Jessica's Farm Advenures Pt 5: "Sally an

After Sally and I took turns "playing" outside with my farm dog Hardy, we went back to the house where my Aunt was hanging up the phone after talking to my best friend Sally's parents. We then found out not only that she was sl3eping over at my house that night, but that her parents were gonna be out of town for the whole week so she would be staying with me until they get back...

Part 5: "Sally and Jessica"
That night I was so excited when I heard the news, I couldn't help but smile as I stared at Sally who smiled back at me. We quickly ran upstairs to my room and closed the door behind us. Hardy was always made to sle3p in the barn to alert us if any intruders were around at night so we went into the room without him. I asked Sally, "Sooo... what did you think?" She blushed saying, "It was way better than I thought it would've been. I loved the way his thick, hard doggy cock felt inside me as he fucked my pussy fast and hard with every one of his clumsy thrusts. I only wish he could last longer than like, just one minute so he can make me cream before filling me with his hot doggy cum and I think I wanna taste it too." I replied "Yea I agree. The taste is a little weird though, but it's a huge turn on!" As I said this I reached under my skirt and felt my pussy which was wet again as I stood there thinking about it. 

My Aunt was busy preparing our dinner and Uncle Roy was helping her out in the kitchen which was on the far opposite side of the house. I took the liberty of locking my room knowing that we were now alone. I gently lowered my skirt to show Sally the wet spot on my panties and I kicked the skirt off leaving it on the floor. I moaned as I continued to rub the wet area and Sally watched as she also lowered her skirt which revealed that her panties were also wet with her pussy juices. Sally walked closer to me as I pulled off my top and undid my bra revealing my flabby "C cup" breasts. She also took off her top and her bra as she approached when she reached for my waist, feeling my curves, so I began to run my own hands around her perfect teen body. 

I reached for the back of her bra to undo it while Sally's hands were busy fondling my naked breasts. I took off her bra and threw it on my bed then I boldly placed my hands on her perky "D cup" breasts and started to caress her hard nipples with my fingers. Sally moaned softly as her fingers continued to rub and caress my hard nipples which made me moan too. Soon I felt her hand reaching for my panties but I didn't stop her then. Her fingers pulled at the front waistband of my panties and her hand dove in cupping my moistened pussy as her fingers started rubbing gently at my clit. I paused rubbing her now very hard nipples and moaned while I let Sally play with my wet pussy. 

Feeling even more bold I placed my lips on one of her perfect teen age breasts and started to suckle on it. Sally seemed to enjoy it since I heard her moan a little louder so I continued to lick and suck on her tits while she rubbed my super wet pussy causing me to buck my hips on her hand as she picked up the speed. I dared not stop, so instead I reached for Sally's panties and lowered them as far as i could to which she approved and let them fall to the floor. I then moved my hand to her wet pussy and started to rub her clit letting one of my fingers enter her semi tight warm, wet hole. Sally also pulled my panties down and started fingering me with her middle finger as i felt it push into my hot soaked pussy. 

We were now finger fucking each other fast and I leaned in to kiss her which turned her on so she kissed me back. We continued pleasuring each other as we both stood fully naked in my room and soon I motioned for my bed as we both headed over to it without breaking the tie between us. Sally rubbed my clit vigorously as we both let out moans in between our sloppy kisses and I did the same to her. I soon felt myself shiver with amazing pleasure as I was about to orgasm with two of her fingers jabbing into my super wet vagina. I moaned loud as my body shook vigorously next to Sally and I creamed all over her hand as she just kept on going so I tried to make her orgasm by slipping in a third finger and really giving it to her while rubbing fast at her clitty. 

I was rolling my eyes backwards from this intense orgasm as my whole body moved uncontrollably, yet still all three of my fingers were fucking Sally's pussy good and soon I finally heard her moan loud and her body was now shaking like mine as I felt her cream all over my hand. When she pulled her hand away from my pussy I took my fingers out and pulled my hand to my lips as I sucked on her fresh warm juices. Sally also took her wet hand into her mouth and tasted my hot pussy juice which she seemed to like a lot as she sucked off every drop. I lay on my bed facing her saying, "That was... great!" She looked at me and blushed saying, "Yea, it was wasn't it." I got back up and grabbed my panties off the floor to put them on saying, "Let's go eat dinner" 

After I put on some shorts and a shirt Sally put on her top and without putting on any panties she pulled on her skirt which barely covered her ass and ended about three inches above her knees as she followed me to the dinner table. Still, Sally looked too innocent with what she was wearing since her top covered most of her upper body hidding her breasts well. As we approached the table Auntie and Uncle were already serving us. We sat down and talked to my Aunt and Uncle about how much fun we would have this week and that they shouldn't worry at all about us two girls. They believed us and Auntie said, "Well girls I think it's great your spending this week together since friends like you two are not easy to find in this side of the country." I don't know if Aunt Kathy was hinting something about our friendship but nodded as we continued to eat. 

When we finished we were both sent to take showers in different bathrooms since there were three of them in the house. Once I was done showering I went to my room in just a towel and taking off my towel, I got in my bed completely naked waiting for Sally to finish, leaving the lights on. Soon I heard a knock and I saw Sally walk in with a towel wrapped around her naked body and she turned to close and lock the door before removing the towel. She got into my bed with me and cuddled up as I wrapped my arm around her, feeling her butt and she rubbed my tits with hers pressing closer to me. We started to kiss again and Sally felt my ass with one hand while I kept my hand firm on hers. With our other hand we grabbed each others breasts and started to explore each others bodies again. 
She looked at me just then and said, "Hey, do you wanna try girl sex?" I looked back at her puzzled and said, "Umm...yea, but how?" Sally said, "Well first we have to change positions so that out pussies are touching each other." I blushed at the thought and said, "Okay..." As I got into position along with her. 

I opened my legs to accept her approaching body and she also spread her legs but we found it was easier to move so that our legs were like two scissors i guessed being inexperienced in that field at the time. Sally's pussy lips moved closer to mine and I was extremely turned on at this point as my pussy became very wet again. I felt a jolt of sexual energy flow through my body as both our pussies touched for the first time! Sally started rocking her hips slightly to sort of hump me and I mimicked her feeling my clit touching and rubbing on hers. Our pussies were well lubricated with our warm flowing juices as I humped her back harder with each thrust and I moaned loud as she did too. 

Sally and I were now scissor fucking each other faster and yelling uncontrollably from the intense pleasure we were both receiving. I took two fingers and shoved them in my own pussy as I saw Sally insert one of her own fingers into hers. Within another three minutes or so of this intense "girl sex" like Sally called it, I was already close to orgasm. I heard her moan louder and buck her hips in a strange rhythem and I could tell she was also close to creaming. I thrusted my hips onto her even more so until my enlarged clit nearly entered her pussy and I couldn't take it anymore when I shouted "Ohhh! I'm...I'M! UHH!" At the same time Sally also screamed saying, "Ohh Fuck! Ohhh!" As we both creamed on each other's pussy. Both of our bodies shook until we were satified and the bed beneath us was soaking wet with our mixed pussy juices. I felt my soaked pussy with one hand and I felt hers with mu other hand and I put both my hands to my mouth, tasting both our warm fluids. Soon we both lay next to each other and sighed as we fell asle3p together, still wet and fully naked.
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