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2 months ago
Thank you for all comments
2 months ago
hope you have been spreading our pics around
2 months ago
We are enjoying your stories as well~dee~ submissive to Sir William
4 months ago
We want to thank you for being our friends.
4 months ago


How Does This Work?
Send your request to attend the party to SassyBri at
xhamster.com/user/SassyBri or to Leaflee at xhamster.com/user/Leaflee.
They will review your profile and let you know if you've been accepted. Only select members will be approved.

It helps to know somebody who knows someone.

The time zone for this on-line party is Central Standard USA time, so the party will begin at 8 pm Dallas, Texas time. We have no end time as the party may go a night or two, depending on our international friends time zone.
After you've been approved you will send a friend request to the PartyPlayHouse. Join the other members in our "friends list" & "Guest List" blog room. You'll await the event begin time. Just log in and go to

Further instructions will be in the "about me" section of the party profile.

It's really very simple, you just jump in comments and "mingle" with the other guests. Visit the Specialty blog "rooms" set up for an integrated party experience.

Leaflee (Leslee) or I will be right there to help you feel at home.

Do I "wear" a costume?
You may if you'd like. Send the link to your favorite internet image or one of your own making to the PartyPlayHouse PM box. SassyBri will add the image to a blog room specifically showcasing the member's that choose to have costumed representatives. Other's will be represented by their profile page avatar.

Sounds fun, right?

If you'd like to join us without a costume, be my guest. You are welcome too. Whatever you're most comfortable with.

Please remember that this is an exclusive party for select members. If you'd like an invite and didn't get one, just ask. We will be reviewing profiles all month.

Watch as the PartyPlayHouse transforms into a Halloweenie treat. Blog room by blog room there will be something for everyone.

May I bring a guest?
You may send their profile link to SassyBri or Leaflee and they will likely approve the request if they know you personally.

Is this going to be a public or private event?
We will close the profile to "Friends Only" on the deadline to get your requests in. The deadline is Sunday, October 5th Last minute guests will be given an opportunity to attend the party under special circumstances, by pleading your case here at PPH. Final decisions will be made by SassyBri after Leaflee has evaluated the case.

Get your requests in early to avoid missing this world wide event.

This invitation will be sent out to a few select friends as well as listed on a few high profilers to broaden our friend and guest list base to include the diverse, and unique individual members involved in the Xhamster community.

Few will qualify. It may be you.

Trolls will not be tolerated. There will be a blog room dedicated to REPORTING TROLLS. Attacks will be cut short, and Trolls will be immediately BLOCKED.
This is a fun exciting, sexy venue and we plan to keep it that way. Hope to "see" you there.

What if I have other questions?
Just contact SassyBri at
xhamster.com/user/SassyBri or
Leaflee at
They will answer your questions on their profile pages.

EXPERIENCE the PartyPlayHouse
4 months ago
I'd love to see more of your profile, I'm hoping you'll send me an invite? Thanks!
Hope all is well,
4 months ago
Thanks for the invitation.
4 months ago
Hot profile, thanks for the invite.
4 months ago
thank you for the invite ^_^
4 months ago
thank you for the invite :) i'm curious as to why you want to be my 'friend' ?? do tell
4 months ago
Just saying hi
4 months ago
Wonderful posts!
4 months ago
Please write me a fantasy story how you would use my wife's hot body, soft and gentle, or the hard way... (actually, the harder the better for me)
PM me or send it to alfredbjunk@yahoo.com
5 months ago
Thanks for the invite.
5 months ago
❤ thx for tha invite hun ❤
5 months ago
Great profile
5 months ago
Thank you for adding me back. Maybe my pictures will jog your memory, take good care,
5 months ago
thanks for the invitation :)
5 months ago
Thanks for the invite:)
5 months ago

Thanks for noting my profile. Hope that my
posts help inspire you both to new levels of
pleasure. Feel free to write and share your

Your new friend,

5 months ago
5 months ago
5 months ago
Thank u for the add me :-)
Great work!!
hugs from Germany
5 months ago
You rock. Love your page :-)
5 months ago
Thank you for the invite sweety! xoxo
5 months ago
I love your pictures
6 months ago
Thanks for adding me!
6 months ago
I love your mission statement....being a senior as well....
6 months ago
Hi, invite accepted.
Nice page :)
6 months ago
Thoughtful people, tast pics and fav's!!!

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