hot white woman gets five black cocks!!!!!

This is the third story on Lynette, the hot white woman from the gym. Guess you can say this is a trilogy. ha ha (first was Giving a Hot White Woman Her First Black Cock" and second was "Motel Rendevous."

This past weekend was real interesting, really interesting. Friday I met a damn hot lady something might be, yea, just might be about to happen there. Saturday night I sat in some real good seats at the Braves game as they beat the Giants and made a new friend for sure. Somebody familiar might end up on my football team.
Sunday, yea baby! Sunday!!!! I got my boys together for Lynette’s all black gangbang. T-Bone, Ramone and AJ play on my football team (in the amateur tackle football league) and I know Rocket & Big Fish from playing pick up basketball games at the Y. All these guys are young, athletic and in good fit condition so I thought maybe Lynette would really like them. We all met with Lynette and her husband at the bar Sunday afternoon. Lynette was all fixed up hot, she was wearing a real short white skirt, she’s all tan and she’s in a really tight shirt unbuttoned real low that showed those big expensive titties her rich husband paid for. I could tell she done spent all day doing that make-up. Lynette was looking hot! And she told her husband that she was good with all the guys so after a few rounds of drinks on her husband we all followed them over to their house.
Her husband made more drinks for everybody before we got started then we all went downstairs to their rec room and they have a futon set up in there with a sheet on it. Lynette’s husband, who is a big time lawyer, had us all sign a waiver that no one was paid for sex and that we all consented to being filmed. Lynette’s husband got his nice expensive video cameras out and then started videoing as different guys started kissing on her. AJ was really hot on her and he was kissing her up real good as they stood there and then Rocket dropped on his knees behind her and reached up under her skirt and slid Lynette’s little white lacy thong panties down her legs and tossed them at T-Bone who put them on his head. T-Bone, an Atlanta University college student and the youngest in the bunch is one crazy-assed dude. Lynette is really getting all into it as Rocket start feeling her up down there on his knees and kissing on her ass and then he starts finger fucking her. She was still standing and hot kissing with AJ. I joined in and started rubbing those big hard titties and then I unbuttoned her shirt and took it off and she did not have on a bra. Then I told Rocket that we should get her skirt off. We slid that down her legs while she was still standing leaving Lynette in the middle of us in only her white high heel shoes. Crazy old AJ said, “you can leave those on and it’ll be just fine with me.” So Lynette kept them shoes on the whole time we ended up fucking her.
We laid her ass on that futon and T-Bone who’d been watching said he couldn’t take anymore and had to get in on the action. T-Bone then just buried his face between Lynette’s legs and started eating her pussy. I think Rocket had wanted to do that first and he looked at me and said that ole T-Bone is a “buttinski” and I just laughed, where does he get words like that? Lynette damn went crazy all moaning and making all kinds of noise while T-Bone licked her pussy! AJ lay next to her so Lynette could start sucking his cock while she got her pussy licked. As soon as T-Bone got up Rocket jumped down and started eating her pussy too (He wanted to lick that thing before everybody got their dicks in her.) So Lynette got licked by Rocket and she’s still sucking AJ’s cock. Then me and Big Fish put condoms on and I said “prop her ass up here” and the guys lifted Lynette up on all fours I got behind her and slid my dick in her pussy which was damned wet as hell by now. She was shouting out loud, “Oh my God, Yes! Yes!” as my cock went in her wet pussy. I started pounding her pussy real good from behind while she was taking turns sucking 2 dicks. Lynette’s husband is just walking and moving around videoing the whole thing. Sometimes he moved in for a real close up. Meanwhile Lynette is shouting out loud ever ytime her mouth gets free from a cock and yells out how she wants to be fucked really hard and how much fun she’s having. She’s got this wild non-stop moan going and she’s really into it.
After I fucked her from behind and finished Lynette said we could fuck her in the ass too. Then we all decided to DP her. Lynette crawled up on top of AJ and eased down onto that cock. Then crazy old Rocket, who had just lubed up his dick and lubed her asshole slowly pushed his cock into her ass. None of us did any unprotected penetration of her pussy or ass, we all wore condoms, but she did suck all our cocks bareback. Lynette said she loved to taste cock. Lynette goes real crazy once she had those cocks in both her pussy and asshole. That woman was making some serious noise! She like shouted out loud, “Oh God! Yes!” and “Fuck me!” “This is great!” so many times and so damned loud. Lynette was loving it so damned much.
And after that we fucked her in regular old missionary, 3 guys one right after another, we didn’t give her a break cause she was screaming that she was “cumming!” So we made sure she kept on cumming and cumming. Then Big Fish who has a a porn penis for sure sat down on the couch next to that futon and had Lynette squat-sit in his lap so she could bounce up and down on his dick while everybody watched her pussy taking his big cock in and out of those real wet pussy lips. Lynnette’s husband loved it, he got that camera right on it. In fact I thought his dick was going to bust a hole in his pants, it was standing straight just out pushing them pants out.
Then after Lynette fucked on Big Fish on that couch we put her ass back on that futon and crazy AJ started fucking her asshole dogstyle from behind and I shoved my cock in her mouth. Lynette can really suck cock, even while getting fucked hard from behind that girl knows all the tricks. Man she sucked my nuts and and massaged my scrotum while she was getting it in the ass. She ended up getting DP’d again by Rocket and Ramone. Then Big Fish, who is a big dude, had another go at her and he held her up in the air in his arms and fucked her standing up.
Finally Lynette had to take a breather and we all took a break. Her husband fixed us all another round of drinks and damned if we all didn’t have another go. I thought maybe the first round Lynette had had enough but it was her idea to go again. We all fucked her train style, one after another. That woman yelled and yelled that it was so good and I have no idea how many times he shouted that she was cumming. For the grand finale her husband had wanted us to give her a bukakke face, so we all ended up shooting cum all over her face. Lynette is one good looking sexy blond white woman and it was really wild as shit watching all those cum loads getting shot on her face and dripping off her chin. She said she knows she’s going to be sore but that it was all so worth it. Her and her husband are 2 crazy kinky married folks!!! I was just happy to oblige.
After it all was finished Lynette’s husband “gifted” us all with some Braves tickets and some Falcons tickets to come and gift cards for some men’s clothing stores and a sporting goods store. The guys were all real happy with it. Lynette and her husband asked if we were all good to do this another time and that is in the plans. I guess Lynette and her husband will be watching the video to get all worked up for awhile to come. For my part tickets to 3 Falcons games and 3 Braves games and the gift cards made me one satisfied guy. The other guys got 2 game each, I got 1 more for getting them all together
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