Mourning the use of her clit...... Part 1

Mourning the use of her clit

Part 1

It had started as a way to just paying the rent, but now she had to admit she like the line of work she was in. Trick'in 6 nights a week had paid the bills at first but now she had to admit she was addicted to her job. It really wasn't work to her.

Tammy had always been sexual, she had learned at an early age, from her older s****r what her clit was for. Her Clit!, that piece of flesh she worshiped above everything!, had been her only escape from a bad c***dhood. See a woman who had the natural beauty she had inherited from her mother usually got what she wanted in life. However, tammy had been disowned by her father after he walked in on her rubbing herself off one night , she was 15 when she hit the road. It wasn't to long after spending many nights hungry and cold she had learned how to use what god gave her.

She had started as a lot lizard at the truck stop out on route 3. It wasn't long before she learned that even though the men paid for the time they used her pussy, to basically, jack themselves off, she had the best of both worlds because she got paid to get off!.

Yes, she orgasmed easily and during her John's grunting and groping, she had learned how to lock all that out and just concentrate on what she needed. It was at that moment she lived her very existence through that piece of skin she Cherished more than anything she owned, her one inch long clit.

During sex in a sl**per cab one night she found she could make more money when she let it all go and let herself orgasm. It's a funny thing to watch happen on a John's face, but when the first beginnings of a "CUM FACE" begin to dawn across her face they had all ways slowed there stroke. Trying desperately to hold back the hot cum, but by the time she let go with her "Traci Lords - Fuck Me Please Scream" There nuts instantly started puking up there stagnant seed deep inside her.

Word at exit 85 in Peedmont county had gotten out this girls cunt could milk dry the most hand calloused dicks in less the 30 seconds. This had done wonders for her volume of business and over the years she had become addicted to her clit. If she didn't cum, because the guys dick was to small, or he came to quick, her clit would ache. She found that now she had to cum multiple times daily or she hurt down there . She would say "Like a man gets blue balls! Well woman get that feeling too in a way if not allowed to cum.

That night at Bernies had started slow, a rain had swept in quickly, followed by a thick fog, which had quieted the sound of tires whining on the interstate. Traffic had dropped off early after reports of early icing but she knew business would pick up within the hour. The weather man on the TV in the woman's showers said it was going to be "One for the record books". Good!, she needed the money and hadn't had a orgasm yet , the last John had shot his load over her tits and got jizz all up in her hair. He hadn't even tipped her 5 bucks for a shower afterward, creep, some guys just need a female body there with them as they beat there tiny little cocks. What about me asshole, Fuck she needed to cum! bad.

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1 year ago
more! more! I'd love to hear how a woman used all those hot tattooed truckers to ease her aching clit
2 years ago
2 years ago
Part 2 Soon to cum. Please comment if you like more like this!