A young boy's diary"Confusion"(2)Pa

This is a story about how I grew up in a city I will never forget. My name is Bill but everyone still calls me by my ch1ldhood name Billy. I was a cute k1d when I was young and as I got older, I was considered quite the pretty boy. I was raised by my aunt and uncle since both my parents were arrested when I was just a baby. Still, I had all the love and attention any k1d could hope for, but there were a few things I couldn’t help but notice that were, well… strange...

I thought I would never see another strange thing happen if I would just avoid going home around the early afternoon, which is when my Uncle gave those secret “music lessons”. So to avoid seeing uncle naked with that older boy again, the very next day I made friends with one of my neighbors who had his grandparents move in not too long ago. His name was Danny and we were both in the same third grade class when we met. My Aunt even arranged for me to take the school bus to and from school where I would be picked up and dropped off at Danny’s grandpa’s house only two houses down. I would study and play games with Danny at his grandpa’s house until my Aunt would come home and it was time for dinner. A few month’s passed and it was winter break which meant I had two weeks off from school. One night, my Aunt and Uncle took me to a park that had all kinds of attractions including a place to meet Santa Claus. Yes, even at that age I still believed he was real since my Aunt didn’t want to crush my feelings because I didn’t have my parents to spend the winter with. I was really excited to meet Santa that year to tell him that I was a good boy and I really wanted to get this new toy for the holidays. I begged my Aunt so I could go to Santa and both her and Uncle agreed that I could go to the tent which was not so far away. She said I was a big boy now and I could go see Santa by myself to which I nodded saying, “Thanks Aunt Jackie.” I quickly ran to the tent which didn’t have a line anymore since the park was near closing by the time we reached the area.

I pulled the tent curtains apart and saw Santa wasn’t there but I saw this man walking away and I said, “Hey mister! Have you seen Santa?” He turned to look at me and said, “Oh, umm yea, he um he’ll be there right away, just wait there okay.” I waited as instructed and not a minute later I saw what looked like a skinnier Santa heading my way. He said, “What brings you to me tonight little boy?” I said, “Well, I’m Billy and I wanted to ask you for a gift of course.” He sat in his chair and said, “Come here, sit on my lap and tell me what gift you want Billy.” I got up on the small latter where he lifted me onto him, placing me right in the middle between his legs instead of on top of just one and even though I wore shorts I felt something poke at my butt. I figured he had me sit like this because I weighed more than the other younger k1ds so I continued with my requests, “Santa I want more than anything…” Before I could finish my sentence I felt the thing behind me was growing and was somewhat harder than before. I stay there sitting on Santa’s crotch as he was now putting his hand up inside one of the legs of my shorts saying, “Go on little Billy tell me what you want. You surely don’t want me to think that you’ve been a bad boy or I’ll make sure you don’t get anything for the holidays.” I was speechless as I felt his hand go inside my underwear through my semi loose shorts and I felt his cold hands touch my dick, moving it around to my hairless balls. I then felt his hips pushing up as the hard thing pressed more against my butt and I heard him moan, “Ohh… yea…” He took his hand off my small dick and pulled it out of my shorts saying, “So just continue to be a good boy Billy and I promise you will get whatever you want for the holidays.” As he said that he picked me up off him and I walked slowly heading out of the tent still having all kinds of confusing thoughts through my head. At that age I couldn’t believe that Santa had just touched my peepee and told me to be a good boy two things which to me had nothing to do with each other. But worse I couldn’t tell auntie about it because she and uncle would think I was crazy, they would surely deny it saying that Santa would never do such a thing! So I headed back to the spot where they told me to meet them after I was done. We left the park, got in our car and I went home without ever saying a word of what happened there or at any of my previous strange encounters.

The next strange event happened on another early release day. I was in the eighth grade, my last year in middle school, having just turned 13 a month ago in August. I still took the school bus with Danny since he went to the same school I did and the school was too far to travel in my bike anyways. It had been 5 years since I witnessed my Uncle playing naked with 17 year old Eric who had already left town since he found a job a few years back. That early release day, Danny didn’t go to school because he was sick so when the bus dropped me off in front of Danny’s grandpa’s house, I walked up to his grandpa or Mr. Fredrick as the bus drove off and said, “Hi mister Fredrick, I know Danny’s all sick and stuff so I think I’ll just head over to my house. Besides I have to study a lot anyways.” He said, “Okay son, as long as your Uncle is fine with it I suppose.” I replied, “I’m sure he won’t mind. Thanks mister Fredrick!” I said walking to my home which was two houses down. I figured I could also grab something to eat from our fridge since Uncle always had all sorts of snacks in there for his students and himself. I walked up to our driveway where there was a blue car that belonged to one of UncIe’s newest students Jimmy who was now still in high school and he was 16. My UncIe would give music lessons mainly to older k1ds that I considered adults when I was younger, but I now know they were usually under the age of 18. I knew it was early release, but only for middle school-er’s like me, so I knew Jimmy was skipping school since it was only 1:30pm. I also knew that my Aunt wouldn’t be home for at least 3 more hours.

I opened the door that was still always left unlocked only to see that Jimmy and uncle Ray were both completely naked and Jimmy was kneeling in front of my Uncle with his mouth on uncle’s hard cock. I noticed Jimmy’s circumcised cock was also hard as he pulled uncle’s cock from his mouth and they stared at me intensely waiting for my reaction as the door shut behind me. Without trying to hide it from me he said, “It’s okay Billy, what you just saw is… well Jimmy and I, we were just… you know, fooling around! Isn’t that right Jimmy?” I turned to Jimmy’s face for his approval of what my Uncle just said and Jimmy nodded in acceptance. “You see, there’s nothing wrong going on here Billy. Us boys, why we… well we like to fool around naked, just us boys sometimes. I mean… you can’t tell anyone Billy and… hell, if you want… umm… maybe we can show you and you can maybe… even try it for yourself.” Again, I found this quite odd having only heard about boys getting naked with girls and so far I’ve only seen boys naked with other boys. Since I was just a pre teen until only a month ago when I became 13, I was still too young to fully understand and I was very confused as I looked back at Jimmy who said, “I think it’ll be a great idea Billy, come on try it with us.” After taking a few seconds to gather myself I said “Umm, but you’re my Uncle isn’t that wrong if I you know, with you?” He looked at me and said “You know that your mom is your Aunt Jackie’s sist3r right?” I nodded so he proceeded, “Well, I may be your UncIe but you can bet that I’m not your same bl**d otherwise that means I married my sist3r which I didn’t. So now you understand why it’s okay to fool around with Uncle Ray?” I replied shyly, “I guess so.” He said, “You also have to understand that, if we don’t say a word about it then your aunt will never know. So you have to promise to us you won’t tell anyone! Okay?” I knew better so I said “Okay uncle I won’t say anything I promise.” With that he gave me a pat on the back and said “Good, because if you do we all get in big trouble because your Aunt doesn’t agree with us boys fooling around.” I saw uncle’s cock had shrunk to about 5 inches as he was explaining the whole process and the head of his cock was now hidden behind his foreskin like mine. Except mine was normally at about 3 inches while the head was hidden most of the time and it only showed when it got fully hard which at that age was almost 5 inches long.

I then dropped my bag by the couch and said, “So, why do us boys fool around naked UncIe Ray?” He looked at me again and said, “It feels really good when you do all kinds of stuff naked with another boy Billy. Like Jimmy for example.” As he said this I saw Uncle’s cock sprung back up and Jimmy’s cock also rose a little. “Ready to learn some stuff Billy?” said Jimmy as I slowly nodded my head in acceptance. Uncle said, “First you have to take off all your clothes and lay them right there on the couch Billy.” I was nervous but I did as I was told, but when I was down to only my underwear I hesitated to take it off and I watched Jimmy’s young face nodding for me to continue. So with both hands I slowly lowered my under wear to my feet kicking them away and I stood there embarrassed looking at my hanging, soft and nearly 3 inch, uncircumcised dick having only a few fine pubic hairs around it. They stared at my naked body and Jimmy said, “Wow you look hotter naked. I love your cock, can I touch it?” My uncle added, “I can’t argue with that Billy, go ahead let him touch it and see how it feels. You’ll see it’ll feel really nice.” I hesitated before slowly walking up to Jimmy and my soft exposed dick swung from side to side with every step. Jimmy also approached me and knelt down in front of me as my uncle watched. He placed his warm, gentle hand on my smaller soft dick and said, “It feels so nice. You’re lucky Billy, I wish I had your cock with foreskin and all.” With that I blushed and I felt my dick grow in his hands as he began to massage it. Jimmy gasped at it which made me look down at it again and I saw my dick was hard, now at about 4 ½ inches. The head of my dick was slightly showing and was only half way covered by my foreskin. He saw it was leaking some pre cum when I heard Jimmy say, “I think he’s ready for some action, right Ray?” I looked at my UncIe for approval and Uncle nodded in acceptance saying, “I do think it’s about time we showed Billy how to use that pretty little cock of his. Go on, show him Jimmy.”

Without another word I saw Jimmy lean his head in and stick out his tongue. Soon I felt his warm wet tongue touch the semi exposed head of my dick as Jimmy licked the pre cum off of the tip and soon he had wrapped his lips around the first inch. This was the first time anyone put my dick in their mouth, let alone another boy. As it went in passed his soft lips, my dick felt warm and amazing inside Jimmy’s mouth and he dove in some more causing pleasure to rush through every inch of my young teen body. Jimmy took the whole thing in his mouth and I felt the tip of my dick had barely reached the back area of his throat. He started taking his mouth off slowly, while sucking on the length of my now very hard dick which made me moan again in my younger boy voice, “Uhhmmm…..” Jimmy took my dick from his mouth for a second and said, “You liked that didn’t you? You little boy slut.” I looked at him puzzled for calling me such a name, but just as I opened my mouth to say something he took my fully hard dick right back into his mouth. I moaned again as pleasure crept through my veins, “Ohhh, my goshh…” which only fueled him to go a bit faster and suck my dick even more. The sensation I was feeling was too great and at the time I knew had felt a similar way before, like when I would hump certain things to make me feel good but I would always stop when I felt I was gonna pee. Within seconds I said, “Umm… J…Jimmy, sl…slow down, I… I thh… I think I’m gonna pee!” Jimmy just kept going as I looked at UncIe for help but he was still stroking his long cock a few feet next to us and my cries for him to stop only seemed to be ignored. I was sent over the edge because it felt so good and for the first time ever, I had a super intense orgasm. “Im REALLY GONNA PEE NOW JJJIMMY UHHHOHH! …” I yelled as I released a stream of my premature cum, which I didn’t even know had spilled inside Jimmy’s warm wet mouth. I wasn’t sure if I had peed or not as Jimmy continued to suck me dry. I looked at UncIe who was still stroking his cock as he started walking in my direction.

“Okay Jimmy that’s enough… at least for now.” Uncle said as he stood right in front of me as Jimmy pulled his mouth off and swallowed my cum. Jimmy got up as I lay limp still standing and UncIe said, “That sure was quite the show wasn’t it Billy? But for now sit down over there next to Jimmy so you can recharge.” I sat on the couch exhausted but the feeling I experience a second ago was well worth whatever punishment I may or may not receive in the future for doing such a thing. UncIe sat down and said, “Did you enjoy Jimmy sucking your little cock?” I nodded in agreement and he stood up saying, “Good. Now I think it’s time for you to return the favor for Jimmy and see how a cock tastes for yourself.” … To be continued in part 3…
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