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[Story] My s****r and I part 3

Mel was still shaking a little when I slid up beside and and kissed her full on the mouth. She moaned as she opened her mouth and mashed her lips against mine. I opened my mouth also, because she must know what to do. My hand slid down to her tit and I began to squeeze it and play with the nipple. Her hand moved to my now throbbing cock. Sliding the foreskin up and down over the purple head. She put her hand on my head and pushed me down her chest to her titties and told me to suck it. I began sucking on her nipple. She told me how it felt the best. Light sucking and then a little har... Continue»
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[Story] My s****r and I part 2

We laid that way for a long time, exploring each others bodies. Mel was facinated with my cock almost as facinated as I was with her pussy. She was squeezing it and pulling back the foreskin exposing my purple head. She played with my balls with her other hand, squeezing them and rolling them around in their sack. I was running my finger up and down her slit. Every time I got to the top of her slit, right where there was the tiny patch of yellow hair she would give a little jolt like she was shocked. I asked why she did that.

That is called a clitty or love button. It is makes me ... Continue»
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[Story] MY s****r AND I

My s****r and I grew up on a ranch in Montana. Since we were so far from town and other friends we were very close to each other. My s****r was just a year older than me. We couldnt even participate in sports or other school activities because we had to catch the bus home each night. Because of that we pretty much entertained each other.

One night when I was 13, my s****r Mel and I were just hanging in the basement den watch a movie and eating popcorn. Mel threw a kernal at me and that started the food fight. We were rolling around wrestling each other. We did that all the time but... Continue»
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[Story] classroom masturbation

xI couldn't control myself any longer. I need some relief and I needed it now. I just had to masturbate.

It was seventh period history at my all girls high school. I’d been horny since this morning when I woke up from my wonderful dream – but I was running too late to fuck myself. So I rushed out the door horny as all could be.

All day I just keep thinking about my dream. I’d rub my legs together getting myself wetter and wetter. But know it was just too much. I had to touch my burning pussy. I was dieing to dip my finger in my soaking wet virgin hairless pussy.
... Continue»
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