A young boy’s diary: “Confusion”

This is a story about how I grew up in a city I will never forget. My name is Bill but everyone still calls me by my ch1ldhood name Billy. I was raised by my aunt and uncle since both my parents were arrested when I was just a baby. Still, I had all the love and attention any k1d could hope for, but there were a few things I couldn’t help but notice that were, well… strange...

It was my 5th birthday and I remember going to Chuck E Cheese. I went with my Aunt and Uncle, along with a few friends or rather acquaintances because at that age and time anyone who knew your name or even lived in your neighborhood was considered a friend. There was a security guard by the play area so we were all set free to play as long as we wanted and we were told that our parents/guardians would be at the bar, not too far away. I ran to the attractive play area and I was the first one to down the slide followed closely by one of my neighbors Jimmy, who was 4 at the time “Hey Billy look at me!” Jimmy shouted as he went down the slide shortly after me and then I ran back up to do it again. I must have gone down the slide a hundred times so about an hour passed and I really had to pee, but I didn’t see my aunt or my uncle anywhere nearby. I then figured that since I was at Chuck E Cheese I could just walk over to the restrooms myself and since they were not too far away I walked over to them. I went to the hidden corner where I found the restrooms and opened the door that read “men”. The loudness of the music playing and ch1ldren screaming faded as the door closed behind me. I quickly looked around the large restroom and saw a urinal that was about my height, so I knew it was made for little boys like me. I noticed there were no dividers for the urinals but I didn’t think much of it at that age. I walked up to the empty space in front of the low, smaller sized urinal where I started lowering my shorts and underwear dropping them to the floor carelessly revealing my butt to anyone behind me, since my shirt was just barely covering my belly button. I didn’t hear anyone so I thought I was alone, but as I released my pee into the urinal I heard one of the stall doors open.

I turned my head only half way to see who it was and it was a stranger, a man who was maybe in his thirties. When he came out of the stall he stared right at me and his eyes shifted to my naked butt, I simply pretended not to notice him as I finished making pee. The man began to walk toward me as I shook off the last drop and I almost freaked out when I saw his shadow next to me. Instead of moving faster to leave there I froze for some reason and as I was still facing the urinal the corner of my eye caught a glimpse of the man unzipping the front of his jeans. I was frozen with shock and didn’t know what to do next afraid of the intimidating man standing right next to me. What I saw next would stay clear in my mind forever. I slowly turned my head in his direction after only a few seconds of me freezing in place and I saw the man pull out what I thought was a sort of long stick from the front of his pants. When he finished pulling it out I saw it was his cock, it was so big especially from my height of about 3’ 2”, this man’s cock must have been at least 6” long and about 2” thick. Again, I froze, staring in disbelief at the man’s huge dick in his hand as he started moving his hand up and down it’s length. The man started to make groaning noises as he stroked his cock in front of my little puzzled face while his body was semi facing the urinal next to mine, but his face was directed towards me and his eyes were observing my naked bottom. He groaned some more as he started to pick up the pace and he was really massaging his cock just inches from my face. The man took a step closer still stroking himself fast and pointed his cock to my urinal instead, I still dare not move! He took a closer look at what I called my peepee, as he let out another groan trying not to be too loud and was masturbating really fast now. After a few more powerful pumps my eyes grew wide as I saw the man’s cock let out a lot of what I thought was some white pee and he groaned loudly since he knew no one could hear us through all the outside noise. He spilled several streams of, what I now know was his cum, in my smaller urinal aiming his cock so that some of his warm cum splashed on my dick and my leg too. The man then sighed pulling his cock back into his jeans, zipping them back up and without a word he walked out of the restroom.

I was speechless at this event and to me it felt like an hour, but really it all happened within about 2 or 3 minutes of me walking into the men's restroom at Chuck E Cheese. It was only my 5th birthday and I had just seen another man cum in front me, leaving a good amount of his semen on me. I snapped out of it when I saw that the man hadn’t returned after about a minute, so I grabbed a nearby paper towel to wipe the man’s sticky, dripping cum off my peepee and my leg as best as I could. Then I pulled up my shorts to go back to the play area and as I walked back I was really confused as to what I had just witnessed, the man hadn’t touched me or even said the slightest word to me and yet I felt so strange. I returned to the play area again where all of my friends were still laughing and running around. Only 5 or 6 minutes had passed since I left for the restroom so nobody seemed to notice I was gone and I joined in the game of hide and seek without speaking a word of what I witnessed to any of the others. Our parents came to pick us up after having had some drinks at the indoor bar and I had basically forgotten all about my little encounter in the restrooms as we all headed home in a mini-van with the designated driver.
Another time I will never forget is when I was 8 years old. My Aunt was my mom’s younger s****r, her and Uncle were both married at 18 which was also when they adopted me at the age of 3 years old. My Aunt would work at a nearby office which meant she was always busy with paper work until the late afternoon, usually 6pm. My Uncle had a job as a stay home music teacher for adults and I was going to a nearby school so I would just ride my bike there every weekday. It was an early release day in the first month of the 3rd grade and I was really excited to be going home early, so I got on my bike after school and headed straight home. When I got there I saw there was a grey car which I knew belonged to one of my uncle’s students, an older boy named Eric. Eric had been my uncle’s student since he was in middle school and he had just graduated high school this year being 17 years old. I even knew that his birthday was coming up in October, so I walked up to the porch and opened the door which was always left unlocked in my neighborhood. I walked in quietly so I didn’t make a sound that would interrupt their music lesson and as I approached my uncle’s office where the lessons took place, I saw the door was just barely cracked open. I heard voices and out of curiosity I decided to get closer so I could see what my uncle was teaching at the time. Peeping into the small room from the small gap at the door, I saw that my uncle and Eric were only wearing underwear. Then I saw my uncle put his hand inside his underwear and started to kiss Eric on his lips like I had seen him do with my Aunt. Eric also put his hand inside his underwear as he kissed my uncle back and they were both moving their hands on their own private area, the term I used at the time for cock.I was in shock watching this being so young, but I stayed to see what would happen next.

They stopped kissing and Eric got down on his knees lowering my uncle’s briefs. This was the first time I got a good view of his about 7 inch hard cock. It reminded me of the one I saw in the restroom at Chuck E. Cheese when I was only 5 years old, except that my uncle was uncircumcised like me and the one I saw before wasn’t. Eric opened his mouth taking in the head of my uncle’s long cock and soon he took about 4 more inches of it before bringing it back out. I heard my uncle groan like the stranger I saw when I was younger and Eric just kept moving his head in and out. I didn’t know why Eric would want to put his mouth on my uncle’s private area and my confusion only increased as I continued to be a spectator of this strange event. Eric dove deeper this time and Uncle groaned louder as Eric took all he could down his throat still unable to reach the last inch of my uncle’s cock when he pulled out to briefly catch his breath. Eric continued sucking his cock and about a minute later my uncle signaled him to stop which made Eric slide his mouth slowly off his cock now wet and dripping from being inside Eric’s young mouth.
My Uncle then pointed to the piano where I thought they would begin their music lesson or something. But instead, I saw Eric drop his briefs to the floor revealing his hard cock which was about two inches smaller than my Uncle’s and Eric sat on the piano chair in front of him. Uncle knelt down and with one hand he stroked his well lubricated hard cock as he put his mouth on Eric’s cock using the same motion that Eric did a second ago. After about a minute of this, Uncle got up again and Eric put his cock back in his mouth but it was only for like 10 seconds before Uncle signaled him again. This time when Eric stood up Uncle said, “Okay Eric I think it’s about time I taught you a real lesson on the piano.” He had Eric face the opposite direction and had him bend over so his top half was lying on the piano top which seemed to be the perfect height for him. Uncle then got behind Eric and I was clearly able to see from the angle I was at which showed everything in detail.

I saw Eric’s exposed hairless ass, which was well shaved, and Uncle’s cock as he faced Eric’s behind. I then saw Uncle grabbing one of Eric’s butt cheeks and squeezed it a little before spreading them where I had a good view of Eric’s small pink bud of a butt hole. Just then, Uncle did what I thought at the time was unthinkable, as he pointed the head of his well lubed cock towards Eric’s well exposed tight anus and slowly pushed it inside about an inch. I heard Eric moan in his boyish voice since he sounded more like a little boy then a 17 year old and Uncle also groaned in his deeper voice pushing another inch inside Eric’s tight ass. This was apparently not the first time they had done this because within seconds Uncle was all the way in and then began slowly pumping his long cock into Eric’s ass without further warning. Uncle was fucking Eric in his ass while he lay bent over on the instrument which was normally used for teaching his students how to play it. I watched in even more shock as I saw Eric begin to stroke his own cock while taking all 7 inches of my uncle’s cock as it pumped in and out of his ass. It took at least two more minutes before I heard Eric moan loudly and Uncle was still fucking him when I saw that Eric’s cock was shooting a lot of cum all over the side of the piano while some landed on the floor. Uncle kept pounding him hard as more cum flew out of Eric’s shrinking cock and I heard Eric moaning louder still. Uncle let out the loudest groan I ever heard as he kept pounding Eric’s now extremely tight ass. Since Eric had his orgasm first, it caused his ass to clamp down tighter on Uncle’s hard cock and Uncle gave a few more slower thrusts as his groaning continued. Uncle slowly pulled his shrinking cock inch by inch out of Eric’s tight ass and when it slipped out some of Uncle’s cum dripped out spilling on the floor.

I then realized they would turn around to put on their clothes soon, so I slowly stepped back and crept over to my room on the opposite side of the 3 bedroom house. I never told my Aunt about any of these strange events and was too afraid to confront my Uncle about it since they would probably punish me for it or something. A few more of these events happened as my life went on… to be continued in part 2…

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10 months ago
Bloody wekk shot all over the place reading this thanks a lot
11 months ago
Can't wait for part 2. Does Aunty get involved?
11 months ago
sooo hot
11 months ago
Hot...can't wait for more!