hunter's big cock and squeezed it inside of her, allowing inch by inch of Hunter's cock head to stretch her young pussy first. Soon 2 and then 4 inches of his large horse cock disappeared inside of her as she continued her decent. 

Sally moaned loud as she backed up her body until she was filled with as much as 7 inches of Hunter's 19 inch horse cock. She pulled out a little as she wiggled her hips side to side while rubbing fiercely at her clit and she started thrusting back onto his long hard cock. She moaned loudly, "Uhhh...Mmmm...OHH! Ohhh yes!" I leaned in to get a closer look and I rubbed my own pussy which had become drenched again with my hot juices. Suddenly, without warning Hunter raised his front legs onto the fence and started drilling his long thick cock deep into Sally's pussy with several long, hard thrusts. Sally yelled in response screaming, "Ohh!...(Shriek)AHH! AAAHH!..." With each brutal thrust he shoved in as much as 8 or even 9 inches of his long, 3 inch thick horse cock deep into her un-expecting pussy and while she screamed I wasn't sure if it was out of pain or pleasure or both. She moved herself away from him a little but she stayed in position and kept on rubbing her clit. 

Hunter only seemed to ignore her cries as he continued to mercilessly fuck Sally with his hard, thick and very long horse dick. Watching her stay there and take it only turned me on even more, as she let out really loud moans with each powerful thrust from this beeast. Hunter continued to thrust his long, thick cock deep into Sally's stretched pussy repeatedly, while she continued to moan loudly in between letting out moans and screams. More than a minute passed since Hunter first started thrusting. It wasn't over until he plunged in at least 8 inches of his cock as deep as it could go, pushing the thick head of his cock far into her womb one last time and he kept it deep inside her when she exclaimed, "Oh shit! He,...He's cumming inside me!" His cock head started squirting deep into her womb, filling up her pussy, and soon I saw a lot of Hunter's horse cum started shooting out from Sally's flooded pussy. I reached out my hand to scoop some up and taste it, since I knew it was mixed with her warm pussy juices, but I had to keep my hand there since it shot out then stopped, and then shot out some more. It looked like when a water hose would get pinched and then released. Hunter's horse semen was spilling out of her overflowing pussy by the cup full. Sally was still taking in more as she moaned, "Mmmm...OHH my gu...shhhh!" I saw at least 8 or 9 of those squirts, so over half a gallon of his horse cum spilled out and Hunter's cock stayed inside Sally's pussy because by nature he wanted to impregnate her after having all that sex, even if she was a human. 

Sally moaned loud some more and bucked her hips while she was rubbing her pussy like it was on fire. She shouted, "OHH FF...Fuck! OHHH...OOHHH! YESS!" I moaned too while she was having a huge orgasm and she creamed all over Hunter's cock, pushing it into her pussy some more. His shrinking cock finally slipped out of her causing about another cup full of his horse sperm to leak out of her pussy, and onto the already wet floor as the last bit of his horse cum continued to drip from his hanging dick. I took and drank some more of hunter's cum as it spilled out of Sally, then I rubbed my pussy good with that same hand. I took my cum drenched fingers and pushed two of them inside my burning hot pussy while I continued to watch Hunter's semen slowly dripping out of his Sally's gaping, horse cum filled pussy. She finally rested on the floor, exhausted after having been fucked senseless by a strong horse like Hunter. 

I rubbed my pussy fast and soon I was having another orgasm as I felt my legs quiver and my body shake, I creamed on my very wet hand. I fell to the floor and laid next to Sally before both of us pass3d out. I woke up like an hour later when I heard voices calling our names from outside of the barn. I quickly woke Sally up and told her my Aunt and Uncle were home and they were now looking for us. I located my bra and shirt that were thrown on the floor over by where our good boy Hardy was now resting and Sally did the same as we struggled to get dressed again. Once we were done I said, "follow my lead!" I opened the. Barn door and started laughing loudly and Sally caught on quick so she started laughed along with me. 

We walked up to my Aunt and Uncle who said hysterically, "Where were you two?" We looked a little more seriously and I said innocently, "We were just out in the barn playing with Hardy and stuff. Right Sally?" She nodded yes since technically it was the truth. "Well then, I suppose there ain't no harm in that. But we've got a nice surprise for you two and especially you Jessy." Uncle pulled the latch on the back of the truck revealing our newest horse yet. "Surprise Jessy! Meet Bailey a 4 and 1/2 year old horse, whose also our newest member to the farm... and since you've  proven yourself to be such a good cow girl, he's all yours! That's right Jess, your very own horse for you and of course your friend, to ride because even though I got three of them, none of those are really tamed enough to ride." I thought to myself briefly, "...yea but they sure are good to fuck..." I ran to hug Uncle and Auntie saying, "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" I couldn't believe it, my very own horse!...

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