An English girl .......

was travelling in france when I booked into a hostel . The reception desk was right across from the lounge and I immediately noticed two girls checking me out . One was a very young American girl in her twenties the other an English woman in her thirties . Anyway , we got talking and that night they were planning to go out and celebrate the birthday of the English girl and they invited me . We went out with other guests from the hostel and had a good time . The English girl was not only pretty , but friendly and kind and I began to notice a cerain attitude she directed towards me . We smoked sheesha , drank and ate well , later on all the others in our group left to go back and sl**p , leaving me alone with the English girl . She just sat there looking at me and suddenly asked :
" You are just gorgeous , how about a kiss ? "
I ofcourse immediately came over to her seat and we enjoyed a nice kiss . We arranged to meet the next day and move on to Akko , a beautiful Arab town in the west of Israel , with the American girl accompanying us . It was July and very hot , I sweated incessantly and my head burned . We found a hostel and the English girl and I booked a double room . We went out for a coffee and smoked sheesha , the American girl went off to Tel Aviv leavig me alone with the English girl . Covered in sweat , I decided I needed to cool down so went back to my room to have a cold shower while she went for a walk in town . So I got back and had a nice shower . As I sat on the double bed toweling myself off , she came in and had a shower , returning from the bathroom in lovelyblack underwear . We ended up fucking all afternoon , she was blonde , pretty and with a lovely slim figure . We stopped for cigarette breaks and a chat before going on again . Her on top was great but she seemed to particularly like missionary and doggy . Ill never forget fucking her doggy style , our bodies covered in sweat , I stood at the foot of the bed with her on all fours the bed board banging loudly against the wall . We screwed for hours that afternoon before showering and going out to eat . When we got back that night we fucked again . So we continued for about three weeks , travelling Israel , screwing and getting on well . En route to Australia , I stopped over in London and stayed in her place for a week and a half , fucking her every night . She later confided in me that she had not cum in seven years before she met me . We were good friends , she had a heart of gold , fun to be around and was very generous , we are still friends to this day .....................................
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