How Big Are My Balls ?

Some may be asking ,"How big are your balls for real?"

Well im very good at math and after many hours of calculations here is the stats on my big huge balls...

Following Measurments for one testical only..unless stated.

Height : 3" inches

Width : 2" inches

Depth : 2 1/2" inches

Volume of one testical : 7.8569 cubic inches

volume of both testicals ; 15.7138 cubic inches

Volume in mililiters of one testical : 128.75316 ML

Mililiters to fluid onces of one testical ; 4.3536623 oz fl

Total volume of both balls in fluid oz : 8.707 fluid oz

Fluid ounces to dry ounces(weight of one nut): 4.84 oz dry

Total weight of both testicals(no bag skin): 9.68 oz dry

for those who like metric...

Each testical weighs (grams/oz) : 137.12434g or 4.84 oz

I'm in the process of measuring my dick i will post stats when done calculating them.....stay tuned....

Now you see why I can cum 6 times a day, every day ,365 days a year, and never run out of cum.

The following is a testical excersize routine I have practiced since I was 12 years old (My first cumshot). I have found the more you excersize the cum out of them (orgasm) the bigger they get. Acording to the web this is the case with most muscles use them and they get bigger, save that shit all bottled up and you may suffer shrinkage of the balls not enlargement. So I try to at least make it a habbit of cumming a minimum of 4 times daily after 6 cumshots im still shooting large amounts of ejaculate but I can tell by the consistency of it that there finally drained and spent and need to replenish there supply.

Then by 6am i,m up pounding my dick for relief of the pressure that built up over night. This is the only drawback I can see to a set of balls that have a combined volume of 8.707 fluid ounces of cum currently. Its like weight lifting once you start jerking 6 times a day you must keep releiving the pressure or it physicaly hurts. To have them so full, dangling freely there isnt enough space between my two legs for them. This results in further purpleing and swelling so that as soon as i'm home i start relieving myself. The first cumshot after waiting all day shoots really far and I usually get 6 to 10 pulses of pure streams of cum....(see my cumshot video)
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